December 31st, 2016 | 30 Entries

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30 Entries for “simmer”

  1. Don’t let emotions simmer under the surface. If you have something to say, say it. Let the passions out so they don’t destroy you. Simmering water on the stove is getting ready to boil. People should not boil like pots of water.

    By Robin on 12.31.2016

  2. I watched the water simmer and ignored the water from the sink seeping into my socks – wished it was the water in the pan. The sink leaks, fine, but things would be better if it leaked simmering water…

    By Zoe on 12.31.2016

  3. The heat made the lights flicker and glow in the distance, the night promising a hard and perverse setting of anger and further fighting. Another night that, in the end, would be spent alone, left to simmer in a dark room befriended by a bottle of alcohol and another angry cry session.

    By Parker R on 12.31.2016

  4. There’s something simmering in the other room, smells kind of like beer even though she never cooks with that. I’m in my room, next to the books I haven’t touched in a few years, thinking about what it would have been like if I didn’t major in English. If I got a skill that landed me other than my mom’s house on New Year’s eve.

    By Amanda on 12.31.2016

  5. As the cauldron containing the brew that was 2016 began to simmer, I began to wonder if any of it was edible. Normally, people reacted differently to the annual stew – some loved it, some hated it, some even got sick from it. This time, however, felt different. I ladled up a good amount of the stuff from the pot and watched the steam rise from the metal. I inhaled the fumes, and suddenly I felt inclined to punch the nearest party guest in the face.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.31.2016

  6. simmering down, the news years chant,
    the coda slowns down, even since babyloyian celebrations
    today is an embracement,
    the spainish eat twelve grapes, for shiny drapes
    in every window
    that simmers a light, a new window
    hate or love it,
    life is dove,
    with its own wings
    pass me the ciroc,
    allow me to ensure ill take full swing
    because we live long, if we lengthen our horizon
    network towers on my atennas reaching out to the furthest states
    our social lines represent emotional tides
    the wider your wave
    the harder it comes about to deem actions knave

    By Milad URL on 12.31.2016

  7. young cats stay hungry
    lunging at prey too early-
    let passions SIMMER

    don’t act on feelings,
    simmer over your options
    and consequences

    relations are ruined
    most often by the quick word
    emotionally hurled

    think, not feel, then act;
    life’s odds favor such people
    and the hunting cat

    [ Be impulsive and rely on luck, or intelligent and determine fortune.]
    Most never learn, will you? … Can you?

    By ! Haiku-man ! on 12.31.2016

  8. Allison put the pot on to simmer. She found the lentils in an old metal box. They smelled all right but she wasn’t sure, but in any case, there was nothing else to eat. The smell of the cooking lentils made her mouth water, and after an hour, she tested them. They were still hard but she found it hard to stop from eating them. She knew she would get a stomach ache.

    So she added more water and stirred. Soon, she felt sleepy and leaned her head on her hands. She woke up to the smell of burning.

    By chanpheng URL on 12.31.2016

  9. simmer means when water or food is just below the boiling point, while bubbling gently. like when tea is brewing but not fully made as its bubbling but not reaching the top

    By Eesha on 12.31.2016

  10. The heightened passion, so evident in the halls between classes, it settles down here. Furtive glances, passed notes. Occasionally the daring held hands. But they dare little more under teacher scrutiny. For fear of mocking. For fear that their romance, as fragile as it is, might be subjected to peer judging and humiliation. For fear that maybe underneath it all he or she doesn’t love as them as much as they hope.

    By terradi on 12.31.2016

  11. Simmering meat on the pan. Nothing more delicious than that.
    Simmering meat left on the pan for such a time that the meat is burnt to the perfect level.
    That burnt gives that delightful taste of salt, although it looks not so appetizing.
    Burnt food is misleading: looks unappetizing but is delicious.
    Like most things in life that look arduous or not worth it, you never know how your taste buds will tingle unless you give it a bite.
    Give everything in life a bite.

    By Melis on 01.01.2017

  12. simmer down simmer gently
    my mother was always for down
    i was a pot, barely on the verge of boiling
    time to turn down the heat
    simmering is good- boiling is not
    simmer down simmer down simmer down

    By teedubz on 01.01.2017

  13. Feelings are simmering at the top. Threatening to expose my innermost demons. Words just want to escape. But they don’t. I stay silent. Three words. Eight letters. When will I ever find the courage to say them? When will I finally just let go and break down this barrier?

