January 8th, 2013 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “promise”


    By Snow on 01.08.2013

  2. I promise to believe you when you promise
    I promise never to make a promise

    By Snow on 01.08.2013

  3. I promise to be a better person this next year. I am tired of living in the shadow of others, but its because that is where I put myself. I will keep my promises, I won’t let them down anymore. I promise my life will be successful. I promise that I will win his love back, someday. I promise that I can conquer all.

    By Natalie on 01.08.2013

  4. Dear girl,
    I promise I’ll never hurt you. I promise I’ll love you. I promise I’ll hold you whenever you’re sad. Don’t leave me, I promise it’ll hurt me. I love you, I promise I’m not a liar. I promise to keep you. I promise I’ll never do anything I don’t have any memory of. I promise this will be good for the both of us.

    Will it really?

    By Sara on 01.08.2013

  5. I won’t make anymore promises that I can’t keep. I won’t make any promises at all, except if you keep making mistakes, I promise to make you fall.

    By untamedimagination URL on 01.08.2013

  6. Me personally I am not good with promises, though I like to fancy that I am. The only person I am good with keeping promises is myself. See I did it again.. Like I said, I like to fancy that I am good with promises. I like I fancy a lot of things. Maybe one day I can actually be good.. At keeping promises.

    By Action on 01.08.2013

  7. I made a promise to you many years ago that I wouldn’t give my virginity to anyone but a very special man, but unplanned things have happened, Something out of my control, now I feel used, worn and abused. And that very special promise I made to you has been broken.

    By Glitz URL on 01.08.2013

  8. i already did this word that’s not even fair i dont wanna write about the same word again that’s not even fun i can’t think of anything else becuase u’m distracted and stuff ugh this is so frusterating i can’t even open completely up to myself how sad is that this sucks i don’t even understand myself

    By rachelbartlett URL on 01.08.2013

  9. A promise is something a lot of people make. Sometimes people keep their promises but a lot break them. I think a lot of promises are made and forgotten about right away. Those promises though, are most likely the ones made lightly.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 01.08.2013

  10. Promises are lighted by the soul
    behind the words that flow from the mouth.
    and each promise give to man
    from man
    or nature
    or God is
    a breath of fresh air
    in which we see our true selves:
    selves made for trust more than distrust
    for hope more than anxiety
    and for love more than fear

    By t44 URL on 01.08.2013

  11. promises should never be broken. They are a sacred bond of the verbal kind between two people or more. a promise means the person you have made the promise to trusts you enough to take your word at face value and this is something that should never be compromised. all you have in life is your word and breaking a promise is the best way to tarnish your reputation. it may seem trivial at times, we make promises all the time, but they should be viewed as more valuable than mere words.

    By bryan on 01.08.2013

  12. Promises mean nothing. Promises are so easily broken, a mere “I promise you” is not going to guarantee anything at all. I don’t let myself promise anything that I don’t know 100% that I will keep. Because it hurts most when someone breaks a promise.

    Pinky swears are the way to go. :P

    By Jason URL on 01.08.2013

  13. I promise.
    A promise. The bond of a sacred promise. But not just any promise. Your promise. Your promise to me. The promise where you said you’d never leave. It’s been rough now and again, but boy have you held up your end of the promise. I love you and I promise I always will.
    Do you promise?
    Promise me you do.
    Promise to never ever break your promises.
    Promises make the world go ’round.

    By Lelia URL on 01.08.2013

  14. The promise of a new life, a new identity, was too much to resist. John signed the paperwork, and put his future in the hands of the wrinkled old man in front of him. After fourteen hours of surgery, Joanne awoke to see that same man smiling down at her.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.08.2013

  15. I put too much faith in words; I hope you can accept
    the poem that I wrote for you, the promise I have kept.

    By Carly URL on 01.08.2013

  16. I want to be with you forever. As friends, lovers, whatever. You mean the world to me, and I hope that we will still know each other far into the future. You’re an amazing person, and I promise to keep you safe. You’re the best and I hope you feel the same way about me.

    By Ivy DeWitt on 01.08.2013

  17. promises can’t always be kept. as much as one may want to keep a promise, it’s not always possible. i don’t know if i can keep my latest promise and it scares me to death. i want to keep it. i want it to keep itself.

    By Virginia on 01.08.2013

  18. I promise to never promise to do more for you than I know I can deliver.

    By Paulie Aragon on 01.08.2013

  19. I promise I will love you for the rest of my life I promise to br the best person I can be. I promise to do what makes me happy. I promise to believe tomorrow will be better than today.

