November 2nd, 2011 | 406 Entries

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406 Entries for “profound”

  1. a great thing! very sophisticated and looked up too. There is a very profound announcement I would like to make. It is about the new princess of the united states! It’s me! That’s profound.

    By Natalie Berglund on 11.02.2011

  2. The thought was profound, i know. But for some reason, i couldn’t get it out of my head.

    By Maddie on 11.02.2011

  3. In the most basic sense, the human mind cannot grasp around certain concepts. Those ideas, too profound for the human mind to register without first altering its perception are most fundamentally important ideas we can conceive.

    By Andrew on 11.02.2011

  4. The thought was profound, i know. But for some reason, i couldn’t get it out of my head. I looked around, just begging for a distraction, but there was nothing there to calm my nerves. Just the sound of my heart pounding in my chest as l prepared for my destiny.

    By Maddie on 11.02.2011

  5. It is profound how cruel this world can be. I just go on about my usual business and life shoves Bullshit in my face every day. I have to deal with it because I have some one i care for but if that person is gone what do I have to live for?

    By Bluefruityloop URL on 11.02.2011

  6. i’m not really sure what this word means exactly. i believe it means that something is important. i don’t know what is important in my life right now, besides the people i love. i want a profound moment where i figure everything out. i guess i can’t go looking for this profound moment though, it just has to hit me. like a bus. i guess? i hope? maybe

    By Erin O'Connor on 11.02.2011

  7. why does this word keep showing up? i have refreshed the page and its always the same word. once again i dont really know what this means but from my context clues i’m guessing it means something exciting or unexpected. every time i see it in a book i usually use common sense to fill in the meanings.

    By geneva on 11.02.2011

  8. She wanted her life
    to be a profound
    unfettered by the mundane activities
    that were currently stifling her
    from the outside in
    a bland docility
    where wildness
    wouldn’t grow

    By SprawlingInk URL on 11.02.2011

  9. Its exausted brain struggled through the final task at hand. For it had a brain. Or at least a mental capacity that was far superior than the average human being, yet slightly inferior to the most intelligent human on earth. When it went to sleep, it knew it’s plan had begun.
    This minute is up, and it was a bad choice.
    Profoundly simple things usually have a stronger impact.

    By Siege URL on 11.02.2011

  10. i was speaking with him. i told myself i wasnt going to, because he was so profound. i couldnt bring myself to talk to him but finally i gave in. maybe it was his smile. maybe i just missed him. whatever it was i knew it wasnt good and this needed to stop. i couldnt be talking to such a man as he. i just couldnt.

    By Madeline URL on 11.02.2011

  11. seven twice bed dead injustice buster princess try i saw a princess once and i think she had a bugger in her hair, im sure it was a bugger. i clicked on the back arrow now i have to type more i wish i could think about something to write, oh well time is up.

    By Jose Hernandez on 11.02.2011

  12. My thoughts seem to be profound a lot if that’s a correct way to use the word. Sometimes life just seems to surreal and then I start to think about it more and it doesn’t even seem real. Every color, every sound, every smell is just so profound that I feel like I’m in a detailed lucid dream and I’m going to wake up soon to another life.

    By M URL on 11.02.2011

  13. We found out that he was profoundly autistic a week after his third birthday. The day the doctors told us, we ate mac and cheese from a box and drank orange juice out of plastic cups. Already we had convinced ourselves that life would remain the same. But it wouldn’t.

    By Alma Grace URL on 11.02.2011

  14. It’s so profound how beautiful the mountains look when you can see the rain coming, or at least my mom tells great stories about it. It certainly sounds amazing. Someday I hope to visit the Appalachian mountains.

    By Mackenzie on 11.02.2011

  15. As i looked up at the sky, fotr the first time, i could see the stars. there were no lights anywhere around me and for once i was in complete awe. i stood there for a minute, just looking up, smiling a little to myself.

    By Catherine on 11.02.2011

  16. i am not
    this word doesn’t describe
    the way i function
    the way i write, breathe live

    i am not
    in any way
    profound in the ideas
    i possess

    i am, though,
    simply writing
    to find and save

    By katy on 11.02.2011

  17. Profound to write on this website. Profound is a powerful word that also has the sense of completion or conclusion.

    By Erin on 11.02.2011

  18. The clock quietly turned over to midnight, and I lit my first to the gentle patter of the rain which fell about my perch. I watched the smoke drift lazily into the summer air, still oppressive and hot from the day, trying my damnedest to find something profound to think. Clouds loomed overhead, and the moon stared down like a gigantic eye, glaring back at me from the deep, dizzying sky.

    By chii URL on 11.02.2011

  19. Profound is God. God is indeed profound, wisdom dripping, all-knowing, Author of all knowledge. He is fully profound!

