May 21st, 2012 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “quest”

  1. Quest. I am on a quest, a quest to conquer. I live in LA and I know what I want, but what I find so intriguing is that there are billion of different ways of me getting there. The quest is mysterious and the events are unexpected. I like unexpected. Exciting.

    By JV. URL on 05.21.2012

  2. journey.

    By Austin C on 05.21.2012

  3. I am on a quest, but damned if I still know what it is. I thought I did, but it keeps changing with the wind. I’m doing my best to stay focused and engaged, but my mind isn’t keeping up with all I’m throwing into it. Wish me luck!

    By Sheila Good URL on 05.21.2012

  4. A journey. Going somewhere physically, emotionally, or spiritually in order to accomplish SOMETHING whether or now you know what something is. You learn. You experience. Life is a quest. Getting through today is a quest.

    By minusoneday URL on 05.21.2012

  5. I’m on a quest for a grand sword. I will travel to the corners of the earth for this sword. This sword shall make the world a better place. Once I shove it through the chest of that beast, darkness will be gone.

    By Brianna on 05.21.2012

  6. i was there on the road waiting watching hearing and just hoping to see and then i saw and i was appalled i was revolted literally turned away forced to return to what i knew rather than assisted to continue i could say i hated it but in reality i am just more mad than i have ever been to have been forced to restart my quest

    By C. Ritchie URL on 05.21.2012

  7. This is my noble quest, my heroic epic story–to go chasing across the world after a reckless runaway. I’m only a secondary character in my own book. I’m, at best, her deus ex machina. At worst, I’m a forgotten left-at-home family member. The mother to Wendy and the boys, left staring out the window, hoping for their return and glaring at the nightlights who neglected their duty.

    I hate her for leaving me, for never listening, but I can’t really hold it against her. Everyone is entitled to their own adventure and my warnings are so easily dismissed as jealousy and over-protectiveness.

    But I love my baby sister.

    I will bring her home.

    By The Library Harlot URL on 05.21.2012

  8. “I’m on a quest,” she said. She grabbed her coat, hurrying, not even looking at her confused roommate. She grabbed her backpack and began to throw in the essentials: wallet, keys, water, and then some other objects that one could argue should never be considered important.

    By kibi URL on 05.21.2012

  9. hahahahahaha why does it take so long for 60 seconds DX not happy GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR IM A LLAMA FISHHHHHHHHHH

    By michey on 05.21.2012

  10. Go on a quest to potatoland. There you will find a Mr. Potatohead and a potato tree. Writers block… uhhh CLIMB THE POTATO TREE

    By superman on 05.21.2012

  11. “Quest?” She stepped out of the closet, her arms filled with plastic hangers, some broken, some not. “What kind of a quest?”

    “I’m not sure.” I perched on the edge of the bed and watched her painstakingly separate each hanger into color coded piles. There were some days I wondered about this woman.

    “I see and you are telling me this because….?” She let the words trail off as she gathered up the plastic rainbow once more, with all intent of heading to the laundry room.

    “Because they said before I left, I’d need a mother’s blessing.”

    She froze in the doorway, a mask on her face as if she didn’t quite trust herself to look at me. “I’m not your mother, Kyle.” She said, at last.

    “No. But you’re the closest thing I have to a mother.”

    By Sara H. URL on 05.21.2012

  12. I must protest. But lest, I am pressed, and my words are messed;

    I must not jest, and say that only those who don’t say, and but do, are on a quest.

    By natty URL on 05.21.2012

  13. There I was again, leash in hand, chasing after my dog. Liam had once again escaped my grip and took off into the forest. “Damn dog,” I muttered. I was tired of this. I ran after him, and when I finally caught up, I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was a dead body of a little girl who had been brutally murdered and had her body dumped in the forest. So there I was, frozen and gaping in astonishment.
    This little girl had been on the news a few weeks ago. Her name was Chelsea Baker, and was 4 years old when she was kidnapped. So, like any normal person would do, I called the police.
    I had a pretty interesting conversation with them. I was now the prime suspect, and would most likely be charged with capital murder and manslaughter. Great.

    By Cailyn Pickering on 05.21.2012

  14. Just me.

    Or is it?

    Am I alone?

    The people around me are too caught up in their own journeys to see mine.

    Our lives are so many worlds revolving around single individuals.

    A cosmos of tangled orbits overlapping.

    By Julia URL on 05.21.2012

  15. Here I am.

    Just me.

    Or is it?

    Am I alone?

    The people around me are too caught up in their own journeys to see mine.

    Our lives are so many worlds revolving around single individuals.

    A cosmos of tangled orbits overlapping.

    By Julia URL on 05.21.2012

  16. The quest ate through her mind like a termite through fresh wood. It sat there heavily waiting to be thought about. The quest was the one thing that she knew she was working towards, the only event worth thinking about in her life. But once it was over, there would be another quest, and then another. Relativity was what it really meant.

    By Lola on 05.21.2012

  17. A journey to complete a fantastic goal. Save the princess, recover the sword, fight the dragon, find the gold treasure. Something magical that can be obtained through a struggle to get there. Adventure is always a quest.

    By Emily McNally on 05.21.2012

  18. He blinked, and stared. It was still there. It glittered in front of his vision, turning and sparkling in midair. There was no mistaking what he saw, or what it meant. He had been chosen…

    By Vat URL on 05.21.2012

  19. All the things that hurt you will be as impermanent as the pain itself. I’m not telling you to let go. I’m just leading you somewhere where you’ll figure out what it means. Call it a quest, whatever. But trust me.

