July 3rd, 2012 | 372 Entries

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372 Entries for “railroad”

  1. It was a long strip going down as far as I could see. The metal rattled as the monster quickly approached, unable to move I was paralyzed in fear. I thought to myself is this the end? Then I closed my eyes, and it went black.

    By stimjim URL on 07.03.2012

  2. Rodney engineered on the railroad

    By vanhaydu URL on 07.03.2012

  3. Railroad tracks are tricky. A lot of people seem to accidentally fall and die there, but I hardly think that was the original intention of the railroad tracks. I used to have dreams when I was a little kid that I would trip over railroad tracks and a train would come up, and I’d be killed by death of squishy.

    By ashley on 07.03.2012

  4. The movement of the train reminds her of swimming in choppy water, bouncing slightly, moving in all directions at once. Getting on was letting go and she’s given everything over to the motion of the railroad.

    By emmystrange URL on 07.03.2012

  5. cross roads
    one side
    the other
    road not taken
    un beaten path
    short trip
    to each his own, seperation…elite path or path to destruction

    By Tiffani on 07.03.2012

  6. tracks, train, conductor, cap, connections, ties, stripes, travel, whistle, obnoxious, crossing, east to west, gold rush, industry, wheels, gears, pistons, steam, r

    By Ashley B. URL on 07.03.2012

  7. The tracks of the railroad ran into the future. Which way should we go? There’s a choice but less than we thought.

    By Nushia URL on 07.03.2012

  8. distance carries
    old hopes
    and they drag along the railroad track
    but luckily
    none care to wave goodbye
    which is better
    because the looks on their faces must be
    so painful
    like a child who is told that

    By slantedstories URL on 07.03.2012

  9. I got tired of my life one day and decided to walk along the railroad. I walked and walked and walked until the sun went down. I walked until I was too hungry to keep going and fell asleep on some rocks in a wooded area. My cell phone woke me up. Work. I threw the phone into the woods and kept on walking the tracks.

    By dan URL on 07.03.2012

  10. I wanted him railroaded out of town. The humiliation of his catting around with that floozy was more than I could stand. I demanded that he be run right out of town and take his cheap bit of trash with him!

    By Katherine on 07.03.2012

  11. The unknown dangers of childhood. Flattened pennies.

    By Jack on 07.03.2012

  12. hanna was walking on the railroad. just walking walking walking….. never stop, she kept thinking, never stop. leave it behind, she thought, dont let them catch you dont let them if you just dont turn around nothing will happen just keep walking to a better place….

    By tamara on 07.03.2012

  13. We’re all on a train going down a railroad. Most of the time we can’t control the speed we’re headed at or the direction we go in but every once in a while we have chance to adjust the tracks.

    By Pi URL on 07.03.2012

  14. running down the tracks, destination pre-planned. no alternate routes. point a to point b. such a simple, structured life, it makes certain you get there. but not much interesting happens on a track.

    By sean callahan on 07.03.2012

  15. They railroadin’ me, jedge! They railroadin’ me! I ain’t done nothin’, been put here ‘gainst mah will and ‘gainst my choosin’ and ‘gainst mah natchah. Ain’t right. Bein’ railroaded by all ya’ll. By ALL YA’LL.

    By Richard Braithwaite on 07.03.2012

  16. There is something summery about riding on the bricks of Railroad Street – on the way to the farmer’s market set out in front of the old depot.

    By Jamie Pondera URL on 07.03.2012

  17. Trains I like trains train are on railroads railroads were invented a long time ago I learned about the railroad companies & monopolies in history & earned a 94 on my regent so railroads have helped Thomas the train goes on railroads thy was a remarkable show railroads aren’t used that much anymore as transportation devices chug chug choo choo railroads stry wih an r try have two r rail road can be to desperate words but put together it can be one word railroads are usefull

    By Morgan on 07.03.2012

  18. i’ve been working on a railroad… i never stop working.. hitting nails and slamming steel.. the hot sun keeps me warm, I’ve been working on a rail road, all the live long day

    By Matt Meagher on 07.03.2012

  19. It wasn’t strange that he was stranded, in the middle of nowhere, with just his bag and a cellphone with no battery. This situation was normal for someone who travelled with no destination, just for the sake of travelling.

    By Alex URL on 07.03.2012

  20. People get hit by these because they lack the brain power to not go on them. That sounds too harsh. Let me rephrase. People get hit yearly by trains because they dare to test their 1 life that they have to cross it without being hit. It sounds crazy, but it’s all about the adventure.

    By Tara on 07.03.2012

  21. I like trains. Especially train movies. They add great adventure. I always thought it would be cool if you could hop on a car and drive to somewhere. Without knowing where you were going. Nothing to stop you.

