January 18th, 2011 | 338 Entries

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338 Entries for “recipes”

  1. Recipes are found in many cookbooks and magazines around the world. they can give you instructions on how to prepare many dishes, from appetizers to desserts. Recipes have their own unique language using measuring words and cuisine-lingo. recipes are a little hard to follow at times. My grandma enjoys recipes, while I find them tedious and confusing. Pie recipes are among the hardest to follow. Every little detail is crucial to the pie, and you don’t want to ruin Thanksgiving! Recipes backwards is Sepicer, which sounds like a mythological creature.

    By Juliet Farmer on 01.18.2011

  2. recipes lined the shelves in my mother’s heart
    how to fix a broken heart
    how to heal a stubbed toe
    the best way to spend a sunny day

    we all had special chapters in her heart

    By clever fox on 01.18.2011

  3. I don’t like cooking but I think I love to eat. Recipe for disaster is a cool phrase. what the hell am I blabbering about? I am hungry now I think. Wow, I think a lot. Recipe Recipe…I before E except after C or whatever doesn’t really always work does it? blah

    By orlando URL on 01.18.2011

  4. I think that you are being moronic, this is what I wanted to tell him as he put ground red pepper instead of chili powder into the enchiladas. But I didn’t and now look at how things ended up.

    By Renni on 01.18.2011

  5. The recipes in the cook book are going to be extremely important for our diet. We’ll have to get fresh fruit and veggies. So I guess we’ll be needing to go to the store to shop for our recipes.

    By Lynzers URL on 01.18.2011

  6. I really love tocook things with cheese and meat. Solmetimes I make casseroles that really are satisfiying. I have to admit that Iused to love cooking as a child and then later st arted to feel like it was a really “homebody” thng to do and poo-pooed it. OVe r the last 3 ye3rs I ‘ve3 rediscocred it and I love it! Wow I use recipes weekly!

    By Ro on 01.18.2011

  7. We knew many recipes for banana bread, but none called for this many eggs. It was raining, and when Ellen came back with the eggs, she was drenched and it was too late. We’d already baked it without the fourth egg. It was still delicious, but I think it would have been better if she’d gotten back in time. I think maybe that fourth egg was the secret to the perfect banana bread. Ellen never forgave us. We never made banana bread together again.

    By Erin O. (Lemita) URL on 01.18.2011

  8. His laughter chimed in her ears as he wiped white batter from his starkingly dark cheeks.
    “C’mon, I have to get these cupcakes done for the fundraiser tomorrow.” She jabbed him playfully with her elbow.

    By Tina Stergenhoff URL on 01.18.2011

  9. The recipes of life,
    Are secrets we hold dear,
    Though they are never to be shared,
    Their sweetness can make us tear.

    By sau on 01.18.2011

  10. I dont really know many recipes. I consider myself pretty lazy, so i rarely cook. However, when im hungry and there isnt much to make i have made some good dishes. I like to make this food for my brother. I dont get to see him often ever since he moved to LA. He complimented my cooking once, so I like to cook something for him everytime I see him.

    By James on 01.18.2011

  11. My favorite recipes are ones that are just made up, inspired by the ingredients I have on hand, a memory of something I ate in the past. My mother had the most wonderful recipes that were just “there” in her head, something she made for her family.

    By Joanne URL on 01.18.2011

  12. recipies are for the faint of heart. You must forge into the cooking arena, herbs and spices flying, pans sizzling, and caution to the winds. Of course recipies have their place, but only as a starting point. thank you, thank you.

