January 26th, 2011 | 336 Entries

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336 Entries for “relatives”

  1. Sister mys sister is the best thing that has ever happened to me she gives me life and I couldn’t be the person that I am today with out who she is. Everything I do I try and believe that my sister wants the best for me. My sister is the sweetest person that has ever happended to walk the earth. I owe her everything and I have given her nothing. I wish the best for her no matter what. I love her.

    By jake on 01.26.2011

  2. Ugh. Family. Seriously? They never have anything interesting or, you know, new, to bring up, but we always have to talk to them like they’re the most amazing people ever, and as if they have the most wonderful lives. Just because they’re family.
    Well I hate relatives.
    Or, more importantly, I hate family gatherings.
    I can’t help it. My cousins always rub in my face about their amazing husbands, and my sisters always beg me afterwards to tell me everything I can remember about them, not that there’s anything new to tell them.

    By Marlee URL on 01.26.2011

  3. my relatives are hard to understand. they are difficult and dont make sense.they have mant problems and dont get alone. but i know i wouldnt want to live without them. relatives. making the world a better place just by existence.

    By Rachael on 01.26.2011

  4. It was another party with relatives. I smoothed my blond hair back and walked out into the dining room with my heels clacking on the hard floor all the way. Dying on the inside, I greeted my sisters, knowing they looked better than I did, and when I forgot to smile at my grandmother, my mother shot me a chastising look. At twenty-four years old and living in my own home, I still would never be free of her.

    By Ally URL on 01.26.2011

  5. My grandma is crazy. I love her. She watched the Omen at Christmas because she was sick of all the sappy movies on tv. What a lady. I wish she wasn’t sick.

    By Shay on 01.26.2011

  6. Arthur buried his face in his hands. leave it to his win sister to dump all of the family secrets. However, a strong arm wrapped around him and he looked up to face Eames who was still listening to Noventa. However, he wasn’t running in the opposite direction and he didn’t look mortified, so Arthur smiled weakly, glad he had introduced his boyfriend to his family.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 01.26.2011

  7. relatives are like a sickness and a blessing all in one one mintue you love them and always want them around and apart of your life and the next mintue your count down the seconds until they can get the fuck away from you but then you stop and think hate them or like them there still your family and cant nobody talk shit about them but you…and another family member of course!!! <3

    By Ariel URL on 01.26.2011

  8. relatives are … well, what can I see. they can be the most wonderful things in your life or the most painful. thinking that God puts them in our lives on purpose I have to wonder sometimes. What would we be without our relatives?

    By T on 01.26.2011

  9. i wish you would come home. i miss you. i forget what it was like to live without you. you’re my little brother; i’m responsible for you. i feel like it’s my fault you left. it’s my fault mom is so sad. i don’t understand why dad would do this to us, why he would take you away. i don’t understand why you believe him.

    By Alexis on 01.26.2011

  10. I despise them. They come and violate the sanctity of my home, invading like a swarm of overly cheerful locusts. Look at them; fat and blubbering, mindless cattle. Leave. Now.

    By Will URL on 01.26.2011

  11. family, bother, sister, aunt uncle. relations
    friends are the family you choose for yourself. Mother, father, grandparents. rentals

    By Kelly Newton on 01.26.2011

  12. Only the world hands these to you. You cannot control them. Funny, you love them, you hate them. Sometimes you dream of murdering them. Sometimes you think that squeezing their necks until their face turns blue might do you some good. And then you think of that face, the feel of their skin beneath your grip. And you release. You breathe and love.

    By D.S. Hudson URL on 01.26.2011

  13. i thought about you on a relative scale
    and no this is not a love poem
    because i don’t love you that way,
    i’d never shove my dick in you.

    you are too beautiful,
    mother earth
    father sky
    grandfather time.

    By ford.baklvon URL on 01.26.2011

  14. Relatives are relatively crazy.

    With turkey, ham, and beef. Mashed potatos and potato salad.

    Goo in the teeth.

    And alcohol breath.

    There is relative hesitation.

    By Jamie URL on 01.26.2011

  15. Relatives, Relatives, Relatives, well i have a lot of them and im not going to name then all now but i have quiet a few… Today i got an assignment in class to make a family tree in Spanish.. so relatives here i come, im about to dig deep into my ancestors!

    By Ginger URL on 01.26.2011

  16. Sometimes I hate my relatives. They seem to go out of their way to upset me. I really don’t know why as I haven’t done anything to hurt them. They must be missing something in their lives, like a life.

    By Cas Warner on 01.26.2011

  17. Trying to find the answer to our dismay
    Can’t pin-point reasons why I should’ve stayed
    I guess the relatives speak more than the emotions
    We once thought to have felt.

