June 10th, 2012 | 381 Entries

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381 Entries for “racket”

  1. How many times can you racket one ball in a return racket from badminton. Well, the rule is once. A shuttle once racketed cannot rereacket on the same serve.

    By Anamika Bhattacharya URL on 06.10.2012

  2. A lot of balls are hit with this stuff. Just when you decide to do so, you will feel the wires plunge into the soft ball and exert a maximum amount of force to it. Afterwards, your pleased with your winner.

    By johnny lewinsky on 06.10.2012

  3. womp, whack, grunts. fresh blades of grass, with dew shining in the sun on the sweltering afternoon in wimbeldon. the racket, its the force of the spectacle. it takes a beating, sometimes hours long; the loudest silent hero of sport.

    By luke on 06.10.2012

  4. racket noise and birds hit by boys in a crashing wave of salty froth at the glowing overcasted set of a roaring sun

    By kale URL on 06.10.2012

  5. If life is comprised of moments of impact, surely this is one. Knees bent, racket gripped in sweaty palms, strands of hair falling across your sight.

    By Jen URL on 06.10.2012

  6. small, tennis rackets can be used to play tennis, also badminton which is a posh sport. I can’t play tennis but rackets can hurt people y’know? hurting people with rackets is fun but they’re not very effective if not used right.

    By efia on 06.10.2012

  7. racket, what is that racket, constantly in m head, making the hot tears pour down my face, filling the spaces in my mind. It doesn’t stop, it won’t stop, just noise, constantly overwhelming me, my own thoughts.

    By Kelly URL on 06.10.2012

  8. kill kill kill kill destroy their brains mash them up with rackets defend yourself from the zombies you might die if you don’t protect yourself or you’ll get infected you need a gun but a racket is all you have you’re going to die I’m sorry goodbye

    By efia on 06.10.2012

  9. The little boy really wanted to play tennis. So he ask his mommy if he could. She told him he needed a racket and a ball. So he asked his brother to take him out and buy him those things. After they got them, the little boy asked his dad to teach him how to play. His father took him to a court down the street. He failed the first few times and wanted to quit but his dad didnt let him. After trying again, he hit the ball back and forth a few times. That night the little boy went to bed with pride in his smile and content in his heart.

    By Alyssa on 06.10.2012

  10. I once used a racket to play tennis I scuked at teens but I wish I had stayed with it I was such a competitive child I needed to be the best at everything I still need to be the best at everything but when I played tennis and missed because I have no hand-eye coordination I would get upset and throw down my racket and cry and no one could comfort me.

    By Rachel Wilbourne on 06.10.2012

  11. racket is a noise that somebody makes when theyre being “annoying” to others but not necessarily by the person making said “racket”. This can be a rock band or yard work.

    By Jeff Block on 06.10.2012

  12. You know, when I see the word “racket” a different meaning comes to mind from what used to spring forth. I used to think of the nation’s educational system, or some 1950’s mob boss, or religion. Now… now I just think of you. I think of the last two years I’ve spent with you, and wonder how the hell I didn’t see it all coming. It was all just one big fucking racket for you, wasn’t it?

    By Scream URL on 06.10.2012

  13. The racket from upstairs was horrible. Chelsea had been putting up with her neighbors parties for far too long. It was time to put an end to it. Chelsea marched upstairs to 42B and knocked on the door.

    By J on 06.10.2012

  14. While I was at the court preparing to play a game of racket ball at our gym, I noticed a small crack in the wall. There was a light emanating from it.

    By Derek Jenkins on 06.10.2012

  15. I began playing Ping Pong recently and learned that the paddle is actually called a racket. I suck. But I hope to get better. It’s the one sport I’ve played in a while that makes me feel good. Racket. People like to cause a racket for no reason whatsoever.

    By David on 06.10.2012

  16. what a racket, he said. it’s not their fault, i retorted, it’s just how they are and who they are. you’d probably make a racket, well you probably did when you were young. didn’t you? no.

    By Lizzie on 06.10.2012

  17. Gaah! I have already written about this, I wish to write about something else

    By Jessie URL on 06.10.2012

  18. Things bang and rattle and drop and roll. Things break and fall apart. Things hit the floor and bounce and make loud noises that scare you, but they are just things. Little things often make the biggest noises. It is what they give to the world for being so little.

    By Nia Ashley URL on 06.10.2012

  19. Racket. Tennis player use those. Or they should. Sometimes they make a huge mess of things and slam them against the floor. I remember one of my favourite tennis players completely lose control three times in a set and he went absolutely balistic. I didn’t think it was in him. It makes sense I guess, even though I didn’t know him all that well intimately – he was from Cyprus – it struck me with a great realisation that even though one supports a completely stranger, one never knows when something unexpected will happen. Ha, just found a loop hole in this whole 60 seconds things, which leads me way off the topic, but I don’t think that’s the point to the excercise. You just write, right? And the imagination rolls free like a butterfly in the sea.

    By Keri on 06.10.2012

  20. i have a racket. its blue and pink. it has a net. my racket is pretty with its net. i love my racket. i like to play tennis with it. im awful at tennis, but i do like the little skirt and the polo shirt. i think people should dress up everyday as if they were going to play tennis. but they should not steal my racket.