    By john on 01.18.2011

  13. I love cooking with recipes :) They make sure you create the perfect meal. :) I dont know what this thing will tell me after I write about recipes…maybe it will say how old I am. That’s why I wrote like a ten year old. I even added smiley faces for some dramatic effect. Now I get to write double because I fucked up. Oh dear…pause. I really have nothing else to say about recipes, this thing is ticking me off. WHY WONT YOU END. JUST END!… I think recipes symbolize shakespeare class. IT SHOULD JUST END… now….or now…

    By Terri on 01.18.2011

  14. It was a recipe for disaster, that was for sure. I know, such a cliche but that’s really what it was. Me and him, together, hanging out? I couldn’t think about him for weeks after we broke up without sobbing my eyes out, so why did I now think this was a good idea. Sadly, I knew the answer, though I wished I could hide it from myself even.

    By Emily on 01.18.2011

  15. You made the sweetest things even though you couldn’t stomach them.

    By MONO URL on 01.18.2011

  16. When I came back from Italy this summer, I couldn’t wait to buy a new cookbook of Italian recipes. I’m in love with risotto, especially with a glass of imported Italian red wine. Delicious. It’s time for dinner…

    By Lisa Horn URL on 01.18.2011

  17. i don’t have enough. i always say i’m going to write some down, compile a book… and then i don’t. like right now i’m saying that again to myself. as soon as my 60 seconds is up, i’m going to start compiling recipes. but am i? really? considering i’m starting to sort of date a guy who used to totally date a chef, the answer should be yes. but maybe ill just stick to being good at what i’m already good at.

    By katie URL on 01.18.2011

  18. really wish I knew how to cook, I can follow recipes because they’re similar to things like chemistry which I’m good at but I’d like to be able to go outside of the recipes and add little things to make a dish my own. I guess that’s something you learn over time, but I’m going to have to learn soon since I’ll be moving out eventually and I’ve been spoiled rotten with my mothers cooking. Oh well, I guess there’s always Chipotle for dinner…again. BURRITO! <3 <3<3

    By Nicole on 01.18.2011

  19. food. I’m so hungry. I want cheesey bread and hot wings, but I already ate. I wonder what kind of recipes they used in my school cafeteria, because they’re pretty crappy. When people ask me if I can cook, I always say, I can with recipes. And I am proud of that answer. Why am I doing this? I don’t know?!

    By ERINJUNG on 01.18.2011

  20. I love to follow recipes, although I’m really not so good about following them to the “t”. I usually end up substituting my own ingredients, and if something doesn’t look right, I’ll take it out. The last recipe I followed was for very spicy meatballs. They did come out fantastic, but I should have followed my instincts and not added those red peppers. Ouch! That really hurt. But, I guess there’s always next time.

    By Marianne on 01.18.2011

  21. Recipes for Disaster
    Today’s recipe: Forget what day it is.

    By enchntdrose URL on 01.18.2011

  22. YES! NEW WORD. FINALLY. Recipes. I wish I had a secret recipe to some kind of asian dish but I don’t. It sort of sucks. I think I’ll find some super secret family recipe and pass it along the generations… I like cooking. Yeah… I know, I know. ASIAN FOO, FTW.

    By Marina URL on 01.18.2011

  23. A plan of sorts, it could be culinary, but then again maybe not. Perhaps recipes might refer to lists of combined catalysts, all of which combine to produce an endlessly complex end result.

    By pgpscout on 01.18.2011

  24. recipes have nothing to do with real life. they are ordered and precisely measured and if you don’t do them exactly right they can either end up entirely fucked or even better. but then again maybe that means they are much more like real life than one would think. if you think about it, you try very hard to measure your life our perfectly, but it just doesn’t end up that way…is that better or worse?

    By theresa on 01.18.2011

  25. Cooking is really tough for me, but easy for my sister, Erika. She doesn’t- scratch that, never, reads recipes. The things she makes usually are pretty good, but sometimes, it’s really bad. Recipes should always be used. Or else. You know.

