January 1st, 2017 | 48 Entries

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48 Entries for “resolve”

  1. She let the empty champagne flute drop from her hand, and though it landed on the hardwood floor with a loud thump, it did not shatter. She was breathing steadily now – slow, concentrated inhalations; short, puffy exhalations – and knew what she had to do now. It was New Year’s Day, her husband was in bed with her best friend from college, and she resolved to kick some cheating, adulterous ass.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.01.2017

  2. She set her eyes on the horizon, boring holes into the line between the land and the sky. She was going to do it. It might take all of her energy. But she was going to do it. She inhaled and tried to suck in the energy of the earth, the trees, the water. Alright. Here we go.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 01.01.2017

  3. calm the surface these covers flipping waving turned back
    bring me closer to this touch this touch all over me
    quit the sea the crashing flow the fall of all all over me

    By Saudade URL on 01.01.2017

  4. she was determined
    nothing would happen like this again
    except she wasn’t sure how to make it so
    she wasn’t a god
    what she thought did not become
    if only she thought
    if only
    no she must be firm
    this would not happen again
    never again

    By a-ramblinrose URL on 01.01.2017

  5. i have not used this website in forever. i used to use it every single day. I would like to say that I want to get back into the habit of coming here regularly, but it is hard to find the point. I shall try, but.

    By roydrowsy on 01.01.2017

  6. The point of no return had long since passed, giving me an insight to this pleasant new field of acceptance. I had to talk this through-no more arguing, no more stupid fights. Just a calm and meaningful resolution that was without a constant backlash of promises and angry yelling. We had done it, and had achieved what was necessary to proceed and move onward.

    By Parker R URL on 01.01.2017

  7. Determine to make it happen. Commitment, make it so.

    By Cynthia Rabenstine on 01.01.2017

  8. There are a lot of issues I need to sort out. New years with this unshakable feeling of fresh starts it lovely and suitable. That said some things take a lot more than a resolution to be worked through.

    By Isabel URL on 01.01.2017

  9. I’m not trying to change, just be a better version of me. I can resolve to lose weight, stop smoking and be more patient with Bill and the kids, but let’s face it, I usually fail by March. I’m just going to be happy with who I am and with what I already do. I guess that’s a resolution to not have a resolution.

    By MsShel330 URL on 01.01.2017

  10. She hated any type of firearm. I knew that, it was glaringly obvious. She couldn’t look at any gun without flinching, she couldn’t touch a gun to save her life. It was secretly one of the reasons I had come to love her so much. She truly was amazing. I had proposed not two months ago.
    “Why should anyone use violence to fix a problem? Why use a gun when you can simply talk? ” She’d argue with anyone who’d ask about her aversion to guns.

    Heck, she didn’t even cuss; she was the reason I didn’t anymore.

    But there she was, gripping the handle of a gun up to face me. The barrel of the gun straight in between my two eyes.

    The last thing I registered just before I watched her pull that trigger, was the resolve in her caramel colored eyes.

    By Meg URL on 01.01.2017

  11. A new year. A new chance. This time I’ll do better. This time I’ll keep those promises. This time I’ll do it — no more drinking, no more smoking. I’l be okay. I can do without them. I’ve done it before, granted never for very long before that urge sets in — no. I can do this. I have to do this. I worry that I’m running out of time and that this might be my last chance.

    By terradi URL on 01.01.2017

  12. To make up ones mind to do something that is hard but totally worth it. Set every morning, it will guide you through the day and reevaluated every night it will show you how close you came to your resolve. You will be the better for it once it is set

    By Nancy URL on 01.01.2017

  13. I feel it slipping from me
    Whether slowly or at a quick pace – I’m not really sure
    But I feel it leaving
    Receding with the new year
    I think I love her
    And I think she knows
    but doesn’t care.


    By Oceans on 01.01.2017

  14. fix what you’ve broken,
    dear lamb
    try to resolve your mind,
    sweet rabbit
    i cant say i know how you feel,
    but i can say it wont last

    By Monachopsis URL on 01.01.2017

  15. Of course. What else would you see on the first day of a year following one of the most horrific in your memory. If you want to be dramatic about it. 2016 will live in my memory as the year a woman won the presidency but was robbed of it by a foreign government and a military industrial complex conspiracy the likes of no other in American history. Yet she remains strangely quiet about it. It makes you wonder what they have threatened her with. Or (and this is the scenario I believe) she knows all too well how seriously ill her husband is. How clear it has been throughout these past several months that Bill is not what he was. I have seen the specter of dementia all too many times in my life. How it creeps into the life it alters almost unnoticed. Small things, insignificant things. Things you don’t make much of. There are so many people around you, reassuring you that the missed keys or the lost address or the date you forgot are nothing but the joker Age, making fun. But that is not what this is. Those around you know it; they hope for the best but the loved one disappears into something; maybe who they were when they were children. But how would you know? You were not there at their childhood. You resolve: This will never happen to you. But you have no say.

    By ruby on 01.01.2017

  16. Resolve means to be determined. To have grit. To put your mind to it and just do it. To make a plan and stick to it. To do. To be sure. To get it done. To be mindful and purposeful. To change. To be strong. To understand your purpose. Resolve means to decide on your course of action and stick to it.

    By Megan on 01.01.2017

  17. Here be it resolved that as of today, January 1, 2017, you are in the constant, painstaking, agonizing pursuit of a better life and the dreams you’ve determined you will achieve.

    By Javi URL on 01.01.2017

  18. can we resolve this issue, i wondered. or is it actually time to leave her?
    she continued cutting up sandwiches. i couldn’t stand to look at her for a second longer. the way her hair fell around her shoulders, the way she cut the crusts off. there was no one i would like to get into bed with less. no one had warned me for this. marriage was the worst decision of my life.

