November 2nd, 2011 | 406 Entries

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406 Entries for “profound”

  1. oh my goodness – as aspirational word in terms of thought but a scary word in terms of dark waters – hope that everyone manages to achieve profound happiness in life

    By Sian on 11.03.2011

  2. Generally when I am lacking in the profundity department I just try to say something simple. There is a good chance that somebody may not know the thing that seems so clear to me and I’ll come off looking very clever. One can hope.

    By Chris_one1ii URL on 11.03.2011

  3. When I think of profound I think of a word that means something is very well thought out, and educated response that wouldn’t be given or said by just any one but by someone who has a good sense of their self and a subject area. An educated answer given after fully thinking through a topic. Someone who is profound is typically thought of as smart and respected for his/her insight.

    By Kim Lyskawa on 11.03.2011

  4. I was sat on the subway halfway to my destination. At the next stop a woman came on. She was young, maybe 23 and blonde and had a black peacoat on and a black skirt with black tights and black shoes. Shoe had fair skin and blue eyes. Her face was fine but her body was where her true beauty lay. She smiled at me and I thought about fucking her and she smiled at me again. Maybe she was thinking about fucking me too, and if only we could just come out and say that.

    By Kristian Gilbert URL on 11.03.2011

  5. deeeply thoughtful and contemplative, lookiing into the depths and ruminating on what is discovered. avoiding trivia and accruing meaning. taking inspiration from truth and seeking meaning without prejudice.

    By pat URL on 11.03.2011

  6. Profound means deeply knowledgeable. I think Hermione is profound because she is very smart. Profound can also mean intense, like a profound silence.

    By Damaris URL on 11.03.2011

  7. i want to be profound. i find my profound moments striking me and i have no where to place them. they just occur in my head, in a wave, and then are gone. unable to be captured because they aren’t concrete. profound moments are fleeting, my next goal for next time is to try and catch them

    By soj URL on 11.03.2011

  8. so smart well-spoken people I like can come off as pretentious

    By Olga on 11.03.2011

  9. Profound can mean anything and everything to a person, depending upon who they are.

    By Malz on 11.03.2011

  10. Deep thoughts that make you go, hmmmm. What if? A sense of possibility. Wonder. And the bigness of the universe. Think more.

    By StarJewels URL on 11.03.2011

  11. zero illegal surprised

    By Ivy URL on 11.03.2011

  12. It was a profound sentace he’d uttered, the likes of which may never had been heard again if only that book had stayed closed, if only he had never opened it and wreaked havoc on the world with his new knowledge.

    By L on 11.03.2011

  13. I feel like this word is overused. what makes something profound? importance? or is it instead something that makes us think, look inward, question. maybe profound means confusing. it makes us question who we are, what we think, and what the world is meant to be. if something is profound, then, it is brought into question

    By Erin URL on 11.03.2011

  14. Profoundly gifted. I was surprised when the psychologist told me I should look it up about my daughter, terrified when I did. What did it mean? What would it mean? I still don’t l know.

    By Karen URL on 11.03.2011

  15. One day I heard an old guy say, ” the most profound thing happened today…” I honestly have no idea what the word profound is. So I say,” screw this!”

    By packer backer on 11.03.2011

  16. The profound thing about Mr. Cranham is his sense of style. Un-nervingly he enters the department with stupidly expensive garments that seem to overshadow anything mr. Elford can compete with. He also smells profoundly similar to that of a homeless gentleman.

    By Simon Elford on 11.03.2011

  17. Something that always, always seems to happen to me accidentally. The sense that I have said something quotable, that I’ve thought something insightful and unique. It’s hilariously ironic that this is the first word that I’ve encountered on this site, because it personifies the greatest challenge I face.

    By Ru on 11.03.2011

  18. I have a friend who is profoundly deaf. This means she can hear virtually nothing at all, sometimes just a light buzzing sound. She had a cochlear implant five years ago and, now in her 60s, she is getting used to hearing sounds to a certain extent – having lost her hearing at a very young age, her mind is having profound difficulties now in trying to interpret the sounds.

    By Angela Garry URL on 11.03.2011

  19. The only way a person can know, that is, truly know about life. Is to experience it. To live every moment. I never have. I never knew what it was to live in the moment. I’d worry, or fear. I’d wonder about the worst that could happen. Everything changed since then. I’m no longer the person I was before.

    By David on 11.03.2011

  20. He was known whenever he gracefully walked anywhere, even his strong nose was profound and matched the sentiment of his world-view. He had emotions too big for travel. I felt bigger than the moon when in Paris with him last Autumn.

    By goldenair URL on 11.03.2011

  21. You may think it profound that profound would be the word chosen to write about. It’s actually a commonly used word. Not much profound about it, really. It describes something which is kind of unbelievable or at least too much so to be a coincidence.

