July 3rd, 2012 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “railroad”

  1. Wow this is really weird since the two pages ago I stumbles across the train etiquette memes. Railroads are pretty cool since you can ride trains on them and go place to see people fast that you wouldn’t be able to see normally, fab people like Kaili yeah

    By kristen on 07.03.2012

  2. The railroad is made up neat, silvery rods.
    Everyone can see them when one looks over the side, but they give everyone a slight sense of vertigo. Is it the fear of being pushed off?
    They’re so neat.
    And they always disappear, sparkling in the light, as the train rushes into the station.
    By that time, they would be forgotten.

    By Izumi URL on 07.03.2012

  3. in second world war, all the jewish people was put in wagons; those wagons transported them to diferent concentrations camps using the railroads all over europe. actually its quite impresive!

    By michelle on 07.03.2012

  4. With tracks on either side of me I don’t know what to do. I look down at my feet that are stuck inside of the metal somehow. I don’t hear a train coming but I have bad feeling about it all. There is a metallic taste in my mouth and my right temple is pounding like I’ve just been smacked in the head by a heavy weight dictionary. As I’m trying to figure out how I got hear, the unthinkable happens. The ground below me begins to shake. A train is on it’s way down the railroad tracks I’m lodged in. A sudden feeling of shock glides over me and I just stand silent for a good 30 seconds before letting out a blood curddling howl loud enough to scare away a murder of near by crows. And now I can behind to make out the details of the from of a train to my left. Far away but approaching.

    By Maariyah Espinoza URL on 07.03.2012

  5. A railroad to my dreams
    Thats what i want
    Thats what i need
    A railroad to happiness and Love
    But it wont happen
    No it surely Wont
    Take me on a Railroad to my dreams

    By Bella Major URL on 07.03.2012

  6. i’ve been thinking about going to the railroad is not the quietest place on earth but online for a few seconds you can feel the train passing Through and the energy that goes along with it

    By andrea on 07.03.2012

  7. I read past the flashing lights and stood in the center of the tracks. I closed my eyes so that on top of my eyes were my eye lids and on top of my eye lids was perspiration coming from the shear fear in the core of my body.

    By Nikki URL on 07.03.2012

  8. This was a bad decision. i knew it would be. I could hear the horn, the rumble of the tracks. the wind from the on coming train. As it rushed forward ready to end my life i couldn’t help but think. i don’t want to die.

    By Ashley on 07.03.2012

  9. Whenever I think of getting away, I always think of trains. They seem like the timeless escape for anything. If I ever want to get away I’ll just wait at the train tracks, and wait for a ride to anywhere anywhere as fast as it can go.

    By Melissa K URL on 07.03.2012

  10. train tracks. lived next to one in a small town when i was in 4th grade. it made my house shake. someone got their shoelace caught on the tracks and died. it made my house shake. CHOO CHOO. good times. um yeah.

    By hey sup on 07.03.2012

  11. Railroads seem almost endless when you really look at them. Have you ever actually saw a railroad and thought “If I follow this I could go anywhere.”? There’s the simplest beauty in a railroad that is so easily overlooked. Sometimes the world forgets about the small things, but if you truly see something it can amaze you.

    By Claire Edgington. on 07.03.2012

  12. railroads.. i look across .. ahead.. all i see is the horizon.. i hear a train coming.. its far away.. really far away… makes me wanna look ahead.. see if its coming.. see if i cant let go.. be free..

    By sam URL on 07.03.2012

  13. I’ve observed the railroad many times and it is in my daily routine to go there. I have become knowledgeable of the times it comes by my town. I would simply sit no more than a foot away from the tracks and wait as the train (Always on schedule) zipped past my face. And I cry, I cry because no one has ever gotten closer to me then that roaring machine that can kill me in an instant.

    By Nikki URL on 07.03.2012

  14. The girl was walking across a railroad when she heard a loud noise. shTe saw a train was coming, so she stepped to the side. the train was rainbow colored and was bringing a circus to town! She was so excited that she followed it and went on all the rides. The end :)

    By Jen on 07.03.2012

  15. There were a set of railroads outside of my house. for as long as I have lived, they were always there, and always have been. I had my first kiss with Peter Smith on them, and my first break up. That’s where I then fell in love with Amy, and realized all that I had been missing.

