December 24th, 2012 | 155 Entries

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155 Entries for “procedure”

  1. the procedure was simple: get in and get out. The three girls sat in the dark tree house contemplating the task at hand–getting the cookies from the cookie jar. One person would be the look out, one person would crack the code on the jar, and the last person was in charge of the escape rout.

    By amanda on 12.24.2012

  2. to draw out steps for accomplishing a certain plan or project.

    sometimes an ordeal or loops or rings or hoops that have to be jumped through when you don’t really deem it necessary.

    the flow of life in its natural orderliness, whether we plan it that way or not.

    a surgical operation

    By Ivy9 on 12.24.2012

  3. There was an order to everything, and everything belonged in its place at the right time and these were RULES, didn’t they understand they were completely throwing the balance in the laboratory off-kilter and you know THESE AREN’T SUGGESTIONS. But no one was paying attention to him, he was just the intern, no one took an intern seriously. Gosh, his coworkers sucked.

    By Courka URL on 12.24.2012

  4. the problem is that no one follows the proper procedure for anything anymore.
    people just do as they please. get with the program folks. Follow the procedures.

    By Robin on 12.24.2012

  5. at first when i saw this word, this one word it looked like greek or something and i was ured going to wroite about how i had no idea what this word meant. but then i figured out that this word was very familiar to me and that it was quite stupid of me to not know what it meant. I then thought, after writing all of this that im so sorry to whoever is reading this if someone is reading this. you see there are so many procedures all over the world and even though there are so many it is really quite hard to write about them. it would be easier to write about a tree or a storm or a war or the ocean or a wolf… but no they gave me procedure. oh and once again, anyone who reads this, im so sorry for the grammer, the spelling, the yeah… sorry.

    By Hetehya on 12.24.2012

  6. It was a difficult procedure, performed by tremulous, liver-spotted hands in the dead of night. We had looked for candles earlier, or flashlights, or even a night light, but Jeremy had already fallen unconscious and the house wasn’t ours so we had to make do. Nothing was sterilized—no time. All I could do was watch with mounting anxiety as the old woman slowly stitched the torn skin back together and mutter a half-forgotten prayer into the darkness. Jeremy couldn’t die. Not tonight. Not on Christmas Eve.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.24.2012

  7. Following a procedure goes against my nature. I skip directions, bypass processes, and though it sometimes causes a set-back, I prefer to abandon procedure.

    By AAA URL on 12.24.2012

  8. every time he says “procedure” i want to beat him with a roll of tape. slowly. he thinks the world is better if we all have a place and a roll and know what he wants us to do but i am not a drone, i know what i want and don’t know how to get there and that’s what i want. and that’s the fun. the procedure, fucktard, is that i will enjoy doing it.

    By Lj URL on 12.24.2012

  9. Life is a procedure from the moment of birth, we breathe, we move, we think, we feel, all procedures. Death is a procedure…we cease being, gradually until we are no more. Its all a procedure

    By Deb Nuckles URL on 12.24.2012

  10. Slit the white underbelly like iced cake, slip in the latex-covered glove. Inside there is a treasure trove. Wreaths of ruby-red intestines, shards of pale bone. I could make a crown, a gory pendant through this procedure of theft.

    By F on 12.24.2012

  11. We want to get this done in the most efficient and effective way possible. We might not like how we go about it, but hey, that’s th policy. I might want some time to think about it and find the best way…procedures work, but I often don’t like them.

    By Lee on 12.24.2012

  12. Soup kitchens have procedures. Dunno why thats what i thought of. Yeah. Ummm spaghetti. Wow, this is just going so well. Uhhh right. MNot thinking. Pig feet.

    By Jack on 12.24.2012

  13. go, start, begin, doctor, operation, game, play, task, mission, following, ocean,

    By nikita on 12.24.2012

  14. The procedure was clear. Find out as much as possible about the alien species recovered late yesterday afternoon. None of us were sure what to think, but I gave Gary a reassuring smile regardless.

    By Nathan Zaugg on 12.24.2012

  15. The procedure to move on is simple in a girls mind: chocolate, ice cream, a good cry or two. But in reality, it’s so much more than that. It’s taking your heart out, and squeezing every last hope that things might become different, so when you put it back in, you can do what you dream of doing….moving on.

    By Emily on 12.24.2012

  16. Unlike what people told her, she wasn’t scared to get the procedure done; she was excited. She wanted the doctors to perfect her, to take the deadly imperfection inside her and correct it. Correction.

    By Grace URL on 12.24.2012

  17. “Just take sixty seconds and think about this.”
    We both sat and watched the people going in and out and I thought about it, mainly because it was all I had thought about for days going on weeks. The procedure was clearly described and I was on the schedule. I had been told the options, the pros and cons and the decision had been made which brought us to this place at this time.
    “You don’t have to go through with it.”
    It was as if she had a script to read from. Her words were almost a superstitious mantra. She had to be here and because of that she had to do something, say something, but it wasn’t helping and we both knew it. I had to be here and that was all that mattered.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.24.2012

  18. The procedure was a painful one. She hated the way it made her feel and hated that there was only a possibility for it to make her better. All this pain for just a small bit of hope.

    By Anna Felmet URL on 12.24.2012

  19. It was procedure, I know, but it was still annoying as hell. Taking off my shoes, my jacket, my sweater; digging my laptop out of my bag; practically disrobing for the sake of protocol.
    And then I see- planes crashing into buildings, people screaming, firemen frantically getting people out, people sobbing their last goodbyes over airplane telephones- and I shut up and put my laptop into a bin.

