May 21st, 2012 | 167 Entries

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167 Entries for “quest”

  1. It was not a noble quest. No, it was hardly a quest at all, but calling it that made it seem more interesting. Actually, it was a beer run and any normal person would call it a beer run. Even he would usually call it a beer run but he’d just been playing DnD and was in a questing mood.

    By Ellie URL on 05.21.2012

  2. His quest was a grand one, and it had taken up the greater part of his life. He’d traveled all over the world, met people of every age and nationality, vanquished foes of every size. But still his target proved infuriatingly illusive.

    By Krospgnasker URL on 05.21.2012

  3. knights go on quests in fairy tales, mostly to rescue women, but regular modern people do too. Everyone has a quest, like your own personal holy grail type of thing, unless youre not looking for anything.

    By Carson URL on 05.21.2012

  4. What do we have to do?
    It sounds like an adventure…
    Seeking for a treasure maybe?
    Fighting the dragon?
    Come on, tell me,
    what is our quest?
    Saving the sweet little princess?

    By BR on 05.21.2012

  5. I waved goodbye to my family as I left. I was on a quest. I was gonna find myself. I was gonna find my destiny. I hopped into the Tardis with Doctor Who, and off we flew. I looked back one last time before turning forward. Turning towards the rest of my life.

    By Steffie URL on 05.21.2012

  6. Quest to start a new life, but that’s not what Lila really wanted. She liked the life she had found, was exploring, until it all came crashing down. She didn’t understand Dexter they were the same. They could have been better than good.

    By Alexa on 05.21.2012

  7. Life is a quest. Im not talking about Indiana Jones type of quest im talking about life in general. Love. Love is a quest, you love the wrong person and how you ever going to solve that?

    By mee123 on 05.21.2012

  8. quest
    for peace
    seeking one
    more path to take
    searching for the true pirate’s treasure hoard

    By Domiknitrix URL on 05.21.2012

  9. a journey to a new land

    By Heather on 05.21.2012

  10. He has been on several quests. He has explored the bottom of the ocean, and climbed the highest mountains. He has run through the jungle with undiscovered tribes. He has done everything possible, and much more.
    He read constantly. It didn’t matter what the book was about, as long as it got him out of his miserable day to day life in high school, he was content.

    By Megan URL on 05.21.2012

  11. Basil’s quest, it seemed, was to criticize and berate every living person within that town. He did a damn good job of it, too. Often he’d gloat about how his persistence had paid off in forcing a few of the inhabitants to move away. He hated most everybody.

    But Basil and I understood each other in that we were an embodiment of what we hated most. To me, Basil Mine was, and is, a man who carefully cultivated his 5 O’clock shadow and wrinkled clothing in order to fit the demeanor of a man down on his luck. Shouting insecurities and accusations at the new University Grads was his way of both drawing attention to himself and trying to gain sympathy as a “Man No-One Understood”. He’d say something along the same lines about me, no doubt, except that I was quieter in my disapproval’s and I wore not a suit, but a clean-pressed white dress shirt as a daily routine.

    We kept each other company, though. Him, working as a caretaker of the OBryonville park, and I, running aviation tests for the nearby airport. This gave us plenty of free time in the eve, and we often met up at some random, loud cafe and, after ripping it apart with our harsh criticisms at its attempts to be “Unique” or the “To-Go place”, we’d order up.

    It was one of these nights that I first encountered Mylott.

    By T. on 05.21.2012

  12. It was a long road, a road without a beginning or an end really – but nevertheless a road and as long as there was ground under their feet they could keep going and fighting for whatever they might find along the way.

    By Sue on 05.21.2012

  13. “It’s time for you to go on a quest!” barked the cloaked man to the girl dressed in light bronze armor, who crinkled her brow in bewilderment.

    “Erm…what quest?”

    “The quest…” the man let the words hover in the air like scattering dust, “…of greatness!”

    “…Uh,” said the girl, “mind being a bit more specific than that?”

    “Oh, for the love of – it’s a quest. You go on a quest. it’s awesome. What more could you want?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.21.2012

  14. I’m currently in the throes of a quest fest, so much to achieve, so little time in a day.

    By Jeanie URL on 05.21.2012

  15. To request a quest meant to be the best – I confess I invest in rest before tests.

    By Marianne URL on 05.21.2012

  16. and i asked him: what is your quest here? are you looking for some fun, or are you actually trying to proof something? live is more than just day-dreaming…
    he glanced at me sadly and replayed:well i intend to have a life i can be proud of. maybe our understanding of this concept differs, but i know that my dreams will come true, and that is my quest, chasing them all my life.