    By camila on 06.10.2012

  21. relationship

    By a on 06.10.2012

  22. “whats all that racket?” mama screamed at me as I was calamoring around my bedroom, searching for my toothbrush.

    By shianne on 06.10.2012

  23. The imprint on his face was hard to miss. “I am so sorry Mike! I didn’t mean to hit you so hard… I just swung my racket without thinking… What about your interview?”

    By Kristina URL on 06.10.2012

  24. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I just want to get to the next word, I already wrote about this one earlier…………………..

    By Panda on 06.10.2012

    Oh great. He’s in a bad mood. WHY!? It’s quarter past four… I was sleeping…
    I get up from the bed and trudge to the living room.
    “What happened?” I ask him. “Why are you making such a racket?”
    “Ugh, my dear brother decided to screw up the case I was working on.” he said. I took the violin from his hands and placed it gently on his chair, before wrapping my arms around him from behind. “Why does he insist on ruining my life, John?” he asked.
    “I don’t think he means to… Besides, he hasn’t driven me away.” I smiled at him, and he couldn’t help smiling back.
    “True.” he admitted, kissing me on the forehead.
    “How about some tea?” I asked.
    “Okay…” he said, and I went to the kitchen. I heard him slump onto the sofa. Just a normal Saturday morning. The sun began to rise.

    By Arianna URL on 06.10.2012

  26. A racket is a noise, which one doesn’t like, and usually wish would stop. Of course, a racket can be something pleasant, if you’re not adverse to physical activity, and play sport such as tennis or badminton. I generally associate it with a noise (not being much of a sportswoman myself). A bad noise, like nails on a blackboard…

    By Raechel URL on 06.10.2012

  27. A noisy loud noise made by children. Probably comes from the noise you’ll hear during a tennis rally. It rhymes with packet. The racquet used for tennis is spelt differently. You’ll hear a lot of noise during a game of football, at a preschool, on the school playground. Sometimes the racket can be caused by an emergency situation. Everyone gets upset.

    By Vicki Gadsdon on 06.10.2012

  28. A racket is a noise, which one doesn’t like, and usually wish would stop. Of course, a racket can be something pleasant, if you’re not adverse to physical activity, and play sport such as tennis or badminton. I generally associate it with a noise (not being much of a sportswoman myself). A bad noise, for example, a party that your neighbour is having late at night, when you have to be up early in the morning. Or a baby screaming down your hear when you’re not feeling too well.

    By Raechel URL on 06.10.2012

  29. that’s enough of your racket! when will I get a moment’s peace from you urchins. oooh this street’s gone right downhill; it was never the same after that nice Mr Wilson passed. No respect, that’s it. They’ve lost all respect for their elders. Not like in my day.

    By rorourke URL on 06.10.2012

  30. Sammy was staring ahead of her; oblivious to the world around her when suddenly a humongous racket came flying into her face and knocked her unconscious. She remained that way for ten hours…

    By Linden Kirk on 06.10.2012

  31. Cap on, NB slung over his shoulder, Jensen sprinted through the bushes dodging children’s toys and sundry other debris. As he came around a gardenia bush he slowed to catch his breath, but just then he tripped on a tennis racket and both he and the NB tumbled hard to the ground under the bush.

    By chole URL on 06.10.2012

  32. The racket was big enough to where I could win the game but, small enough to where my little hands could grab a hold of it and swing it with might.

    By Katie on 06.10.2012

  33. a loud noise. also a piece of sports equipment that can be used to play tennis which is fitting given that the french open is on (well technically it’s just finished but i don’t know who’s won).

    By Fran on 06.10.2012

  34. racket. she hits the ball. racket. swing. grunt. return. serve. winner? i think loser. she can’t play tennis. she fails. she will never amount to the person she wants to be. tennis. the ball the racket the lessons. a waste. of time and money and her life.

    By makenzie on 06.10.2012

  35. he hit the ground with a bang. he raised the racked above him. he was bloody. he was strong. he was on the ground again floundering. confusion. exhaustion. domination. weakness. he was bloody and bruised. he was winning the fight with himself. or was he?

    By Mariah Newman URL on 06.10.2012

  36. RACKET.

    By lucy on 06.10.2012

  37. Rackets are used for many different things. One thing is tennis. Tennis rackets are used to propel the ball to the opposite side of the court where it will be returned by another racket. The racket is an extremely interesting piece of sports equipment.

    By Alline on 06.10.2012

  38. Racket. Love. Love all. Zero means love, love means zero. it’s always such a racket in love.

    By Mimi URL on 06.10.2012

  39. Her head is the tennis ball.
    Her emotions are the rackets.
    Get loaded, don’t
    It goes back and forth, back and forth.
    What now?

    By lauren on 06.10.2012

  40. New word, please! I can’t go on about a racket again…unless you want me to go on about how the french should have been finished today, but noooooo….it’s finished tomorrow when I’m back at work and can’t see it. I’ll make a racket about that!

    By Mimi URL on 06.10.2012