January 30th, 2011 | 395 Entries

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395 Entries for “print”

  1. Petals, polka dots, and plaid prints. Swirls of color and texture.

  2. i was writing a document and then when i had to print it out, i clicked print on my computer. but i have a really crappy printer so it said f u basically. so i had to go through this whole process where i emailed the document to my mom and then i had to go upstairs and then print it out from her computer which is very frustrating because i have to do that every single day, and that takes a lot of time.

    by Esme on 01.31.2011
  3. I used to smell it. We found ourselves fond of the way it looked, also.

    Print was magical then. She was magical too.

    I told the newspaper boy, hold the comics, hold all of it. Dear boy and dont ever sell me short.

    by sam dolphin on 01.31.2011
  4. Print is a type of text format and it is easier to write in the cursive ticky ticky

  5. Print is dead. Electronic book sales have finally surpassed those of paperback novels, according to Books smell nicer than a Kindle. But my kindle holds 973 books and is as light as a feather. Guess which I travel with?

    by kim on 01.31.2011
  6. people use printer all the time. Some may not. Becuase they don’t have them.

  7. Printing is the end result of an activity. It sometimes signifies that you are complete. It is fun to print something that you’ve been working very hard on to see it, touch it and feel it.

    Print can also be something that you read… like a newspaper

    by anne-marie desmond on 01.31.2011
  8. Print in my name, print in my words.
    Everything is print. Words pictures, what else?
    How can you be so apart of everyday life?
    What is it about you that will always but yet never be the same?
    How can you be so plain and so everything at the same time?
    Print is apart of everything and so beautiful. So give the print a chance. you might find something that was not there before.

  9. I really don’t know what to write about when i see the word print if there was a different word then maybe i can write more but i don’t know what to write about plain and simple

  10. After you finish up all of your work, you go to the printer to print. Reports and projects are finished and done.

    by on 01.31.2011
  11. printing is what you do to save something on to paper so you have it in case you need it later on. printing helps alot when you need it.

    by kaylob on 01.31.2011
  12. print is a thing you type or printing a picture of the computer soo ii wonder how printers work do the command and key or

  13. So, I typed up my resume. I really want the job; it would be so amazing. I’m nervous about going to the interview, but excited at the possibility of starting a new chapter in my life. So, I hit print, and out the door I go.

    by Maureen on 01.31.2011
  14. printing is very usefull because it helps you get thing or copys off of the computer im color or black and white its pretty cool and fun to do

  15. Printing things are fun.(:

  16. when i hear print i think of wiriting like when you write in print instead of cursive. or print ike your going to pring something like out of a printer like a picture a report or a report fpr school print means alot of diffrent things.

  17. printing presses are strange. they are big. i went to the printing museum and saw a bunch of old printing presses. some of them were decorated funny.

  18. Books have been made available through the printing press. Facilitating the transfer of ideas to something more tangible, history, culture, humor, love, art, and more are spread beyond the bounds of conversation. Without print, communication cannot reach its full potential.

    by John Doe on 01.31.2011
  19. It’s a bit scary to suddenly be thrust into an arena, just me, and one word. Of all the things I could write about, must I choose myself? But I know of no other topic, nothing else which I could know better, to step outside and live experiences as though they could communicate with others. The printed word can be such a source of trepidation.

    by eric on 01.31.2011
  20. i learned how to print when i was little. i learned how to write in cursive in 3rd grade. justin doesn’t know how. he can barely print and he is in 6th grade. cu

  21. paper,use it as u please.print off things ,even love notes,live life with printing all the same. print out your desires.your destinys

    by lalalalala on 01.31.2011
  22. print, print media, death. Why should language make us think inevitably of death? Is this just an example of the way death’s shadow falls on everything we do? Can any word be divorced from its end? Guess not.

  23. print. print my paper. print some pictures. killing trees because i need paper to print. so many trees. the printing press. printing words changing the world. getting it out there so everyone knows. everyone thinks. thinks for themselves. too many people thinking, too many minds colliding. we’re kind of screwed. thanks print.

    by caitlin on 01.31.2011
  24. j

  25. print, print media, death. why should language make us think inevitably of death? Is this just an example of the way death’s shadow falls on everything we do? Can any word be divorced from it’s end? Guess not.

    by S S on 01.31.2011
  26. printing was invented by benjerman fraklin. printing was wierd because the lettering looked backwards but you put them in in the right order.

  27. Printing pictures and memories onto paper to keep forever. Print writing and express yourself through writing. Purple is a pretty color. I like purple a lot. Do you like purple? I like to print pictures too. Do you? It’s nice, don’t you think? I think so.

    by Jenny on 01.31.2011
  28. I’d like to print a smile

    by ANDREA on 01.31.2011
  29. I like to print my feelings on every empty space I find. Especially you. Your eyes and everything surrounding them. Print my thoughts in your canvas. And dream away.

    by juanjojunoy on 01.31.2011
  30. it doesn’t get the information out like it used to. it was an old style that’s being taken over by digital media. print is dead. it provided advancement over centuries but todays media provides advancement over days, hours even. we welcome it’s demise and the democracy of digital. this isn’t really 60 seconds. I could spend all day on this and you wouldn’t be the wiser. or would you?

    by billy teeball on 01.31.2011
  31. Printer. Fax Machine. Kinkos. Laminate. I hate all these things. The smell of freshly printed paper doesn’t satisfy me actually makes me feel quesy. The florecent lights hit the white paper in a way that is blinding. Sickening. I just want to stay home and sit under a lamp. And write for a change.

    by Melissa on 01.31.2011
  32. I hate when you go to print something out and there is not enough ink in the cartridge to make it the color ya want. It’s disapointing. The faded pink colors and black lines covering the real picture compares to my life…nothing is exactly as you want.

    by Melissa on 01.31.2011
  33. My print

  34. if you print something random out the printer for someone else to find it may brighten their day…or not i dont know. health class was the time to go ‘print’ which meant we’d walk around the halls seeing what was up and what was down…we’d laugh at the awkward silence when passing someone who was alone in the hall..when we’d come back into class emtpy handed the teacher would get mad

    by Melissa on 01.31.2011
  35. there are some days where all you want to do is write. and write. you don’t want to hear words, you want to see the words. in print. because sometimes you get more out of something that you can see, visually and remember it more that way, it has more meaning than just hearing the words. you Print.

    by rubi on 01.31.2011