    By danielle d'angelo on 01.08.2013

  20. i promise to never make you become anyone you don’t want to be. i promise to be your best friend, or whatever person you need me to be to make you feel whole. i promise that you can hold me to this and break my balls if i don’t step up to the plate. this is what he promised

    By Jennifer URL on 01.08.2013

  21. Promise? That’s a joke. There are no such things., You never keep one so why have one exist? People are so intent on getting this 100% guarantee that they don’t realize that if this person was truly their friend they wouldn’t need a promise. They would trust them, they would go around shoving their pinky finger in everyone’s face

    By J on 01.08.2013

  22. promises are hard to keep. everyone i have ever met does not know how to keep a promise. but neither do i, i suppose. some words like promise and love do not make any sense, its like they do not exsist.

    By kaci on 01.08.2013

  23. When they say “I promise I will never hurt you,” its a lie! I’m not just being pessimistic, I’m being real. Everyone will hurt everyone at some point. You just have to keep that in mind so you can move on with your life when it happens.

    By OnaFish URL on 01.08.2013

  24. There is a lot I could say about promises. But since I only have 60 seconds, I’ll keep it short and simple. Promises mean everything until they’re broken. And not many people keep their promises. Furthermore, at least from personal experience, promises are worse than lies; because not only did you make them believe in the possibilities, you also gave them a glimmer of hope.

    By Annick URL on 01.08.2013

  25. promise me? I ask with lips quivering and my palm out… shaking slighly. He gently put his on mine and I shivered feeling the hole in his palm…

    By Lunais URL on 01.08.2013

  26. promises, too many to remember but never enough to keep.
    i promise you, for ever and always and all, but is that long enough? only if i mean it dear, i swear it will be. if not, i suppose we can forgive or forget.
    with porcelain promises sitting on dusty shelves, they’ll break once they’re called back into our thoughts.
    darling, you’re stunning when you choose to be but your promises look better unkempt.

    By Courtney on 01.08.2013

  27. promises are always meant to be broken. the sad part is, when one promises, more often than not, one never intends to break them. then, things happen. circumstances intervene, and the promise is broken. which causes hurt to both parties. better yet, one should never promise.

    By kimaya on 01.08.2013

  28. promises. i have always run from them because i can’t keep them. i just cant keep my promises. will i ever be able to do it. maybe i force myself.

    By Madhur Anand URL on 01.08.2013

  29. I see that these posts cause nothing but havoc and misinterpretation, and because of that, I think this will be my last one. It’s for the best. Jesus, it never ends, does it?

    By agloe on 01.08.2013

  30. Joan promised to her husband that she would be back quickly after her “girls night.” But she had other plans. She got in her car and drove to the far side of town. Pulling into the chain motel, with light bulbs flickering in it’s illuminated sign.

    By Ellie on 01.08.2013

  31. Everythings been broken
    my heart split in two
    everythings been broken
    except my promise made to you

    storms have come
    cities fallen
    lived my life
    but not found my calling

    I think it’s the end
    but can that be true
    it only ends if i break
    my promise made to you

    By That guy that's high on suicide on 01.08.2013

  32. promise is a bottle of water in a dessert with boiling wheather, it’s run out someday, anytime in life. keep it wisely, save it and give it only for the right person.

    By Hibatun URL on 01.08.2013

  33. I promise.

    I promise everything.

    just don’t go

    By Augustus Stahl on 01.08.2013

  34. “I promise,” said the captain. “If you just sign here, you’ll be eligible to receive assistance from my queen.”
    “Yes, but what will I pay in return

    By Michelle Tabor on 01.08.2013

  35. Everything in my life has made me believe that promises are always broken. That promises are lies, and their speakers liars. Thats why I NEVER promise anything. I don’t want to have to swallow down my filthy promising words. But everyday in my life, when I open my eyes, I notice that the whole world is a vague, dangerousl and still beautiful promise… I just have to chose: Do I believe in it? Or not…

    By Pandora URL on 01.08.2013

  36. promise is not always
    yet we tend to think that it will be so
    pressure or safety?

    By Tea Monkey URL on 01.08.2013

  37. Everything in my life has made me believe that promises are always broken. That promises are lies, and their speakers liars. Thats why I NEVER promise anything. I don’t want to have to swallow down my filthy promising words. But everyday in my life, when I open my eyes, I notice that the whole world is a vague, dangerousl and still beautiful promise… I just have to chose: Do I believe in it? Or not…

    By Pandora URL on 01.08.2013

  38. I’m staring at the screen and all that comes to be is a picture of a finger slipping through a ring. A small metal band, meaningless in itself but yet so full of importance in all it promises. A promise is supposed to mean something, it is supposed to be eternal, hard, unbreakable, much like that ring. But lately I find that the ring must be made of spiderweb, and promises have lost their charm.

    By emily p URL on 01.08.2013

  39. I’ll wait.

    By akt on 01.08.2013

  40. relationship mom dad school thing i0ve never done, things i owe, friends lost friends pain redemption accomplishments, new year’s expectations

    By yhali on 01.08.2013