    By mac on 07.03.2012

  16. The last time they met was on the train. He didn’t expect her. She didn’t expect him. Though, had they been expecting it, they would’ve both known she’d break into tears.

    “You’re supposed to be gone.”

    “I know.”

    “Why couldn’t you stay that way?”

    “I don’t know.”

    He wants to touch her shoulder, but, just like that windy October day years ago, his fingers only hover over a ghost.

    By Annie P URL on 07.03.2012

  17. I remember riding in a train across country with my father and younger brother. It was an adventure for the two of us. We went through Grand Central Station. It was a beautiful trip and I enjoyed the observation car at night going through the country side looking up at all the stars.

    By Sara on 07.03.2012

  18. Cho Cho went the train
    But the wind blew and blew
    My hair went wild
    like the eyes of a child
    I cant remamber the last time i felt so alive
    But i know that i will never want to see you cry.

    By Elsie on 07.03.2012

  19. I stand here, my head tilted back at the moon, my eyes wide. The railroad sits beneath me, comforting me in a silent way that tells me I’m not alone. I listen for the scream of the train, but only find silence. Nothing seems right as I stand here to await…what? No, its not death I look for. Im searching for an alarm to wake me from the nightmare I have been walking through for sixteen years. Now, as I stand on these tracks, I can only find the darkness ahead of me.

    By ClaireEliseEdgington URL on 07.03.2012

  20. The wind whips my hair in circles around my head as I stand on the railroad, my teeth clenched and eyes focused on the wailing train ahead of me. My feet seem unbalanced and as the train grows nearer. I can feel the crazed excitement of what will come to me as I begin to breath harder and harder.

    By ClaireEliseEdgington URL on 07.03.2012

  21. I used to live by the train tracks. MetroLink and Amtrak would drive by every night and blow the horn at precisely 12 am every single day. That was my goodnight. The railroad system of southern California was the only thing that provided nightly comfort for me growing up. Dad was working and mom never spoke to us. Goodnight was a horn blow. It was a train. It was living in the shadiest part of town and still feeling comforted.

    By Cory on 07.03.2012

  22. Once I was at a railroad and the train was going so fast that I didn’t even wait. I just went on by, But the thing was I wasn’t in a car like you thought. I was just standing by the railroad.. I bet I just threw you for a loop. Ha, I got you. I know, I’m rather slick.

    By Gabbs on 07.03.2012

  23. The railroad of life. Sounds good. Pero aqui en México ya no hay ferrocarril. Aunque puedo sentirlo, verlo venir en la distancia, escucho su silbido y aspiro los aromas de la estación. Como mi abuelo y mi padre. Pero el tren ya no existe aqui. Sólo quedaron las vías. The railroad.

    By Alina on 07.03.2012

  24. I love the sound of a train racing down railroad tracks. Before the age of jet travel taking a train was the norm. Getting onboard with your suitcase and relaxing in the lounge car before dinner and the retiring to your sleeper compartment must have been fun and enjoyable. Being rocked to sleep by the gentle swaying of the train and the muted clickety-clack of the tracks brings a smile to my face.

    By Joe on 07.03.2012

  25. i been working on it but not really. wish i could ride it into the wilderness or maybe canada that would be nice because the wind would rush into my face from the open window. and the food car would feed me on white table cloths with good crystal and there would be cary grant. sitting in the dining car all alone. waiting for me to come and join him and i wouldn’t even be eva marie saint. but he’d be a saint.

    By ruth lando on 07.03.2012

  26. I like railroads. They look so cool in certain places. And I love trains. I love looking at trains, I love riding on trains, I love hearing trains. I love all of it. I wish I could have lived when the railroad was the main source of transportation

    By Maddy URL on 07.03.2012

  27. He pushed back her long and dark hair, gently placing it behind her ear. “let’s go!” he whispered as he slipped his fingers into her hand. His feet carried them down the hill with grass that faded brown. When they reached the bottom, the land revealed a railroad track that looked as if it had been forgotten for years.

