March 31st, 2011 | 522 Entries

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522 Entries for “purpose”

  1. She said she didn’t do it on purpose, she said it was an accident. But secretly in her mind she was saying I did it on purpose. Because you’re always above me in everything.

    By fluffy1297 URL on 04.01.2011

  2. She purposely hit the girl in the face because she didn’t like her. She said it was an accident, but it wasn’t. She doesn’t like her very much.

    By Drenna URL on 04.01.2011

  3. purpose means umm idk haha

    By 71angel URL on 04.01.2011

  4. purpose when someone says they did something on purpose it means they meant to do it..

    By Stephen on 04.01.2011

  5. A purpose is something that happens for a reason. There’s a purpose to everything.

    By Stephanie URL on 04.01.2011

  6. If you know yours before you’ve failed a dozen or so times, it’s not purpose. It’s luck.

    By wristwatch URL on 04.01.2011

  7. what is the purpose of life an liveing if all we feel is the houres pain each an ever day suffering in hurt an anger with not a smile what is the purpose of life.

    By dimand URL on 04.01.2011

  8. purpose mean something that you need to do.

    By kami URL on 04.01.2011

  9. If it wasnt on purpose it was an acciden. Most people lie and say that it was an accident when it really was on purpose. Those LIARS!

    By smileigh URL on 04.01.2011

  10. There is a purpose to everything! Sometimes if you change that purpose it can screw a lot of things up.

    By logan on 04.01.2011

  11. Purpose is a word that can be the difference between one thing and another. For example one person’s purpose for their actions can be good or terrible beyond imagining. It all depends on what your purpose is for doing something.

    By rexy6366 URL on 04.01.2011

  12. Purpose means something that you need to do or a reason you did something. A reason for everything…..

    By Emnm URL on 04.01.2011

  13. Purpose is a statment that is a thing that is real.

    By peyton URL on 04.01.2011

  14. My love gives me purpose. I’ve always been smart, always been motivated for some reason I couldn’t identify. I’ve had an inexplicably responsibility towards myself, a reason to strive forward and be an accomplished person. And my love showed my why, after all these years.

    By Nadean on 04.01.2011

  15. The purpose of life is to be happy. the purpose of anything is to to be done correct. you must have a purpose for why you want to accomplish the thing you are doing. purpose gives you reason .

    By Jackie on 04.01.2011

  16. have you ever stopped and pondered your purpose? not what you want to do, but why God put you on this Earth. There is meaning behind everything; everything happens for a reason and theres not telling what your purpose in life is, but you can only wonder.

    By Kevin Walker URL on 04.01.2011

  17. goal of someone who knows what to do in his or her life

    By ralijaona on 04.01.2011

  18. everybody has a purpose in life. but not everybody knows what it is. i don’t know what my purpose is. i’m just a 17-year-old, what do you want me to do? all i know is that i hope i get to find out what this purpose is, because living a life without a purpose is pretty sad…and i feel like i have been doing that for all my life. just living without a reason.

    By Diana URL on 04.01.2011

  19. Purpose Lol!

    “Entry Form” was not previously there on purpose ;)

    I would like to move forward with purpose. I have so much to do today and it would be nice to get some of that done. But it’s freaking cold here right now and that’s making it hard to do much besides curl into little ball to conserve heat!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.01.2011

  20. I don’t know what my purpose is…I feel the need to write, but write what? Is there more out there? What is our purpose as humans? So many questions, so few answers…

    By v URL on 04.01.2011

  21. His purpose was as it had always been. To get to the other side. What side, may someone ask? Well the other side of the road of course. It had been his purpose for as long as he could remember, and he, a chicken, and the road, made of tar and mortar, we still as distant as ever. Would he ever succeed on is purposed quest?

    By Alysia Chavez URL on 04.01.2011

  22. Do we have a purpose? I don’t think so. I think we are small animals on a spec of dust in the universe. So why worry? Why not just do whatever the fuck you want. There can’t be any one meaning of life, make your own. Just don’t be a dick.

