November 6th, 2010 | 129 Entries

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129 Entries for “radar”

  1. All that comes to mind are radar guns and therefore police men come to mind…tonight during game night we played Things In a Box and one of the things was “things you don’t want to say to avoid getting a ticket”…no one brought up radar though or anything. Hmm. Radar is hard to write about.

    By Teeps on 11.06.2010

  2. is such a weird word

    By amber URL on 11.06.2010

  3. radar is silly and makes me giggle in my pants. :D

    By joe on 11.06.2010

  4. The captain asked the private, if it was true what they saw. Were the forces truly entering their airspace? The radar seemed to think so, but the captain was old fashioned. He would need to see it to believe it. It would probably lead to his death today…. or later.

    By Luke Liddell on 11.06.2010

  5. The radar detected something in the vicinity. It was approaching their warehouse, and at an abnormally fast rate. It looked like it was not pausing, and yet, it was headed for us. What was its aim? We tried to evacuate everyone here, but it had failed. Everyone’s lives had been lost, for the faulty mistake that the leader had made. Or was it a mistake? We will never be sure…

    By Anny on 11.06.2010

  6. Flying under the radar. That was her strategy. If they didn’t notice her, they couldn’t catch her. She would keep to herself, take her small share of food and supplies, and would only make small talk with her fellow contestants. If she did anymore than that, then her plan might fail, and she would lose the game.

    By Kate on 11.06.2010

  7. radars r used to keep trace of the wether and u can watch tv with it.

    By copper URL on 11.06.2010

  8. hello car think ah i

    By Natalie on 11.07.2010

  9. There was nothing on my radar at all. I sat there at my desk for at least an hour watching the grey rain drip out of the sky. I squeezed to ignite my thoughts but nothing came. Alcohol is a filthy drug.

    By Dave URL on 11.07.2010

  10. Police officers often use radar guns to catch those who speed over the limit. Such radar technology is useful in caching those use who violate the traffic laws.

    By Misael on 11.07.2010

  11. I saw a radar that was red. It was at the end of a long hallway. I was running from a bunch of bad guys that were there to kill me. I have a gun though so it is all good. I found a secret door and got into an airplane.

    By nicol.e on 11.07.2010

  12. there were billions upon billions of whales on the radar! It was complee and utter madess! MADNESS I TELL YOU! it was then that i knew, we were doomed. more so than that one guy whoe like, died. like that. it was pretty bad.

    By nicol.e on 11.07.2010

  13. He was what you would call “under the radar”. He didn’t speak much to anyone. Kept to himself. Never volunteered cnversation. She could see it in his eyes, however, the hurt and betrayal he had experienced. She knew there was more to him than what he offered.

    By Girly on 11.07.2010

  14. many people believe that radar are not accurate. radar is a tool police officers use today, there are some officers who do not use a radar when it comes to traffic. one friend of mine got a ticket on his boat, said the police officer didnt have

    By nubia on 11.07.2010

  15. I’m always trying to fly under the radar and then feel badly when I don’t get the attention I need for what I’ve done well. Unfortunately, I get more than enough attention when I’ve done something that I shouldn’t be proud of. Maybe I should make up my mind as to how I want it to be, or just stop doing things I won’t be proud of.

    By bryantshaw12 URL on 11.07.2010

  16. I knew as soon as my radar detector sounded the alarm that it was already too late. The cop behind the radar would already know that I was travelling in excess of one hundred twenty miles an hour. There was no use in slowing down or stopping. I would already be facing jail time. But all of that was insignificant to the charges I would be facing when I caught up with you.

    By Doug McIntire URL on 11.07.2010

  17. It wasn’t anything I could have done – nothing, no matter how the evidence panned out, it wasn’t my fault. But she – oh, how often she’d bragged, “I can tell whether or not someone is guilty. It’s like a little radar I have, y’see, it gives me a little ‘ping!’ whenever a guilty man walks within its range.” Your radar is wrong, I thought, as she looked at me with the most heartbroken expression of betrayal I’d ever seen. It’s wrong, I thought, when I was condemned to a life’s sentence in jail. It’s wrong, it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

    But she’d never been wrong before. Her radar; it was always right, always, without fail. Sometimes, in my loneliest, darkest nights, I wondered if I was the one who was wrong instead. Maybe I was guilty.

    By Vox on 11.07.2010

  18. Radar is a type of elctromagnetic energy that was descovered during or before WW2 and can be used to detect objects from afar. Their are types of paints and matreials that soak up radar making the ovject invisable

    By George on 11.07.2010

  19. I was on the radar, under the radar, nextr to the radar. No matter where I was, the radar couldn’t see me,. I was invisible. I barely existed. And I flew, part of the ari itself. nothing could touch me. Nothing could stop me

    By Fable on 11.07.2010

  20. The radar was singing to me as the ship neared. I new we were in serious trouble. This wasn’t going to end well. But I wasn’t going to die. Not me. I was getting off this death-trap.

