January 6th, 2013 | 198 Entries

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198 Entries for “reference”

  1. reference. i have references when i went from ireland to canada to do geography work with my mum who’s doing a phd in glaciology. i also have references from working in a cafe for a year where i had to deal with two horrible horrible bosses. and i also hep children with reading difficulties.

    By AGirl. on 01.06.2013

  2. to make reference to something- in passing, or for a definite purpose. An absolute reference, so much more potent then a breezy mention. A proper reference is something i will never understand- hence my being a soon-to-be college drop out.

    By Theadora on 01.06.2013

  3. References are crucial when it comes to just about anything. Without a solid reference, a site, or informational text can easily be proven as faulty and inaccurate. A good, credible source can make or break a paper, research project, or presentation.

    By S. E. Gutierrez URL on 01.06.2013

  4. Everything that happens to you can be archived.
    Your mind is an automatic library,
    Processing each experience,
    Saving it for future reference.

    People may leave, things may break,
    But your memories will always be there for you.

    By Emily URL on 01.06.2013

  5. I don’t like this word. Makes me think of school.

    By dfg URL on 01.06.2013

  6. “This is the reference section like you asked, ma’am.”
    I nodded to the librarian, “Thank you.” She left, leaving me in peace to begin my search. Orbis. Orbis. The name of this secret prison revolved around my head. I needed a map. I needed to find him.

    By Kristina URL on 01.06.2013

  7. The reference to the book was staring at Sherlock in the face. How could he not have seen it? It was so obvious. The only clue he had missed in the whole case. He would beat Moriarty this time, even if it would be his last. A life for a life.

    By Laurel B URL on 01.06.2013

  8. I was tidying up the papers on his desk when I chanced upon the reference. He’d said he’d included all the paperwork when he submitted his CV, but seemed to have missed this particular one. Reading it, I could understand why – it wasn’t glowing, in fact it was the opposite.

    By Amimee URL on 01.06.2013

  9. A reference. A place you go when you want to be safe, this is a reference. This is fact, its absolute and it’s not going to change based on how you feel. It’s something you can show someone else to prove you arent insane

    By Julie on 01.06.2013

  10. oh, references, where art thou?
    APA, MLA, ASA, ACA, which art thou?
    citations in the paragraphs,
    but you’re true home is in the references page.

    By tiffany on 01.06.2013

  11. I didn’t think about referring back to those moments. I didn’t think about referring back to that time in my life at all, but I came to the conclusion that at best, that’s exactly what you were to me now. A reference point in the time span of my long, vapid life

    By Mariah Murphy URL on 01.06.2013

  12. Stella sat on the floor of the library. Back pressed against a bookshelf and tongue slipped out on to her bottom lip. The heavy reference book open in her lip. Her fingers moved softly over the words on the pages as she tried to find exactly what she was looking for.

    By Kensington URL on 01.06.2013

  13. A reference is can be a maker or breaker. You choose the wrong one and it can mess everything up that you’re trying to create. Or it can be perfect and compliment it exactly right.

    By Tyreek Nixon on 01.06.2013

  14. Ryan just wrote a reference for Mags. A recommendation really. There’s also reference books. And references to old things. Meh. Can’t think of much today.

    By Alice URL on 01.06.2013

  15. Just say it, reference. reeferness.

    By fairy on 01.06.2013

  16. She keeps a library and fills it with emotions. She has none of her own to supply it with, but she takes the emotions of others and keeps them for future reference.

    By Gwyn_Paige on 01.06.2013

  17. a box of index cards for every hurtful thing i’ve ever said.

    By not rachel URL on 01.06.2013

  18. The reference book sat there innocently, as if it hadn’t just given me a black eye. I turned to Hunter and shouted “Why the hell would you use a book for evil?”
    “Evil is such a strong word.” He replied. “I was only trying to knock you unconscious to steal your wallet so I could have some lunch money. Are you really opposed to me eating lunch>

    By Sarah on 01.06.2013

  19. In reference to the lost ark, I just wanted to say that its a great movie. So much adventure and diversity through that adventure. It makes me feel intimidated about writing because of how much there is to the story.

    By Graham Clark on 01.06.2013

  20. Do I ever have the right words to say? Why should this be any different?

    By agloe on 01.06.2013

  21. No reference to love was found in his biography or will. But his life was a love letter to every single soul. He smiled and sang all the time. The world kissed him back when he flew.

