February 10th, 2011 | 417 Entries

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417 Entries for “revolt”

  1. you are revolting.
    compiled stacks of newspapers
    all reading the same headline
    like “why the fuck did i ever like you”
    while the caption reads “oh, right, because you’re wonderful”

    By joy on 02.10.2011

  2. “That’s revolting!”
    “Sticking your finger up your nose like that…and eating it.”
    “But it’s delicious. Do you want to try some?”

    By wemuma URL on 02.10.2011

  3. I will revolt against all that you have instilled in me and taught me to believe. I will fight my demons, just as you should fight yours. Do you know what it takes to fight back against your own father? No…no, you don’t. But I am so much stronger than you think I am, and I will start my own revolution…I will be so much stronger after I take on my demons-don’t you wish you could revolt like me?

    By Jenna URL on 02.10.2011

  4. Throw your hands up! Fuck the man! Surge into the crowd, holding your posterboard signs. Jump up and down in unison, pulsing as one, pounding the beat.

    These are youth in revolt.

    By Emily Neie URL on 02.10.2011

  5. Revolt. Gosh, I can’t think of anything. Revolt. It’s so sad that nothing sparks in my head from that word. Am I too brainwashed by this society that I don’t want to revolt? Do I not want to “Stick It To the Man” and rebel. Maybe not. Maybe that’s overrated right now.

    By Zoe on 02.10.2011

  6. Revolt. Gosh, I can’t think of anything. Revolt. It’s so sad that nothing sparks in my head from that word. Am I too brainwashed by this society that I don’t want to revolt? Do I not want to “Stick It To the Man” and rebel. Maybe not. Maybe that’s overrated right now. Maybe “revolting” against “conformity” is the truly conformist thing to do. But maybe it’s my speculation that is the conforming act. But maybe it shouldn’t matter.

    By Zoe URL on 02.10.2011

  7. there was a rovolting man on the side of the road. he had a gold earringin one ear and he smelled like and icky fly. he had a super long beard like santa.

    By jennifer on 02.10.2011

  8. I was revolted when I saw the way he looked at her. It made my heart churn in a revolting way that made me want to throw up my heart. I thought that he was everything to me, even when it came down to the revolting way he would eat those revolting bacon cinnamon rolls. I can’t believe I made a revolting porno flick with him and he dumped me two revolting weeks later. Fuck my revolting life. I want to revolt against him.

    By Kadi on 02.10.2011

  9. ing people make me sick, they think they aren’t but they really are the most disgusting things on earth. My mum always said that revolt was a waste of time because it was for the gays

    By rich on 02.10.2011

  10. This is intense, I’ve never been timed I feel like its slipping away so quickly. Intense, probably like a revolt would be. I say we revolt against everything we’ve ever been told. Set boundaries for ourselves without letting anyone tell us who we are. Who cares about what they think anyways. It’s our time.

    By Alexis URL on 02.10.2011

  11. As she wade’s thru the group of people who were yelling at the passing limousine which held the President of Cole fuel , Shy was hoping the revolt would not get out
    of hand.

    By Linda Berryman URL on 02.10.2011

  12. simmering under a wave of disenchantment
    waiting. watching. exploding into difference

    devolve the status quo
    into the future the masses walk

    By david hood on 02.10.2011

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    By Etrubrxr URL on 02.10.2011

  14. My body revolts against change… it rejects it like an unwanted transplant. So maybe it will be no surprise, that as time passes and memories become memories of memories – my body will curl up on itself and try to piece it back together – try to seek out what has been forgotten.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 02.10.2011

  15. They were coming for him.
    They carried torches. They were going to burn him, like they burned witches at the stake. He wasn’t a witch; he’d done nothing wrong. He had tried to help his kingdom, tried to make things like they were when his father ruled. But they were not happy. And now they were going to end his reign.

    By Boss URL on 02.10.2011

  16. Revolt- to rebel. Revolt- to disgust. It makes you winder, doesn’t it? I mean, is having your own opinion that doesn’t match up with the rest of society’s so disgusting?

    By Ellie on 02.10.2011

  17. revolt revolt revolt. revolt against everything you know sounds fun. being alone from what you’re used to. revolt from everything everything everything everything. i want to do that right now. now now now now now now now. revolt revolt revolt revolt revolt. provoking word. leaving everything behind when you revolt. everything everything everything. everything changes when you revolt. if you revolt. or being violent. violent violent violent.

    By Brenna on 02.10.2011

  18. I am beside the lush curtains. The thick lint is swarming the stage light. I hear songs of rich sorrow and revolt. I am but a simple worker. It is more than I can bare. It is the very whole of me.

    By jenna URL on 02.10.2011

  19. The people rose and fell in rhythm, their voices adding to the chaos. Endless fighting broke out beside me. The clatter and clang of weapons rang in my ears.

    I think the king realized it was too late to “smooth things over”. The people were revolting, and it wouldn’t stop until things changed.

    And things would change if I had anything to do with it.

    By Nata on 02.10.2011

  20. Revolt may seem like the answer but the outcome is never know. Maybe better may not. The chance taken is not always worth the outcome. Revolt against wrong is right.

    By Bart on 02.10.2011

  21. its time to revolt against your love.