    By Katie on 01.18.2011

  26. Ingredients:
    1 Large housebrick
    1 Piece paper
    1 Marker Pen
    3 Words or more
    Legs to run

    Method: wait for earth to rotate sufficiently that sun dissappears over horizon, add few hours to taste; stealthy approach your nemesis’ abode, wait 5 mins, simmering with anticipation at the delicious prospect of vengeance, By torchlight, or if you are a true connoisseur, candlelight, scrawl message, conveying your bitterness with font choice- jagged characters go particularly well with this dish. Take deep breath. Hurl brick (can be substituted with frozen cabbage or similar) at Bedroom window. Run like hell and enjoy the sweet taste of revenge.

    Todays sponsor is Bricker and twisted, for more recipes like this, please visit their website.

    By jivehoneyjive URL on 01.18.2011

  27. She shuffled through endless recipes, all for mainly sweets like fudge and coconut cake. “It tasted so sweet then”, she thought, “why isn’t anything sweet anymore?” But really, life was sweeter than could be.

    By Lina URL on 01.18.2011

  28. cookies cakes cassorole chicken spinach dip trouble food yummy homemade ingredei

    By stephanie URL on 01.18.2011

  29. Recipes are great. They tell you all sorts of things that you can make. When someone says recipes, I think recipe books. Then I think of Martha Stewart, and then i am brought to the thought of Mrs doubtfire, and how she failed or…he or she…failed at cooking. Recipes are not always so helpful. they just give hints…yeah. that’s all

    By kristen on 01.18.2011

  30. Recipes are great too use when I have no idea what I would like to make for dinner, I will just grab my Recipe book and start flipping through pages to see what I can find. Sometimes I look through to try and find recipes that I have ingredients for.

    By Vanessa on 01.18.2011

  31. cooking in my grandmother’s kitchen was always my favorite part of summer. i never knew what kind of new recipes she had come up with the winter before for me to try out. we were always experimenting and having fun. it’s surprising what kind of memories one word can drum up.

    By stephanie URL on 01.18.2011

  32. I love reading recipes. It makes me salivate just to read about the ingredients and imagine them mixing perfectly together. When I was a kid, I used to read my mother’s cook books and fantasize about having a huge and fancy kitchen to cook up 5 meals a day.

    By Dara on 01.18.2011

  33. i stared at her in disbelief. Even for our kind, I felt this was a bit morbid. Every vampire I have ever met, regardless if they hunted for pleasure or only as needed, drank from their victim and moved on. This woman! Wow. She pulled several bottles of blood from her fridge, each labeled with a different blood type. Thumbing through a small cherrywood box, she pulled out a few index cards…recipes. Seriously? My ice blues eyes, widened, as I watched her grab for a bottle of vodka. Smiling she began mixing the vodka with a shot of each blood type, gently stirring. Talk about a true bloody mary…..

    By Cat URL on 01.18.2011

  34. Will you get these please
    For pizza and…yes, chili!
    Tasty recipes

    By Young Apoth on 01.18.2011

  35. he always lost her recipes. she had them on little cards and when she used them, she put them back in alphabetical order. but not him. he used them, left them around and dripped bacon fat on them. their therapist had no answer.

    By Wendy URL on 01.18.2011

  36. I have the recipe for disaster, no one’s supposed to know.

    By ExperimentalMeatloaf URL on 01.18.2011

  37. I have the recipe for disaster, no one’s supposed to know.

    By ExperimentalMeatloaf URL on 01.18.2011

  38. I like to try new recipes. The Internet is great for finding a recipe when you have some sort of food and have no idea what is needed to make it edible. I often will combine multiple recipes and use a conglomeration of the best.

    By MattB5 URL on 01.18.2011

  39. I love recipes there are so many things that I can do with them for instance I can actually cook. The truth is I cant cook at all so I need these instructions to guide me along the way. If it were left up to me I wouldn’t know how much salt to add or what spice does what are how long or how short I should actually cook so thank goodness for recipes!!!

    By Raphael on 01.18.2011

  40. I love vegetarian recipes. They find such masterful ways of seasoning that similar recipes just use meat to do. Their taste is amazing and comparable to that of meat, but the recipe itself is healthier and much more interesting to make.

    By Maria URL on 01.18.2011