January 8th, 2013 | 290 Entries

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290 Entries for “promise”

  1. I’ve had so many, and have broken them. Yet, others have broken mine as well. There’s always that promise that you keep though. The one that is symbolic and actually matters to you in life, which I have as well, and no, I will never break it, ever. I promise.

    By Roiden URL on 01.08.2013

  2. When they were both teenagers, she told him they’d be together forever. He’s an old man now, but in between his pottering around the garden and sitting on his old armchair listening to the wireless, he remembers this, and chuckles at the foolishness of youth.

    By Mdhamiri URL on 01.08.2013

  3. Promises are a form of non-material collateral.

    By spades up URL on 01.08.2013

  4. He wept across the room as the cylindrical case spun and hit him square in the face. She didn’t bide her time; it had to be done. All along she thought it would be the hardest thing to do, but it is what they’ve agreed, and the promise must be fulfilled.

    By Tricia URL on 01.08.2013

  5. Promises were cheap.
    It was actions that Marion preferred. Nothing over the top, but…. little tokens, or, holding the door open, or…
    making her laugh.
    Robin made her laugh and Guy made her cry.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.08.2013

  6. I promised myself every day to believe in myself.

    I’ve never kept a promise to myself.

    It’s never bothered me.

    By spades up URL on 01.08.2013

  7. He screamed from across the room as the cylindrical case spun in the air and hit him square in the face. She didn’t bide her time; it had to be done. All along she thought it would be the hardest thing to do, but still it is what they’ve agreed—the promise must be fulfilled.

    By Tricia URL on 01.08.2013

  8. Promise, a single promise, easy to say hard to keep, although a great many people make them more often then not, they are broken. Simply because they are forgotten. Why is it so hard to remember a promise, but so easy to forget the events of a past day or even split second. Why create so much pain for someone when you do not wish to keep it? Why go through the agony of making a promise when you’re just going to break it anyway. You know what that makes you? A jerk. You don’t even remember what you told me so long ago, which wasn’t even that long ago, just maybe 2 months ago, but so quickly you forgot. You broke me. You broke my heart. If you loved me, why wouldn’t you listen to what I say? You told me you wouldn’t be alone with her, but you were. I knew you weren’t going to keep your promise, yet I trusted you. I loved you, and I thought you were different. Well I guess I’m wrong.

    By Astrid on 01.08.2013

  9. He held her hand tightly, like he was drowning.
    “I love you,” she said, seeing the light in his eyes sparkle at her voice.
    “Oh, angel,” he breathed, as if he was breathing for the first time, “I love you too.”
    His grip tightened more and the city sounds escalated. Her screaming didn’t help, no one cared to come. Her best friend was fading.
    “I can’t-” she said.
    “Jackie,” he said through her tears, “promise me you be good, okay? Remember what- what I taught you.”
    She nodded, her tears coming out as sobs now.
    “I-” but as quickly as his voice choked out of his chest, he was gone. She gripped him, her own flesh and blood. She screamed.
    Oh, how she screamed.

    By Julie on 01.08.2013

  10. A promise made is a promise kept. Or so he said. Fat lot of good it did me. His promises were always made and never kept. How I managed to believe them again and again, I am not quite sure. I wanted to believe. I really did. Now I know better.

    By nedra URL on 01.08.2013

  11. As the last rose petal floated to the bottom of the jar and landed with a soft ripple in the water she felt a tiny fissure line etch its way across her heart. He’d promised her, promised that he’d be back to save her from the torment. And now his time was up and she had to chose between the waring explanations in her head. Either he had moved on and given up on her. Or he was dead. She couldn’t decide which explanation was more painful, even though she knew it was horribly selfish to think that way. That somehow she’d rather have him dead than with another woman.

    By Maddy URL on 01.08.2013

  12. When was the last time someone made a promise that was worth a damn? They’re all pie-crust promises these days, like Mary Poppins said; easily made and easily broken.

    By mogumba on 01.08.2013

  13. “I promise” He said as he stepped out into the rain. It seems to always be raining when something sad is happening. I wondered if he’d keep his promise? Would he return to me? Dear God I hoped he would. He kissed my hand and walked on to the street. “Wait” I yelled but the wind carried my voice away. In seconds he was gone, down the road and out of my life. I walked back inside and looked at the unmade bed. I wanted to curl up and never leave

    By Brittface URL on 01.08.2013

  14. I promise. I promise to care for you. To appreciate you. To show you how much you mean to me. To love you, no matter what. I promise.