    By Darlene Arrivillaga on 11.03.2011

  22. I spend a lot of time trying to be profound when speaking in public, or on the internet. But I find that being profound is something that cannot be faked, it is something that you either have, through miraculously inspiring quotes like Mark Twain, or you do not have and are cursed to covet.

    By Harry on 11.03.2011

  23. Something that is so powerful that just thinking about it makes you stop and reassess your world. A profound act can change a life, maybe yours. Profound is not something to laugh at- it is a fantastic moment in time.

    By Sandra on 11.03.2011

  24. great, big thinking, deep thoughts and questions, things that can go nowhere , but some thoughts can take you for miles and miles. problems, solutions, questions, asking people, meaning, meaningful, personal, intuitive, effecting, impact type stuff. things that i’d like to think about more, but don’t have the time. things i’d like to think about less in case i feel i should or could be upset or pushed over by

    By tracey on 11.03.2011

  25. Something profound is something that one thinks deeply about. I like to think about profound things often mainly because it helps me to deal with life and to think critically and carefully about my life choices. Everything about life is something I should think about carefully and something that everyone else should think about carefully too. A lot of times I consider thinking before acting. Thinking before speaking.

    By Kevin on 11.03.2011

  26. very hard and hardcore with pressure life and opportunities to do something with precision, a thorough job and ability to be able to do something well and exactly.

    By Finn Higgins on 11.03.2011

  27. What does profound mean? i think it has something to do with being good at something.

    By just582 URL on 11.03.2011

  28. We have a problem with the way we measure importance. We hang on the words of politicians, devote hours to the mating habits of drunken animals at the shore and pray to the shiny gods of retail, waiting for them to save us. It has become too easy to ignore the truly valuable, from the love of a grandmother to the profound wisdom of toddlers.

    By emmystrange URL on 11.03.2011

  29. A dark-eyed stare, a drilling silent plea. A gulping down of hurt, like swallowing metal, letting it sink, heavy, into subconscious. Shot through with meaning so profound it makes you double over in pain. And going on, in spite of it all.

    By siobhan347 URL on 11.03.2011

  30. and i’m standing here, and its right in front of me. this profound amazing thing, and i could take it, i could have it. its waiting for me to take the fall, dive head first off the cliff and never look back. instead i’m standing here, staring, dumbfounded and paralyzed, and doing… nothing. it’s waiting for me to decide. it won’t wait much longer.

    By Taylor K URL on 11.03.2011

  31. I need a profound epiphany right about now. Something that will make my temples pound and my heart race. Something that will blow my mind. Something that could make me feel like the world’s not such a bad place right now.

    By mere URL on 11.03.2011

  32. What made us think? The dreams? The visions? Why did our deepest desires make us move forward, to want to wake up from our dreams and enter a world where we could feel and not just see.

    By daniel on 11.03.2011

  33. I find small things to be much more profound than big ones. That sounds really vague, I know; but it’s true. When my little brother says some terrific thing, when I see something beautiful in nature. I find beauty and profundity in smallness because it is beautiful in a world of hugeness.

    By Viola URL on 11.03.2011

  34. The world was filled with noise. I couldn’t think, couldn’t hear. Only the sound of machines filling my ears.
    How did this happen? There are no words for this.

    By Kiera on 11.03.2011

  35. She looked straight at his unreadable eyes. She felt small underneath his gaze. His knowledge was above and beyond hers. Would her mind be able to reach the same depths? He merely smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

    By J URL on 11.03.2011

  36. Profound thoughts are more important, special, right? The huge lumbering elephant is preferred to the flighty butterfly.

    I like butterflies better.

    By Rachel on 11.03.2011

  37. Profound is a word that means thinking hard. Very hard? or just a bit hard dunno why? because! because what? and the thinking went on.

    By george URL on 11.03.2011

  38. profound peoples are peoples having high intellectual or extra ordinary intellect. they having a profound knowledge about many things. This people are adorable by many people from the society. these all are the things i know about the word profound. i am enjoying this activity very much. first of all, i dont know know about this word. but somehow i used this opportunity to learn a new word also.

    By shabeer on 11.03.2011

  39. The professor spoke of things more profound than anything he or I could grasp within our realities. It was mere science. simple at that, yet millions of lightyears away was this great unknown, this profound universe. And I knew nothing about it, and i wanted to know all of it. The universe was vast and wide, filled with many wonders. Wonders that i myself needed to learn about. Yet i was still unaware of the next few days of my life, the next great adventures

    By Alexis Hagan URL on 11.03.2011

  40. She studied the page. Nothing. She gazed out of the window. Nothing.
    What was happening? The revision sessions, the homework, the preparation! It had all come to this: the profound moment of her gcse exam. She put her nerves to the section of her brain that wasn’t folded away with sums, letters, tables, mind maps and all those other things the teachers had told her she needed- safely packed away, she folded the pages over them. She wasn’t going to let them take over! A sigh, followed by a deep breath…

    By Miss Cooper on 11.03.2011