January 24th, 2011 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rocket”

  1. ten 9 eight 7 six 5 four 3 two 1! Blast off! the rocket zooms into outer space where no man has gone before. Well, that was a while ago. It’s such a beautiful sight that astronaut Charlie, from his ship, wants to cry but notices that with no gravity, no tears will fall.

    By misshobbes URL on 01.24.2011

  2. When I was younger, I remember saying to my father “Daddy, I want to be an astronaut”
    That never changed, even when I held back my vomit, launching off into the rocket going towards the moon.

    By Emily Klein on 01.24.2011

  3. I’ll take a rocket to the stars, for you. I would do anything for you. Fly to the moon, kiss the night sky, anything. If it means I get to breath the same air as you for even one more second, I’ll give up my life, my home, my people. For you. Everything for you.

    By Sleepless URL on 01.24.2011

  4. I shot my rocket to the moon today. I watched it fly away. Float off into space. Into the spaces of my mind where I can’t reach. Where I can’t read, read what I want and what I think. My rocket is off into space to inspire someone else. I shot my rocket to the moon today.

    By Kelly on 01.24.2011

  5. My brother and I launched off a mini rocket ALL BY OURSELVES the other day without blowing anything up. It was fucking awesome. I knew I was meant to be a rocket scientist! :D

    By Kỳlynn Evergreene URL on 01.24.2011

  6. me and katie when on a rocket and never looked back at the shitty planet we left behind. Fuck the haters who werent on the rocket. Dorks 4 lyfe.

    By jake on 01.24.2011

  7. A rocket launched into the sky and reached the moon. There it was met by a secret station on the darkside of the moon where people from another part of the galaxy were waiting for it. They removed everything in the rocket, which included some people that were kidnapped by the gobernment and chocolate rations; as there is no chocolate in any other part of the galaxy.

    By N Figueroa on 01.24.2011

  8. launch into the sky, exploring space. they also can blow things up, or just fly around entertaining lil kids. you can shoot them at people. they are usually red and white. that character from bugs bunny used them a lot. acme was the brand. i wish that i had a rocket.

    By a on 01.24.2011

  9. 5..4..3..2..1..Liftoff…Engines fired, fuel engaged, thrusters on high, course set; here we go!

    By Tyler URL on 01.24.2011

  10. boom! And a great big crash
    (why’d you have to be so CRASS?!)

    What a dummy, but oh he’s yummy!
    Straddled like a little kitten
    midnight kitchen

    steam from the kettle like a rocket
    Don’t you want it?

    By Silka Weil URL on 01.24.2011

  11. hhg

    By kaytlynn URL on 01.24.2011

  12. The bright fireworks on the front of the stage illuminated his face, and the noise emitting from the speaker stack limited his hearing.

    But he wouldn’t have given this moment for anything. He stepped into the light to show his face to the world, and the grin would never be erased.

    By Mason URL on 01.24.2011

  13. Rocket rocket rocket ship is the first thing that comes to mind. What an incredible song by and incredible band. I wonder what happens in life after you play in a ska band? As a genre based around partying and “good times”, what happens when the good times start to dissipate into your mid-thirties?

    By Graham URL on 01.24.2011

  14. i wish Rocket Power was still on t.v. i loved that show. it was freaking awesome. i think ima try and find it on youtube.

    By Felicia Soard URL on 01.24.2011

  15. He took off like a rocket from my room that night. I told him the words of love that my heart screamed and he spent he jet fuel getting out of there. Please don’t come back at all.

    By Margo on 01.24.2011

  16. fly fly away rocket
    it tries to touch the sky
    tickle the man on the moon
    but things fall and so did it
    the rocket flight slows
    and down down it comes
    the man on the moon smiles
    and so do we
    this doesn’t happen every day

    By Seth URL on 01.24.2011

  17. Sometimes I hate myself so much that I can’t help but break down and cry. I want to scream so hard that I explode, I want to fly on a rocket a million miles away, I want to destroy myself. When I see other people blaming themselves for my problems, I want nothing more than to set fire to myself, to bury my face in the ocean and take a deep breath. I kill myself without lifting a finger when I hurt them.

    By Ashley Flowers URL on 01.24.2011

  18. let’s go flying! soaring high!
    in my rocket,
    just you and i.
    we’ll sit a wish for days to come,
    oh one day,
    we’ll be remembering what this all came from.

    By Casey URL on 01.24.2011

  19. I think I’m supposed to be a robot. I really do. But something obviously went wrong in my engineering. Because instead of fake arms and a head and artificial intelligence, I have engines and a big pointy noise and huge stomach with people inside, getting ready to go to space. I know I was supposed to be a robot, so why am I a rocket?

    By netti on 01.24.2011

  20. I rocketed from the gates, my hooves striking the wet turf hard. The hot bodies of my competitors pressed against me, and my long legs stretched for the finish. My breath huffed through my lungs as I galloped forward under the guiding hand of my rider.

