June 10th, 2012 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “racket”

  1. The face in the racket looked at me through hard mesh. It hit the ball, which hit me. Divine intervention. As the racket through me my curve ball I noticed it was shaped like the world.

    By Aoife on 06.10.2012

  2. space. universe. i want to fly away and forget everything that i am worring about now. i want to break free from the world, i want to break the rules. run away. i love what I do and I love the people that i do it with. I am just waiting for that one racket that will take me to one better place. racket, please come soon!

    By vileh on 06.10.2012

  3. A racket? First thing I though of was a rack, where I put all my jackets and shirts when I am far to tired to hang them up… is that weird or lazy? I dunno, probably both! hahaha Wezy? Or Laird? <3

    By Meaghan on 06.10.2012

  4. This is why I stopped using this site for seven months. Every time I logged on I got weird words that I didn’t really associate with anything in particular and spent the first half of my precious minute trying to figure out a creative way to use it anyway. Aw, racket! Time’s up.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.10.2012

  5. balls everywhere
    that shit hits hard as fuck
    and so fun to play though
    I wish i can get up and play more

    By mia URL on 06.10.2012

  6. Within the confines of my head …. there is a racket I can not quiet…. with in my soul it disturbs any and all peace.

    By kelly krisman on 06.10.2012

  7. What’s with all that racket? I hate loud rooms. Mom always invites family over, and it drives me insane! Can’t she see that I’m an introvert? I need my space. I need peace and quiet. Why is that too much to ask for? I don’t think this house was ever meant to be quiet.

    By Ashley URL on 06.10.2012

  8. racket. Used to play tennnis. You hit the ball back and forth back and forth in a continuous game of keep the ball off of the ground. That state of everything is okay just before the ball hits the ground. Just before you must start all over again

    By Cara Mia on 06.10.2012

  9. Rackets. there are many kind of them. all of which usually are surrounded with many forms of sacrifice, laughter, and completion. they can draw people together or drive them further apart. They can teach you things you never knew and even build your character. they can lead to great achievements and can encourage you to set new goals.

    By kendall paige on 06.10.2012

  10. Within my mind there is a racket I can not quiet .. I can find no peace within …. thoughts consume me

    By shiftydove URL on 06.10.2012

  11. “Would you keep it down up there!” Aunt Gertrude shouted at us from somewhere downstairs. We were up in the attic, making a racket, tossing around all the dusty, old antique trinkets and baubles, and photo albums, and picture frames, and stomping on the wrinkled floorboards, and rocking around in rickety, creaky rocking chairs, plunking on a derelict piano in the corner, coughing as the soot in the air grew thicker, coughing and laughing and hooting and hollering as we found some polished wooden sticks and struck up a duel, still making one hell of a racket, Aunt Gertrude yelling at us again from downstairs, “Quit with all that noise making or there’ll be no supper for any of you!”, but we couldn’t hear her words, we just heard another noise, another piece of the roiling clamor that had been unleashed in that quiet countryside home, a fragile old place quite unsuited for the amount of chaos it now contained, but just as prepared as it could be, having seen much in it’s day, much more than any of us ever had, even grumpy old Aunt Gertrude, much more than any of us would ever see, but we had at least, seen it.

    By torin URL on 06.10.2012

  12. The noise surrounded her, choking her. Pouring it’s way in. Filling her up like a swimming pool, she was drowning in it. She couldn’t breathe for the racket that ricocheted off the walls around her.

    By Abbi Outen on 06.10.2012

  13. Rackets are what you use for tennis and badmintons. Sometimes love is like a racket, you have to use it so that the game will continue.

    By ellen on 06.10.2012

  14. My racket, dusty and chipped, fell from my sweaty palm. I glanced into my appointents eyes, seeing the disgust and ultimate superiority that was held there. He was going to kill me. Might as well face the music. I stood and took my stance.

    By Emily Huston on 06.10.2012

  15. i woke up aghast at the commotion and racket that i heard coming from outside my bedroom window. as soon as i relayed what was happening i could barely believe my eyes, federer and nadal playing on my garden?! some game of tennis i must say though nadal did break his…

    By liam on 06.10.2012

  16. There was a loud racket outside Jade’s window. She awoke annoyed hearing her brother and his neighbor hood friends play a very loud and obnoxious game of street hockey. She walked out onto her balcony and looked out at them. “Could you guys shut up? there are people trying to sleep!”
    “Jade, it’s noon the only person sleeping is yourself,” her brother, Chase called.

    By k on 06.10.2012

  17. “What’s all that racket?!” The old woman screamed. The two boys looked away from the dead body with a start, and exchanged glances. The night wasn’t over after all, they guessed.

    By Alison URL on 06.10.2012

  18. A racket is an instrument used in sports. it is often used to hit flying objects. it can also be a loud and unruly sound that one hears and does not like. A racket is usually used in sports such as tennis.

    By Tiffany on 06.10.2012

  19. useful to mankind… well just men in reality. i mean who goes to the store in search of a RACKET?

    By Christie on 06.10.2012

  20. The racket. I hadn’t used it since my accident last May. My mom thought it was time for me to use it again, even though the doctors said I could never play tennis again. What a foolish thing to say. Tennis was my escape from the world. Hitting that ball with all my might gave me euphoria.

