April 24th, 2011 | 465 Entries

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465 Entries for “puzzled”

  1. what i like to to in my spare time. also a state of confusion. but more games and stuff. playing and fun. makes me think of pieces that need to be put together. the process of figuring things out.

    By Jennifer Colquitt on 04.24.2011

  2. im confused. why did God put me here? why am in this situation? why him? why now? it seems so right, and yet so wrong. i would love a little guidance. i think i know what i should do, but that always differs from what i want to do.

    By Emily URL on 04.24.2011

  3. the world is just so puzzled, I just don’t get it, I’m walking throught the people who looks like dolls, nobody wants to be alone, it’s just that we cannot find the right piece for ourselves. we are constantly wandering ‘where is that piece of me?’ but we think so much that life is passing throught our eyes…

    By Ani on 04.24.2011

  4. Which of you has black hair?
    Which of you has green eyes?
    Which of you has a face?
    Which of you has a super electromagnetic generator that I can borrow this coming weekend?

    By quantumachine URL on 04.24.2011

  5. confusion was brought upon me when situations arose. puzzlement washed over me. i was puzzled when you told me you loved me. im puzzled when it comes to drama and girls. i dont understand why some people hate me. i speak my mind and all of a sudden it seems like all my friends turned their backs on me and instead of having friends, i now feel alone.

    By sam on 04.24.2011

  6. An expression that can often describe how people feel when they try and comprehend the purpose of life. I am constantly in a state of confusion concerning what it is I am expected to pursue in terms career and happiness.

    By Miles Tincknell URL on 04.24.2011

  7. I never understood what she meant when she didn’t say anything. I lay on the ground, bleeding my last breath, and all I could wonder was why she never asnwered.
    “Marry me,” I had told her. She’d responded with a bemused look which I’d learned to connect with lesser mortals’ puzzled look.

    By dovi URL on 04.24.2011

  8. The slight difference between the ability to rationalize and the truth of the feeling in the moment and the willingness to say “yes” to whatever that may be. But that is not the case at hand. Instead there is denial. Rationalization, logic where there should not be. And everything feels out of sorts because of it.

    By Jason URL on 04.24.2011

  9. There are things in this world that will always leave a puzzled look on my face. For instance pack mentality, Deep fried Twinkies deliciouses But WHY!!!!, the flow of time and its reproductive/ repetitive nature; WhAT…. Marriage YES NO…? Can you tell me? But in the end to be puzzled is to have questions and to have questions is to be alive. Always in the pursuit of answerers no matter how big or how small.

    By Juice URL on 04.24.2011

  10. Sometimes, when jet lag takes over after numerous hops from one place to another all the neon and lights tend to blend together. Day and night merge. Some of the sounds from one place follow you, jostling for attention against those of wherever you are. It is at these times that life is most like a dream.

    By Phone's Off The Hook URL on 04.24.2011

  11. I was puzzled to see the sad demise on democracy in the sub continent. My idea of the being puzzled is that why there is no corrective actions against the defaulters of electronic.

    By Kashan on 04.24.2011

  12. The start of discovery is bewilderment. To be puzzled is about the best we can do. How exciting. If only I were puzzled as often as I am bored.

    By michael. on 04.24.2011

  13. sometimes i feel like my mind is wondering, i feel as if I need to be questioning what i am unthoughtful about. I have become puzzled. and as this time goes on I am curious as to when the times up.

    By Mary on 04.24.2011

  14. confused and alone sitting there just doing your thing and you get confused you don’t know how to do it and its just there you want so badly for someone to explain to help you or to show you but nobody does nobody helps. wondering but your not lost

    By hailey on 04.24.2011

  15. as though it were a puzzle to be solved, we spoke our names over and over and overandover until they had lost all meaning, any personal power over us, until the syllables crashed upon one another (debris on the shoreline) and we took the remnants (my name mixing with yours)

    and began to construct out of the fragmented letters (frayed from the abuse of overuse) a lotus.

    By robyn URL on 04.24.2011

  16. I’m puzzled since I knew you, I don’t know where is my head, where is my heart, everything is gone, everything is here, pointing to the hole in my chest where the sun runs over out of me

    By Fera on 04.24.2011

  17. I lay on my bed, staring up at the white ceiling. This entire situation left me frustrated, and it was something I no longer wanted to deal with. Realizing that this was a waste of time, I hastily jumped off the bed, and pulled on my moccasins. My cat, Humphrey, looked over at me, with a puzzled expression on his face. “Sorry, Humphrey, I need to go take care of this.”

    By Stephanie URL on 04.24.2011

  18. She looked across the patio, having quite a puzzled look on her face. Her flowers had wilted over night, although there had been no winter freeze, and the April rains were on time. They should have been blooming and wonderful, colorful pinks and reds, blues and violets. Yet there they were, shriveled, dry, wilted.

    By Sasha Greenwood URL on 04.24.2011

  19. I was puzzled. Why did he want me to give him the key? He must have known that I was forbidden to give this information to anybody. I stared at him blankly. “Why?”

