October 7th, 2011 | 299 Entries

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299 Entries for “prosperous”

  1. I became prosperous when I voiced Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. WIth my money I opened ice ccream shops all over Paris and London and America and I took back the Wihite House! YAHH! My brother became prosperous when he sold chocolate bars. Don’t think he’s better than me because he’s not and I hate him. No I’m kidding, I love him. Or Do I? This is what happens when you become PROSPEROUS!

    By mary on 10.08.2011

  2. Being prosperous means being able to move forward with a level of clear-headedness and a vision for the future. It means having an abundance of all of the things you’ve never had before. Growth, truth, magnificence.

    By Sarah URL on 10.08.2011

  3. If only this were prosperous, my crammed note books and scraps of scribbled bits of paper. If I could pull that off, how happy I would be.

    By Laura URL on 10.08.2011

  4. prosperous is wealth. or someone very likely to get money on their hands in the near future.

    By schnitzel URL on 10.08.2011

  5. i have really no idea what it menas, im from dk so it is not that weird. Ehhmm i still hope it is somehow possible to get something out of this

    By john on 10.08.2011

  6. Opposite of jack and jill (without analysis). They have no water on their home-not so sure if they live together though. People must be lucky being prosperous. But only on the account of being materialistic that people forget the true and meaningful “prosperous”. At least when Jack and Jill went up the hill, they had each other. Even when Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after.


    At the very least, they’ve got each other.

    By Mij URL on 10.08.2011

  7. The Horn of Plenty is a card in the game Settlers of Catan, where you can simply take two of any resource that you want. This is a great card to deploy when you are on the verge of winning, gaining wheat or ore to build that last city, or whenever you aren’t feeling so prosperous.

    By ina URL on 10.08.2011

  8. A word of great wealth. It means to own alot. It’s long and means a healthy lifestyle. It means to have great success and prehaps friendship. It takes into account family and lifestyle. They say to live long and be prosperous as a wish and benefit of forms. It is a dream, a goal, a need.

    By Sorcha on 10.08.2011

  9. It was a lot of dough. Just laying in mounds. Gold, jewels, hell, even frankinscence and myrrh wouldn’t be out of place in that great hall. And the diving board was the best part.

    By Jade Carmichael Winslow URL on 10.08.2011

  10. I did this one already. Seems delusional to write again and I don’t feel the need to prosper at this moment.

    By Veronique URL on 10.08.2011

  11. fullness
    but not money or power but
    smiles and great food, good wine, better company
    dancing without thinking
    prosperous is finding riches in the moments

    By JJinx666 on 10.08.2011

  12. The consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially in excess is not at all a prosperous maneuver.

    Lots of money for increasingly little benefit.

    By Land of Dave URL on 10.08.2011

  13. thinking this would be good as lonf as happy too…..enough sufficient maybe not stalking around tppoo much safe and sound feeling decure but propserous is more than that really its actually beig able to do whatever you want a freedom what ho thwould be goos

    By annie on 10.08.2011

  14. Being prosperous and having a midlife crisis seems contradictory. I was a theater major, got scared because I’m not a self-promoter, and switched to teaching, which I hate. Needless to say, I’m exceedingly jealous of my favorite actors who are in my age range. They’re prosperous in terms of material wealth, but also in terms of having a fulfilling life.

    By beowulf URL on 10.08.2011

  15. herp derp derpitty hurff

    By nignog on 10.08.2011

  16. the prosperous man had no worries. he had everything he ever wanted. beautiful house. perfect job. but he wanted more. he wanted her. and she may indeed be the only thing he can’t have.

    By abra URL on 10.08.2011

  17. The prosperous of the nation step on the less-fortunate. It has always been so, since the dawn of “haves” and “have nots.” Those who are fortune’s favored, who can make money bloom yearly like leaves on trees, have little regard for the underclass, the great unwashed, the least favored among men.

    By Ryan on 10.08.2011

  18. I do not prosper in the modern world. I am a shrinking entity, the middle class. Restrictions upon restrictions choke my wallet. Suffocate me.

    By Holly URL on 10.08.2011

  19. money money money, must be funny, in a rich mans world.

    By nicola on 10.08.2011

  20. This country used to be prosperous. Where has our prosperity gone? It’s here, just sometimes hidden by politics and the ever declining economy. Someday we’ll come back and be more prosperous than ever. Soon? I hope. In my lifetime? I pray.

    By Renee on 10.08.2011

  21. Prosperous is when good look comes your way. When you feel like nothing can go wrong and your just having a good time. For example, a prosperous year means that this year will be filled with joy and laughter and all that good stuff. Prosperous can be related to good wealth and money! Money! I wish I was prosperous right now!!

    By Cinthia Covarrubias on 10.08.2011

  22. “A prosperous business man must look fit for a day’s work at all times.” The words from the handbook floated through Graham’s mind as he dressed himself. Looking in the mirror as he tied his tie, he saw just the spitting image of it.

