November 3rd, 2016 | 44 Entries

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44 Entries for “proof”

  1. i don’t know why everyone says that the proof is in the pudding
    i looked in my pudding today and i didn’t see any proof there
    where is it??? where is the proof

    By stranger on 11.03.2016

  2. i needed proof you were not going to play with me right from the get-go. yet how could i possibly ask for it; reasonably so. how unlike me that would’ve been – so i just didn’t.

    By Jo URL on 11.03.2016

  3. “I need proof! You cannot expect me to make a false assumption and arrest someone because you found some accusing bread crumbs-”
    “And chicken wire, sir,” She replied to the sergeant.
    “Ugh! And chicken wire! Now, nothing will be happening to Mr Darfucoil until I get some proper evidence!” his face was turning an unsightly red, the tip of his nose and his forehead standing out in their whiteness. He pushed Everest out of the door and onto the bitumen, slamming the door behind her.
    “Well, that went well,” muttered Everest.

    By EmmaChristobel URL on 11.03.2016

  4. “I know the truth!”

    “You have no proof!”

    “Man, she’s so mad – she’s through the roof!”

    “I know your feelings!”

    “My head is reeling!”

    “Your lips are in need of some serious sealing!”

    “I hate this ride!”

    “I feel so alive!”

    Here I am on the railroad, the lonesome bride, while my parents are screaming, my husband is steaming, and I have no sense of pride.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 11.03.2016

  5. i was starting to feel quite uncomfortable with all those clients that came when i feeling hungry. I felt like having a rest, just a slight inch of stretch. Man, that time between 9 and 10 pm. what i waited for it all day long. and then as i just barely placed my lower back on the wall for a dip dip break of small relieve, someone can in and i had to stand still and upright, leave my fucked up dinner and give all my attention and good manners to these free-time people. I fucking hate club sandwiches. fuck that whole world of perfect khaki, shining shoes, fuckhole minds who listen to crap deep shit music, who love to seat hours straight, endless countless days after days on the cafes, dam you, free-timers, dont you have anything better to do?… damm, and then, i fucking start to hate my self, for envying them, for the stillness of their oceans, for the easiness of their plain soups and excess of numbness, daam you be. And whole that made me wonder about me, its all about me, fuck, its fucking sad, this shit of looking just to your own feelings, so narrow minded, but im pushed at this condition, why do you make me question myself? IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! IM A GOOD MAN! … am i?

    By lyrics URL on 11.03.2016

  6. Proof of the spoof
    Right in front of your face

    By Carly URL on 11.03.2016

  7. Why do I always ask for proof? Some of those most beautiful and eventful moments in life occur without any evidence of it happening. To always desire proof is to always desire meaning, but if one understands there’s a possibility is meaningless, what use is it to constantly stress over proof. Proof. Appropriate sometimes, destructive others.

    By Gurchit Chatha URL on 11.03.2016

  8. the proof is in the pudding
    flubber in jellow, even the yellowest of the yellow
    desipite, all of the confronted tomfoolery beckoned
    thee knows what thee reckons
    theres your proof
    watch action take place with surreal, yet real, energy behind envisions and let the rest
    take future from there! “

    By Milad URL on 11.03.2016

  9. I sat on the stand, my heart racing. I looked across the courtroom at my lifelong friend. I was terrified of what I was about to say. Terrified of the power of my testimony. Simple words that would condemn someone, who I thought was my friend, to die. “Do you recall the night of January 7th 2016?” I leaned into the microphone and spoke

    By Ryan Alexander Fleming on 11.03.2016

  10. I didn’t know what they wanted. They just said I needed to prove what I’d said. But I didn’t have anything. There was nothing there. I had just seen it. It was huge, and terrifying, and it left me all shaken. But I didn’t have a picture and the footprints were gone by morning. I don’t know what to show them.

    By frobishounen URL on 11.03.2016

  11. Proof. Something badly wanted but hard to obtain. It is common with insecurity. One who dosent know what to believe and is not sure wether to believe it, needs proof. Proof is deadly as well. It can ruin something or make something better. Proof has a powerful hold on situations.

    By JT URL on 11.03.2016

  12. How much proof do you need? When someone shows you who they are, believe them. Wish I’d taken this advice when I was young. Hope the country takes this advice next Tuesday.

    By zenderlee URL on 11.03.2016

  13. bleeding out on crisp paper one autumn afternoon
    half-laying on the table, you let yourself bleed out over the table-top
    it’s the only proof that you were here in the end
    (your body fades
    the blood stains
    the mess you’ve made
    is all that remains)

    By vanikey URL on 11.03.2016

  14. The proof.
    Perhaps it was in the man that lay, his limbs splayed in odd directions, beneath the shade of the apple tree in his garden. His neck was split, his face stuck forever in an odd grin. His smile was hauntingly stretched. He had died, grinning hauntingly at his attacker while the life spilled out of him.

    By Maddie URL on 11.03.2016

  15. i wish i had some type of proof to all this stuff going in on my head. i trust too much of what i think is real, but in reality, i need solid proof because if there isn’t any then it just isn’t real. even though i want to bypass the proof altogether and think that it is what i think it is.

    By c URL on 11.03.2016

  16. Show me. You could tell me, but I need proof. Seriously. Put it right in front of my face. I believe you. But I want to see it. Now. Not tomorrow. Here and now. Proof. THanks.

