September 24th, 2011 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “preoccupied”

  1. I hide.
    I hide from everyone.
    I hide from people.
    I hide from light.
    I hide from those who
    are close to me.
    I hide from myself.
    I preoccupy myself
    with the desire for
    invisibility and anonymity.
    I refuse to leave my
    dark little hiding place.
    I’m not convinced
    I would be happy
    out there.
    I’m sometimes happy
    in here.
    I hope that’s enough.

    By Samuel URL on 09.24.2011

  2. sorry but i cant even think about what you’re telling me because I am busy thinking about my own business. i will give you that attention when I can clear my head of the attention I have given myself already. my apologies but i am preoccupied.

    By Emily URL on 09.24.2011

  3. I am preoccupied be the internet on a regular basis. it consumes most of my life I still can’t type very well though so I suck at this.

    By nunya on 09.24.2011

  4. i am preoccupied with stumbleupon. i keep stumbling on interesting things. i am preoccupied with him on my mind, its like he never leaves, i need to talk to him before i go crazy, i’m preoccupied with not trying to like the other guy because i dont want to be preoccupied with him on my mind too..

    By Angelica on 09.24.2011

  5. She was preoccupied with the knowledge of an unanswered past and an uncertain future. No matter what she did, life was always handing her more bang-ups and knock-downs than she needed at any given time.

    By Hannah URL on 09.24.2011

  6. Music. Something Corporate. Y’all! Oh gosh. Oh golly. Brownies. Nail painting. Light pink. Not baby. Y’all! Walking by.

    By Taylor on 09.24.2011

  7. People are always
    preoccupied with their own ways,
    excluding the ones
    who include everybody,
    whether or not they really want
    to be included.
    People seem to
    lie just to get what they want,
    get their own space
    or a conversation
    with a friend they haven’t seen in forever.
    No one really cares
    about other people.
    No one really cares.

    By Scythe42 URL on 09.24.2011

  8. I am preoccupied with walking by on Thanksgiving morning and this guy I really like calling me “fagface” which is very wildly inappropriate.

    By Taylor URL on 09.24.2011

  9. My thoughts are preoccupied with you. Your touch, Your smile, even sometimes your tears. The look in your eyes when the world step on your down trodden heart. But what good are these things to me now? When you’re gone and I’m left wondering why those tears never cease to drop.

    By Alex on 09.24.2011

  10. Let’s take some time to realize what we are doing. A lot of people say, “Just do it. Don’t think,” but we all know that isn’t logical. We have to take our time. We have to make sure that what we are doing is the best possible thing to do.

    By Shineapple URL on 09.24.2011

  11. Don’t go. I whisper, but its too late.
    You’re already gone and I’m left
    standing in my shame
    My thoughts preoccupied with you
    Why couldn’t I make you stay
    Why couldn’t I’ve been stronger

    By Lex on 09.24.2011

  12. I feel like I am always preoccupied with something or another. When I am working, I am thinking about the kids. When I am with the kids I am thinking about work. For instance, right now, it is shortly after midnight and I up on Stumble and came across this site! See? Preoccupied again. I am not even thinking about the task at hand, I am thinking about writing about the task at hand, at midnight on a Saturday after being up with a sick baby all day and night, which it also happens to be his first birthday. Now that I went off on that tangent-would that, too, be considered preoccupied?

    By Molly Steiner URL on 09.24.2011

  13. Preoccupied. Whatever it is, let it go. If the choice between what occupies your time tempts you one way- follow it. Be where you want to be.

    By Sparrow URL on 09.24.2011

  14. …it won’t leave my mind. tomorrow I have to see him again. last time we were together I kissed him right before he got on a plane to Peru. it’s been 8 months and we haven’t spoken any words accept small talk in emails. I don’t know where we stand now.

    By DancingShoes URL on 09.24.2011

  15. yeah, cause stuff happens, and then other stuff happen. You get preoccu[ied. Pied, that’s like pie, or something. Stuff, happens, stuff, happens, yeah, pretty much stuff happens.

    By s on 09.24.2011

  16. happy

    By aeran URL on 09.24.2011

  17. His eyes looked right through me.
    His mind was elsewhere,
    wandering off in search for his heart
    that I had carelessly let slip from my hands.

    By 陸光儀 URL on 09.24.2011

  18. much to busy to help you right now. I have much in my thoughts and not enough time to act I have much to do and not enough help. I have, I have, i have no need to listen to you or your problems…..oh you wanted to give me a hand…

    By Tiffany Richards on 09.24.2011

  19. now procarsitnate texting home work projects fun not good failing half ass work idk!!!!!!! what im doing now when i should be working on my homework.

    By alyssa on 09.24.2011

  20. i am busy. i like monkeys. i don’t exactly know how to spell monkies plurally. look i spelled it wrong again. i am a stickler for grammar. sudden;y i just thought of graham crackers. this is so fun, like that spongebob show episode thing. yea…i don’t know goodbye.

