December 21st, 2010 | 356 Entries

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356 Entries for “rejection”

  1. rejection is a common fear. when we make mistakes we feel that rejection follows, but to those, who except mistakes, they will never be rejected. rejection scares the poor man but not the rich man for money knows no rejection.

    By Eli URL on 12.21.2010

  2. something that is very upsetting to recieve, but everyone will recieve it in some form or another throughout their lives. Something that I’m scared of, as a person, especially so at this moment in time. Will he reject me? What a powerful word…

    By Daniel on 12.21.2010

  3. He didn’t really have anything to say. He had a briefcase, a small, gray suit, a hat that didn’t quite match his socks, and a low sunken face. It had been three years since his wife had died, three years since he had worked up the nerve to talk to another woman, three years since he had been able to ask one out for drinks, for dinner, for coffee, lunch etc., and she could say back to him was, “I could never be seen in public with a man who can’t match his socks to his hats.”

    By Ian Rowe URL on 12.21.2010

  4. i was rejected by her. and now i am afraid to be rejected again
    i distance myself from the people
    i lost confidence in life
    i lost myself somewhere along the way
    all i am left is a shadow of me, a ghost of me
    i wander meaninglessly around the world with no aim with no reason

    By Frosty URL on 12.21.2010

  5. .

    By h on 12.21.2010

  6. i don’t understand it. it happens, i guess, and i suppose nobody really understands unless it’s obvious. if i reject this word, someone else will take it…rejection is neverfully fully true, then. universal rejection, that is. there will always be a place for someone and something even if that place is really quite minute.

    By Rebekah-Emily Cooper on 12.21.2010

  7. Wow, this changes people’s lives. It closes doors yet opens new ones. Without rejection people would have no chance to grow, expand, and change. We would never appreciate a “yes” because we would never fear getting a “no.” We would never stay up crying and we would never appreciate what it feels like to go to bed dry-eyed.

    By Ashleigh on 12.21.2010

  8. He wasn’t sure what her rejection of his proposal meant. To be sure he was overqualified for the position. But he had an air about him in those days, an air that spoke to his poverty although he was well-dressed, an air that spoke to his misfortune despite his peaceful face.

    By John on 12.21.2010

  9. It’s that stupid thing you feel when the guy you’ve been crushing on says no and you don’t get in that one class you really wanted to take. It sucks and there’s no going around it. When your parents wont give you the money to go to the movies or shop with your friends. Your friends make huge plans with each and invite everyone but you.

    By Charlie on 12.21.2010

  10. Cold, dark, dreary. You’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the door once more. Retracing your steps you try to think what it was that you said, what you did, that led yo

    By Kia on 12.21.2010

  11. Cold, dark, dreary. You’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the door once more. Retracing your steps you try to think what it was that you said, what you did, that led you outside.

    By Kia on 12.21.2010

  12. Is a word typically thought of with dating, my mom just interupted me so I lost my trane of thought, very annoying. Anyway, why am I writing about rejection?

    By Denis on 12.21.2010

  13. What a lovely thought. No, not really. A horrible thought. Dating, college and life. All scenarios were it sucks. Sucks to be you that is. I wish there were a year without any rejections.

    By Andrew on 12.21.2010

  14. Rejection is painful to some people and it hurts others. Some people don’t realize that they hurt you when they do it. I have gotten rejected a couple of times and I know how it feels.

    By caitlin on 12.21.2010

  15. My position on the assembly line, I alone decide count or rejection for misfit toys, and they don’t go to a happy island to find homes with misfit boys and girls. These toys go down the ABS chute to be melted down. The plastic part hopper, otherwise known as toy-hell.

    By Kevin URL on 12.21.2010

  16. rejection is bad. It can hurt people. almost everyone hates it. people don’t realize when they reject you that it hurts you. i have felt this way.

    By caitlin URL on 12.21.2010

  17. Birds throw their young out of the nest so they learn how to fly.
    I feel like you threw me out on my own for the same reason, sort of,
    but I don’t really understand. I thought I knew how to fly.
    I wanted to fly with you, far away.
    Instead I have had to run away from you
    On my own.
    I’m sorry if it wasn’t your intent, but to me it really feels like
    Rejection at it’s finest.

    By Angel R on 12.21.2010

  18. the worst feeling in the entire world. the pit in the bottom of your stomach. when being who you are is not enough. usually comes in the form of letters and/or phone calls.

    By hessica rose on 12.21.2010

  19. I am lonely, sad, and abandoned. I have nothing left to lose. My family has left me, My friends ignore me, and I feel totally alone.

    By Talia on 12.21.2010

  20. “No.”