    By Fable on 11.07.2010

  21. I knew my radar had failed for some reason. I hadn’t been able to see how treacherous he was. And now, he was going to kill me. What had I done to deserve this? I didn’t understand.

    By Fable URL on 11.07.2010

  22. her radar picked up a distant noise. It was a quite beeping filling the room. She knew in that instant they had found her. She knew that within minutes she was going to die. They probably had their missiles already fixed on her position. What do you do when you are about to die? Her mind raced. There were so many things she could say. She wanted to say. But no. She was to die.

    By Emily on 11.07.2010

  23. radar was a dog that my mom used to walk.
    he was part corgy, and part border collie.
    he had been abused terribly.
    he was found by the pound with barbwire wrapped around his leg.
    he was horribly mean and tried to bite my mother every day she walked him.
    i hated that dog.

    By Peter Mark Kendall URL on 11.07.2010

  24. the radar gun shook in his hand. he hated writing tickets and yet he had, the sucky part of being a new police officer. as he sat there, he could not believe that he had spent all that time in the police academy to learn how to write a speeding ticket. a car pulled around the corner and he aimed the gun at it. 65, 10 mph over the limit and now he had to write that ticket. great.

    By Molly on 11.07.2010

  25. Whenever I think of this word I think of crossing the speed limit and being caught by the police. Jesus Christ, what a nightmare!!!

    By csal on 11.07.2010

  26. scope, war, it stands for something, airplanes, failsafes, moscow, bombing

    By Anthony on 11.07.2010

  27. war, detection, waves, spies, military, sneaking under the radar, sonar, early warning,

    By Janice on 11.07.2010

  28. Radar love. And Twilight Zone. Golden earring was a two hit wonder. But a good one at that. How do they come up with these band names? Or childrens’ names too. There must be a school in Hollywood for all the children that have weird names. Like pilot inspector or apple. Really? Just because you’re famous doesn’t mean your kid will be. Or won’t be made fun of.

    By Amber Rene URL on 11.07.2010

  29. “Radar, radar, radar, Captain the radar is broken.” Shouted the navigator. The shipped crashed into the rocks just as the boat shifted and lurched like a bear rising from a slumber.

    By Joseph Doughty URL on 11.07.2010

  30. under the radar i’ve been discovered, new places to put my shoes. the radar tells me everything. there is gold, there is silver hanging from your words, and the radar knows where everything that you’ve lost is hidden. like the pirate’s treasure – you are the pirate under the radar, the police will never stop you.

    By inoxia URL on 11.07.2010

  31. its like an antenna. but more in the broad sense. my gaydar is top notch i must say. it’s not just reserved for gays. I have this innate ability to tell what kind of person he/she is in an instant. Although it sounds manipulative, I only analyze people for my own good.

    By Hibiki on 11.07.2010

  32. don’t worry, be happy now

    By Charlotte URL on 11.07.2010

  33. no more rules. no more restrictions. no more looking back. because now you’re out of the radar. you can do whatever you want. anything you want.

    if only you knew, that out of the radar means you’re forgotten.

    By hibiki URL on 11.07.2010

  34. Radars are like a modern genius. Don’t you wish you could tell where someone was without being able to actually see them? That would be totally cool! These can do that, and think about it. Radars protect you from being lost in the airs when you’re flying.

    By Rachael on 11.07.2010

  35. Radar. Radar. Forwards and backwards, the same. Forwards and backwards, but there were still no dots appearing in the grid. Palindromes flooded my mind- shamefully, because you were lost somewhere in the dark waters. With every fruitless blink of the screen, you grew farther and farther away. Visions of racecars at noon. You were probably gone by then.

    By Dana URL on 11.07.2010

  36. the radar is full of blue and green today. lots of rain down low and snow up high. winter’s coming albeit painfully slowly.

    By shane patrick on 11.07.2010

  37. He and his father stared at the radar dector. They knew the cops were near, but they had no idea where. Remain calm. That had been their mantra for years and it had worked so far, but every time they passed a cop John’s heart skipped a beat or two. He hated this life. He hated running, and yet he did it every day.

    By Molly on 11.07.2010

  38. Im on the radar. They’ve got a lock on me and theyre about to shoot. Missle’s coming in from 30 degrees west. We see a UFO on our radar coming from the other direction. China? Mars? Radar doesn’t know, it just shows. We don’t know anything else about it, we just see it. The President makes the final decision.

    By Eddie Grinman on 11.07.2010

  39. I’ve had this word already today. Twice. I like it. Anyways. I think of finding nemo, because that was my favorite movie when my daughter brought it home. I also think of Gay-dar, which I have copious amounts of. My best friend Spencer has it too and we like to joke about who is gay and who is not. I am what I like to call half-gay, you muggles call it bisexual.

    By Cara on 11.07.2010

  40. I don’t know. I can’t think properly. My radar, that used to be so unfaillingly correct, is off kilter. I can’t understand what is important. I can’t understand why my writing has anything to offer people.

    By pia URL on 11.07.2010