June 3rd, 2011 | 545 Entries

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545 Entries for “radio”

  1. long listens great music. excitement. trust. movement. romance. sweetnesss
    learning about myself. honest, decadent. some places i want to go to learn. relate. relate. universal.

    By jocelyn on 06.03.2011

  2. KMOX with Jack Carney, every Saturday out of St. Louis he played old radio programs like the Fred Allen Show and Jack Benny and George Burns and Gracie Allen. I learned more about humor on those Saturday mornings that I’ve learned from anyone except my father.

    By Karen Baker URL on 06.03.2011

  3. Video killed the radio star! A random thought but still so true! We’ve become so visually dependent and even still MTV has become obsolete. I remember watching the first Bruce Springsteen Dancing in the Dark video at my best friend Diane’s house when we were in high school.

    By Brenda URL on 06.03.2011

  4. She turned the radio up as loud as it could go, as if she could drown out the aching pain in her heart and the swirling thoughts in her head. She was surprised when it didn’t work.

    By Rachel on 06.03.2011

  5. radio waves riding and wailing on my bed sitting waiting for my song. got my tape player ready rewind and fast forward right to the spot I wanna hear the song again and sing at the top of my lungs through the crackling antenna onto the pillow-top trail of my bedroom.

    By Bonnie Lockhart on 06.03.2011

  6. radio drama flies invisibly through time and space from transmitters to attuned receptors.

    I wish I could tune drama out
    as easily.

    By rjk on 06.03.2011

  7. i listen to the radio when i’m in the car. that is it. some listen to it while in the shower or getting ready but the radio is only listened to by me in the car. i only listen to certian radio stations. also radio reminds me of the movie called Radio. kind of a really sad movie but i guess its good.

    By Ashley on 06.03.2011

  8. i hear you on the radio, you know.

    i hear every song we ever played on the radio
    i hear what you wanted me to be
    and what i couldn’t say
    every time i listen to the fucking radio
    i reach to shut it off but i can’t somehow
    i can’t.

    By Emma on 06.03.2011

  9. The radio is old and fuzzy. Johnny cash listened to the radio. The radio began entertainment and networking. It is a tool. The radio is a receiver of waves that float around us and through us and we use them to send our ideas everywhere.

    By Jacob on 06.03.2011

  10. The radio was so loud, I couldnt sleep. Turn the radio off, I screamed. Turn the damn Radio off. It was then, that I remembert, that you werent here. You were gone. And I was alone. Alone with the radio. I turnend it off. It was silent then… to silent…

    By Mareike on 06.03.2011

  11. i hear the radio everyday, it stays the same. never chaning always the same. the boringness of simple life that society gives us. they make us all listen to the same thing to make us all the same. Boring .

    By candice moore on 06.03.2011

  12. radio is awesome i like listening to the radio its pretty cool there is a lot of crap on there though its all gangster rap and not enough metal wich is what i like not rap screw rap and also the comercials they are terriible but thats ok as long as there arent too many of them

    By lol on 06.03.2011

  13. Listen to the sound as it enters your soul blue and misty losing control of the rythme of your mind you get lost and u find some thing new.

    By whitnee on 06.03.2011

  14. singing “fuck you” by ceelo green with my mom at the top of our lungs while head bopping. these people looked at us like we were crazy.
    best. memory. ever.

    By rachel URL on 06.03.2011

  15. In the corner on a dusty table the was radio I had been searching for for nearly twenty years. I held it in my hands and looked at it. It was everything I remembered from my childhood. It reminded me of my grandmother.

    By rochelle URL on 06.03.2011

  16. The electronic eyes intermingling with my mind kept me up all night. That night has been the rest of my life. And the suburbs would never let us go.

    By Forrest on 06.03.2011

  17. Radio GaGa – a Queen song that inspired Lady Gaga. I couldn’t live without radio; it makes me think of Jennifer Lopez with her ghetto blaster in the video for “Jenny On the Block”. This may be the most random paragraph I’ve ever written.

    By Erta on 06.03.2011

  18. To talk while the ocean listens,
    Or to
    Listen listlessly.

    To be there, and not.
    Magically. Aromatically.

    By Aditi URL on 06.03.2011

  19. I turned the radio on while I was driving that night. I heard you. I almost stopped in shock, but knew I had to keep on going. I would never reach the boat if I listened to you, and I needed to. I quickly switched off the radio and sped up.

    By John URL on 06.03.2011

  20. The radio buzzed and crackled as old songs sang through the speakers. In the emptiness of the city it was easily distinguished. There was the occasional scream as the disease took hold of another victim, and then silence. The music continued to play through the night filling the dead air with the cheery tune.
    It promised a peaceful paradise but it was out of reach. I was the last survivor and I would never have my paradise.