    By Ellaandlara URL on 01.01.2017

  19. when the going gets tough
    when the battle seems lost
    when the taste of defeat begins to form on your tongue
    when the storm rages
    when despair, like a python, embraces
    there are those who will not retreat
    will not surrender
    who will spew the acrid flavor of defeat from their mouths
    they will stand in the face of the storm
    fists raised in defiance
    they are the perpetuators of the human race
    they are resolve
    though this human condition is fragile and temporal
    we are because they do
    for us they fight, these unheralded, everyday soldiers
    upon their backs we are carried to each new day

    By poetwarrior on 01.01.2017

  20. So today I needed to resolve the issues that I was having between me and Ira. I want to have an understanding about what we are and how we can continue to grow either with or without each other.

    By Reyna URL on 01.01.2017

  21. I resolve to make each day count for God in 2017! Just saw God’s Not Dead again. What a great way to begin a new year this very first day of 2017!

    By Nancy on 01.01.2017

  22. it looks like i’m trying to resolve something with william but i’m not. just being friendly. trying to take the high road. cuz i can. i’m just that good.

    By Breezy on 01.01.2017

  23. The New Year isn’t just about making progress or creating resolutions, but about resolving my past conflicts. About others? Maybe. Mostly, though, about myself. It feels like I’m at war with myself, confused as to what I believe in and how I want to move forward.

    By Sravz URL on 01.01.2017

  24. Resolutions. Something that most people never follow. Something that I am determined to follow this year whether it actually happens or not. Whether it be a diet, journal, or workout routine, I hope you follow it.

    By QueenLauren URL on 01.01.2017

  25. R routines
    E everyday
    S support
    O opportunity
    L life
    V valid
    E eagerness

    These things make up the word resolve. These thing represent our drive when it comes to New Years Eve resolutions.

    By QueenLauren URL on 01.01.2017

  26. There once was an island. On this island, there lived a man. THis man’s name was Javier but spelled correctly. Javier with the correct spelling of his name lived on a ship in the middle of the ocean and eventually got eaten by the creature in The Aquatic life at the end. But it wasn’t steve zizu’s friend

    By Carson Fujisaki on 01.01.2017

  27. Fix it. She had to fix it, and if she didn’t, it’d all go to hell, wouldn’t it?! Alaina sucks in a deep breath, her fingers hovering over the touchscreen on her phone. She re-reads his text, over, and over, the words swirling and jumbling in her head. “I’m sorry, there’s someone else”- She can’t breathe, she’s drowning, can’t he see? “I’m so sorry, what did I do, I’ll make it up to you,” she wants to write back, but instead she squares her shoulders and closes her eyes and deletes him from her contacts.

    By Erika on 01.01.2017

  28. Resolve. Resolve means fixed, resolved means okay, resolved means that something is done and over with and you don’t have to worry about it any more.

    Or another way of looking at it. Resolve means strength, it’s fire, burning deep in your gut and pushing you to carry on even if nothing is working out. Resolve is the grit in your teeth and the glare in your eyes and the refusal in your heart to be beaten.

    By SentientExistence URL on 01.01.2017

  29. I bet I know it
    the Oneword of the new year
    it’s resolution

    Or so I had thought
    but RESOLVE is close enough
    less cliche I’d say

    It has inspired
    many to write posts well like

    [Good writing guys/gals. I enjoyed more than average the expressions here. Keep it up!]


    By ! Haiku-Man ! on 01.02.2017

  30. Her resolve was waning, as it usually did. This time though, it went before she even really got started. New Years Resolutions were usually never kept by anyone, but in her case giving up on January 2nd was a new record. She didn’t know wether to be proud or ashamed.

    By Trista URL on 01.02.2017

  31. There was no way to resolve this. Sometimes you just lose. She had all her bags packed and ready to go, lined up neatly in the hallway, a little row of soldiers. This time was really it she was leaving. This time…

    By Trista URL on 01.02.2017

  32. the key to resolution
    is internal revolution
    remembering each day to do
    the little things that you’re called too
    you’ll hit an overwhelming bit
    it need not be a stuck in pit

    By teedubz URL on 01.02.2017

  33. I resolve to make 2017 my best year ever. One where I achieve my potential and stop listening or worrying about what other people think. Not that I won’t be open to suggestion and even criticism but I need to be more confident in myself.

    By Caroline Vevers URL on 01.02.2017

  34. to change my way of thinking, to care for me first and others second, to work more on my fututre, to put my past behind

    By Tiara on 01.02.2017

  35. Fix all and understand the situation. It will take time but there is always a good way to find a resolution for everything

    By Lea on 01.02.2017

  36. “If you got a problem, let’s resolve it. Check-”
    “Dude, the lines are literally all wrong. Did you even read the lyrics?”
    “Whatever. The only thing that really matters is that Brennan has a mangina.”

    By Paige B on 01.02.2017

  37. I decided to do it.
    Enough sleepless nights wondering at the edge of a decision. I would do it…
    But maybe tomorrow.

    Yes. Tomorrow is far better. A new day, a new me. Far away from now.

    By Jesse Brooks on 01.02.2017

  38. Resolve is another way of saying, finished. It’s basically saying I have resolved this question. Its used many times in school. Also it can mean you resolved a problem, such as an argument.

    By Madison on 01.02.2017

  39. My resolve is to find myself this year. To uncover the potential lying beneath insecurity and doubt. To discover my potential. To see what I’m capable of. To be more fully alive.

    By Brenna Cruickshank on 01.02.2017

  40. his eyes scaled the counter. /There it was!/ He sniffed with pleasure. /Now to steal it!/ he resolved. The dog tongue wiped his nose.

    By Cat on 01.02.2017