September 24th, 2011 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “preoccupied”

  1. I was preoccupied by my thoughts. I didn’t know what to think anymore. He’d crushed me more than any other. I hated him yet he still hung in my every thought. My whole being wants him back, but I cannot see that happening. Not yet. It’s sad really. But what if? What if he still loved me? What if his feelings are still true? I’m confused. Why must I think of him still? Why?

    By Me on 09.25.2011

  2. You do seem just a tad preoccupied, you know. Have anything to do with the tall,leggy blonde sitting over there? I thought so. Time for me to leave. Don’t bother getting up!

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 09.25.2011

  3. Thinking about this guy definitely keeps me preoccupied. Day and night. It can be irritating how much this guy is on my mind.

    By Dawn on 09.25.2011

  4. The stuff of thought, the seed of conscience. That little tickle behind your eyes that stops you thinking straight.

    By Geejay URL on 09.25.2011

  5. I’ve been so preoccupied with my thoughts and feelings about adulthood. All I can think of is growing up and moving out and being an adult. I don’t know why I want to grow up so much, but, I do. The idea of living on my own and doing what I want when I want sees fun! I just wish I could actually get the balls to do it. Now that I have a job I might be able to. But, I still don’t know. I want to grow up so bad but I feel I never will. Ugh. Life sucks.

    By Elizabeth on 09.25.2011

  6. Some people are too preoccupied with their own problems that they miss the problems of the people they love most. If we could learn to stop and rest, to smell the roses, maybe we would be able to enjoy life more and stop needlessly making our lives more difficult.

    By Courtney on 09.25.2011

  7. I’m busy, don’t talk to me. I have something else going on. You don’t understand. This is stressful. You don’t see what I’m going through. You wouldn’t survive in my shoes. I have due dates to compete with. Leave.

    By Lydia URL on 09.25.2011

  8. Everyone in this world seems to be preoccupied. So many people caught up in thier texting, ipods, hand held gaming. Where are all the human faces?

    By Kim on 09.25.2011

  9. I’ve spent my whole day preoccupied with the knowledge that you are driving the 14 hours home in the middle of an unseasonable hailstorm. It was that preoccupation which showed me how much i really do care for you. I think it could be love one day…

    By Kirsty URL on 09.25.2011

  10. I was so preoccupied that I failed to notice a rather enticing young lady, a redhead, definitely my penchant! That is way out of character so something compelling must be underway.

    By Stuart Firth on 09.25.2011

  11. im preoccupied. all the time. preoccupied with what my mind feeds me with. thoughts. overpowering thoughts and take over my feelings. they take over me. my being, my personality.

    By Saphire on 09.25.2011

  12. i am so preoccupied at making you happy that i tend to forget about myself

    By pesky on 09.25.2011

  13. with anything other than the voice of the teacher, droning droning, like a lazy fly circulating in the hothouse glare from the huge unshaded windows of the old school.

    By georgie on 09.25.2011

  14. I am too preoccupied with listening to a book and little brothers and sisters to be able to write very well today. I wonder how long until the hero will win the fair lady’s heart? Yes, you may have a cookie. Oh yeah. I am supposed to be writing.

    By Mary Katherine URL on 09.25.2011

  15. i’m not alone, i feel smal, i’m not free, i see things, may i get over it, what the fuck, i’m not talking, i stick to it,…

    By saho on 09.25.2011

  16. They were to preoccupied with other people’s thoughts and visions to clearly see their own.

    By Alexis on 09.25.2011

  17. busy not really doing anything sometimes like this bothered not focussed not concentrating no application unproductive but perhaps relaxing thinking drifiting daydreaming and thinking of toher silly things to do or not do not the best way to spend time at work !

    By tinafotherby on 09.25.2011

  18. I had been so preoccupied that I didn’t notice him falling off the stairs behind me.
    “Ouch!” he exclaimed, and I turned around quickly.
    “Are you okay?” I ran towards him, kneeling down on the floor.

    By sima on 09.25.2011

  19. I was completely and utterly distracted by tomorrows task. I nervously twitched at the sound of anyone talking, didn’t matter if it appealed to the audition or not. I knew how much was riding on it but I didn’t want to put any more value on it than I already had.

    By Carley on 09.25.2011

  20. Preoccupied isn’t a strong enough word to describe how he was back then. His every thought was about her and he lived to inhale her violet perfume.

    By Laura URL on 09.25.2011

  21. I think that being preoccupied means to have too much to do. You can be preoccuipied at work, most of the time. But at school as well. When teachers give you too many projects and stuff to do. Then you get exhausted and demotivated and you have no energy left to do the stuff that you like.