    By Madi URL on 06.10.2012

  21. What’s the difference between racket and racquet? Are they the same thing with different spellings from different parts of the world?

    By Kevin Peters on 06.10.2012

  22. My friend Kiana has a tennis racket that she brings to English class every day. Sometimes, I get so mad at the other kids that I want to hit them with it. I have self-control, however, and refrain from using it against someone. It’s still a pretty cool racket. She plays tennis! How cool!

    By Ashley Roberts URL on 06.10.2012

  23. With a racket you can do all sorts. Play tennis, badminton, hit people with it. Rackets are great for any kind of sport in fact and you can even come across a racket not on the playing pitch but in the home. With your mum or your dad or even your sister- a racket is a large noise often caused by arguing in most cases.

    By rowan on 06.10.2012

  24. She had stepped outdoors. The streets were empty and lifeless. She looked from left to right, and then with a small pat of her foot, she made her way to the edge of the sidewalk. Although mostly quiet, there seemed to be a small racket going on across the street. A wealthy family was bickering amongst one another as they boarded packages (tailored shirts? dresses? gifts?) into the back of their automobile.

    By N/A on 06.10.2012

  25. The tennis ball had no where to go. All it did was just bounce and I almost wished it didn’t hit it. Like they said love was zero. Nothing. And thats where we were going. An ending love

    By LaShonda Richardson on 06.10.2012

  26. I want to learn to play racket ball. That would be kind of fun. It’s like tennis right? The game where you’re in a room and hit the ball against the wall? Haha that rhymed! Oh little amusements :) Racketball.

    By Emily URL on 06.10.2012

  27. I was trying to sleep. Next door there was laughing. The drunken, boisterous kind that beats into your very brain. Combined with the loud bass of their music, it kept me awake for more than three hours after I attempted to sleep. But it was the beauty of the ethnic sounds that finally lulled me to sleep.

    By Jacob on 06.10.2012

  28. i heard the racket from next door. it was crazy, at this time of the day. don’t they know that people are still in bed, resting after a night of celebrating the new year. ah screw this. i went over to the window and screamed at the top of my lung, ‘Shut up, you moron.’

    By Hernie on 06.10.2012

  29. i don’t know what racket means,
    ’cause i don’t speak english,
    maybe it means good,
    maybe it means bad,
    therefor is better that i put on my jacket
    and go looking what is a racket.

    By Sofía Morán on 06.10.2012

  30. The tennis racket was tall and shiny with its clear cords that criss-crossed across the curved plastic lining. Swinging the racket, only to miss and feel ashamed of your unfortunate coordination.

    By Awkward URL on 06.10.2012

  31. noise. and tennis. sorta sounds like rachet. which i think is a tool. kkkkk is very strong sound. holy cow. sorta like the word. i know i mispelled rachet. raquetball? maybe not tennis then

    By Gina on 06.10.2012

  32. The ball flew through. Damn, another one broken. It was all her fault, but she was worth it. She could hit like a man, sure, but she was as easy on the eyes as level one Mario Kart.

    By Maria on 06.10.2012

  33. Racket. The noise I hear in my head. It’s how I send things further away from me then they began. It’s how things change. The racket is necessary. The racket is beautiful. The racket is my life and I like it that way.

    By Cale on 06.10.2012

  34. some things just intice thought of hassles, rip offs and, well, rackets. Meniacal schemes that at least, cause utter frustration, at worst, bilk much out of unsuspecting folks.

    By mary on 06.10.2012

  35. racket balls are difficult to use. it’s a difficult sport if you’re a baby.
    sometimes you may see men wearing sweatbands and fashionable shoes while playing in a basement, hitting a ball against a wall.
    Hey man! didn’t anyone ever tell you sports are a team thing?

    By soap on 06.10.2012

  36. Racket is used to play tennis or racketball. tennis is pretty fun after i watched episodes of prince of tennis XD It inspired me to try tennis tricks once i get to the park…. but I not much of an achiever so you guessed it… I failed >.<

    By Roooonnniie URL on 06.10.2012

  37. I groan. Those stupid kids next door are making a racket. I look over to notice kids my age partying. Teens make-out in corners while other get drunk or high. I roll my eyes and go back to my movie. I’d much rather spend Saturday night watching Winnie the Pooh than partying! YOLO!

    By Steffie URL on 06.10.2012

  38. My brothers really make a HUGE racket. It is so loud and has gone on for so long, that without them here I feel like I need to tip a table or something… I’m sure my bros would disagree with this completely; though my sister may not…. Hmm, I wonder…

    By Charlie URL on 06.10.2012

  39. I once played a little tennis. You know that you use a racket to play that with, right? Now I have that same racket propped up in a corner just in case an intruder enters my house unannounced. But what is a racket – alluminum, weak, with plastic webbing – going to do against a human being?

    By Kim Burndam on 06.10.2012

  40. The tenis player swings and hits the flying ball with perfect poise. That little white skirt flies up, as she lands with grace. She pants out a breath of exhaustion as she gets ready for the next hit.

    By katie on 06.10.2012