    By Grace URL on 01.08.2013

  15. So live while you can, live cause you must.
    They are not necesary. People think they are romantic but that’s just because they can be broke. Which I don’t like and make people sad. Just do what you need to do. Shut up.

    By diana on 01.08.2013

  16. I promise you that everything will be okay. By the time you’re an adult, things are far different than you think they will be, than what’s been projected and expected by you, as well as others. Things change, as do people. I promise you that one day, you’ll be a totally different person, and that the hard things you’re dealing with right now will all be things of the past. You’ll be able to look back and be things that you can appreciate and remember, and be proud of conquering.

    By Isabella on 01.08.2013

  17. In the darkness, I felt fingers brushing against mine. Aria gripped my hand.
    “Jessica…can we make a promise?” she whispered.
    I turned my face toward hers, though it made no difference whether my eyes were open or closed in the pitch-blackness. “Yeah?”
    “Let’s stay friends forever.”
    I smiled and squeezed her hand. “All right. I promise.”
    Five years ago, when we twisted our pinkies in the darkness and swore to never be apart. Five years ago, before we were wrung dry by middle school, when we believed in eternity for the sole reason that we couldn’t understand it.
    It’s been five years since we made that promise. And, today, five months since I broke it.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 01.08.2013

  18. I promise
    To never
    Let go
    When the tides
    Roll in
    And hope flys away
    I promise
    To not just stay alive
    But to live
    For you
    For us

    By Jenina URL on 01.08.2013

  19. I promised you that I would stay for a little bit longer and I kept true to my word. You, on the other hand, did not and forced me out. It’s a promise that I tried to keep but in the end…could not.

    By youngbutthole URL on 01.08.2013

  20. Promise me you’re not going to do anything. Promise me you’ll leave things as they are, don’t dare to change, just never say anything and always stay silent. Promise me you’ll keep it locked up, no matter how much you think it hurts right now, because you’ll be grateful for it at some point later. Promise me you won’t do it,
    said the little heart-stopping voice for the ninety-ninth time this day.

    By LILYhibiku URL on 01.08.2013

  21. There was a little boy who stood by the sidewalk. He was only carrying a coin and the teddy bear he had grown up with his whole life. And maybe, he was holding onto a promise.

    The promise his mother had whispered into his year three weeks ago, but he knew would last forever. Because even if his mother left that morning and did not leave a message, he knew she would come back.

    She promised.

    By Amy on 01.08.2013

  22. I promise to do everything that I can do uphold your name and never let you go. I promise to do anything that I am capable to do to never do anything to harm you. I promise that I will give every part of me to you: my soul, my time, and my body. I promise that you will always have a lover in me.

    By Welles Richardson on 01.08.2013

  23. Trust someone you love, and they will trust you back. Don’t promise something that you can’t keep, but always promise to love them and no one else or ever cheat on them, and make sure they know it.

    By Amy URL on 01.08.2013

  24. Promises can be made but they can easily be broken. I don’t tend to break my own promises to another, yet I never expect another to keep their promise to me. Maybe it’s a trust issue, but also maybe it’s the result of me being a realist. I understand human nature, and their tendency for impulsive actions.

    By Sylvanna on 01.08.2013

  25. “I promise that I wont forget you. I promise that I won’t forget how you make me feel.”
    Those were her parting words to Henry, and she knew it dug the knife deep into his heart. She knew that with those words she had knocked him down, sent him into a whirlpool of despair.
    She couldn’t make a promise she wouldn’t keep, it wouldn’t be fair after all they had been through, yet she had. She had taken his trust and twisted it into something unrecognizable.

    By Cleo on 01.08.2013

  26. I promise you my life… my soul… my everything. I promise to be with you forever, I promise to be there always. I promise to be your one an only. I promise to hold you tight. I promise to love you forever.

    By Christina P on 01.08.2013

  27. She hated that he made all these promises to her. Hated that he made them and then never kept them. He would tell her all these lies, things that he said would happen. They never did though. Not one. It made her even more upset that she never stopped believing that one day they might come true.