    By Guy Duncan on 04.01.2011

  23. purpose is what fuels us. our purpose, the search for it, and the quest of it, are what defines as human beings and sets us apart from everything else.

    By Micah on 04.01.2011

  24. purpose, hmmm. what is the purpose of me doing this online spontaneous writing thing? to waste time I suppose. and whats the purpose of me wasting time? to get to lunch time faster because I am hungry, but its still 11am, too early for soup, which is what I want.

    By Jessica URL on 04.01.2011

  25. The purpose of this pontification is purportedly to press my peripheral pondering to pick a purpose.

    By Lotus Bloom URL on 04.01.2011

  26. What is it?
    Why am i here?
    Do i even have one?
    Why does it matter?
    Its so confusing to think about it.
    Even pokemon want to find it…
    But can we ever really find it?

    By Kelly Cowart on 04.01.2011

  27. He hadn’t done it on purpose, it was an honest accident. How was Alec to know that Magnus hated surprises. AND heights. Ugh… He’d messed up BIG, this time…

    By A Kitten in the Stars URL on 04.01.2011

  28. purpose
    what is my purpose? do i have one? will i ever? does any one?
    i feel like i have a destination… then i don’t
    am i lost?
    i think i am.
    but then i know where i’m going.
    even though i don’t know my purpose
    illogical indeed.
    oh well, i don’t need one.

    By Madeleine on 04.01.2011

  29. I sat at the computer screen, drawing a blank. Not only a blank in inspirattion, ideas but in life. Why am I here? To pump carbon dioxide or whatever into the holey ozone? To consume?

    By Haelii on 04.01.2011

  30. I need do find a way to dela with solitude. maybe its all I have left. maybe its why I leve and keep feeling good about myself. this might be the purpose of my existance so I will stop looking and start apreciating

    By cesar da silveira on 04.01.2011

  31. what is purpose? is it a drive for something that cannot be reached nor touched nor grasped in the palms of ones hands? no it is a dream. it’s closing your eyes in the middle of the day and opening them again to head towards the picture that it left behind. I have a purpose. perhaps it is to write. but no that is not what I see when I close my eyes. my purpose is to live life for my God, my family, my love.

    By Elizabeth Robinson on 04.01.2011

  32. I have no idea what my purpose is. Im a freshman in college and people urge me to figure it out. They say I’m going to have to. But whats the point? Why should I figure out my purpose so early in my life? What benefit is that going to have on myself or anyone around me. Once I find my purpose, everything will be dull. There will be nothing to work for and nothing to try to figure out. Life will be boring. I like my life without a purpose.

    By Carla URL on 04.01.2011

  33. I believe everyone has a purpose. We might not know it yet, but we will soon. Don’t try to change your purpose, it will turn the whole world into chaos.

    By Anna on 04.01.2011

  34. The purpose was simple.
    The Plan was plain.

    Plenty to lose.
    But nothing to gain.

    developing photos
    in alkaline liquids

    burning holes in my vest.

    By Vincent on 04.01.2011

  35. my purpose in life? is there really a purpose to life? According to some, we just live life as is, without any direction or knowledge of anything really.

    By Britt on 04.01.2011

  36. Purpose is supposed to define who we are. Give us a place in the world. I would never put this responsibility on anyone. I wouldn’t dare. What does it mean that God dares?

    By Val on 04.01.2011

  37. Theres a purpose for all things that we do. We are all seeking the purpose in our lives; the longest time we will ever know. It’s a sfae bet that we’ll never understand the purpose of our lives. Why should we?

    By Sebastian on 04.01.2011

  38. my purpose is to be happy, my objectives, my goals, the life purpose is great to have a purpose in life, any way not having purpose is also nice, so you are free you have no purpose;

    By felicity URL on 04.01.2011

  39. Thorn’s tongue danced over the back of her teeth as she glared at the man before her. Her sightless eyes seemed to suck in the night, and any light that might was unfortunate enough to meet them. “You will have a purpose…” Her voice was soft, the man cringed at its’ intent.

    By heather URL on 04.01.2011


    By Lina on 04.01.2011