September 4th, 2010 | 99 Entries

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99 Entries for “raise”

  1. Raise my hand, get called upon, I’m already missing those days. Sometimes having the longest summer vacation of your life has its drawbacks. I can’t wait for these two weeks to pass.

    By Tay URL on 09.04.2010

  2. “I don’t think you have a choice in the matter, Mr. Livonelle.”

    Frank ran his fingers through his hair, remembering. The almost comically silent firing of the gun, the level of regret that he had never felt before, the blood. All of this for a raise?

    Remorse coated his words, as he stared down at his feet, “I know.”

    By Shannon on 09.04.2010

  3. up, kingdom,

    By Zoltan Kosa on 09.04.2010

  4. How do I raise above this.
    How can sink with a float?
    I can I raise with a stone?

    By Aaron on 09.04.2010

  5. I raise my eyebrows to meet her expectations as she recites a litany of flaws that reach deeper than my scalp and then I am treading water and raising my roof higher than my brow can reach before I go under and a pair of strange arms raises me up into light.

    By Nancy O'Neill on 09.04.2010

  6. I stood atop the brick and stone and raised my eyes upward. How I would love to shine like the moon, sway like the tree encased by the brick wall; even entrapped, the elm managed to move with such grace… such beauty. I jumped from the wall, and for seconds I moved like that tree, agile, graceful. Ultimately condemned, but free for the moment.

    By Reid URL on 09.04.2010

  7. If you give me a raise, I will erase the bad.
    Sing me a song to make me less sad.
    Bring me the dreams I wish I had,
    Back when I was a lad.
    Oh, I am not glad.
    Thanks dad!

    By Alexander Filipowski URL on 09.04.2010

  8. I think about raise and see people raising their hands to the sun, in victory, in sadness and so on, you know all the things you do that involves raising hands…yeahhh.

    By Kayla on 09.04.2010

  9. He tried his hardest to raise the barrier and let her through but there was no shifting it, they were trapped on opposite sides and the end was coming

    By Alana URL on 09.04.2010

  10. Flick’em up, pick’em up, raise’em UP WHOA-EEEEEE!

    Chill out, dog. You forgot about the corn chili. Please relax and enjoy.

    By Richardton T. Slump URL on 09.04.2010

  11. Raise your voice. If you have something to say, say it loud and say it in a manner that intrigues all who hear you. Speak your mind, don’t live in fear of what others might think.

    By Holly URL on 09.04.2010

  12. I’ll raise the bar
    and set the standard high
    you won’t even reach par
    that you can’t deny

    You’ve always looked down
    your crooked nose at me
    Trade your beauty queen crown in for a frown
    because I’m so much more than you’ll ever be

    By dangerhaley URL on 09.04.2010

  13. The boots raise him a few inches off the ground, and he struts about in the them like nobody’s business while he treats the mike like a sex toy. And afterward, when the makeup and leather and glitter are removed, he looks at himself in the mirror, his normal quiet self, shrunk back down without those boots… He wonders for the thousandth time why he needs all that to be confident. *A sheep in wolf’s clothing,* he thinks wryly, and laughs to himself as he heads to the back for the vodka.

    By JujYFru1T URL on 09.04.2010

  14. I then raise the question, who’s business is it whether or not I truly love him? I am still figuring things out, isn’t that enough?

    By DayDreamin' Fool URL on 09.04.2010

  15. My spirits were raised when you walked in the room. A smile spread across my face, just to see you

    By bec URL on 09.04.2010

  16. I raise my eyes to the sun. It blinds me, and yet, I love the feeling that something can be so amazing that we can’t even bear to look at it…

    By Hilary on 09.04.2010

  17. I will raise myself from the ground
    every time I fall.
    And ignoring the heckling calls
    of those who scorn my independence
    and my morals
    and my virtue,
    I will persist, live and love.
    Deal with it.

    By Siege URL on 09.04.2010

  18. “I want a raise. It’s pure and simple. I deserve a raise, and you’re going to give it to me. I work hard, sweat a lot and always find myself at the bottom, looking up. ”

    She paused, looked at the surgeon, who smiled and said “That’s not entirely possible.”

    By Cathy on 09.04.2010

  19. I saw the bodies on the floor around me and I feel a cold whisper in darkness of the crypt. Why was this broken into? Then in a tongue not unlike any I heard before I heard “Rise”, and the lifeless remains began to slowly animate….

    By ben URL on 09.04.2010

  20. I had to raise my standards if I wanted to play with him. He was no boy with a shirt open too far, jeans slung too low. He smelled, in fact, like ginger, like expensive restaurants, like my last glass of champagne nine years ago.