    By Morgan URL on 06.03.2011

  21. killed the video store as everything went boom all around it… continue to listen to the radio and loose it, the beat that retreats in us all… forgive the radio though, it wasn’t it’s fault. no not really…

    By spike mcconnell on 06.03.2011

  22. The radio played quietly in the background as the young couple spun around their kitchen floor as if they were dance stars, first salsa, then tango and a little swing. They ended in a slow dance that brought them closer than they had been in months. What had inspired such a thought did not matter—only that he was touching her, and she was happy. This moment is where everything began. A few short hours later, I was conceived. And, that, my friends, was a mistake.

    By cherrieygrl18 URL on 06.04.2011

  23. on the radio i used to hear the music of billie holiday and nina simone. now i hear stupid words, meaninglessness and hot 97. But that’s okay. I still have my cassette player singing the lyrics of the girls i really love. I can never grow tired.

    By Beatriz URL on 06.04.2011

  24. les îlots (neveb sh…hall de la féreu, aussi malin gre que
    …la loi colleté de nos humbres racga `~°\peut-^hier
    zo6…………………………………………la game lega o’kherr

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.04.2011

  25. The radio’s blaring out another song, taking away some of the pain as the melody distracts my mind from my aching heart. But in the spaces between songs, the pain comes back. And I die.

    By Caitlin on 06.04.2011

  26. The radio turned itself on.
    I don’t know how or why, but it did, and that is how it all started.
    from that one radio turning itself on in my lounge room one fateful night in September of ’06 it started.
    Everything started turning on and off by themselves all the time, and it was worse than that, everything that was electronic was becoming sentient.

    By Declan on 06.04.2011

  27. It was when I was a child that I most enjoyed a radio. I would listen a lot and think about what was on. When I became older the radio was simply entertainment that was something I threw away fast.

    By Dtur on 06.04.2011

  28. the radio was playing a song i disliked, so i changed the station, then it was love at first hearing. i pulled out my phone and googled the lyrics to my new favorite song. i

    By Diana on 06.04.2011

  29. i love the fucking radio the best things i ever discovered were from the radio….bullshit!! the best things in life are not spoon fed they need to be found.

    By Derron on 06.04.2011

  30. 2000 songs on the radio. 2000 titles to remember. 2000 ways to lose myself in myself. He took me in his arms and swung me about, us both laughing as we danced across the freshly mown grass, the hot sun beating down on us. This is the life.

    By Caitlin URL on 06.04.2011

  31. the radio is the one free and pleasurable thing left in this world. many variety of music is played on a daily basis. the worst part are the repeats but i guess it is a way you learn the name and the lyrics to the song you just cant seem to get out of your head. also the morning shows are amazing and hilarious. always brings joy to my car and home,

    By Mary on 06.04.2011

  32. My favorite thing ,thats why I keep doing two words the same. Need more words, more words on the radio more of everything.

    By james cooper on 06.04.2011

  33. Dr. Spaztik shouted in the radio: “Mars, can you hear me? Come in Mars! Please respond!”

    “Greetings, mortal,” said the bearded horseman as he crashed through the wall carrying an axe and shield, saying, “here I am. Can we start breaking heads now?”

    “Dammit, not you!” Dr. Spaztik replied, “I wanted a bar of caramel, nougat and chocolate, gosh darn it!”

    By richpee URL on 06.04.2011

  34. Even with the breeze that trickles in through their open windows, the air is still thick with a dry heat that makes them lazy, that slows their sharp movements down until they’re as listless as a roadkill cooking on the asphalt. Then Tegan flicks on the radio and it’s like their energy switch has been flipped on its head. It’s not so hot that they can’t stand each other’s body heat, though, and they slide against each other to whatever’s on; right now it’s something hot and dirty, a blistering rhythmic dubstep that’s slowly building up, prepared to nuke the ‘waves. The air is warm but Tegan is hotter, pushing against his frame, and all he does is pull the other closer and soon the radio is ignored in favor of their own noisy composition.

    By rin URL on 06.04.2011

  35. Chell picked up the radio that blared a familiar tune. ‘Why are these everywhere?’ she thought, recalling the many radios she had encountered on the way here. ‘Did they really put these here to calm me down? Because it’s not working.’

    By Zevvers URL on 06.04.2011

  36. home
    helps me stay in touch with who is far away
    creates a sense of home
    homing in

    By paolo on 06.04.2011

  37. She would float off by herself, in herself. On sunny days that crinkled like eyes, she would sit by the river with her blue radio. She would sing songs that filled her up, but left her feeling empty.

    By d URL on 06.04.2011

  38. Radio gets results. I listen to the radio in the car daily, as I make my way from one destination to the next. Radio affords me company when I’m alone, and engenders conversation when I’m not. Radio is the best medium for advertising in my country. That is all. Swag.

    By Edward Young on 06.04.2011

  39. Video killed the radio star,
    I never listen
    To the radio or to the words
    Of any song.
    Only the thoughts of other people

    By overemBellished URL on 06.04.2011

  40. I’m waiting on hold again. This is the third time I’ve rung to speak to him. Huh. ‘Him’, is my ex. We’re trying to be civil and patient in our post breakup conversations, but as I sit here, on hold and listening vaguely to the crackly radio used for the hold music, my anger is steadily rising….

    By Dayle Morrison URL on 06.04.2011