March 31st, 2011 | 522 Entries

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522 Entries for “purpose”

  1. everyone in life has a purpose. some people know their purpose from the getgo, and some have to spend years or years in school to figure out what it is. if you believe in god, then you believe that your purpose is to die and go to heaven. even so, some people who dont believe in god think their purpose is to die, which is very saddening to hear about.

    By Caitlyn on 03.31.2011

  2. I wonder what the purpose of life is. It just scares me to think how and why we are on this planet and how life even occurred. Just a weird thought…

    By Steff T. URL on 03.31.2011

  3. I have a purpose. My purpose is to live for God. He gave me a reason to live and laugh and love. He is my purpose.

    By Becky URL on 03.31.2011

  4. a scientific goal that helps people understand the universe and the stars and the planets and how to dress up for an evening? what’s the purpose behind doing this?? MOUAHAHAHAH this is a really fuinny thingy mouahaha

    By jlg on 03.31.2011

  5. The purpose is the reason. It is the cause of an action or behavior. It is how a thing is utilized. I have a purpose and that is to maintain the beating of my heart, the respiration of my lungs and the peristalsis of my digestive tract. I hold to this purpose, for it is the only one I know. I may have some external purpose, some esoteric function I am not aware of but I try not to allow such concerns to distract me.

    By Ethan on 03.31.2011

  6. purpose like platypus
    but not really,
    a purpose is not endangered like a platypus
    it’s not aquatic like a platypus
    unless you’re going scuba diving
    a purpose.
    a will to do
    a desire to complete
    a mission
    a hope
    a dream.

    By Katelyn on 03.31.2011

  7. Without any purpose we just started producing the new machinery. As we had no purpose for it it turned out to be the all in one multi platform solution. One thing that fits every problem.

    By MiniBrici URL on 03.31.2011

  8. the purpose of life. that’s been an issue for all human beings. the purpose is to serve the world, or the self? people always vacillate between the goods they can.

    By Kaorita on 03.31.2011

  9. She wears headphones when she’s walking between classes, and she looks straight ahead, unsmiling. Like her appearance at her destination is crucial, even though she doesn’t want to be there. My god, is she beautiful. And terrifying, too, if you ask me.

    This is a story about wanting.

    By starchild on 03.31.2011

  10. the sense of direction in your life. Why am I here? What am I doing? Am I doing it for any specfic reason? what would make my sense of purpose greater? my purpose is to live my life to the fullest. and to develop a life that will affect others sense of purpose. its a neverending chain of dominoes. if you have purpose, others will see this and learn from it and the world will be better

    By Rachel on 03.31.2011

  11. Reason for something, to justify something. Something Real, why! A person’s will! Why we are on this earth, world peace, to change lives, transform communities, change hearts love

    By Daphne B. URL on 03.31.2011

  12. Purpose is not an idea but a way of life. It is a chance to live out your dreams and achieve all your goals. Without it life is not worth anything. Purpose is more important than gold. I have many. I want many more. We all need purpose to guide us and distract us. You are a better person with purpose, and one that can guide others in the direction you are headed. Purpose does not have to be enormous, but it has to be intense.

    By Emily on 03.31.2011

  13. What is the purpose of lying in bed and watching the sunrise? Is it just pure relaxation or something more? What happens when the colors finally fill in the top of the trees? What happens when everything starts moving again?

    By Angela Burns on 03.31.2011

  14. what to do planning a thing event and why it is happening for a reason not for nothing to achieve an end to make something happen so somebody does something or you’ve done something for a reason that has been planned.

    By Robbie Ferguson on 03.31.2011

  15. Live with purpose. You always hear people say this. Do i live with purpose? I’m not sure that I do. What is my purpose? Why am I here? I guess I’m still figuring that all out. And I’m ok with that.

    By Kate URL on 03.31.2011

  16. what is purpose? does everyone have a purpose in life. i think so. having a purpose in life simply gives you something to do. what is my purpose in life? what if the purpose you think you have in life isnt actualy the purpose you have?

    By Briana on 03.31.2011

  17. Everybody looks for a purpose in life. Lately, I feel like I have been without one. Everything I’ve done has been other people’s purposes, not my own. I’ve always been a copy cat, a stage I thought I would grow out of in my toddler years. But I haven’t changed at all, and I’m still a lost soul looking for a purpose. The good news is, I’m relatively young, and I still have plenty of time to find mine. I know it’s out there, I won’t give up hope.

    By Audrey URL on 03.31.2011

  18. (trusted … a day late)
    “You are my most trusted enemy,” the bear said to the porcupine. “I know that if I try to eat you, I can always depend on a mouth full of quills, which would make it impossible for me to eat for a week or two.”

    “Thank you,” said the porcupine. “I try. Feel free to attack me any time, before you call Jenny Craig.”

    By richpee URL on 03.31.2011

  19. A reason for being alive! Everyone was here on earth for a reason and we all have different purposes! Everyone has a different reason to live!

    By Taylor URL on 03.31.2011

  20. i have a purpose and it’s my penis i use it to pee. and today i peed for four minutes straight. pretty bad right? Well i had stuff to do so i stopped now my side hurts. I guess my purpose was to finish peeing. Now how do i submit this?

    By anonymous on 03.31.2011

  21. Another reason she stopped going was the depressing onslaught of helpless people who come in and pretend to be doing better. She stopped going because every drink she had made her feel better than every drink she didn’t She stopped going because she didn’t belong in the middle of those people who pretended to be something that they weren’t. She served no purpose in a meeting like that.

