May 21st, 2012 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “quest”

  1. He had begun his quest. His journey on finding out what was beyond death.

    By Brandon Adams URL on 05.22.2012

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    By Fukk Yeaah on 05.22.2012

  3. Euna was terrified. She had never left the city before, hardly anyone had. She had heard tales though, from before the wall was built. The people who lived in those strange lands outside her home were strange and cruel. And now she was going on a quest that would lead her far from home, with little hope of return.

    By Jellybean URL on 05.22.2012

  4. The man drops a yellowed scroll into her hand, watery eyes speaking volumes more than the rusted voice that commands her to go forth and begin. The seriousness of it all begs her heart to throb in her chest, her feet to carry her miles away, but instead, she lets the ancient paper unravel, lets the words whisper their story in her ear.

    She listens.

    And she does not like what she hears.

    Maybe the man is still there when she turns. Maybe he isn’t. But when the door slams and the story crumbles into dust on the steps, someone sighs, long and tired and done with the youth.

    By Laura on 05.22.2012

  5. It was an epic quest for Cheetoes. First the grocery store didn’t have them, then the convenience store didn’t have them. Arie was beginning to think that there was a vast, store-wide conspiracy that was in line with her mother’s wishes that she cut down on junk food. Finally, desperate, she found herself at her best friend’s home, searching for junk food. Which was nuts because her best friend’s family was into that organic stuff.

    By terradi on 05.22.2012

  6. love pain armor and dragons?
    yep…….blue shield!
    no thats weird……
    mmmmmmmmmm kingdom?
    still weird ha?
    ooooooo i know……..ooops times up :)

    By hahaha on 05.22.2012

  7. Every journey involves change and this can devolve into a quest for purpose where the change can be avoided by focusing on the possible outcome. The end point becomes the goal and the individual is then like a cork bobbing on a rapidly running stream.

    By Meredyth URL on 05.22.2012

  8. something that is adventures fun exciting cool brave and stuff like that and takes great courage.

    By noah URL on 05.22.2012

  9. I go on an adventure quest and take on the night .

    By ee180774 on 05.22.2012

  10. A quest can be like an adventure.Quests are fun and exciting to me.They can be mysterious and curious adventures.I like to to take quests.

    By Catherine on 05.22.2012

  11. i love pizza and burgers . i hate people most the time .

    By shaun turner on 05.22.2012

  12. journey , duty something you are required to do!

    By Yuleanna Angulo on 05.22.2012

  13. one day a brave knight came in to a cave and found a slumbering dragon and carfully put his sword over his head and slayed him

    By noah URL on 05.22.2012

  14. quest is a a thing you go on

    By ee180774 on 05.22.2012

  15. i think the best quest harry potter went on was to fly in a car.

    By cameron on 05.22.2012

  16. Is an adventure or expedition a lot of movies have people go on quest. and also in books they send people on missions to be done and fulfill there prophecy.

    By melvin spicer on 05.22.2012

  17. Mary went on a adventure to the Dream Lands(or so they call it).There she saw horses sentars ,phenoxes,and even dragons. She saw people with majical powers ,but thats not what she came for she came on a quest to find herself.

    By Alysha Morgan on 05.22.2012

  18. an adventure to look fo something treasure

    By Kendall on 05.22.2012

  19. A quest is like a journey to an unknown place. To me a quest is like a mission or something adventurous. It can be fun but dangerous. Most quests are requested by a higher person like the President or something,I really don’t know anything else about quest so yeah.

    By Molly Nguyen on 05.22.2012

  20. To go on an adventure. To search for a specific thing. A route taken by someone.

    By Evelyn Rodriguez on 05.22.2012

  21. something that you do or go on like a adventre or how ever you spell it i don’t care and so that is what i think I also think that the best quest is the one that jack and jill went on up the hill

    By demetra URL on 05.22.2012

  22. A quest is like a journey someone takes or haves fun . Some people travel quest all the time just like the movie journey to the center of the earth.A man a kid and a tour guide go deep in the world and discover a lot of different things like new creatures.the even get a little romance bettween the grown ups but they both all use team work.

    By Arianna cooper on 05.22.2012

  23. If you where to go on a Quest you would be on an adventure. Like the time i went to Jordan and while there I went on a quest to the red sea. over there it was so fun we did so much!

    By deana on 05.22.2012

  24. a journey you take to reach your destination or a job

    By jonae jones URL on 05.22.2012

  25. quest is like a journey like you have an adventure with a purpose or something you need to find far away from were you live :D.

    By Melissa :D on 05.22.2012

  26. I am on a quest the will be fun some quest are boring but not this one I am happy with this quest.

    By yeni on 05.22.2012

  27. Quest is a journey of adventure with a group of people

    By Alissa Desantiago on 05.22.2012

  28. In the quest for the perfect dress, I seek one which can smooth over any body problem areas. I seek color to highlight my gentle blush and I seek texture that makes me feel mahvelous, dahling. I believe that dress is out there waiting for me.

    By Robin on 05.22.2012

  29. i’m on a quest, whether you come along or stay no longer matters, I’m going and when i’m gone, i’ll be gone for sure, never to return. this may be the last time you and i are face to face, this close, so touch me. touch me hard. harder, and please don’t let go. if only we could just never let go.

    By Abra URL on 05.22.2012

  30. It is like finding looking or something like a mystery. it reminds me of a bo

    By Giovianni on 05.22.2012

  31. Olivia went to the library after school. It was a place to be other than home. Home with the sadness that all the family seemed to feel. Instead she was here in the library where she could feel whatever she wanted. She could go on a quest or fall in love or learn magic. Or she could even kill. But she didn’t need a book to do that.

    By janette anstett URL on 05.22.2012

  32. It’s a great big adventure, travelling in the TARDIS. It’s like…a quest. Dragons that are actually evil aliens, a knight in a bowtie, a damsel in distress who can save herself, princesses and princes. It’s all like a great big fairytale, the guy gets the girl, everyone knows everyone, and they’re all happy.

    But the sad thing about fairytales is that they come to an end, eventually.

    By Damaris URL on 05.22.2012

  33. A journey. Something that is very complex and fun to do. More of an adventure of fun times with friends. Maybe a pirate or a treasure chest would be involved. You would have to have lots of imagination. Also lots of experience with walking around or building things that can help you on this thing called a quest.

    By Shann on 05.22.2012

  34. Can i please have a word other than quest ? thanks broskillet :P

    By Shann on 05.22.2012

  35. this is something i love to do but sometimes i like to have a quest with my friends. for example i once went to the park with a friend and we did like a treasure hunt and we had o find a 4 leaf clover, that did not turn out so well

    By sarah fresco URL on 05.22.2012

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    By sarah fresco URL on 05.22.2012

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    By sarah fresco URL on 05.22.2012

  38. A quest. i COULD BE ANything really. it could be a rainbow it could also have a pirate with a cannon ball.

    By Shanaynay69(; URL on 05.22.2012

  39. Lately it seems that I have been on a quest in my life to move on, let go, and be happy. I feel that there are two paths in my life, and I want to make a third one and turn my quest into a journey. Love, peace, happiness, and the rest of it will fill in itself.

    By Raelynn on 05.22.2012

  40. The quest of the ages is the most fabulous adventure a man can travel. But nobody knows where it ends exactly, and what kind of presents it brings.

    By Alain on 05.22.2012