    By Katarina on 09.25.2011

  22. Her eyes were glazed over, with a a tinge of red. You couldn’t see it on her face, there was no guilt anywhere. But I knew that may she be talking normally, her mind was preoccupied with the deed she had done that night. Mary had began to smoke again.

    By neubaurawr URL on 09.25.2011

  23. as i was jus sayn.. anyone who wants to become any kind of a poet

    should immerse themselves in the waste land- OK?

    By jack maye URL on 09.25.2011

  24. Abre los ojos y lo primero que ve es el blanco clínico del techo de su habitación. Le hace extrañar su antigua habitación en el hospital, era mucho mas acogedora que la de pacientes críticos. Siente el frío apoderándose lentamente de su cuerpo, desde la punta de sus dedos en camino hacia su corazón. Como si fuera a detener su latido. Siente su sangre congelándose y le cuesta respirar. Fija su mirada en la puerta y nota a un anciano vestido de esmoquin negro, no le sonríe pero lo mira con una dulzura extraña. Y entonces se da cuenta de que ha llegado su momento y que debe acompañarlo.

    No esta preocupado, lo estaba esperando. La muerte le extiende su mano y él la toma como si fuera la de un viejo amigo que no ve hace tiempo.

    By Julia URL on 09.25.2011

  25. She had enough on her mind. Then all of a sudden, she had too much, and her skull was cracking. If there was a moral to the story, it was pay attention, pay attention. Everything slips away as soon as you aren’t looking at it any longer. Even children. Even life.

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 09.25.2011

  26. Too busy doing this for other stuff.
    Ugh, now what was I doing?

    By Crazyguy1990 on 09.25.2011

  27. preoccupied. pre – occupied. occupied by something other than what you should be occupied with, i guess. and it happens to me , like ALL the time. specially when im at school and , yep thats it.

    By m.smith on 09.25.2011

  28. preoccupied with my writing that i forget to eat lunch, comb my hair, look at my face in the mirror for oil or dirt, or even pick my nose. time flies fast when you’re preoccupied with something that you really enjoy doing.

    By Elizabeth URL on 09.25.2011

  29. “I don’t have time for this,” he said, walking away and leaving her alone in the rain.

    Would it always be this way? she wondered. Would he never have time for her?

    By s160814 URL on 09.25.2011

  30. saying you’re preoccupied is crap. you’re either busy or you’re not.

    By elizabeth on 09.25.2011

  31. 1preoccupied = Pervasive Reality Encompassing Objectives Creating CircumventiveUtility, Procedure, Initiating Evasive Demonstrations

    By Garz on 09.25.2011

  32. by time and stress and thoughts of money. What we want what we need. No time to look at what we have. No time for being content. Always looking for more.

    By Nichole on 09.25.2011

  33. “She hasn’t been herself.”

    “In what way?”

    “She seems… preoccupied. Distant. Have you sensed anything?”

    “No. Nothing at all.”

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.25.2011

  34. busy that’s me , all the time no free space for my imagination. i want to fly away from here, live an adventure and survive to write about it. preoccupation makes me feel imprisoned by my own life.

    By Mariam on 09.25.2011

  35. busy. not much time to do things. everyone keeps asking me what i want to do and all i say back is, “i’m preoccupied sorry”. and i was.

    By Yasmeen on 09.25.2011

  36. busy and overloaded with activties. not a word i love! :P

    By stacy andre on 09.25.2011

  37. Are you preoccupied darling? If so, why is it that you are so preoccupied with everything, everytime i ask you to do something? Or is it just that you are preoccupied because nothing is going the way you want it to go at work and/or school?

    By Damien on 09.25.2011

  38. Cannot give any attention to anything or anyone as too busy playing PS3 online

    By Paul Main on 09.25.2011

  39. well it’s not exactly hard to understand
    you’re preoccupied
    so, big deal
    aren’t we all
    some preoccupied with getting the last drop out of the bottle
    some preoccupied with living in the past so much that the present zooms right by
    too preoccupied with nostalgia to notice the gutter of the future
    laying in wait
    you asked for it
    and you damn well got it
    things get dirty when you let your life go by

    By things will be wrong before they're right on 09.25.2011

  40. A host of thoughts at once, all-assailling and aggressive; or just a small, nibbling one. Sometimes I toss and turn; sometimes I just wake up with them at my sides, like they never left, or just kindly waited for me to get a good nights sleep before another daily onslaught.

    By Guillaume URL on 09.25.2011