    By organizedchaos on 01.01.2017

  14. oftern simmer reminds me of summer, and we do tend to simmer down in the summer despite the heat we all get to cool off. from life work and problems. not that summer doesnt carry its own trouble but its never as bad as the other seasons

    By betty on 01.01.2017

  15. Ich habe keinen Schimmer. Keinen Schimmer davon, was ich will. Das stimmt inzwischen nicht mehr. Wenn ich die Begrenzungen über Bord werfe, dann werde ich wissen, was ich will. Ich werde nicht selbsttötungsgefährdet sein, weil ich nicht weiß, was ich mit dem vielen Geld anfangen soll, dass jeden Tag ohne mein Zutun auf mein Konto fließt.

    By Lisa URL on 01.01.2017

  16. rends me of the word summer, As i a gemrnan I actually do not now the exact meaning of the word. I love shimmer.. reminds me od a nice evening atmosphere, or it might even be night, at the lake, with glittering water, magic atmosphere, stars, an

    By marie on 01.01.2017

  17. “Simmer down, champ,” Brad said. His son’s tiny face was a brilliant shade of red. Brad had never realized somebody could get so upset just because there were no more Goldfish in the house.

    By Paige B on 01.01.2017

  18. The go to cooking word. Simmer. What does that even mean? It means the death of a vegetable. Simmer the vegetables until a golden brown. Simmer this. Simmer that. Why can’t we just skip that step and eat salads? After all, it’s a New Year. I hope everyone has started their New Year well off and has some resolutions to implement.

    By Justin Du on 01.01.2017

  19. Anger can be a long term simmer. It can silently lead to a full boil of temper.

    By Karen Nellis on 01.01.2017

  20. As I entered the kitchen early in the morning, I saw that the kettle was on. The water was simmering , just about to boil. I wondered where my mother was? Then, I woke up to find that it was a dream.

    By Emile on 01.01.2017

  21. Lula felt the blood beginning to dry on her gloves. No doubt the crimson was beginning to crust on the leather, glueing to it the pungent coppery smell of blood.

    She thought that she was used to the muted sensations by now, yet even after her nth kill, he could still feel the guilt simmering in her gut.

    By Cu on 01.01.2017

  22. He felt the need to let his anger simmer. It was better off to just subdue his emotions, the conundrum of them that rests in his heart, rather than let them blow off and potentially stab his friend with the blade of his words.

    By Cu on 01.01.2017

  23. The pot simmered threateningly on the stove-top. I grabbed the cookbook from beside me and stared at it. My eyes scrambled over the words meaninglessly. What do I do? I groaned.

    By Amber on 01.01.2017

  24. My anger simmered in my veins. My head throbbed uncontrollably. What do I do? I looked around me, Thomas was leaning against the wall, a dark gash stretched over his forehead. My heart pounded as I stumbled through the darkness.

    By Amber on 01.01.2017

  25. “You’re disgusting,” she hissed between the spaces of their lips. She felt him tremble beneath her touch, simmering from lust, humiliation, and anger for doing this to him.

    By Cree on 01.01.2017

  26. You say this
    You say that
    Im a sublime
    But mama I’m starting to feel something
    No good

    By Sameeka on 01.01.2017

  27. My veins boiled with mounting fury. How could they do this? They had no right. My head ached with my anger. I didn’t know what I should do.

    By Writer1 on 01.01.2017

  28. Like my favourite soup or sauce. Or like a row that burst into existence in a white hot heat but then won’t go away – it just simmers.They are the worst, as are the simmerers – like me.

    By Caroline Vevers on 01.01.2017

  29. A calm summer afternoon, quiet, expectant for what will come off the stove when the simmering stops.

    By Fred Bailey on 01.01.2017

  30. The sound of meat sizzling in a pan drifted around the kitchen. Moving the pan handle out of the way, a woman turned with cook-book in hand towards a man who also stood in the small kitchen, shoes clipping against the tile floor. “It says to bring the meat to a simmer, but I’m not exactly sure what that is,” she said, looking briefly up from the cookbook. H

    By Nerdoraptor on 01.01.2017