    By lexy on 12.21.2010

  21. this one’s a doozy
    I’ve only been rejected by one person in my life. (I’ve only confessed one thing in my life.) However, it wasn’t an “I like you.” It was an “I want to make out with you” and the confessee said “…No.” It’s just how it should be. However I know if I was to confess my like/love, I would also be rejected. It’s just how it should be.

    By taiga tsubasa URL on 12.21.2010

  22. fast , scary, in the night sitting lone, filling out paperwork, fatherhood, makes you stronger, after you close your eyes, don’t deny it embrace it…everyone knows it…

    By TJ on 12.21.2010

  23. “I’ve been… what?” I gaped, blinking a few too many times.

    “Rejected. I’m sorry, but you’re 16. We can’t continue saying you still need to unlock your powers. You’re useless to our society, Aezen.”

    “But… where will I go now?”

    “A town called Sevelyne. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.” And with that, she placed her hand on my back and pushed me slightly towards the bus that was pulling up next to us.

    By Juliet URL on 12.21.2010

  24. Elise fumbled with the large envelope in her hands. Her breaths were sharp and quick and for a while she just stared at it. “Okay, just… do it…” she muttered to herself and slid the letter out of the envelope. She began to read and –


    By Scarlet URL on 12.21.2010

  25. dear me,

    “i have been through rejection. now i won’t try again.” is a terrible way to live.


    By boo on 12.21.2010

  26. This is pain. Its a personal attack, a mockery of self image and an impediment to future growth. It is a wound to the conscious. Reject not, cause the grim reality is it hurts. Its a shared experience however. We all get rejected. Some learn from it, while those weaker and more feeble crumble and break. Some turn to steel, others liquid. Reject me? I am iron. Teach me a lesson.

    By clintonwrites URL on 12.21.2010

  27. It’s that moment that you feel like your heart it being torn out by a tiny little string. Just yanked from you. My father rejected me. Rejects me. Everyday when he doesn’t call or care. Rejection. He doesn’t even notice. Why? How selfish can you possibly be.

    By Danielle on 12.21.2010

  28. I feel rejected by the person I love the most. This is a secret that I can not tell anyone.

    By Sam on 12.21.2010

  29. rejection sucks especially when it’s a guy you like. rejection is a crappy word that teeagers who hav no vocab know because they expeience it. rejcetion makes me get a new hairdo or something cool that that person never knew about. if’st really bad rejction makes my hair color change.

    By Marguami on 12.21.2010

  30. Rejection hurts. It’s like a punch in the stomach and you lose your breath. It takes emotional courage to take the next breaths and move on. Life goes on. Rejection is just subjective. No need to bank most decisions or too much emotional energy on it.

    By Sonya URL on 12.21.2010

  31. i have been rejected by my boyfriend for not having sex with him as often as he’d like. its a big problem between us and i just dont know what to do. can you help me please, i know he is the one for me but i cant help it i just cant stand his penis.

    By ciarrai on 12.21.2010

  32. heartbreaking, depressing. it makes you feel as though you don’t belong. it can crush you and bring you down to levels you never thought existed.

    By Nick Reed on 12.21.2010

  33. rejection is a simple misconception. people think rejection is the denial of an oppurtunity, but its really just the turning of your head towards a new one. every situation is riddled by the possiblities…

    By eric meile URL on 12.21.2010

  34. there’s no such thing as rejection
    only people
    who don’t know what good looks like

    By Kori on 12.21.2010

  35. It hurts it’s painful there isn’t much good about the pain of this subject. No one like it much it comes all the time or at least most of the time. Rejection only happens to those who are outcasts. No one will ever like rejection unless they’re a masochist.

    By Ninja on 12.21.2010

  36. impossible what a single rejection can push you to do. get to the top because sometime somebody said ” no ” …..

    By Mark on 12.21.2010

  37. head hanged low, he slumped toward the door. his words had failed him, his mannerisms lost to the camera, his wit and humor pooled around his ankles.
    as he opened the door, he heard faintly behind him, “contestant two: if you were a dessert, what would you be?” Fucking cunt.

    By jason p on 12.21.2010

  38. Rejection is cold, hard stone, falling from miles above and coming down with the most powerful gravity imaginable. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It can simply be a fly landing on you softly, and all you have to do is flick it off. It’s your choice.

    By Ally URL on 12.21.2010

  39. I hate rejection. Rejection from a publisher not liking my writing, rejection from a woman not wanting my company. Rejection from a basketball just tossed towards the goal. I hate rejection.

    By Chuck K. URL on 12.21.2010

  40. I hate this. People hate this. I hate what it does to you. Rejection. Just the word is bad, let alone the meaning. This is hate. Rejection. Rejection makes people go crazy. Don’t let it though.

    By melany URL on 12.21.2010