November 9th, 2011 | 373 Entries

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373 Entries for “prints”

  1. Prints was a small kitten. Grey and darker grey with a black swishy tail. His mew was melodic and his affection true.

    By Trublu URL on 11.09.2011

  2. The man wanted to see the leftover prints of the sheet music he had copied to see whether it had come out badly on any of th

    By Maire URL on 11.09.2011

  3. I see your footprints in the sand. I follow you. I walk where you have walked before me.

    By Melissa URL on 11.09.2011

  4. Fingertips und fingerprints. Wie sie die Worte aussprach. Wie ihre Lippen mit einem kleinen präzisen Knall auseinander platzten. Wie sie dabei gedankenverloren vor sich hinsah, die Welt vergessend, und nur sie in einer Luftblase aus Donner und Eis. Es war Sommer. Der letzte Sommer ihres Lebens.

    By Eli URL on 11.09.2011

  5. here we were, years later forced together at the reunion. i hadn’t seen or thought of him since that day he erased our hand prints in the sand. and then i realized it: he erased my print in his heart just as easily, but now ached for it back.

    By Anj URL on 11.09.2011

  6. The scripts are ready, but everyone seems to need a copy of the print

    By leah URL on 11.09.2011

  7. I really want to print out pictures for my album. I am really lazy at ever getting them published. I know that now a days everything is on the computer, but my fear is that one day scrapbooking and albums will be outdated and I never want that to happen. I want to be able to hold my picture in my hand, and not stare at a computer screen. I am not sure if that truly wakes any sense, but thats how I feel, yo

    By The Moser URL on 11.09.2011

  8. i make prints on the printer. i print color things, noncolor things, everything. :) so fun!! printing is a great thing to do cuz then you can trace the picture and take credit for it awesome right? haha i just cheated the ame i get an extra 60 seconds. Hey i tink ill print this! DING! printing…. :) awesome hehe prints are fuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnn haha im totally having fun right now.

    By JJ on 11.09.2011

  9. animal prints only look pretty on skinney girls.

    By brittany on 11.09.2011

  10. The prints weren’t how they were supposed to be. The font was too large and the main picture was hidden amongst the many pictures of bouquets. Sandra wanted to scream and shout but she knew it would do no one any good.

    Sighing, she hit the delete button and started over. She owed it to her clients to produce the best wedding invitations she could with the list of ridiculous instructions they had given her.

    “Some people,” Sandra thought to herself, “really have no taste!”

    By Veekz URL on 11.09.2011

  11. hand

    By Emily on 11.09.2011

  12. Newspaper… Pictures. I don’t understand this website? I have an art class and we have to make “prints” They’re just stamps though… I’m doing mine over a piggy bank. I’m actually kind of excited. :) but I still don’t understand… Alrightio.

    By Amber on 11.09.2011

  13. one time my friend and i attempted taking a printing class in college. The professor showed us examples of what some students had made and we were in awe. The beautiful pieces of work we had been shown portrayed examples of the best usage of color and creative images. We had no clue how they were made, and upon explanation we were overwhelmed. We had stepped in thinking we were going to create masterpieces but soon realized we were the minority. We left and ended up dropping the class because we were scared.

    By lauragill URL on 11.09.2011

  14. I took the long, winding drive to the pharmacy. I had to pick up the prints from our last vacation. I had ordered them to be developed two days earlier. Five hours before he left me. Here I was, tear-stained face, going to get those smiling photos. Those lies.

    By amanda URL on 11.09.2011

  15. animal prints, newspaper prints, printed paper. :)

    By Keziah on 11.09.2011

  16. Where are my prints? My fingerprints! It seems that my fingers have been sanded down for the umpteenth time. I don’t know who keeps doing this. It’s just not fair. If I commit a crime today, no one will know it was me. Why? Because I have no prints. Fingerprints that is. Just crazy isn’t it?

    By DrKook URL on 11.09.2011

  17. Prints upon my back leave reflections of my life hardened like pizza crusts.

    By Self_Made on 11.09.2011

  18. the prints lead him forward, towards his possible demise. why should he continue? he wondered. but, step by step, that’s what he did. he continued for his home, for his family, and for himself.

    By Samira URL on 11.09.2011

  19. Look at my prints, patterns all over. Show you my face, but all you see is a face. I see so much more. I see invisible bruises and scars. Printed on my face, neck, body. This body. It has been so many places. Seen so many things. Has become so much. Oh what do I do with all of these prints. Show them to the world? Or keep to myself..

    By Olivia URL on 11.09.2011

  20. The steam rose off the grass
    in little misty streams
    as the morning dew was
    slowly dissolved
    he trudged at a steady
    no traces of him were left
    none but his

    By Hannah URL on 11.09.2011

  21. I like prints with flowers and birds on them. I guess I am a bit whimsical that way. These kind of prints make me very happy, so I wish I could have everything I wear with flowers and birds. Sadly, they don’t make things like that in my size.