    By noway on 05.21.2012

  17. I went on a quest to fulfill my journey. The destination i am reaching no one can take from me. I am the quest and i have risen. Falling isn’t an option. I rise until there’s nothing left to see. I am you and you are me.

    By Abra URL on 05.21.2012

  18. Oh, yeah. Sure. A mission. A *quest*. What could be more exciting?
    That were my thoughts as Director Fury asked if I wanted to help him with his new project. Something about protecting the Earth along with superheros. Utter crap, if you ask me. Such things don’t exist.

    By Anne on 05.21.2012

  19. journey

    By ave on 05.21.2012

  20. I am on a quest to find myself.
    To find my destiny.
    To find who I am supposed to be in this crazy world.
    Where I fit.
    Where I will make a difference.

    I am on a quest into the unknown.
    The depths of my own soul.
    Of how I feel and who I am.

    I am on a quest that I am sure will take a lifetime.

    By Brittany H URL on 05.21.2012

  21. There he was, standing on a mountain watching the eagle fly his message to his father. It was his only way to say his goodbye, since he has to go on a quest by right away to find the globe. It was his destiny. However it was not his destiny to go over a minute, since it would be cheating and the quest would not be easy one to accomplish, but he has not other option. if he fails then his nemesis will have everything. The girl he loves, his home and everything he cared about would be destroyed.

    By Luke on 05.21.2012

  22. Ian was stirring teriyaki sauce when Sharon arrived home. “Hey?” said Sharon, wondering if he might already be home. “I’m in the kitchen” replies Ian, smiling and adding chicken to the Teriyaki. Sharon was surprised to see Ian both home early and cooking. “It’s not like you to cook…and you’re home early. What are we having?” “Chicken Teriyaki”. “I’ve never heard of it”, said Sharon. “Neither have I” replies Ian. “I was saying to the people at work how exotic it was. They agreed”. “It is” replies Sharon in agreement. She adds, “There was a birthday at work today and I signed a card. I also chipped in for a going away present of £10 Littlewoods vouchers”. “That’s really fantastic” Ian replies sincerely. They both smile. Sharon sits down. Ian coughs. Sharon begins reading a glossy magazine. Ian coughs. Sharon starts thinking about cardigans.

    With that, the octopus-dragons of Araefneathdigshire crash through the ceiling; spewing fire indiscriminately and demolishing an entire row of houses. “Silence!” screams the darkest dragon. “Thou hath been bequeathed to me and my own divine right, amous and thou shalt santus terribilus, be taken to the darkest of heleths, where no soul shall surviveth.”

    In the blink of an eye, Sharon has become entangled in the jaws of octopus-dragon number 6, Megasteezarhamificylon. Flying with paranormal speeds, the octopus dragons take Sharon through the ground, into the Earth below.

    Ian stands motionless, looking on in utter disbelief. Suddenly, an idea comes to him. He uses a spoon to summon the Ancient and mystical protectors of Telluria, the 100 Bear army of benevolence – the bearnevollantes; for only they can lead Ian to the centre of the Earth. But it doesn’t work. Ian pauses, and then turns the Teriyaki to simmer.

    By Andrew Lee Bowen URL on 05.21.2012

  23. I’m never going to give up on my dreams, This is my quest that I must do on my own. I will write a novel some day, and every body will enjoy reading it, and it will be about crackers and peanut butter. That is what I like to eat. Dragons love to eat crackers and peanut butter too!

    By Luke URL on 05.21.2012

  24. quest somthing u set out to do

    By epiclysiver URL on 05.21.2012

  25. quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest quest.

    By eberly URL on 05.21.2012

  26. A quest is something that is assigned to you or something that you have to do.

    By imoto URL on 05.21.2012

  27. I don’t know what quest means.I have never heard of this word before I am just kiding. Bayleigh went on a quest to find Carina.

    By basketball08 URL on 05.21.2012

  28. I dont know what the word quest means. Do you know what it means.

    By chickaboo URL on 05.21.2012

  29. to catch them is my real quest, to train them is my cause- POKEMON!!!!!