    By Lea on 01.24.2011

  21. ship in the sky I see you there.
    Ohh why ohh why.
    In the sky is such potential.
    For soo many things so much lentils.
    Does that make sense??
    No, it does not.
    It doesn’t matter though because if you just smoke hella pot..

    By Mandolin Duncan URL on 01.24.2011

  22. Cover-ups, conspiracies, the extraterrestrials shoot past not noticing their rocketing shuttles and saucers tear into our governments attempts of secrecy. They crash, abduct, observe. Amused by our antics, oblivious to the terror, intent on examinations of the humanoid race and our culture.
    The stars are their home, among the interstellar communities of distant solar systems and galaxies; our humble Milky Way their playground. Orbits unknown to us house their surprising environments. We are not alone on this trek of existence.

    By theimpact URL on 01.24.2011

  23. Time flies. Yesterday turns into today. Today turns into tomorrow. It moves so quickly. Helpless against it. We can’t touch it. We can’t tame it. We’re all just along for the ride.

    By Amanda URL on 01.24.2011

  24. i go to the moon and hope to find cheese
    he goes to the moon and finds adventure, fulfillment, one giant leap for mankind
    i go without a rocket, my mind making it further than any fuel could carry me

    By Jason Pestell URL on 01.24.2011

  25. The rocket is fueled by rocket fuel. That makes sense. A car should be fueled by car fuel and a furnace by furnace fuel!
    Rockets power pointy projectiles and can be very dangerous.

    By jtrotter on 01.24.2011

  26. It was in August when the rocket came in the mail. It was September by the time he had finished putting it together. The first weekend in October, he brought the rocket to the backyard, carefully sheltered the match he struck to light the fuse that he had cut too short, and with an eruption of light and sound, he blew off his hand.

    It was the first and last year that he went trick or treating as Captain Hook.

    By Ian Rowe URL on 01.24.2011

  27. We took a rocketship, and blasted off into the middle of nowhere land, you left me up there all along with no one to hold my hand.

    By ExperimentalMeatloaf URL on 01.24.2011

  28. Is the most boring thing in the world. Not really, it is honestly a rather fascintating concept in theory and in actuallity. I wihs things would be more like the modern marvels of this proportions. Like if we could personally achieve this much in Love, we would never lose.

    By Blaise on 01.24.2011

  29. T MINUS 10

    Space. The Final Frontier. Aliens. Planets. Stars. It’s great.

    By Kyle Ω URL on 01.24.2011

  30. POW POW POW. She’s dead
    and me,
    i’m sitting here
    with a rocket
    and thinking
    because that’s what I do.
    I screw things up.
    But it’s ok.
    She’s alive.
    But when I check,
    My smile dies with her.
    Because she is dead.
    and it is my fault.

    By Alisha URL on 01.24.2011

  31. Rockets shine and they propel themselves to greatness; they get help from others, in their construction and fuel, but in the end, it’s the rocket that makes sure it gets in the air, and once in the air, it is the rocket that sustains itself, takes itself where it needs to go and eventually finds its way back home. Someday I want to have the confidence to be a rocket.

    By Isabel URL on 01.24.2011

  32. “Yeah, she’s a rocket alright.” I said, tapping the butt of my cigarette on the rim of the ashtray. I eyed the precocious toddler, Amy, who was occupied with her race cars and rockets.

    By Dara on 01.24.2011

  33. i saw a painting once where
    a rocket flew into the sky
    golden heat spewing from its massive exhaust pipes
    showering down like firecrackers
    over a deep blue night

    By Cyrus Politi URL on 01.24.2011

  34. space oddity like david bowie. i love david bowie, well only the songs I do know by him. sometimes, I feel like I try to listen to that whole david bowie kind of genre thing because it makes me different, but I honestly do like the music. my favorite band is the beates , but I like queen alot to. and the who, and pink floyd. I love elton john. and its just the way it goes, like I feel as if I cant like pink floyd and not like david bowie.

    By ale URL on 01.24.2011

  35. I always wanted to go on a rocket. To space, or anywhere really. Anywhere different, to meet aliens and fly between the stars and stare down at earth. The float, feel free, fly away from it all. I want a rocket to the moon. I hear the moon is made of cheese. I love eating cheese.

    By megan on 01.24.2011

  36. Rocket science is the science of rockets!
    Rockets are also used as crackers in the indian festival of Diwali.
    However Rockets are mainly an object of human imagination used to explore space and the universe.

    By Aashwin on 01.24.2011

  37. Has landed with no rockets on mars because it was exhausted from the trip

    By Michael on 01.24.2011

  38. Rockets are no longer allowed in gay bars !!!

    By Domesticfix on 01.24.2011

  39. I have actually finished almost everything I wanted to accomplish today!
    I’m headed for the moon, baby.

    By M dlR URL on 01.24.2011

  40. He stepped into the shiny sterility of the cockpit and took his rightful place in the seat in front of all the lights and levers that passed for controls.

    By kalen puckett on 01.24.2011