January 30th, 2011 | 395 Entries

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395 Entries for “print”

  1. i love to print things its fun but it can be hard sometimes as well but just try to enjoy it as much as you can so try and get use to it as much as you can try and have as much fun as you can and try to enjoy when you print things you can also print any thing you would like so try and print as much as you can so enjoy..

    By shadowkisz URL on 01.31.2011

  2. i dont get what he means by print print in computer or righting or and its kool because of the pic .

    By red neck URL on 01.31.2011

  3. every single day i get asked “is print dead.” i mean, really?

    i guess it might be. it certainly isn’t feeling very well.
    but that’s ok. all things must pass.

    and it’s had a good run.

    By al URL on 01.31.2011

  4. this is the 5th time ive tried to get this to work . its not nice

    By kylerespv300 URL on 01.31.2011

  5. Print journalism is a swiftly fading type of journalism that is printed either in newspapers, magazines or on the web. InDesign is regularly used to install print journalism into the correct format to be printed.

    By L on 01.31.2011

  6. Print? You can print your name, print a piece of paper, or you could print a picture. what is the true definition of print?

    By happyfeet on 01.31.2011

  7. It’d be nice is the copier weren’t broke for once. I keep pressing print and the screen says that it’s printed my paper several times but there’s nothing to show for it. I give up. Email is cheaper and more environmentally friendly anyway.

    By Soft URL on 01.31.2011

  8. when you lay down words and type in a logical order to resemble sentences and paragraphs in a physical form. Leave an imprint of something else. Leave a permanent record of an object

    By gordon on 01.31.2011

  9. print is coloerful or dall

    By littleman on 01.31.2011

  10. i print my name at the top of all my papers in school. I think that we should be able to print all the paper we want in computers.

    By gladis URL on 01.31.2011

  11. Though I love writing and spilling myself onto countless pages of self-aggrandizing prose. I could never bear to see my fears settled into print.

    By Josh Cooley URL on 01.31.2011

  12. I like print better than cursive, although my own writing is a weird hybrid of both. Cursive is something that makes me think of small unicorns on notebook paper but print is a great equalizer. Something that takes blocks and makes them shine up up and away.

    By Amy on 01.31.2011

  13. Oh, the word gives me images of tests that ask for my name. “print neatly at the top of the page.” Its a word all writers strive for. To have your work printed and sent off to th hands of others eager to gobble up your words.

    By Ivan Marquez on 01.31.2011

  14. It’s a thing that’s gone out of style. We don’t write in print, we text. We don’t read printed newspapers, we read a kindle. It’s helpful. It’s annoying. Especially when the function runs into a hitch because you’re out of toner.

    By awalte4 on 01.31.2011

  15. Makes me think about magazines and the feel of paper in your hands as you go from page to page in a magazine or book. I love checking to see how many pages I have left of a book compared to where I am or starting from the back of a magazine to see the features.

    By latenac URL on 01.31.2011

  16. There are a lot of different types of print. But my favorite it comic sans. It’s light and fluffy and fun to read. One day my teacher told me that we were going to the computer lab. I thought, “Great! I can use comic sans!” Then when we got to the computer lab I saw that we weren’t typing, we were going to be making some art with print.

    By John on 01.31.2011

  17. I felt a small crop of lint against my belly. It came as a hint from the spiraling fan above. The minty air in between my nude stomach and the endlessly gyrating contraption above provided the only emptiness which I could see, the only emptiness in which I could take solace.

    By Cyrus Willoughby URL on 01.31.2011

  18. I like reading newspapers, especially the Chicago Red eye. Something about the physical paper, and it’s our only media that is used for things other than viewing. You see it stuffed in boxes to protect our fragile packed items. People wrapped in it on the cold Chicago streets. I don’t think it will be replaced, ever!

    By Liz URL on 01.31.2011

  19. print it is what changes the intangible 0s and 1s into something real. something that exists. something that could last forever…

    By krae URL on 01.31.2011

  20. The picture loaded on the screen, a woman smiling hugely and leaning on a sledgehammer. Her clothes were baggy and worn; a man had clapped one work-gloved hand on her lean shoulder. The picture printed slowly, the gloss making the scene seem plastic.