    By Farida on 01.06.2013

  22. Tom Cross was my old boss. You can call him if you’d like a reference from when I used to work for him. He is as jolly as Santa Claus and a banjo player. He is quite a character but I loved working for him.

    By Mariel URL on 01.06.2013

  23. comparing one thing to another
    getting an opinion
    stating a opinion

    By Brianna on 01.06.2013

  24. I was second away from banging my head against the desk. I had flipped through the reference book in my lap a thousands times and I still couldn’t find the answer to my question. My teach swore to me the answer was within its pages. I’m beginning to think him a sadist.

    By Bri URL on 01.06.2013

  25. He looks at old photos for reference. “Where does the time go?” thinking to himself.

    By T1DSurfDad URL on 01.06.2013

  26. It’s what you think and then make a connection with something else with your friends and then make them laugh. This is the best when Doug and sterling try to speak in references. I can’t because I’m not as internet… or whatever savvy.

    By Grant on 01.06.2013

  27. In reference to a reference, I refer to a reference as a source. Drinking from the too may polluted sources can clog the cogs of your mind. I refer to the next generation when I am afraid for their clogged cogs.

    By NomadChristineLaFrancaise URL on 01.06.2013

  28. In reference to a reference, I refer to a reference as a source. Drinking from the too may polluted sources of this web of a world can clog the cogs of your mind. I refer to the next generation when I say: I am afraid for their clogged cogs.

    By NomadChristineLaFrancaise URL on 01.06.2013

  29. From her own frame of reference, it was over almost as soon as it began. The smoke cleared quickly, and she coughed once, twice, and looked up.
    She was the last one left.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.06.2013

  30. direcction

    By Fabiola Serazo on 01.06.2013

  31. I person who you can trust to tell you truth and not lead you astray. A good reference. When your mind has gone blank, turn to your “reference” and they’ll open a door to a new idea.

    By Crystal Rose URL on 01.06.2013

  32. keep the sources a secret, til death to us part. til hip hop to us part. our speakers on the beach, hammocks in the wind. lobster on a stick. dream evolve into reality. two to one dollar. gonna make this happen and it’s the second-to-next thing i’mma fixin to do.

    By Lj URL on 01.06.2013

  33. point of reference, point of order, theft, here to there. what more is there. this word floods me grey, fuck school and essay graders telling me my run-on sentences represent incomplete thoughts, i referenced the shit i didn’t invent and what i did invent i left to flow and stray and not take itself to seriously because speculation is infinite and i try to mimic that with my sentences

    By jordan on 01.06.2013

  34. she held on to the top of the ladder with one hand, inhaling the smell of dusty old books, and stories, and safety, as her hands ran over the spines, searching for the right cover.

    By Flick on 01.06.2013

  35. When writing a reference peoples minds have to think about those they are writing about. What are they like? What are their skills? How will they do at this job? It really makes one reflect on the person they are giving reference too.

    By Sarah on 01.06.2013

  36. I always feel guilty when I ask for a reference from a current employer. Of course because it let’s the cat out of the bag that I’m looking for another job, but also because I’m sure I rarely deserve it.

    By Captain Awesome on 01.06.2013

  37. When I think of references I think of nothing. Reference is a crappy word to give me. I wish you had given me something else to write about. Like, last time you gave me the word, “dirt.” And I wrote two paragraphs on the word dirt, but reference is just crap. I’m sorry. The end…yeah.

    By Ashlyn on 01.06.2013

  38. In reference to your prior question: no, I am not saine. My trees are red and, my grass purple. On this psychedelic plane I speak to those within reality. While I am not saine, my mind is quite sound. All one is able to do is to describe their surroundings, outright, or abstract, and just like you with stable brain waves, that is all I seek to accomplish. Now how can you call me a mad man?

    By Sam URL on 01.06.2013

  39. She had been at school all day before spending every hour of the night working to catch up on her work. She was currently having trouble with sheets that reference three of her latest papers for biology, English, and creative writing.

    By Glitz URL on 01.06.2013

  40. libraries always have reference books. In life when I am unsure about something, this is where I go. it is my solace, my happy place.

    By Jules URL on 01.06.2013