July 3rd, 2012 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “railroad”

  1. rome, vous grivez
    mes rives décoiffées
    je ruse et mes buses
    devant corps
    mais l’attente.

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 07.03.2012

  2. I would like to be a hobo and hop trains, travel around the country, watch life go by. I remember train rides to Santa Fe from Chicago – it is as if time takes a break and we have space to breathe.

    By Birgitta Gustafson on 07.03.2012

  3. A man continues to travel down the railroad in search of something. What is his purpose? He travels through the tunnel into a dark dark zone. Alone with himself, his thoughts and the cold tracks that seem like they haven’t been used in years. He hears a sound, distant at first and then suddenly louder. it is the train, the train ripping down the tracks as if to say, I am here.

    By John URL on 07.03.2012

  4. The railroad stretched on forever, it seemed, past the horizon into the setting sun. I sighed as he got onto the train, as he stopped to wave back at my lackluster hand flap. He was going away forever, going where I could never find him again, never hold him in my arms again, and I would die here alone.

    By Maria on 07.03.2012

  5. there was a railroad near my house one time and i always wanted to walk on it and i wanted to have my boyfriend on one side and me on the other and we would lean in and kiss each other like i saw the two gay people doing in that picture one time. it was beyond sweet and it looks so romantic and maybe dangerous too because you might fall or get hit by a train!!! That would be scary.

    By Maya Celeste on 07.03.2012

  6. I was riding the train when I saw a person standing on the railroad. They seemed to want to get hit, so I jumped out of the train cart, fell into the railroad tracks a pushed the person out of the way in time before the other train came. I was out of breath when they asked if i was an angel.

    By Samantha URL on 07.03.2012

  7. i walked slowly on the tracks thinking of my mother it had been a year since she passed and a year since i had been on these tracks. i would only go with her to the tracks were our special place. god i miss her.

    By Anna Devereux on 07.03.2012

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    By Android URL on 07.03.2012

  9. Hi, my name is Christoffer. I am a 18 year old boy that lives in Norway. I love motorcycles and my girlfriend, my girlfriend and I have been together for almost 9 months now, I really do love her.

    Also I’m good with graphics and computer stuff. That’s why I type this fast.

    By Christoffer on 07.03.2012

  10. Sometimes I really just wanna stand on a railroad and get hit. I’ve wanted to rig up something that drops me when the train hits it so it doesn’t have time to even try and stop. I wanna see if everything goes dark like I think…

    By Haley on 07.03.2012

  11. i have written about railroads twice today and am already very sick of railroads so can we drop the subject on railroads and write about ponies.

    By Anna Devereux URL on 07.03.2012

  12. I don’t know what this is, but it sounds kind of like the rails of a train. It sounds like there’s a path I should follow. Maybe this has to do with my life right now, I need a new path to walk, I need something new. I need it, desperately.

    By Lucia on 07.03.2012

  13. They lay together, head to head in a pinwheel on the floor. The last of them, a gaunt tan woman in her twenties, threw down the belt she used to tie off her arm above the injection site, and found her place with the other four, the travelers, the run-aways. The train car jerked at squeaked around her, but that seemed to matter less and less as lush escape folded in around her.

    By emily on 07.03.2012

  14. The railroad stretched miles into the distance. A cold breeze blew from the west and her light brown hair made patterns in the air around her. Light engulfed her as the object hurtling towards her came nearer. Knowing she had little time, she contemplated her life for the last time, and then jumped.

    By Delanie on 07.03.2012

  15. i take the railroad every couple of months. my mom pays for it with money she barrows from the credit union. my mom barrows lots of money. she is ripping us off and one day we will not have a beautiful home or cars or anything. because the its will take al of our money. anyway the way i get to my mom is by the railroad.

    By erika on 07.03.2012

  16. The railroad stretched for miles upon miles. No matter how far she looked, it continued. Did it ever stop? As she walked along the tracks, she wondered what would be at the end, if there was one.

    By Anna URL on 07.03.2012

  17. Mental wounds not healing, life’s a bitter shame, I’m going off the rails on a crazy train, I’ve listened to preachers, I’ve listened to fools, I’ve watched all the dropouts, who make their own rules, one person conditioned to rule and control, the media sells it and you live the role.

    By Twix URL on 07.03.2012

  18. The railroad at the edge of town was all I could ever think about when I was little. It was all I ever really felt like thinking about. The way the tracks glistened and sparked. The rumbling, shaking ground as a train steamed on pass, filling the air with pollutants that I loved to smell early in the morning.

    By Pheels URL on 07.03.2012

  19. The dark of night shrouds railroads in a much more interesting, bluesy, pop-culturey light than this one. Hot, summer, Texas days at the train station, waiting to ride to work are much less romantic than minor pentatonics and juke-joints.