    By lady mneme on 01.31.2011

  21. There’s not much to say about why Kendra didn’t read the report. It could have been worse; for example, she could have just spilled coffee on it. But no, she hit the button, THAT button, and now everyone knows what she was working on. Damn it. Damn it all to hell.

    By Vlark on 01.31.2011

  22. print out those fears and toss it to the sun. Your memories are usefull, your dreams are the show. Go for it, plan another world. Go for it, kiss a greater soul.

    By himo URL on 01.31.2011

  23. print making is a really beautiful way to make art – you take some simple images and find ways to knit them together in a pattern that can repeat to infinity but still make sense and have integrity. You need to be clever though and have knowledge of how much space to leave between theimaages. I can

    By Maria URL on 01.31.2011

  24. Is a shorter version of printer. It is something you can get money out of. Print is a meaning of

    By Brayden Charels Keepers on 01.31.2011

  25. print this anywhere you can, please, can’t you see that i don’t have anything else? Print it on a handbill and feed it to the elephant in the Seattle zoo, to see it digested and turned into something of substance

    By Aaron on 01.31.2011

  26. Print is a shorter version of

    By Brayden Charels Keepers on 01.31.2011

  27. It is a shorter version of the word printer. It is used to print paper off.

    By Kevin on 01.31.2011

  28. At root, to make an impression. We print our names, publishers print books, we leave footprints, artists make prints of their work. And I think too of print culture, the boom of printed work and literacy in the late middle ages and beyond that so changed the cultural environment of the western world.

    By Robin on 01.31.2011

  29. Gutenberg. Printer. Small child learning to write, he holds the crayon in his hand with tongue firmly pressed outward, makes each stroke slowly. Painstakingly. Line by line, pressing hard, back ward S, he surveys his work with a smile and hands it to his mother, who of course loves this

    By Lily URL on 01.31.2011

  30. phot

    By katie URL on 01.31.2011

  31. It was the end really, the end of what they all knew about. The competition from the far east was too much, the younger generation was looking elsewhere, the pace of life left no time. It was time to move to digital only, time to embrace the www and the hand held. He sealed the last box and walked out, shutting the door behind him. His father’s business; now just an economic statistic.

    By ember URL on 01.31.2011

  32. print is the oposite of cursive

    By nick URL on 01.31.2011

  33. I imprint my hopes and dreams onto my existing life every moment, every second of my waking life. But once printed, where do they go? Sometimes they disappear into thin air, as if the printing process never took place, in life, in my mind that I once knew so well.

    By Er-Gene on 01.31.2011

  34. papers need it so do books. Anyone can do it! Potatoes, silk screen fingers, hands. Read it, do it, machines can do it, my dog leaves hers all over the house….

    By mildred pierce URL on 01.31.2011

  35. I wish I could print the images on my mind. I mean, I can write what I imagine, but then again it will never depict what I really wanted to show. Maybe one day. Maybe.

    By Flávio Murilhas on 01.31.2011

  36. newspapers, printing press, media, advertisements, a good book, neat handwriting, ink, beauty, endless summer hours in a tree with a good book, scent, love, dreams

    By Jenn on 01.31.2011

  37. I went to print club at college. ink all over the tables old victorian contraptions and printing presses. a box full of resin dust like the inside of a pine forest

    By Catherine URL on 01.31.2011

  38. Hatch show print is a shop of prints. It is inspiring, and prints some of the best posters I have ever seen. Every time I go to a Ryman Auditorium show I get a poster from hatch show print, and they all hang on my wall in an ordered pattern. Hatch show print should live on, in this changing world, it helps me with my own skill of design.

    By Saxby on 01.31.2011

  39. Printable birthday cards.

    There were so many of them.

    My little brother had somehow decided that he wanted to print out all the Arthur birthday cards on the website. Three times.

    He was busily coloring them in now. They were all folded at strange angles, and some of them had clearly been stepped on. I couldn’t help wondering whose birthday, exactly, he was planning to use these for.

    By Terra URL on 01.31.2011

  40. Printing in CMYK must be the most pleasurable process. I would like to be a master printer. Perhaps not a goal in life but something I would be content doing when it’s all said and done.

    By Parastoo Salehi on 01.31.2011