    By Myona on 05.21.2012

  20. This quest was a bit of a pointless one, really.

    She wasn’t exactly sure WHY she offered to help him find his stupid football, especially since she hated that game. But he had marched up to her like some knight and said, in his fake English Accent, all sarcastic and charming, “My Lady, we must endeavour on a quest to find my ball of foot! Art thou joining?”

    And, well… here she was…

    By elinmacrae on 05.21.2012

  21. When the quest began, there were 4. When it ended, there was one. At each stop, they would take stock of their provisions (water etc) and have a happy time in the city. But before long, the PMRC found out that they were traveling with one Jello Biafra, and then the whole thing went to hell.

    By Jeff Barr URL on 05.21.2012

  22. I will find my waaaaaaaaaay I will go the distance!
    We all have our own secret journeys that require our heart and soul to complete, but sometimes we don’t even know what they are. We go on with life, wandering, trying to figure out the meaning but at the same time we always have an idea of what it is we must do.

    By Jessica on 05.21.2012

  23. quest, knights with swords that wobble in the grey sun as they come down on the man’s shoulder piece, a clang, a spark, a wimblegrowl starts. Another sword, smaller, less wobbly, cuts sideways across from that crying man, and it finds the knight’s chainbelly, scratches and scrapes.

    By Fred Fingery URL on 05.21.2012

  24. people go on quests in search for something. you always see the hero or heroine in movies go on a crazy quest in search of a hidden item or possibly a lost lover. people go on quests every day in the hopes of finding that someTHING.

    what I find funny is that usually we find something else along the way… that was a lot better than the original THING.

    By Kailey URL on 05.21.2012

  25. Knights go on quests, and so do we. People always have a quest whether it’s for gold or a candy bar on the table we all have our quests

    By Sadies on 05.21.2012

  26. find destiny adventure look

    By fatima on 05.21.2012

  27. Every map, every sign, every quest I go on leads me straight to you, and I don’t mind one bit.

    By Kenda URL on 05.21.2012

  28. On a quest I can’t complete. There is no hope but to doubt.

    By Erin Jane Moore URL on 05.21.2012

  29. questions linger and i don’t ask them. that’s the quest. i’ll find the courage one day to find the truth, to bear with it

    By Nina URL on 05.21.2012

  30. I can’t believe I agreed to this. We were trekking through the deepest woods I had ever seen, and I still wasn’t convinced that what we were looking for would be there, or even exist. I kept going though. Through the bugs, the heat, the blood sweat and tears. I kept going not because of my belief in the quest, but because of Jude’s. He was so confident in what we were doing, I found myself following him undoubtedly.

    By Kenley on 05.21.2012

  31. let’s go on the adventure of a lifetime. There will be peril. There will be danger. It will be hard. But you must never give up. Never!
    Fight with a sword, Isaiah! Quick, liketty split! The sprite is attacking you, for she does not know that you are on a quest to save the Star of Blue Sapphire. Watch out for her arrows! Dodge around that tree! Good luck!

    By Michaela on 05.21.2012

  32. It was a quest for that one word, hidden in all these pages. He was sure it was there, beneath the fragment of an image, the prose, the dialogue. Behind one of those rocks and under those brambly trees in the world she had imagined, he lived and breathed. He knew it. But what he didn’t know was if there in her mind, he loved her. Or whether she said “yes”.

    By cmsiena URL on 05.21.2012

  33. My quest is for good grades.
    I am on a quest to be a good person.
    I am on a quest to get into a good school
    Quest is a hard word to write about.
    I am all quested out.

    By Kevie Lui on 05.21.2012

  34. …And that was how he found himself traipsing through some dark, ominous enchanted wood at such an ungodly hour. Thanks to that spoiled little princess and her selfish assumption that he’d literally be willing to die for her, he’d had to accept such a thankless quest against his better judgment.

    The night air dropped a few more degrees as he continued to walk. Somewhere in the heart of the forest he heard the beast roar with hungry anticipation. The ground shook violently, and he had to un-heroically scramble out of the way as several of the trees uprooted themselves in the vibrations, dropping his sword somewhere in the dark undergrowth in the process.

    Great. Just wonderful. If he made it out of this one alive, she had better pay him at least double.

    By WearyWater URL on 05.21.2012

  35. My quest right now is just to survive another day

    By The Fake Dann URL on 05.21.2012

  36. I’m on a quest. A veritable quest. A quest for a person that doesn’t piss me off after mere hours, a person I could literally spend forever with. A quest for a place where I can feel that I belong, I place I don’t want to lock myself away from after mere days. I’m on a quest for something better than this.

    By Julia A. URL on 05.21.2012

  37. “This is it!” Jason slammed his chair against the wall as he pulled back from the desk. He couldn’t be happier. It had been seven months since he and his companions has started their epic journey together with no success in sight. The four boys knew fortune had to be on their side soon or later, and tonight was the night. All the boys were gleeful and knew this was greatly over due, but none of them would’ve guessed their hard work would payoff today of all their labors. Hell, Mondays aren’t even their regular raid nights…

    By Mary Pinkerton URL on 05.21.2012

  38. I thought I had a quest in mind, when I first set out from you, but then I thought you were nobler then, and I thought I needed to save you. Someone calling for a princess, video game princess. Your hair was never long and blonde, your skin was never fair, but I put you in a tower in my head and kept you there.

    By KelseyPR URL on 05.21.2012

  39. I have gone. To places unknown to explore things no one ever has before. I will make great discoveries and tell the world of this quest I have gone on. It will be better than that of any other person. The view of a child who simply plays in the back yard.

    By Amber URL on 05.21.2012

  40. I’m on a quest to discovering who I am. For months I’ve been on the border of who I want to be and who I already am, but I’m not too satisfied. I don’t believe I’ve been pushing hard enough to come to a complete conclusion on what type of person I am.

    By Desiree URL on 05.21.2012