    By Elizabeth on 11.09.2011

  22. I have never been entirely good with prints, always expecting the machines to do the work for me; cutting minuscule pieces out- no, not even cutting, chipping away at the half-giving mats with patterns that always seemed too much like wounds to be any amount of schoolroom-appropriate decorative, and yet turning out hopelessly benign.

    By Tianwei Liu URL on 11.09.2011

  23. She had several prints of her favorite painting. She eagerly showed them to any who were remotely interested. Picasso simply fascinated her – she could ramble on for hours. But no one else seemed to care about it as she did.

    By Marie URL on 11.09.2011

  24. Prints are nice on fabric especially with many colors.

    By Nancy on 11.09.2011

  25. I have my carbon finger prints all over the place. The idea is to make a smaller print. I hate the trash that is littered and keeps landing on the beach.

    By lisao URL on 11.09.2011

  26. Footprints and hand prints and paw prints. All are marked on my heart. Deep impressions from deep emotions, soft, faint impressions that build up and go deeper with time. From a smile, a wave, a soft conversation that ended in laughter. From a soft, comforting purr, and a gentle rasp from a not-so-gentle tongue. and I love you, both of you. So why am I all alone?

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.09.2011

  27. My college only gives us a certain amount of prints a semester.

    By Niel Kelm URL on 11.09.2011

  28. unsteady footprints loosely engraved in the mud
    created a shaky trail
    to his body, his motionless body
    just laying there lifeless, pale,
    the tall grass caressing him

    By Rivkah S. URL on 11.09.2011

  29. it was the first time he ever laid eyes on her. the girl that would change his life. she was wearing a peculiar print skirt of every pattern and color. flashes of red matched with yellow, blue and green.
    He blinked as she walked by him. he had to know her name.

    By Who Dat on 11.09.2011

  30. There are many things that fade away over time. Many things that cannot be measured by technological standards. We need more tangible things. More things that we can touch and hold. More things that matter. That matter so much, we’d hate for them to fade.

    By Jessica Frampton URL on 11.09.2011

  31. There are prints EVERYWHERE. On your clothes, on your furniture, on your walls, and even on your body!!

    By Mikaela on 11.09.2011

  32. Uhmmmm…
    So what we get drunk, so what we smoke weed, we’re just having fun, we dont care who see’s, so what we go out, thats how it’s supposed to be, living young and wild and free. (:

    By KrystinaLee URL on 11.09.2011

  33. Being a lover of fashion, I assume I’m suppose to talk about textile prints. Prints can add pop to the outfit whether it’s a night on the town or picking up the kids from day care. Prints are a major need in every women’s wardrobe just to spice things up a little. An awesome pillow with a killer Mediterranean print can brighten up a room in a snap. Prints are useful for our everyday life.

    By Charlotte on 11.09.2011

  34. Prints. Loud. Big. Bold. Beautiful. Polka Dotted. Pin Striped. Prints.
    They’re what you see.
    But what about me.
    The background, what holds those prints to the fabric?

    By ahamoments URL on 11.09.2011

  35. The word “prints” reminds me of a cat. A cat’s paws to be more exact. I love holding my cats’ paws. I wish Jayjay would come inside. He worries me so. Sammy, on the other hand, is always curled up next to me. Well, not next to me. Near me. He’s sitting on the couch next to the chair I’m on. If I moved to another room, though, I’m sure he’d follow.

    By Lexie Farr on 11.09.2011

  36. i printed a paper about printing press and the prints were so ugly they had to re do it and print more copies and print print print erm idk what to say erm erm erm PRINTS PRINTS PRINTS. erm i love printing things OMG YESTERDAY YESTERDAY I HAD TO PRINT LIKE 12 COPIES OF MY DRAWING FOR MY SCIENCE PROJECT AND YEA…

    By Melody Hu on 11.09.2011

  37. Yesterday all I could be was I was sad but as I walked my usual route home I was given reminders that I have paw prints indelibly marked on my soul. Even though they are not with me, my loved ones are not far away. They leave me markers and reminders that they love me and the world is good. Today I will not be sad.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 11.09.2011

  38. Prints are the images that the mind captures using the tools of creation. From photography to paintings to creations of the mind. Prints are the lasting impression of the moment of creativity, they are the moment captured and displayed for a lifetime.

    By Andy Latimer URL on 11.09.2011

  39. The colorful designs that Christine found on all of the clothes in her closet. Man, heaven sure did know how to provide for her. They got her style exactly right. It was all fun, all floral, as if her clothes could do the talking for her. She had always been afraid of being terribly dull, as anyone of that age is. Not enough had happened to her yet. Perhaps dying would be enough?

    By Talia URL on 11.09.2011

  40. I print my name on everything all the way from homework to just writing my name on a blank sheet of paper for no reason. My dad prints a lot of papers for work, he usually doesn’t like using a lot of paper but if it is for work then he will do it.

    By Lyndsy on 11.09.2011