    By Jhosy URL on 01.26.2011

  18. Relatives are funky relatives are cool, relatives are crazy. What more could you ask for from relatives? Think about your relatives!

    By Baiey on 01.26.2011

  19. family

    By gloria on 01.26.2011

  20. family friends holidays food kitchen table cinema picnic forest home house coziness heat warmth blankets quilts pillows pillow fights

    By Capri on 01.26.2011

  21. i do like my relatives ,becuase they are part of me ,now and what was.They are part of what will be and what never has been.relatives are relatively part of all.

    By Christiane Tolman on 01.26.2011

  22. are kind of funny to me, they know how to work your nerves, i don/t like this one sister in law that i have, al djflakj fkjd fher name is may, she’s mean, mean may, oh my dog is doing something…just a minute,s, so.

    By laurie b. on 01.26.2011

  23. I love them. No matter what.
    But then again, I love everything.
    In a sense.
    They’re my relatives, yet we can’t relate.

    By Grendel URL on 01.26.2011

  24. hey, i already had this word, is it the same word everyday? what if i want to play some more, wonder who’s typed the most, not really who, but, what is the most that anyone has typed in one minute, sixty seconds, and how long will it let me go after my one minute, it’s still letting me type………………..

    By laurie b. on 01.26.2011

  25. I went and saw my relatives the other day. I try to ignore the way old people smell, and how my uncle looks like a pedophile and how my cousin stares at my chest just a little too much for comfort. Yeah it was an average day I guess

    By Renee on 01.26.2011

  26. My relatives aren’t picking up their phone right now. My birthday was 2 weeks ago and I haven’t managed to summon the sweet-grandson within me to call them until now; and they’re not home.

    By Ryan on 01.26.2011

  27. He hated his relatives. Well, not all of them but the older one’s for sure. They were so judgmental. They looked down on him, he was sure. He didn’t know why he let them get under his skin but they did. They had the ability to make him feel like a failure.

    By alan URL on 01.26.2011

  28. My relatives aren’t picking up their phone right now. My birthday was two weeks ago and I haven’t been able to summon the “sweet grandson” within me to drop them a thank-you for the cash until now.

    By Ryan URL on 01.26.2011

  29. my loves, my relatives, my life; they all mean little when they can’t hear my strife.

    By claireg URL on 01.26.2011

  30. the missles were relatives of each other.each carried the same code.the same propulsion systems.superior man quickly grabbed hold of one and aimed it at it’s brother:boom!the third had to be dealt with before it totally opened up the underground fault line.query:why would one human risk millions of his own kind for the life of only one?

    By The Fake Dann URL on 01.26.2011

  31. They live with me, the share things with me. Some are annoying, some are quiet. Some are successful, others are not.

    They teach you things that you thought you knew about your own family. Secret pasts, life lessons: the things your mother never told you about.

    By Nicole on 01.26.2011

  32. I do shudder when I think of them. Is there a group more painful than one’s own relatives? Why is it that society dictates we must visit them for thanksgiving and then again for Christmas? Isn’t it enough that I send them birthday cards?

    By Amimee URL on 01.26.2011

  33. she quickly fastened her seatbelt as they drove down the road. a police oficer followed close behind, so she didnt want to get a fine. She was on the way to aunt Gloria’s house where the family party was already in full swing.

    By Katie on 01.26.2011

  34. Who are they? My aunts and uncles or my co-workers and colleagues? My partners in crime or my life partner? Which is more relevant, after all?

    By Da Magistra URL on 01.26.2011

  35. crazy nights.
    mom drunk off her ass.
    grandma saying things she should not.
    dog fights.
    arguments over marriage.
    week long visits that feel like years.

    By Maddie on 01.26.2011

  36. relatives are very strange sometimes. I had this relative once, she was a belly dancer. She was like uber pale though, so it was a strange sight. Everyone thought she was adopted. Turned out that she wasn’t even anyone’s real kid, she just liked coming to our reunions for some reason.

    By rollinggnomes URL on 01.26.2011

  37. relatives. family but not family. what would they think. what would they do. i’d bring down the family name. they’d be ashamed to talk mention me. black sheep black sheep black sheep. i’m sorry mom and dad. really, i am.

    By Jacob URL on 01.26.2011

  38. The thing you dread most but can’t wait to see. My family is a mess of emotions and the long distances make the emotions okay to be without. I hope one day all my relatives come to realize that they are a piece of me and likewise.

    By Amy Rossi on 01.26.2011

  39. o_o

    By Shannon URL on 01.26.2011

  40. No matter how awful she treated him, he knew that she cared for him. The love that held them together was not compatibility or shared interests… It was the love of a sibling. Relatives are the ones who will stand by you through thick and thin, and even though she was changing and hurting him in the process, he knew she would always be there for him. And he would always be there for her.

    By Faye Cruse URL on 01.26.2011