    By OmNomNomagon on 04.24.2011

  20. Puzzled

    How I feel when I watch someone crossing the street diagonally. Or when I see the parents of a newborn shivering in a grocery store, and their baby doesn’t have a blanket. See also, people bitching about gas prices and still driving SUVs.

    Puzzled…what I am on a Sunday morning with the Times crossword and a cup of coffee…

    By dionne URL on 04.24.2011

  21. to be confused.. your trying to do something but you can’t
    have no idea what to do
    your lost

    By hailey on 04.24.2011

  22. puzzle pieces and trees oh me oh my what it this that ravashing radishes who kilt upon me

    By Hana on 04.24.2011

  23. I don’t have much to say about puzzled. I’ve spent the first 15 seconds of this staring at the screen, contemplating hitting the ‘back’ button and choosing a new word. But that would be cheating, sort of. So I’m puzzled as to what to say about puzzled. This is the lamest entry ever.

    By Genie on 04.24.2011

  24. confused.
    the way i feel when i look at calculus problems, or physics equations.
    unable to understand.

    By Jaime Jackson on 04.24.2011

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    By noname724 on 04.24.2011

  26. yuppp
    i m puzzeled….to kw abt this game…site….what ever it is…bu tit is reallly amazingggg
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    By ekta on 04.24.2011

  27. confused
    you just don’t know
    sit there
    in wonder
    you had an idea
    of what to do

    By HaileyRenee URL on 04.24.2011

  28. I’m puzzled by the way I acted toward alex. I’m puzzled by what to do with my life from here out. I”m puzzled by people’s stupidity and their willingness to turn off their brains, to suspend their decision making abilities. I am puzzled by how to get my brother out of my life. I am puzzled about what to do with the man I love, and the fact that he has no prospects for the future.

    By Sunny URL on 04.24.2011

  29. I am puzzled about the use of the train system around my hometown. People don’t seem to use it quite enough, although it’s a bit understandable due to the fact that it isn’t very reliable. But it is still puzzling. I would much rather ride a train than a bus or in a car due to how much leg room this is on a train.

    By Ira URL on 04.24.2011

  30. Running scared, she was so ill prepared for the actions that just took place
    Images of lurking monsters were rampant through her puzzled brain
    Was this all real?
    Running without a pause in her movement
    Sounds of bells all around her
    Running and running with this puzzled look
    Was this all real?
    And all at once everything went black

    Her friends frantically trying to shake her
    Silently laying in the same spot for hours
    She’s far to into her trance
    Her brain silently dancing with the ingested caps

    By Jezell URL on 04.24.2011

  31. dreaming about something that you’ve never seen. a tree. a life. water that you bring in your life… bringing everybody in the room that you’ri all alone inside, living preciously and spontenously. Plans? never came in mind.

    By deniz güneş on 04.24.2011

  32. I am puzzled how to go about this chapter. I want to get something in my life which doesn’t puzzle me for whatever I do. Whenever something which I don’t expect in life happens I get damn confused. God may help me.

    By Akash on 04.24.2011

  33. confused. a feeling i’m quite used to. something that makes me strive to learn, to understand. even if i’m wrong at first, in the long run, knowing in the end is nice. not to be puzzled anymore.

    By katie URL on 04.24.2011

  34. She stood, puzzled by his recent behaviours. If he wanted to be with her so badly, why did he lash out in anger at seemingly harmless statements? Confusion struck her as she struggled to make her decision.

    By kayla williams on 04.24.2011

  35. Inside a log cabin in winter where a hot lump has welled up in your throat, you find you can’t breathe any longer. But you can’t go outside.

    By Jc URL on 04.24.2011

  36. She stared at the blank grid of boxes, some black, most not, and their beautiful geometric symmetry, and wondered: why? Why can’t I figure out this simple word puzzle? And what hope is there for me unraveling the knot that is my world? Religion is just too puzzling.

    By smr URL on 04.24.2011

  37. I worked on my SAT. All of these logic puzzles were beginning to get to me. After the test, when I walked home, I saw puzzles the entire time. Birds on a telephone wire soon became a thought process on how many could fit without it breaking. FML.

    By The Writer URL on 04.24.2011

  38. my life is puzzling. everything about it is really. my friends are puzzling, uni is puzzling, my mental health is puzzling. i seem to spend most of my time puzzled over something. is this normal? I’m pretty sure it is yes.

    By Maggie on 04.24.2011

  39. Puzzled.. I’m puzzled as to how I can preach all this happy parent crap, and yet still not have a bond with my oldest child. She wants to do a puzzle, I want to relax. I put off playing with her again and again until…she plays by herself and doesn’t want anything to do with me.

    By Althea Chandler URL on 04.24.2011

  40. The man seem puzzled at the woman’s odd response of where it was raining or sunny outside. Why would a intelligent scholar like her regard whether there was enough clouds in the sky to play connect the dots when all he wanted to know was whether he should carry an umbrella or not?

    By Jess Braginsky on 04.24.2011