    By Optimus Prime URL on 07.03.2012

  22. The wheels on the bus go round and round
    round and round
    round and round
    The wheels on the bus go round and round
    all day long

    By Sara on 07.03.2012

  23. trains go on it
    reminds me of john mayers song stop this train
    there is one in pottstown
    it is a compound word
    it can be electric

    By tyneisha on 07.03.2012

  24. railroad is where trains drive on. they go on and on and on . these tracks are for trains to carry things and people around in . they are long and can go over lots of terrain like deserts. Railroad uses two are almost like alliteration but its one word.

    By Jordan Ginger on 07.03.2012

  25. at the end. it separates us from you.
    you don’t remember who i am anymore do you?
    nostalgia i suppose you’d like to call my condition.

    that hurts.

    cause that means you don’t want to remember.
    do you?

    By Someone Else URL on 07.03.2012

  26. He didn’t know what to use them for. I’m not sure how many pieces of wood and iron Arek used to make them, I think he thought it was a waste of his time. He saw it as a waste of resources too.

    By traindeer URL on 07.03.2012

  27. I die on a railroad. Get lost in its tracks.The car stops.No one can pass. We are all angry, the train passes and we head towards our destination.

    By jess on 07.03.2012

  28. trains pull into the train station on the railroad to happiness. This railroad came from deep within us and ventured to places far beyond our reach. This railroad is heavenly, it’s all things you wished it would be, joy, beauty, health, youth, color, love and freedome. The railroad to happiness is endless. It takes us to new places, far away places and puts a smile on our face everytime we stop along the way. This railroad was built by people like you and I, people who know its a journey to reach happiness but it’s well worth the stops along the way. We travel this railroad and see facinatingly happy people along the way, they have great stories about their journy along the railroad, about the stops they made and the sites and feelings they saw and felt. Take this railroad and enjoy yourself. free your mind and let the railroad take you along, spread your wings along the railroad and live the joy.

    By Mel on 07.03.2012

  29. The creature stirs at the edge of the bushes, listless, ready to bolt. Her restlessness causes the hair on the back of her neck to stand on end, until finally, her pent up energy releases itself in one huge surge. She bolts across the railroad tracks, hears a high-pitched screeching noise, turns her head and encounters a bright light searing her vision, and then…darkness.

    By Arielle URL on 07.03.2012

  30. When I built the railroad with stones from the neighbors driveway I intended to run away in a boxcar with all my petals wrapped in a bandanna but they caught me up like a firefly and held me in a paper cup that smelled of lemonade and the grit that was sugar made me stick around for the rest of my childhood when it dissolved and left me stranded on the other side of the tracks.

    By nannan URL on 07.03.2012

  31. Long and straight, they provide the best routes from place to place. The old trains from long ago used steam, and were a sign of a romantic era, now a days electric speed hungry monsters have less aesthetic appeal, but perhaps get the money savvy folk to their destination quicker.

    By Christopher Sinclair on 07.03.2012

  32. one day I was working on the railroad. I have been employed with trainway motors for about two years and am hoping to be promoted. I actually want to drive the trains, because right now I just shovel coal. Its hard work but at least it pays well.

    By dancer13 URL on 07.03.2012

  33. Railroads were crucial to the expansion and economic growth of America. We would not be the same country without them. They led to quicker shipping, and not to mention countless jobs. They also gave immigrants a line of work.

    By Caroline Vincent on 07.03.2012

  34. The railroad was in the middle of two towns. Two towns which totally hated each other. But there was a reason for their hate. The town south of the railroad was composed of African Americans. The town north of the railroad was composed of white people. In 1920 Alabama.

    By J.R.Ruthe on 07.03.2012

  35. I feel railroaded. A lot. I sit at this desk and stare at the wall. I just ride this life that others seem to like. Or say they do. I don’t rock the rails or get off. It’s money. Really good money. The only price is that I have to ride these rails till the end. I’m kind of like a hobo, but not in that i don’t work. In the fact that I don’t belong on this train.

    By grapplerschool URL on 07.03.2012

  36. ooh, that is a funny, funky place. The windows. The souns of the wheels. Screech. My love that happenned in my very, very early days…

    By Aniske on 07.03.2012

  37. junior year some dumb boys kept saying whale road because they thought it was funny so railroad reminds me of that. and mrs. gray with her giraffe neck and bird wing hair.

    By Caitlin URL on 07.03.2012

  38. Life is kind of like a rail road.
    It takes you to destinations you need to stop at and experience.
    You may not like some of the destinations. Sometimes, it’s impossible to escape them.
    But if you work hard enough, you can get another ticket to another place to go.

    By MollyJ URL on 07.03.2012

  39. My best friend loves trains. He has this AMAZING trainset in his garage that has an entire town around it, all centered around a huge railroad track. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. The town was built by himself, painted and all. The train works, with lights and signs, and all the fixings!

    By Larsen on 07.03.2012

  40. The raliroad was abandoned by the empty trains, allowing the teenagers of the neighborhood a unique place to gather. Though they often were not innocent it didn’t matter. They were having fun in a place that once was so serious and there was something beautiful about that.

    By Heather on 07.03.2012