    By Kathryn on 10.08.2011

  23. I may have no arse in my trousers, I may look like a rabid cat with terminal mange, but I have a pound. And like the richest man in the world I can spend it. Therefore, despite all evidence to the contrary, I am, and shall remain prosperous. At least until the pound is gone.

    By Santa Monious on 10.08.2011

  24. wealthy doing well managing to keep your head well above water character’s name in Shakespeare Prospero

    By Alan on 10.08.2011

  25. I don’t even know what prosperous is in Bahasa Indonesia. i don’t know that word. i think i can only write that. by the way this is my first word. :)

    By Afifa Sayyida URL on 10.08.2011

  26. I want to be prosperous just in the things I do and who I become. I also want to help other people become so too.
    Its a nice word, makes you think happy thoughts. Haha but it also kinda makes you worried for the future.

    By Madeline on 10.08.2011

  27. What is your goal of prosperous.

    I will live in a glamorous home with everything i want. yeah right you will he remarks.

    You will live long and live well he says. Live a prosperous life that you can afford to do your passions ans your errands in the same time frame. What are you up to?

    By kevin meagher URL on 10.08.2011

  28. prosperous country is abundant.It has lots of resources.people living in it are having a good time.they have only few problems

    By araceli on 10.08.2011

  29. Plants growing long and strong, they prosper. The man growing wealthy and powerful, he prospers. The Bear staying warm with her cubs, she prospers. The art is drenched with color, it prospers.

    By Chloe on 10.08.2011

  30. Every February, you do your visiting rounds with your family for Chinese New Year. Everything is red, and if they’re not red, they’re orange at the very most. Chinese believe that red is a sign for prosperity. (You’ve never liked family visiting, neither do your parents parents. But you still go. Chinese have high value for “face” too.)

    By Jules Looke URL on 10.08.2011

  31. It’s about abundance – the excess of what we want. Prosperous in leisure brings images of a bubble bath, a chandelier, an elegant dinner in a vast dining hall. Prosperous in happiness conjures up associations with mountains, travel, companions to laugh and rock-climb with. Apple-picking, pies, cider. Fall.

    By Catherine URL on 10.08.2011

  32. i am often asked what i feel i took from our time together. people think that a union so fiery and seemingly tenuous must have had some reward, something of value that kept it alive during the days and, sometimes, months when it seemed so unlikely that we could ever have formed a friendship let alone a love affair. i always give such inquirers a variant of the same answer: our relationship was prosperous- not in terms of material wealth or gain, but in the sense that from it i was given new insights into myself, i learned about the person i was and discovered the person i would grow to be. even in the nights i spent chain smoking under the fluorescent light of the kitchen, and you felt like the worst comedown i’d ever had, i looked into myself and i found you there.

    By ttabby on 10.08.2011

  33. Prosperous? Isn’t that what everyone’s supposed to want to be when they grow up? They’ll all want to make a lot of money, and have kids, and have money so that they can go on fancy vacations and all of that. I don’t really think that having a ton of money is prosperous. I just want to be happy. That’s all.

    By Adelina URL on 10.08.2011

  34. What does it mean to be prosperous? Does it mean to be well off financially? Emotionally? In life in general?
    Some consider themselves prosperous as they move up the ladder, increasing their paychecks.
    But it’s the homeless people’s dogs who are prosperous and their owners. For they have a ever prosperous love to each other.

    By Jordan on 10.08.2011

  35. красивый, молодой, сильный и развивающися, запроминающийся, яркий. в самом расцвете сил, набирающий высоту и силу. развивающийся, прекрасный и перспективный, готовый к движению

    By Nancy on 10.08.2011

  36. it is wealthy and fully of everything that was ever lovely and the rich people think the fence isn’t white or wooden or steel. it’s just a fence. but you can see through it so what’s the point of a fence if nothing is private. it is not prosperous it is just there… waiting for something to change. i guess that’s life everywhere. isn’t it?

    By Katie on 10.08.2011

  37. ooooooooh, the wealthy ones are the ones who recall what happened all those years ago. when you are well, when you are fine, when you are premeditated, that is when they come for you. and they take you away until you are perfectly imperfect. and they think you’re better because you can brush your hair but all you really deserve is hairspray.

    By Katie URL on 10.08.2011

  38. One way that a man can be prosperous is to be completely content with the present moment. There’s only now, and concern for what can’t be changed and what can’t be controlled or predicted only robs from enjoyment of the shared experience of the here and now.

    By Todd URL on 10.08.2011

  39. What exactly is prosperous? it’s a word. With a meaning that I don’t exactly know.. Haha. So tell me, is it an action? A feeling? An emotion? A movement? A form of something? Prosperous.. what is it and what does it mean.

    By Taylor on 10.08.2011

  40. To be prosperous means different thing to different people. But at the end, prosperous means not to regret anything in life – to live life to the fullest.

    By Deepanjan Roy on 10.08.2011