April 16th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “luxurious”

  1. The luxurious bed was so comfortable, it was like laying on a cloud. No matter how many times you sat or lay on it, it always was puffed up and as comfortable as can be.

    By Leah URL on 04.16.2011

  2. That old mattress has to go- I last used it before granma died – she left it for the cat in her will – and even then the stuffing was gone – in spite of the brocade edging and form fitting properties – it will suit fine for the kale yard where Reg can chill on a warm day.

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 04.16.2011

  3. this is the cadillac or a woman taking a bath more likely abeautiful woman with soft skin whose hair smells of the south and whose accent makes me ache she is so full of life.

    By Dante Di Stefano on 04.16.2011

  4. Having time. And space. Surrounded by beautiful things and alone when you want it and company when you don’t. Gold and velvet sometimes, but not always.

    By Alice Gledhill on 04.16.2011

  5. It is luxurious to live like this. It is luxurious to complain about homework and drama from bitches at school. It’s a luxury not to have to worry about real things. I don’t have to worry about where I will sleep, what I will eat, or if I can afford shoes so I can attend school.

    By Milana Jordan URL on 04.16.2011

  6. I was lying there. Soft comforter and crisp sheets covering every inch of me. It was dawn but the streetlights were still off. I didn’t worry about anything, i didn’t think about anything. I pointed and flexed my toes and s t r e t h e d.


    By Katie on 04.16.2011

  7. Luxurious she thought, as the rose fell from her hand.
    Curious she felt, about this one night stand.
    Joy ran about her veins, as her heart lept for newer plains.
    Fear shook in her hand, what yet unknown pains.
    Despair flooded, he in my world will not fit.
    Confidence to gain, then luxury for love is profit.
    Shame took over, a good man was he but of nothing he owned.
    Brave she was, for love must conquer and be known
    written by: Alycejayne Stephens

    By Alycejayne URL on 04.16.2011

  8. What is luxury?

    It has the connotation that denotes a high end “something that is luxurious.”

    That leaves us to contemplate the nature of luxury. Perhaps every man can define it in his or her own way. Upon leaving the Lexus dealership, there is a sign that says “have a luxurious day!” But does luxury entail owning a Lexus, being able to tell people what you think the should do and having lucrative assets to which you can point towards your own goals and ideas? No.

    To the poor man, a luxury may be finding a new coat in the winter, to being able to feed his family until they are satisfied for the first time since his memory recollects such things. Luxury may seem to be that far away thing w long for, but there is a kind of luxury in our day-to day lives that we are blinded to because of overarching assumptions.

    The embrace of someone important (who makes your troubles melt like lemon drops), the opportunity to have a stimulating conversation, being so close to that person you really really love. There are so many daily luxuries that too often get overlooked. So, define for yourself not “what is luxury?”, but “what luxuries are in my life that I may take for granted?”

    By Anna Christin URL on 04.16.2011

  9. Everything was so luxurious it almost made a me, a peasant, gag because it was all so rich. There were sofas whose fabric was silk weaved with strands of pure gold and lobster with the rarest of caviar upon it. It was all too much to take in

    By Mishelle on 04.16.2011

  10. The silk felt luxurious against her skin, a foreign feeling. It was strange to be feeling such wonder and delight when just yesterday she had felt such feel and horror. Here she was today, in luxury and well fed, as though nothing had happened. As though it were all a dream. She felt as though nothing were real anymore, and she closed her eyes in misery.

    By kait on 04.16.2011

  11. not gonna write to this word today
    really don’t like the place it’s putting me in my head

    By robyn URL on 04.16.2011

  12. Luxury is a fresh silk pillow in a beautifu five star hotel for the weekend. Luxury is the buttery leather seats of the limousine a celebrity slides into. Luxury is a soft white kitten awaiting his Fancy Feast which is set in a ceramic bowl. Luxury is sleeping until noon and waking up to your eye mask shielding the sunshine from your eyes.

    By Kathryn on 04.16.2011

  13. She was wearing a gown. It was ruby red and dappled with gems. As he looked at her, he could think only one way to describe her, “luxurious.” Not referring to the dress, but the girl.

    By Toujours Perdue on 04.16.2011

  14. Warm and soft its where I want to be. But like everything in life, it has a cost

    By Raymondo URL on 04.16.2011

  15. fancy houses, beautiful houses, living the life, completely my dreams completely my goals, having style basically being luxurious. actually everythings luxurious, life is luxurious not just material things. EVERYTHING and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING.

    By Colie on 04.16.2011

  16. The water in the tub was wonderfully warm and the bubbles gathered on top, although not as expensive as the scented candles dotted around the bathroom, smelt wonderful.

    By IamMEforitswhoIam on 04.16.2011

  17. My new house. It was expensiveish, sure, but it was sure luxurious. The satin covers that came with the bed that came with the house. It would be paradise if I didn’t see a demented looking, grey skinned, glowey-eyed figure in the corner of my bedroom every night, playing with what seemed like blood.

    By Katie Ekker on 04.16.2011

  18. Luxurious. I don’t really want to be luxurious, and yet I live a life that is probably considered a luxurious life by so many poverty stricken people in the world. Luxurious. Even when you have it, you always want more luxury. Enough is never enough.