    By R on 12.24.2012

  20. nothing but routine to keep you going through this life. Its almost like a procedure when we cant even keep anything rife. Become something more than that, or you will be left with regret.

    By Euan on 12.24.2012

  21. It was supposed to be routine. In and out. Under and awake again before she knew it. Until she got stuck.

    By Lindsay on 12.24.2012

  22. salty skin, its pale pallor
    ivory snow white
    clings to life
    sinking eyes sunk into sockets
    writ wrapped neatly tied
    around bow ribbons
    flowers, colorful and sad
    she speaks to me
    “it’s just a procedure”
    mind full of

    By Matty M. on 12.24.2012

  23. you always have to start somewhere. life is full of perpetual beginnings and, after taking the first step, you may never be certain of where you should go next. but you must press on. just use your heart’s guiding force as a procedeure. not a list of instructions. life has no procedeure because life is not science and should never be treated as an experiment.

    By Sara Logemann on 12.24.2012

  24. It wasn’t long after the procedure that I started feeling the side effects. First my hair started to fall out of my head. My friends told me to shave my head, so that I didn’t notice the effects but I didn’t listen.

    By Danni on 12.24.2012

  25. A procedure is the steps it takes to do something the right way, for example when doctors go through the same procedure every time they are about to perform surgery so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

    By adam Berger on 12.24.2012

  26. this makes me think of a medical procedure. they must go ahead with a certain task to get done. i don’t know what else to write about, like i said the only thing i can think about is a medical task that must be done. an operation. or a special operation as in fbi or something.

    By Candra on 12.24.2012

  27. Premeditated instructions to achieve a certain result. Set of rules in order to get to particular result

    By Georgie on 12.24.2012

  28. Very carefully, pick up the knife. Pull, don’t push it towards you. (Just make sure your fingers aren’t in your way.) Glide it across, and watch the liquid pour out.

    Take this as Sweeney Todd or Oranges, you take your pick.

    By Stephanie Force URL on 12.24.2012

  29. The procedure was meant to be followed. Johnson knew that, but he failed to do so anyhow. It wasn’t that he was especially defiant; it was just that he had had enough and wasn’t going to follow orders any longer, especially when they were stupid.

    He’d do his own thing and who cares about the consequences.

    By chipschap on 12.24.2012

  30. Take it from step one. Don’t deviate. Step two has fifteen sub-steps. All need to be followed in perfect order. At step three, there is no room for creativity, follow the rules don’t work in-between the lines. You need to be perfect, you can’t make mistakes, and there is no room to be human.

    By River Ranter URL on 12.24.2012

  31. I’m trying. I’m trying to get it right. I forget steps. Everything comes out wrong. I try to follow instructions. I need instructions. I need to follow the leader. Tell me what to do; I just want to do it right. Help me do it right by the world’s standards. I want to do well. I want to do it right.

    By Elise Johnson on 12.24.2012

  32. Procedures are like chores … No one wants to do them so we get our parents or a more mature responsible person to do it. That’s what i think of surgeons, mature people.

    By Abdirizak on 12.24.2012

  33. This is a yearly procedure
    You need to listen very well
    Always proceed from right to left
    That is the tome of wrapping hell
    Have your tape within grabbing reach
    And Your paper properly sized
    Remember to label when done
    Or your boyfriend will be surprised

    By recogirl URL on 12.24.2012

  34. His eyes opened. God, how bright this day would be. He looked around him, and the decision was made. He would leave this place, he was done. It was time to move on to something far greater, far more wonderful. something that matched his new view on everything.

    By Steven Shafer URL on 12.24.2012

  35. the way to do something usually used in math or science. the proccess of which to do a specific order. the correct way to do something or as teachers would say. where as student on the other hand would say other wise if they are stubborn and ignorant, if they are then they will try to prove the teacher wrong on whatever the case may be just to say that they were right and the teachers were wrong.

    By Safira URL on 12.24.2012

  36. a medical procedure. it has to be very carefully explained; obtaining informed consent is difficult process. each procedure needs to have the before, during and after explained as well as any side effects, or risks that may be involved in it.
    i sound like SUCH a medic.

    By Purvi on 12.24.2012

  37. My lips touched hers,
    They were tainted with the ripest hue of cherry red,
    So poisonous, so addictive,
    Like morphine on her pale skin.

    Why do I keep running back to you for more?
    You know it hurts.
    “Just a little while longer, it won’t hurt too much…”

    By Ivory on 12.24.2012

  38. The Christmas procedure went as follows: We made an incision upon the mantle, filling it with holly and tinsel. We set up a pine in the core, garnishing it with electrical outlets and pulsing ornamentation. When it was plugged in, it would spark life back into the space, filling the cavity with light, rejuvenating the five senses and allowing the patient to sigh in delight.

    Call me a holiday surgeon.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.24.2012

  39. Procedure is the type of thing that drives a creative mind to the brink of ruination. As human’s we go through hundreds of procedures daily. It can be said that in the most instinctual part of our minds, the need for order, place and procedure reside. Even still, it’s the conscious procedures that we must follow, which are responsible for our disdain for the word.

    By dane on 12.24.2012

  40. The procedure was a quick one, an easy one. Relax your body and your mind; tensing up from fear of the unknown was not advised for this particular procedure. It would do no good, and would possibly cause more pain than was absolutely necessary for this procedure that is never thought of as a procedure at all.

    By Jess URL on 12.24.2012