    By Steph URL on 11.03.2016

  17. Proof of my value. It’s hard to come by some days. My boss is a sociopath and is running amok with everyone’s self esteem. Kids don’t provide any validation. They don’t have it in them. Their job is to test the boundaries and resist the “no”, not to say “oh, you are doing great with me!”.

    By Pinky URL on 11.03.2016

  18. This word.
    Had to be the first word.
    I have started to abhor this word. It is the one thing which kills me if someone doesnt believe me and requires proof. Is my validation not enough.

    By Shaireen on 11.04.2016

  19. Es muss proof sein. Alle wollen Sicherheit. Sie wollen sich nicht irren. Sie wollen sich nicht betrügen lassen. Proof und safe. Waterproof. So dass nichts reinregnet. Aber bitteschön atmungsaktiv. Auch wenn es draußen kalt und drinnen schwitzig ist. Rein soll das Wasser nicht, aber raus. Selbsttrocknend. Selbstverständlich.

    By Eli URL on 11.04.2016

  20. “I need proof!”
    “Proof?!” I shouted back, “You haven’t paid me a dime! Why should I give you anything?”
    His eyes widened in anger and his fist clenched by his side.
    “You can’t hold me hostage.”
    His voice was low and menacing and I should have taken the hint but I didn’t and after a refusal and a broken glass window and a broken jaw I got all the proof I’ll need.

    By Aimee on 11.04.2016

  21. Never never never never never did I ever know that those words could ruin my entire life.

    “I didn’t do it! I swear! You have to believe me!”

    “We don’ have to and we won’t.”

    There was a sigh and a silence and then…”We have proof.”

    By Jaggarte on 11.04.2016

  22. Proof.

    Everyone is looking for proof as a tool of trust. A material to believe.

    We all are looking for something to hold on , and proof, may be physical or not, is something to make us sane and remind us that yes, you’re doing the right thing

    By Tiff on 11.04.2016

  23. absence of the mind upon hitting the keyboard. he felt like the genius symptoms of the previous days were gone, today he was l’inspiration null, the living statement of an empty recipient

    By lyrics URL on 11.04.2016

  24. Im done.

    I dont need proof

    Not all needs proof

    Somethings its just emotion and feeling

    Cause feelings is a natural reaction to something you cannot see. And that is much more reliable

    By tiffg URL on 11.04.2016

  25. You have no proof. You cannot prove I’m guilty of stealing it; but I’d do it again.
    It pumps so forcefully, with so much courage, so much passion.
    I just had to get my hands on it, it is the only antidote for my pain…
    I’m sorry if i broke your ribs to get to it but,
    don’t you want me to have it?

    By Lexy URL on 11.04.2016

  26. “It’s right there. You can’t deny it.”
    “I can if you would just leave me alone.”
    “You’re blushing.”
    “Shut up.”
    “Point one for me.”
    “Could you please leave?”
    “And now your breath is all short and your heart is racing. I can feel it. That’s proof.”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 11.04.2016

  27. I mean, proof it’s like a professional don’t you know?
    I think this is more like a bullet proof, that game which 50 cent stars.

    Actually, I don’t know the meaning of this word.

    By Lucas Ferreira on 11.04.2016

  28. in the pudding?
    in the eyes?
    how can you tell if it’s true
    or false
    or falsely accused
    I can blink
    away my guilt
    with one look

    By Lizzie URL on 11.04.2016

  29. what is the proof of true love?

    By vocorina URL on 11.04.2016

  30. I saw yesterday a unicorn in the backyard. It was white with colored dots. I told my brother about it, but he won’t believe me cause I don’t have any proof.

    By Adriana on 11.04.2016

  31. it was all the proof she needed. clothes on the floor and bottles in the fridge. nothing was as it should be, because nothing was all he was.

    By firelight URL on 11.04.2016

  32. I have proof and evidence of all the crimes you’ve committed back at the bank sir!

    By Imorales6732 URL on 11.04.2016

  33. Proof of what? Proof that I am a person? Proof that we are all people here on this earth and living and breathing and touching and just being? Proof that I am here and I am reading and thinking. Proof that today is another day in this world and proof that you need no proof to just be who you want to be. We are all proof, proof of a greater being and a greater thing that is more than us and more than we will ever be. Here in this place and on this earth together we can continue to prove that.

    By Lauren RC on 11.04.2016

  34. Sometimes we don`t believe what others say. Sometimes we need “proof”. Sometimes kids try to convince other kids of something and the other kids say “prove it!!”

    By homeschooler URL on 11.04.2016

  35. The proof was in the pudding they said. A rich fruit cake. With a slight hint of almonds. They’d all be dead within the hour. But I was going to leave clues, it’s all a game, just like life.

    By Daisy Leason URL on 11.04.2016

  36. proof, happens, occurs,
    upon creation of distillation within relations
    abrasion realizes ascetic ruins when roofs cone together above heads that roam together!

    By Milad URL on 11.04.2016

  37. proof is where u show some one something to aprove your opinon

    By amarri on 11.04.2016

  38. Proof is what you would give someone to let them know you are right .
    Example: Give me proof that monkeys are not purple

    By Ashleigh URL on 11.04.2016

  39. Your love, your whispers of goodness, your blessings, your laughter, your touch, the look you have when you see me. The sound you have in your voice when you tell me. My heart and the ability to trust you even though you say things that hurt, even though you say things that make me uneasy. It’s all proof. That I’m in love with you.

    By Kiana Malia URL on 11.04.2016

  40. how do you prove someone loves you? do you judge their actions? their words? how do you tell if it’s real?

    you don’t.

    you just love.

    By Leah Lou on 11.04.2016