    By rachelzana URL on 04.16.2011

  19. He sat down in the plush chair; a glass of fine wine in his hand. He sat there with his mind digging. “Why do I have all this? I don’t need it, nor do i want it.” He let the glass slip from his hand, and shatter against the hard, polished floor.

    By Breanna URL on 04.16.2011

  20. I wish we could live in constant, luxurious lifestyles, but we can’t.

    We have all these dreams, and I can’t wait for those dreams to begin, but where are they? when are they going to start? What are they? I’ve been standing here all my life, waiting for this moment, and it feels like life never really begins, but is something to always just be waiting for. Just holding on for the next milestone, and all I want to have is now.

    By Samie on 04.16.2011

  21. I love being luxurious. But really I don’t. Im from Vermont so I just like to pee in the woods and whatnot. A really hot fire in my house is a luxury, and heating a bonus. Im not into luxuries; with nail polish to my toes.

    By Frances on 04.16.2011

  22. Limousine, black of night, stars like papparazi flashbulbs. Everything is red and velvet, especially perhaps the people. People with bodies like I’ve never seen, people who are somehow much higher and much more important to me, while an anonymous driver zips us through buzzing streets they laugh and spill their poisonous drinks all over me, and bathe in puddles of gold coins. Decadence ad nauseum.

    By David R. Pennett URL on 04.16.2011

  23. bubble bath. flowing blonde hair. creamy milk chocolate. fine dining. imported european cars.

    bubble bath.

    By Heather on 04.16.2011

  24. bath spa music felt spa soft money yacht wine champagne moonlight beach fish birds

    By mbeck URL on 04.16.2011

  25. There’s a fiver fidgetting in my pocket
    my thumb fiddles the corner, flicks the queen’s face
    this flattened tumble dried aquamarine sheet
    plays in my mind far more than it’s worth

    I’ve been sent out for green milk, white loaf
    checked eggs and a cheese brick
    But I’m window shopping fortune instead

    Dappy Gent at 1.50
    My Favourite Rite at 2.05
    and The Great Lesson at 2.30

    The kettle or the kite?
    The mowing or the mountaineering?
    Beating the rug or beating Man U?

    What’s a fiver really worth?

    By gsk URL on 04.16.2011

  26. Warmth, arms wrapped around me, fear.
    I was filled with it, I was scared of it. I was happy.
    Silky sheets close on my skin.
    There is only one word to describe this.

    By Emily URL on 04.16.2011

  27. sometimes i like to sit in my tub with a bottle of vino and think of toes and naked women. Do you hear me world? I do this literally ALL the time. my friend albatross likes to watch and then we go boxing at the local alley–BOWLING alley! shits.

    By Benito on 04.16.2011

  28. The place that describes where I’m going to live – not living now – not have lived in the past – but going to live

    By Sam URL on 04.16.2011

  29. He took long languid strides toward the sumptuous couch. The object of his purpose was a lithe woman, clad in a red bikini, lounging upon the overstuffed cushions slowly eating grapes.

    By Perstephanie on 04.16.2011

  30. Luxurious. Huh. The word brings about images of fancy cars, expensive hotels and dresses that cost as much as my first car. It also reminds me of rich silk and soft satin. What does luxurious really mean?

    By Ruth on 04.16.2011

  31. The beads around her neck sunk deeply into her clavicle. A man’s eyes would have to deep sea dive to find the stragglers, a Costeuian effort only the man with the deepest submarine could afford. And that’s a metaphor for a penis. She needed a large one, not because she preferred such, but that there was a tarp concealing her entryway.

    By Alexander URL on 04.16.2011

  32. LUXURIOUS:rokenrol axiom:all beliefs have value,but all should be taken with a grain of salt

    By dann on 04.16.2011

  33. I love the luxurious feel of waking up without any where to go.

    By ennabeatriz URL on 04.16.2011

  34. The luxurious cat sat in the window staring at the bird what was jealous of the cat’s life. It was not minutes ago a small boy was throwing rocks as the bird and minutes before that he was petting that cat’s luxurious coat.

    By Madie on 04.16.2011

  35. A calming, beautiful and relaxing thing that you can’t experience unless you’ve worked hard to earn it. It’s something enjoyed best when earned, you know. So don’t lolligag :3

    By kayla meader on 04.16.2011

  36. I lay on the bed, grooming my toe in the early morning light. A cat purring as it stroked its fur. The slanted rays of the sun lapping at her sheeny shiny fur.

    By Tankstand on 04.16.2011

  37. I don’t need luxury. I don’t need money, cars, clothes, jewels. All I need is you.

    By Kelsoo URL on 04.16.2011

  38. We often want a luxurious life. But is that really necessary? Do we really need luxury and expensive things to be happy? Doesn’t anyone find joy and beauty in simplicity? In not spending money. In not living in that huge house. Sure it’s not as awesome when guests come over, but is that what they come over for?

    By Karen URL on 04.16.2011

  39. Luxury is a way of life .Material or immaterial we all need it.We all long for it.

    By Ciara on 04.16.2011

  40. Time is a luxurious and expensive accomodation. Time, to the productive person, equals money. Time to the terminal kid is decisive.

    By Leira Carola URL on 04.16.2011