    By Mindy URL on 11.02.2011

  20. profound
    profund profound profound profound profound profound
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    profound profound profound profound profound profound profund profound profound profound profound profound profound profound profound profound profound profound profound

    By Connor on 11.02.2011

  21. what is profound? great way to start a post, but in all reality, what is to be considered profound? something new maybe. are we not constantly in a state of “profound” – everything we do, every minute that passes by is profound. unique, new, challenging and completely our own. our lives are profound, as is everything around us. so as time goes on, and as we inherently change with it, wishing to or not, we have no choice but to be profound.

    By Viktor URL on 11.02.2011

  22. What is profound? The ocean

    By Vaichusness on 11.02.2011

  23. something important. something someone could call you and you could be proud. something that reawakens your soul. a book you’ve read or a quote you’ve read or a film you’ve seen that makes you live your life in a different and better way. Love.

    By B URL on 11.02.2011

  24. largely inspiring thoughts educated provoked thoughts
    bigger than me
    a thought i dream of having
    an impossibility? figment of my imagination?
    not as great as it sounds?
    who knows!
    that’s profound

    By Jobi on 11.02.2011

  25. we are profound. time is profound. love is profound. it is all that is, and all that can be. regardless of our desires, we are inevitably profound..following time and changing with it.

    By Viktor URL on 11.02.2011

  26. What is the meaning of profound, anyway? we all think different things are profound, because different things matter to us, for example, i think that pablo neruda poem is profound but i’m sure someone else out there would beg to differ. Profound thoughts shape our world because they have us think deeper and broader than any other kind of thought, and they just lead on and on until finally you reach an epiphany or you just break.

    By nyan on 11.02.2011

  27. a deeper meaning to something. to be profound is to be wise. it is to have a larger understanding of the world at large. profoundness is something that comes with age it is something that takes time to accomplish and have. it can not be learned but experience is how you achieve it.

    By Sarah Moss on 11.02.2011

  28. Deep. Unfathomable. Meaningful. That’s what I like people to be, sharing knowledge with everyone.

    By reizyl URL on 11.02.2011

  29. I am a banana and I decided to profound a lover who would accept me for me so I met Mr.Potato head, and we decided to have babies. Well, we profound that the babies weren’t bananas or potatoes, they were carrots so I found that me, Banana, had been cheating without realizing it. So we profounded a little baby, the end. We love that baby, we even named it profound.

    By Lick me sucker URL on 11.02.2011

  30. Profound: I think of profound when someone says something thats really unusual or creative or “really deep, man”.

    By Fred on 11.02.2011

  31. I’d like too see where you mind takes me.
    I’d like to go through oceans of purple seaweed
    scattered with tiny dots that burst when you squeeze them,
    and when I pop them a sweet whisper will spill into my ear.

    By Emily URL on 11.02.2011

  32. I’d like to see where your mind takes me.
    I’d like to go through oceans of purple seaweed
    scattered with tiny dots that burst when you squeeze them,
    and when I pop them a sweet whisper spills into my ear.

    By Emily URL on 11.02.2011

  33. A profound speaker gave a speech in a hall…. He say “We should not have more than one children”. I wonder why he say such sentence….. But….

    By Jimmy URL on 11.02.2011

  34. like the ocean, blue, my mind, my thinks, my ideas, my future, our future, the life, the truth,probably not something yet found, but some day

    By martha on 11.02.2011

  35. Profound words are very promising. I just wish it’s also sincere.

    By Cindy URL on 11.02.2011

  36. You vocabulary would have to be profound to consider using such a profound word.

    By dan Giammanco URL on 11.02.2011

  37. Sitting on the edge of the boulder, he is perched alone. Smooth marble skin lies taut over body, torso, and face, with eyes revealing nothing but the most profound.

    By Zoë Aiko URL on 11.02.2011

  38. not sure what this word really means. maybe it means professional? i’m not sure.. or a professional that has found something.. I need to look in a dictionary.. a little sad if you ask me ha.. whatever. profound. to be profound…? Who knows.. :) Just keep smiling. Let your smile change the world but dont let the world change your smile.

    By Chloe McFadden on 11.02.2011

  39. there is nothing so sad as a child who has slammed their thumb in a door, in a woman who has left her lipstick in a taxi, in a lover who has missed his train. Nothing so profound as all of them finding themselves one a sidewalk, colliding in misery and then, separating into their various parallel lives.

    By MEG URL on 11.02.2011

  40. the depths of knowledge is tantamount to what the subject can think. if you only read and never look, if you only see and never perceive, you will never get to the root of what is real. what is happening isn’t real. what you perceive is what is real for you. and that is all. and the rest is up to everyone else. for there is no love in the world, but the one you have for yourself. yourself is all.

    By Mike on 11.02.2011