    By Jessica on 03.31.2011

  22. Right now I don’t have a purpose. I’ve been denied from three colleges and waitlisted at another, and I don’t know where I’m going in life. I do know that I’m going to do something important, but whatever that is has been left unexplained. I want to write. I want to write badly. Someday, I’ll be an author. I swear I will.

    By Jess on 03.31.2011

  23. I don’t know what mine is. They say we’re all supposed to have one, but they never tell you how to start or where to find it. It just is, like some kind of exestential (sp?) force that just comes in to being. But how? Where? It’s a question I literally think about every day.

    By Em on 03.31.2011

  24. To live life doing something meaningful. It doesn’t have to be the same to everyone. In fact, it shouldn’t. Purpose is personal and changes for everyone. It is the drive to be doing something for a reason. Purpose

    By Nora on 03.31.2011

  25. I have a purpose. Life isn’t always clear, but it is important to know that everyone does have a purpose. Some people live to help others, some don’t. Regardless, everyone has a reason to be on this planet. My purpose? I want to help someone; change someones life. I want to make someone smile. I want to make someone else realize their purpose.

    By Hannah on 03.31.2011

  26. I don’t know what my purpose is in life. I think it’s partly to not understand but accept humanity. People don’t necessarily need a purpose to live, or they shouldn’t. One should try to live and make the most of the absurd.

    By Anna on 03.31.2011

  27. i have to find a purpose in my life that’s the only thing to do every ne has an aim a goal a life but not everyonehas a purpose wha does urpose mean ? what does it mean my life in yours? too many rhetoral questions in ife!!! fuck whyyyyyy oh god why did it have to be free will?

    By Daniel Solo Dolo URL on 03.31.2011

  28. Purpose. They say everything has a purpose. But does it really? She looks at the one word on her screen and ponders what it really means. Is there a purpose for “God” putting her through numerous, endless trials. Everything she’s been through. She knows she shouldn’t be so selfish…to think her life is bad when there are so many others that are worse. But she can’t help it. Where does this world lead her? If she goes down the stairs and trips, was there a purpose to it? Or was it just a simple coincidence? Or…an accident? Does life always have a purpose? Or is it just thrown around carelessly…nothing ever happening for a reason. Nothing having a purpose to anything. Just riding through life, blind.

    By Misty goes Rawr :D on 03.31.2011

  29. Everyone has a purpose in life. For example a mother’s purpose is to take care of their families. Without a purpose there is no human life. I feel that you need a purpose to prosper.

    By aly Buffett on 03.31.2011

  30. the purpose of life is to glorify our Creator. to live a life that points to something outside of ourselves, something that we cannot even fathom. but what if we don’t understand that purpose? what then?

    By sarahoferguson on 03.31.2011

  31. I did it on purpose! Yes I intended to insult you! You didn’t think this quiet and gentle woman had it in her to use her anger so pointedly.

    By sara on 03.31.2011

  32. I don”t have a purpose yet. I’m like an undifferentiated cell. My genes haven’t been switched on or off telling me my purpose in life yet. I still have time and oppurtunities that I won’t in the future.

    By Ariel Libbon on 03.31.2011

  33. the purpose of life is simply to live on and have a good time. Finding a good friend has been a pleasure for me, but you loose sight of what you might think is a purpose and will loose yourself if you just let your emotions take over. But in the end we all see our mistakes and see life in its entirety.

    By zachary on 03.31.2011

  34. I don’t really know if I have a purpose. I thought that purpose was to have children and make my husband happy. But that wasn’t the real me. THat was the new Mormon me. I want to be a teacher. I want to write a best selling book. I want to be a boxer. I want to be a movie star. I want to be a modle. Can’t that be my purpose. I’m only 23. I still have time for these things, don’t I? I think I do. I think I can find a purpose that will give the Staten name a legacy, something to be proud of.

    By Bethany on 03.31.2011

  35. what is my purpose? why do people think I have a purpose? I wanna think that I have a purpose, but what is it exactly? to help mary? to listen to peoples problems? What good am I doing aroun dheree just sitting? REally? Any good at all?

    By kyle on 03.31.2011

  36. i have a purpose
    the purpose of my life
    is to live it
    to the fullest of my ability
    whatever that means.
    everybody thinks that everything must have a purpose
    what if we actually live in a completely purposeless world.
    In fact nothing has any purpose at all
    but exists in the
    it is
    it is
    and that
    in itself
    is the purpose.

    By jill URL on 03.31.2011

  37. your purpose is your reason to live.

    By Lydia on 03.31.2011

  38. You’re a fireman. You’re a doctor. You’re a maid. You’re an athlete. You’re a musician. You’re a lifeguard. A priest. A lawyer. An electrician. We all have a purpose, and the purpose is all our own.

    By Liv URL on 03.31.2011

  39. a meaning a feeling something reeling fishing wishing eleven eleven all year two thousand eleven never seven far from mebin heavin grieving death dying sadness heartbreak emotional distress rehab we bad she has that.

    By Daye Hunt on 03.31.2011

  40. You’d think id have a eason for doing this, but i have no purpose, i dont ever write. in fact i cant write. id rather read, reading the purpose for me/

    By Coban3 URL on 03.31.2011