    By Hannah URL on 07.03.2012

  28. The railroad ran through the middle of the town i grew up in. When we first moved there, the train woke us every night. Soon it became a lullaby.

    By debralynn URL on 07.03.2012

  29. As I travel down the broken path,
    As I yearn to seek a life worth fighting for,
    I am stuck on this railroad,
    A road of twists and turns,
    There is a point though, a point of no return, no regrets,
    This road has no ending, but many stops,
    I will meet friends, foes, real women, and real hoes,
    Love comes, and love goes,
    Where to? No one knows..
    On this rail of roads.

    By Nick Overstreet on 07.03.2012

  30. The railroad tracks seemed to go on forever. Sarah wondered how far away from home she had gone, and how much further she would go. As she closed her eyes she could still see her mother crying as she slammed the screen door. She knew is wasn’t really her mom’s fault, but that didn’t excuse the way her mom acted towards her. No money, nothing in her pocket, Sarah wasn’t sure what would happen next, but she knew she was free.

    By Lori Mara on 07.03.2012

  31. I hear the trains nightly
    sobbing something familiar
    i had gotten used to them
    after ten years
    but now the railroad’s all i dream about

    By kalena URL on 07.03.2012

  32. The railroads around Gary
    they’re always empty.
    Sort of like the town
    used to be vibrant, filled with steels, bustling with importance.
    Then, one day, it wasn’t.
    Maybe it was gradual, maybe it wasn’t,
    but the town, without the mills, without the railroad,
    it was as still as death.

    By Anne on 07.03.2012

  33. I am tied to the railroad tracks, I thought. I struggled wildly in the thick bonds made of twine over my body, but I couldn’t move. I guess this was it. I watched as a locomotive slowly came towards me. My breathing hitched.

    By Kayla on 07.03.2012

  34. I love listening to the trains that go by my house during the night. The power and overwhelming sound of the horn blows me away. It puts me in my place and reminds me that I am only a small part of this world. There is something more here than just me. There are people to help and things that need to be done.

    By Meghan Cunningham on 07.03.2012

  35. what if one day i could just take a train and go where ever, i wouldn’t even have to choose a place i’d just buy the ticket for the train that left the soonest, where would it take me? would i regret it? maybe that train would lead me to you… impossible wishes. who would i meet? what would i see? would it help me forget about you?

    By R on 07.03.2012

  36. I walked next to the railroad, fallowing it but not to sure where it lead, I had no where else to go perhaps I could just hop in a car, like a hobo, let the train take me far away, so I could run away, far far away. I could start again, not have to deal with any thing for a while, avoid my reality

    By Summer on 07.03.2012

  37. Railroads aren’t as prominent as they used to be. I often think about them. Once the primary means of transportation through several continents, they are now pretty much limited to commerce.
    It’s often fun to dream of them. Can you imagine a world without smog and air pollution, traveling via locomotive through the country, unable to count the stars in the sky?

    By Andrew on 07.03.2012

  38. When I was a kid, the first house we lived in was on a dead end street and there were railroad tracks at the end. We knew the times of day when the train would come rumbling by. We’d wave to the conductor, who was the dad of another kid in the neighborhood. Years later, after we’ve moved away, that kid committed suicide. Sometimes when I watch a train go by, I think about him and his dad and the life that never got to go very far down the tracks.

    By djfpdx URL on 07.03.2012

  39. He works on the railroad from sun up to sun down and sometimes very well past that, with twenty other men who dream of the good life not unlike him. It is the American dream they tell him when he gets his pay check. People would kill to be where you are. And they’re right; people have died standing where he stood.

    By Maddie URL on 07.03.2012

  40. there are railroad tracks behind my house, abandoned now as my hometown dwindled smaller and smaller. i used to explore the trains back when they were in use. sometimes the cabs would stay there for days, enough time for me to climb to the top and see the world.

    one time my cousin broke a window so we could get inside. it was a decrepit passenger car. sometimes, when the arguing would get so loud at home, i’d dream that i lived there instead of the little house a few hundred yards in front of it.

    By rachel. URL on 07.03.2012