    By claireg URL on 02.10.2011

  22. revolt? Are you mad?!”

    Jaques turned away from his drinking buddy in disgust and carefully wedged himself further into the corner of the booth.
    “I mean, really, have you thought this through? You’ll get thrown into jail. If the mob doesn’t pop your head off like a daisy first. If. That’s a very large ‘if’, my friend.”

    By Adien Xaviers on 02.10.2011

  23. My eyes revolt from my head my fingers revolt from my hands my skin forms factions and deserts my body. Oh it hurts it hurts. This betrayal keeps going on and on and I dont know how to stop it.

    By Sarah URL on 02.10.2011

  24. he was revolted at the sight of his wife on top of that man. he couldn’t believe that the woman to whom he stayed married with for so many years was capable of such betrayal. and his own brother as well! the fury inside him made him explode. he thought he couldn’t take it anymore. he had to do something,o punch. he wanted to kill her!

    By Teodora URL on 02.10.2011

  25. Revolt. I like this word. Reminds me of Revolution. Like the song by The Beatles. Or the Enlightenment Revolution that we’re learning in World History. it sounds really interesting.

    By Liz ^_^ URL on 02.10.2011

  26. As the people gathered in the speakeasy to discuss their treachery plans, a silence fell over the room. The wintry doors flew open as military men walked in. Everyone went into a blaze and they started firing. People scattered and were gunned down immediately. We never met again

    By Tim URL on 02.10.2011

  27. I want to revolt against my oppressive parents. They won’t let me do anything, except homework and acting and preforming. I’m 16, they bought me harmonicas for my birthday. I need to revolt like they did in Hunger Games. Love those books. I want to just break the riules and totally rebel. I will one day. Today? No.

    By Elisabeth on 02.10.2011

  28. I stood by her side, holding her hair back as she puked her guts out into the toilet. It was revolting, really, to see her like this, but somehow that didn’t stop me from wanting to be here for her, next to her.

    By Rachel URL on 02.10.2011

  29. I will never subject myself to your shoes, your mindless, tasteless hatred for me is causing my gut to exasperate. You have this look on your face like you never knew, like you never experienced this revolting disgust for yourself. Look in the mirror. You are hate. You are a fucking pig. It’s no wonder you have put me under this spell of wanting you. Yet I turn away, trying, begging, pleading…to no avail. It never ends.

    By Kyra Wilder on 02.10.2011

  30. Pushed back by the brick walls of confinement. The path is there to be led, the trail is set, the words are spoken…the talent is left. Use it, challenge it…challenge it unconventionally. It is the weak who follow; the strong, who lead. Maybe.

    By Kyra Wilder on 02.10.2011

  31. I know you feel the way they do, and I agree. But I care more about you being safe. Live so I can love you, don’t join the revolt. I can’t bare to lose you. You’re my everything. The Egypt I know is gone, but you are not. Don’t leave me.

    By Besia Friedel on 02.10.2011

  32. We raised our glasses to the summer sky; a toast to the rebellion set before us. We were not fighting against society, or any implications such as that. We were already free from those simple matters. It was a revolt against our inner demons- that of which makes humans human. Those bottles represented a desperate attempt to transcend those boundaries set before us.

    By Graham URL on 02.10.2011

  33. I don’t want you to be part of it. It scares me to know you’re out there. I know you feel the way they do, I do as well. But I hope you don’t feel strongly enough to go with them. I can’t lose you. The Egypt I know is gone, but the you is not. Don’t leave me. Live so I can love you.

    By besia Friedel URL on 02.10.2011

  34. Revolt. Revolution. Ready. Start your engines. Start your souls. Start your inspiration. Start your beliefs. Get ready to fight. Ready. Set. Go.

    By Hayley URL on 02.10.2011

  35. the movie with the kid from superbad.

    By lauren on 02.10.2011

  36. How could I ever feel bad?
    Imagine—me—wanting YOU, from your wanton want of me.
    Disgusting, manipulative. Play the heartbroken, and believe I am a fool.
    We’re not twelve years old anymore, you know.

    By Tina Stergenhoff URL on 02.10.2011

  37. I find her lack of compassion and empathy revolting. Therefor I shall revolt against her so called letter and instead burn it, shit on the ashes, and mail it to her. The end.

    By Kayla URL on 02.10.2011

  38. I hate when teachers tell us that we are not allowed to get on facebook while we are in class. I do it anyways. But now I have realized that they might be right about facebook beinga distraction. I seriously don’t know what they are talking about half the time.

    By sshayy on 02.10.2011

  39. the first thing that came to my mind is that we are going to need to revolt against our governemnt in order to make necessary change. Our health care system is not getting better with these changes and for the rest of my life I’ll have to worry about getting proper health care. I am only 18 that should not be a worry.

    By Natallie on 02.10.2011

  40. I swear i just wrote about this word. Is there another word for me to write about? If not, then this site sucks, because there are no other words that we can use to express whats on our mind in its entirety. I’m not eve talking about REVOLT here. I’m just rambling on. GAHHHHHHHHHHHHH this is pissing me off -__-. This site needs to be better organized or i won’t use it anymore. I might just petition agianst it, though that is but a thought.

    By kumail on 02.10.2011