November 6th, 2010 | 129 Entries

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129 Entries for “radar”

  1. And then the radar got hacked and it got turned over to Mars so now we hear strange voices.

    By Sarah on 11.07.2010

  2. I slipped under the guard’s radar, running easily passed him. Well, maybe knowing the words to shrink myself was a brilliant idea. It was much easier to get where I wanted to go, even if I wasn’t allowed to be there in the first place. now, to get that item…

    By Phee URL on 11.07.2010

  3. During the invasion of pearl harbor, it is claimed that nobody saw any enemy planes on the radar. When I was told that I thought about the terror that those radar opperators must have felt when they realized they were under attack. It must have been a strange feeling to know that anything you did at that moment wouldnt matter because you knew you were going to die. What did they do?

    By Isaac on 11.07.2010

  4. detector. a wealth of information from a single sweep, it is efficient, effective, penetrating and intruding. An existence goes unseen for only so long.

    By Sean Fitz on 11.07.2010

  5. I was listening to Britney Spears “radar.” The word reminds me of distance, space, time and car navigators. It is something within your area if you read it inthe context of the song

    By ZRah on 11.07.2010

  6. its like an antenna
    something maybe that detect the distance stuff within an area

    By Rahman on 11.07.2010

  7. Radar is a detection system that uses waves and sounds to detect a moving item or identify distance or speed. Used in submarines and planes to help them move around there surroundings. A great technological success.

    By william mandile on 11.07.2010

  8. Radar. The word reminds me of the radars that meteorologists use in order to predict the weather of whatever area you live in. Hm.

    Sometimes they’re accurate. Sometimes they’re not accurate.

    Amazing what technology can do these days.

    By Felicity URL on 11.07.2010

  9. On my radar, got you on my radar. britney spears! Good song, reminds me of beginning dance my sophomore year of high school! its the same word backwards and forwards. i dont remember what its called. like racecar. so cool.

    By Kate on 11.07.2010