    By Asaad on 07.03.2012

  20. I have a little secret.
    It runs on the railroad tracks.
    It travels from city to city looking for you.
    It’s the love you’ll never know.

    By UnderWater URL on 07.03.2012

  21. a railroad is something that many people have had interesting expieriences on. Walking along the railroad is dangerous and fun and has a certain feeling to it which makes it unique.

    By Eloise URL on 07.03.2012

  22. I see railroad tracks, and they remind me of Stand by me, the movie about testing friend ship. and when the largest one of the friends was on a train track bridge then the train came at he had to run like a fat boy on a mission haha. its a great movie, I suggest anyone to watch it.

    By Denver Bijlsma on 07.03.2012

  23. the rail road was long and it make me feel like i would never reach a destination worth stopping for. When would the train come? When would I feel the wheels of motion move me forward? Would i want to come back when i got there? or would this railroad take me to a new future? when will i find home?

    By CT on 07.03.2012

  24. The railroad sat there in its metallic glory. waiting for the next giant machine to come crashing along it. Polluting the world a little bit more.

    By alex on 07.03.2012

  25. As I came upon a railroad, I thought to myself about the days in my favorite summer. 1967, in June, I met who I still believe today is my soul mate. We fell in love by that railroad and Ill never forget it.

    By Sage URL on 07.03.2012

  26. A railroad has no destination, it just continues, endlessly… or does it? Never mind, thats just in my mind, my world. Please leave unless you wanna stay and experience my perfect world.

    By Bijlsma URL on 07.03.2012

  27. A path that every time I come across one I wonder how many people been on it passing by from one life to the other.

    By Nashwa on 07.03.2012

  28. The sound of the train on the railroad tracks behind your house wakes you from your somber sleep. But that’s not what keeps you awake. The thoughts of woe and despair that fill your head, that’s what keeps you up.

    By Lindsay URL on 07.03.2012

  29. The railroad tracks were overgrown with weeds. Who could remember the last time that a train had rolled across them? The tales those tracks could tell. The miles those trains had logged.

    By Liz Scott on 07.03.2012

  30. He was tied to the railroad. There was no escaping. Out of nowhere, a cowgirl-looking woman came to his rescue. She had a pocket knife that released him from being bound. He was shocked. He quickly got up with the help from the strange woman. “Wow, I am speechless….What is your name?” He asked. She replied, “Amaya.”

    By Mallory on 07.03.2012

  31. i was walking down the railroad ,in hands with the one i love the most..when suddenly the train was coming so fast!!!. we got so scared we ran out the way..it was out of control!!..good thing that the news knew about it and stopped it just in time it hurt anyone in any city :)

    By judith on 07.03.2012

  32. Across the railroad tracks I saw a young woman kneeling down over a small teddy bear. She was shaking and tearing it apart, her ratty dress giving off the feel that she was slightly mad. I tentatively stepped over the tracks to see if she was alright, but as soon as I tou

    By Baylee on 07.03.2012

  33. It was the railroad that broke his back that long summer in the sweltering sun. And it was the railroad that brought his bride accross the country. Forever that railroad will be stamped into my memory.

    By Shyla Marie URL on 07.03.2012

  34. Stuck between the tracks. Railroad to hell. Sounds like a country song.

    By 1word2wordsredwordblueword URL on 07.03.2012

  35. a railroad can lead you anywhere. it can take you home, it can lead you away from home. a railroad is the foundation of this country. The railroad was first made in the Us from the east coast to the west coast and i’d say it was a big reason for the gold rush, it helped transfer people. a railroad can hold so much – so many stories.

    By Anonymous on 07.03.2012

  36. railroads in the forest in dreams. railroads in japan, shinkansen. railroads on stadium, went off the other day, amtrak, arms go up, on you go then.

    By MJ on 07.03.2012

  37. Here it goes, Im actually leaving, I stared at the railroad tracks awaiting the train that would lead me to my future. Would i be ready, would i find a job, would i last. I had no choice but to make it work. i was pregnant.

    By Ashley on 07.03.2012

  38. My Thoughts are Out of Control.
    I Cannot Think Straight.
    He Will Either Be
    My Significant Other
    My Awkward Enemy,
    Depending On My Decision,
    My Response to His Offer.
    I Can Never Just Be
    His Best Friend Again.

    My Train of Thoughts
    Is About to Crash.

    By Story Solo URL on 07.03.2012

  39. As her car passed the railroad tracks she silently laughed thinking of the memories she had amassed there. A second later a sense of melancholy spread through her because she no longer had contact with the people she had made the memories with.

    By caitmayhorn URL on 07.03.2012

  40. When I was a child I loved to visit railroads. My father would take me to see the trains cross the trestles and I would speak to the engineers. I recall how I would walk down the railroad at Rusk state park and have just wonderful time.

    By Elliot on 07.03.2012