    By Gwen on 09.24.2011

  21. I am preoccupied with everything. My mind is preoccupied with school, work, him, and not wanting him; my body is preoccupied with wanting him. Fuck being preoccupied; why can’t I just be free of everything?

    By Nor on 09.24.2011

  22. I always have so many things on my mind, and I get distracted so easily. I’ll be talking about, giraffes, for instance, and all of a sudden, while they’re talking, it’s like BAM, I think giraffe, then tall, then something about vertebraes, and suddenly, im blurting out “Oh hey, did you know my friend Lindsay is one of the top 5 junior figure skaters in Alberta? Yeah… she slipped a disk in her back.”

    By Alecia URL on 09.24.2011

  23. preoccupied means that u have something else to do

    By name on 09.24.2011

  24. The state of being busy. Not having time. Like too many people in the world today who don’t have time. He was so preoccupied he didn’t notice the truck as he stepped out into the road.

    By JY on 09.24.2011

  25. To not have time. To be busy. Wandering minds. He was so preoccupied he did not notice the truck as he stepped out into the street.

    By JYi URL on 09.24.2011

  26. Cid finds himself preoccupied by Shera’s breasts when she talks to him. She slaps him hard across the face.

    “Cid, goddammit, this is important!”

    “Fuck, Shera, I’m sorry!”

    By Sara URL on 09.24.2011

  27. preoccupied. everybody’s always preoccupied. why can’t people just find more time to do things they love with the people they love? it doesn’t make any sense to me. Why work for hours on end when you have someone you love waiting for you?

    By Claire on 09.24.2011

  28. lost in the millieu of old ideas
    broken promises and tired triumphs
    thinking even once second ahead
    or 2 minutes in the past
    takes us away
    when we’re not there
    nothing is really happening

    By Peacefulgeek URL on 09.24.2011

  29. when i am preoccupied i never remember what i was doing beforehand. i forget everything and i hate it. i have this concussion that makes me even more scatterbrained than normal and now i do one thing then another and get preoccupied with so many things… even normal thoughts. it sucks. i hate my life… grumpy grumpy grumpy…

    By ophelia patterson URL on 09.24.2011

  30. I am too preoccupied by 17 again to do any homework right now. However, I intentionally distracted myself with tv because articles are boring and I currently don’t give a shit about the future of the lake trout in Canada. Trout are gross. I prefer salmon. Salmon and bannock was awesome today but also I feel super full now and that

    By Stacey on 09.24.2011

  31. I stare. I can’t help myself, I don’t want to be involved with anything going on in the world. Mother use to tell me to pay attention, but I didn’t want to be in this place, with these things. Or these people. I am intensely preoccupied.

    By Leah URL on 09.24.2011

  32. The man who was at his desk was just wondering, how preoccupied could he get? He looked around, searching desperately for something to do, but could find nothing. It was a sad state of affairs, but alas, there was nothing to do. So he went and left the company forever.

    By Carissa on 09.24.2011

  33. pre occupied is a word that means u r totally workin on something that is not physical……u keep thinking with ur mind and dont listen to things around you.
    this happens when u are in love, tension

    By Venkat on 09.24.2011

  34. Busy, not there. Not in focus or in touch with what is going on around you. Having too much to do to be able to focus on any extraneous activity. Working at such a level of intensity that any deviation is impossible

    By cass on 09.24.2011

  35. I am preoccupied with my eating disorder. It controls my life, even when I am gaining weight. I am not happy? How could I be?

    By LeEcia Farmer on 09.24.2011

  36. Well I don’t intend to become distracted, it just happens. It’s as if there is a little elf in my mind who hates working and is a lazy bum that likes to keep me distracted so he doesn’t have to do any thought processing, idea sorting, sensory detecting work. It’s outrageous!

    By kiana on 09.24.2011

  37. I was preoccupied by thoughts that hinder me to move on. How stupid! I should have known better. It wasn’t meant to be. Why can’t I get over that?

    By Cindy URL on 09.24.2011

  38. im preoccupied with the notion that if i dont get my shit together im going to be living the same depressing existence felt by most of the american workforce. what do i really want? how should i know? right now I just want to sit down with a few friends and tell stories. that’s it. nothing to preoccupy me but a good plot.

    By cromo1969 on 09.24.2011

  39. Well I just wrote about this word so it’s slightly awkward coming across it for the second time (in a row if I may add) however now at least I have the opportunity to write something completely different. So here, this is my contribution fresh off the speed-typing press, enjoy!

    By Kiana URL on 09.24.2011

  40. She wasn’t driving, thank goodness, as she stared out the window. She wondered what others saw, what others felt, what others thought previously on this very same road. How did their experiences differ from hers? Were her thoughts unique or could they be had by anyone? Did they see the shapes of trees and want to stand still, in awe?
    And in her way, thinking but elsewhere, she was not present, not truly present, and could not appreciate the majesty around her.

    By Chelseyann URL on 09.25.2011