    She sighed as she looked out the window of her mom’s minivan, watching the road go by as they drove on the 70 mph freeway.

    By wendy on 01.08.2013

  28. Une promesse est une chose sacré. C’est une chose qui se donne et se prend.Un accord de confiance ou son bris. Espérons que non! C’est l’accord d’une confiance a voie unique ou partager. C’est de l’espérance a coup sur.

    By Sif URL on 01.08.2013

  29. I promise you my life… my soul… my everything. I promise to be with you forever. I promise to be there always. I promise to be your one an only. I promise to hold you tight. I promise to love you forever…

    By Christina P on 01.08.2013

  30. Is this a trick? Promise as a word is nice and a good length. But as an idea… it can be something so warm and uplifting or something that destroys your entire world if it is broken.

    By amber on 01.08.2013

  31. trust
    best friends

    By roxane on 01.08.2013

  32. From Jeoforge to Ajunt.
    “If you make a promise, you better keep it.” my uncle use to tell me. Can’t say it didn’t rub off on me, I hold them close like a blood oath and I’ve had to throw off more than a few parties just cause’ there was someone who’d not been there to complete his or her end that ‘one’ time. Quite sanguine, sure, but it’s cut and dry, if I can’t count of you one time than whose to say you won’t be there for the next and I’ve met plenty of people who can uphold their end consecutively and consistently.

    By Eric Harrell on 01.08.2013

  33. It wasn’t something to be trifled with–the locket. No, it was a gift; given to her by someone that mattered. but when questioned, she simply said it was for decoration as the clasp of it was broken. When really, it didn’t hold a picture, it held something more important–a promise.

    By Theodora on 01.08.2013

  34. And it’s all a grand collision, the pieces slamming together in my mind so hard the breath is knocked out of me. I flounder for an increasingly awkward moment, but I can’t find the words and he’s looking at me warily and if I could have my way I’d be gone, a distant speck on the horizon barley visible in the hazy lines of summer heat. I don’t want to be here; we both know that. And it’s unfair of him to ask more of me than I could even give to myself.
    At last the epiphany fades and my mouth regains its function. When I speak, my voice sounds strange to my ears, muffled and full of displaced dust from the road.

    “I’ll see what I can do.” I say the words with solemnity—a promise.

    We both know it’s one I don’t intend to keep.

    By WearyWater URL on 01.08.2013

  35. promises are the worst things, cause no matter what they always get broken, no one truely understands what they are and how to go about them. they are there own unspoken art. mysteriousness is the only word i can think of to describe them in this very moment, promises are painful, and they will break your heart after the one you love tell you they promise you the world only to have them die on you and never get to see those promises come true, even after they promised to never die on you. there gone now anyways so why does it matter anymore. all thats left is broken promises

    By Kris on 01.08.2013

  36. I have promised a lot of things to a lot of people without following through with them. Only very recently did this come back to bite. They say you learn the lesson after making a mistake, and I promise you, they’re right.

    By Ryan on 01.08.2013

  37. i didn’t want you to feel like that. But it’s hard. it’s like you took everything i ever knew, everything i thought was good and buried it deep. So deep it’s just a faint noise. You couldn’t help it. I can’t help it.

    By tka on 01.08.2013

  38. “It was just a rock”. She told herself over and over again as she smoothed the small pebble in her hands. A rock that some boy had given her when they were five. He had told her it was their promise to each other that they would marry when they grew up. And now she was here at his wedding as he married another woman.

    By Kensington URL on 01.08.2013

  39. It’s something you make to someone. It’s meant to be kept. borken promises hurt more than most physical pain. When you get into a relation ship you make a promise to that person to protect them and never let them get hurt. Sadly most people can’t keep that promise. I know I personally have been hurt by promises unkept more than I have seen them kept. :(

    By Arionna Powers on 01.08.2013

  40. “I’ll be there on Monday. That’s a promise.”

    “A promise?”

    “Yes. A promise. You need to believe me on this.”

    She gripped my fingers so tightly as she raised her head from the pillow. The surgery was upcoming. I could not imagine the physical pain she was going through in her head. In her brain. Deep, deep within the mushroom folds of knowledge, gray matter going whiter by the day.

    “I’ll be there. I promise.”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.08.2013