    I decided I couldn’t play. Sometimes, one must be content with what finds in the alley behind the apartment that is home to a woman who calls this type of man “husband.” Sometimes, one forgets the other dream and licks tuna from a can.

    By RS Bohn URL on 09.04.2010

  21. to life someone up, to bring someone up, when someone takes someone and puts them above themselves. to grow, to reach, to bring up.

    By JD on 09.04.2010

  22. If I wanted to pick up the jigsaw I’d have never thrown it out of the box in the first place, and if I’d wanted to look even further into a stupidly big abyss I’d have never gripped onto the handlebars that are driving me further and further away from what I know. Because if I had risen before I’d fallen, well, that’d have been plain stupid, wouldn’t it?

    By hannah on 09.04.2010

  23. m’elevasti;
    up above the broken earth,
    you have raised me up

    By Ty URL on 09.04.2010

  24. panchos – raise the flag, raise the flag!

    By Dave URL on 09.04.2010

  25. I lower my face in sorrow, but you raise my eyes to the sky. There are clouds there, but you bid me look past them. “The sun is always there if you look hard enough,” you say. “Always look for the sun.

    By Julia A. URL on 09.04.2010

  26. raise//
    the sun, golden burning fire.. appearing above the world to lift our meaningless spirits to a point where the currency of our souls no longer has need for this…

    By Xander on 09.04.2010

  27. I’m not into this much but go ahead and tell me what it is that makes your head explode and your arms want to move. I wasn’t about to be that person. I was the girl that stood in the back of the crowd. But then I saw Meranda and all at once I knew I had to go I had to be there.

    By andre on 09.04.2010

  28. I raise my hands to the sky
    I see your face but it’s a lie
    you don’t love me anymore
    and there’s nothing i can do
    I drowning in the memories of me and you.

    By Haleyhaley on 09.04.2010

  29. I stand over my husband’s grave, reciting the spell I paid dearly for — to raise the dead. I trip over the arcane tongue, mispronouncing a word. Shit! It probably won’t work now! I forge ahead anyway, and the ground at my feet quakes and splits apart. I am overjoyed… until I see it happening to ALL the graves.

    A T.

    By mimimanderly URL on 09.04.2010

  30. I raised my glass and spoke to the crowd, “not only is it the right of our fathers and mothers, but it is the right of everyone, as americans, to receive what we deserve and what we deserve is a healthy life, emotionally, physically, and mentally.”

    By abigail URL on 09.04.2010

  31. children grow and flowers droop. i teach you well and teach you good. look up to see what is to come making sure ive raised you well.

    By Stephanie URL on 09.04.2010

  32. “Give me a hand, can you?” I thought he was right behind me as I raised the painting and held it against the wall. Behind me was empty and he had drifted off picking up papers, looking into files in the other room. What was he looking for?

    By Meredyth URL on 09.04.2010

  33. The moon breathed heavily as it told the sun to rise. “Fall” said the old man on the hill.” Life askew, hallucinatory epiphanies of death.

    By Jordan Sawchuk URL on 09.04.2010

  34. Appealing for a truce he tried to raise his skull and crossbones flag, and was dismayed when he became cannon fodder.

    By nytrist URL on 09.04.2010

  35. what we hope for after long hours at work but often the increments are so small… questioning why we bother, why we work so hard… because we love what we do as teachers!

    By weenam on 09.04.2010

  36. I raise my head high as my father taught me to. To be strong and wise and never to allow outside judgement to force unnecessary change upon myself.

    By Moira URL on 09.04.2010

  37. There’s a silent scream
    Rising inside of me
    Pounding against my chest
    Waiting for it’s release

    By Jen - LynnArts URL on 09.04.2010

  38. We lifted up our connected hands, and black light seeped up into the sky. Julian. Five other colors gradually made a rainbow of light. White was all that was left. A searing pain threatened to break my grip with Julian and Kanzi, but I held on for dear life. The light slowly moved out of my chest, causing it to catch on fire. Or at least that’s what it felt like. The white light finally met up with the other colors, and the plan was complete.

    By Marissa URL on 09.04.2010

  39. My father raised me the first 5 years, then I raised him.

    By Peaceable on 09.04.2010

  40. Raise…I need a raise. How exactly am I supposed to pay for college and food? All I really want is to be able to go into a grocery store and be able to buy whatever I want. This type situation is why freegans exist.

    By Gecko URL on 09.04.2010