    By BrokenForeverShatteredRippedAndGone URL on 05.21.2012

  30. when i hear the word quest i think about SHREK :) lol it sayys that im doing my posts to fast SHUT UP THING THATS NOT YOUR BUISNESS

    By hailey URL on 05.21.2012

  31. Quest a thing you go on or thing you have to do in life, what you are meant to do.

    By Jamie URL on 05.21.2012

  32. A quest is a… journey type deal… like when you go on an adventure… like in dora!:D…. I MEAN WHAT!!!…. psh… pftt… I don’t watch dora…. all the time… :)
    And I am NOT posting too fast… BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!!!!!!!

    By sarah URL on 05.21.2012

  33. quest… or is it guest?
    okay its quest.
    i feel like im in a quest to find love.
    but love is stupid.
    lust is stupid.
    boys are stupid.
    all of it is stupid.
    but you know what makes me happy.
    my best friends.
    i love my best friends.
    leslie made me cry today by what she wrote in my year book.
    i love friends.
    thats all you need.

    By Taylor on 05.21.2012

  34. we set out to buy some milk, but we ended up partaking on a journey that would change our lives. it may seem odd to have your life changed by milk, but believe me it happens.

    By nicho URL on 05.21.2012

  35. I wonder what it’s like to be on a quest. Maybe I’m already on one — a quest for immortality through my writing. Yes, that sounds like a lovely quest. Unfortunately, I seem to have more than my share of challenges and I never seem to make any progress.

    By SWellsBennett URL on 05.21.2012

  36. Ein Haufen Zweige im Geäst der Buche. Die beiden Elstern ordnen ihn. Schön struppig soll das Gebilde aussehen und es soll stabil genug sein, ihre Eier zu halten und je einen von ihnen zum Brüten, während der andere ausfliegt und nach Nahrung sucht. Insekten, weggeworfene Brötchen, aus Einkaufskörben gefallene Eier anderer Vögel, Nüsse, Früchte.

    By Eli URL on 05.21.2012

  37. Kewal………… Journey………Once i went on a quest to find my long lost brother and I ended up dying then coming back to life it was a frightening experience……… They are really really really really scary!!!!!!!!! Anyways……… So ya………… I am a cartoon………i HAVE RUN INTO WALLS, POLES, FALLEN INTO DITCHES FOR CRYING OUT LOUD……… And this all occurred in my really odd quests a.k.a journeys.

    By Hartleigh Bailey URL on 05.21.2012

  38. I’m on my own quest. The dragon is within me, and I have no magic tools. But the journey, like all good quests, will not be wasted. The dragon may not be slain, but it SHALL be tamed, and its fire will do my bidding.

    By sarahk on 05.21.2012

  39. She had a tendency for melodramatics, to make something as insignificant as a lazy stroll a quest for redemption, or a sort of heroic epiphany. With each beat of music pounding in her ears she’d lightly step, turn her head just so and relish the sensation of her hair caught up in the wind and her eyes watering in the glare of the sun. In those moments, she felt beautiful. It was when the volume of the music had her ears throbbing with pain, when the wind swept her up like a paper bag, when her imagination could flow open like a winding roll of paper that she could feel like some sort of heroine. She would ride the high, coasting steadily upward with each step–more of a dance than a walk–dragging, lifting, scuffing her heels to upset the pebbles and bits of glass littered in the streets. She would walk and everyone would want her, walk and be the herself that wasn’t quite herself at all, walk and be beautiful, until a car–silver, innocent, unassuming–would coast slowly by and she would meet her rippled reflection in the glass. She remembers herself–the fresh red acne across her forehead, the dull complexion of her eyes, the lopsided lilt in her smile–and the gentle rumble of the car as it passes pulls her down from the high with a sigh that clenches her throat like a sob.

    By leigh on 05.21.2012

  40. Teal eyes scanned the horizon like coral reefs gazing up through the water, light from the sun reflected in the color to make a kaleidoscope of magic to my eyes. Her skin glowed like porcelain under florescent lights in a china shop. Rose hips mounted on her angelic face turned up at the corners as she caught my gaze linger upon her. Pink hues matching the sunrise before us sprang to life on her perfect cheeks and she turned away from me. “What are you looking at?” She cooed, her voice alighting like a nervous sparrow at the edge of my grasp. I smiled at her, one hand reaching out to brush ebony hair from my view of her lovely profile. “Just star gazing,” I replied, warmth filling my chest as memories of the night before of her impromptu poetry speech of the stars.

    By heather URL on 05.21.2012