September 24th, 2011 | 333 Entries

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333 Entries for “preoccupied”

  1. I’m too preoccupied to think about it, and too preoccupied to care.
    There always seems to be something else in the way.
    I wish I had time to contemplate life… or anything, really.
    But I’m always too preoccupied.

    By Joanna D. URL on 09.24.2011

  2. I’m preoccupied with the fact that I’m not half way around the world. I guess that place doesn’t define everything but man, I was supposed to be there. I was supposed to be serving God in a far far away place. I’m preoccupied that I’ve been working on a book for over six months now and only have a fourth of it down on paper. Even after I finish writing I won’t be half done with the process.

    By Daniel URL on 09.24.2011

  3. I hate being preoccupied. Id rather be bored. bEING PREoccupoed means: Im doing the dishes. or I’m doing homework. Id rather have nothing to do and watch tv. but then again, wouldn’t everyone? Too bad we spend most of our lives preoccupied.

    By YUGB on 09.24.2011

  4. I am preoccupied. I am supposed to be writing a short story for my creative writing class. i used one word dot com to get osme juices going and of course the only word i get is exactly what i am. im preoccupied with the weekend. wanting to be out. my parents coming to visit in a week. my other homework. my boyfriend and my dog. my feelings and stress of so many other situations. yep, preoccupied.

    By Natalie on 09.24.2011

  5. wait what was that, i couldn’t hear you. I misunderstood what you were saying, could you repeat that once more? Come again? Did you say something to me? What was that? I decided not to listen to you because what I was thinking of has much more of a priority than what you have to say to me….

    By Nick on 09.24.2011

  6. I was preoccupied with all the files I had to sort. I couldn’t concentrate on the way his lips moved or the closeness of his blues eyes. This job was making me regret my decision. I missed him. I needed him more than ever, but it would never be the same.

    By Anonymous on 09.24.2011

  7. I refuse to be a cliché and say that I am preoccupied by you, the guy I hooked up with last weekend. I will not get preoccupied by your cheeky grin, your handsome smile, your strong and reliable arms, your smooth skin or your husky voice in the morning. No I will not get distracted by you and how you made me feel.

    By S Ryan on 09.24.2011

  8. PreOccupied, Francine.
    Her mind wandered. Fifty different things. None of them as important as the small child next to her, demanding her attention. Dinner, she thought, then she went back to what she was doing, which was ultimately, futilely nothing.

    By Carie on 09.24.2011

  9. Why do u distract me so much. Im always preoccupied whenever your around. i know i should just concentrate on my life but my mind is preoccupied. I just want you for mine. cant u see how much i love you, cant u feel my desire.

    By Tiffany on 09.24.2011

  10. Preoccupied. I’m sorry. But I need to finish this. I know what you’re trying to say is important. But unfortunately I have other equally important things to do. Like stumbleupon. So forgive my rudeness, but i’m very preoccupied.

    By Caleb Quinley on 09.24.2011

  11. my inability to focus is due to my preoccupied brain, filled with tidbits and details that i dont really need in there. here’s to filtering through that mess and figuring out what really matters.

    By jenniele URL on 09.24.2011

  12. my life my mind my concentration everything about me
    It’s why this is so short
    I’m preoccupied

    By rachel on 09.24.2011

  13. Too preoccupied by the new set of twins, mom let me go out to the grocery store to fetch things we need. Little did I know that the one visit to that store would change my life for the better.
    “Hi there,” a boy down the aisle said to me. I turned to face him and he smiled.
    “Hello,” I timidly answered, not knowing why such an attractive stranger would want to say hello to me, in a grocery store, no less!

    By Meg on 09.24.2011

  14. always
    stressed out for nothing
    just breathe
    stop and rest a litle
    take some time out

    By Mariana on 09.24.2011

  15. Mind locked in place,
    No key for ignition.
    Sit back, sit back
    Sit back, dont
    Run away.
    You arent yourself.
    Sit back, sit back
    Sit back, dont
    Leave me.

    By Cannon Hyche on 09.24.2011

  16. I’m so busy. All of the time. I never get any work done because my mind is always thinking. Running with overloading thoughts of absolutely anything and everything. It’s as if I cannot stop. It’s as if I cannot breathe. I don’t know what to think of it but perhaps it’s just that.. I think too much. All of the time. Not enough.

    By Jenny on 09.24.2011

  17. I’ve been–
    What were you saying?
    Sorry, I’ve been–
    Its escaping me now, but I’m sure…
    Just – other things on my mind right now.
    I’m paying attention, I swear.
    Just, not all the way.
    Not one hundred and five percent, the way you’d like me to be.
    I’m somewhere else, with someone else, at least partly.
    I can’t be wholly here under this oak tree with you, because then I’d have to accept what I’ve been doing with my life, and this preoccupation, this imagination, this something defeats the insinuation that I’m not worthy what I wish I was.

    By Lancir URL on 09.24.2011

  18. i was so preoccupied. I shouldn’t have been, but I was. Something was eating away at me and I just couldn’t focus. no matter how hard i tried to focus on the test in front of me, i just couldn’t. instead i stared out the window, letting my thoughts drift away into oblivion.

    By Rosetta Quinn URL on 09.24.2011

  19. Sitting here preoccupied about a stupid boy on a saturday night. What fun. Stupid asshole.

    By B URL on 09.24.2011

  20. occupied pre i dont know what this word is about umm this word is in the song 1985 by bowling for soup from like 2006 and i dont remember what he meant by it and i have no idea what it means because i am not in advanced language arts…but i should know what this means cause im old enough but at the same time i do not know…not good at alll. so yeah peace out.

    By Hayley on 09.24.2011

  21. I’m preoccupied with the thought of these lava cakes next to me. But I can’t make myself open the box and eat one. I was saving them for later… but nothing’s happening later. So why not now? No idea. I like to delay pleasure.

    By MJones URL on 09.24.2011

  22. i’m preoccupied right now. i’m supposed to be doing my homework, and a lot of it! but no, i’ve gone onto the computer to post a document to the blog. and guess what? the document isn’t even saved onto this computer. so for the last thirty minutes i’ve gone on facebook, searched for info on an ex-crush on the web (well i guess he’s still a crush) and looked on various sites for miscellaneous information.

    By Amanda on 09.24.2011

  23. Elia sighed. She had been attempting to preoccupy herself for hours, and nothing would work. She kept glancing out the window every few minutes–often several times a minute–hoping that the sun will have sunk farther below the horizon. But no. It seemed to be going UP into the sky, rather than back down. Time seemed to be going backwards, and it was driving her insane.

    By Holly on 09.24.2011

  24. My feelings were mixed. I knew that I should have been worried, but at the same time I just couldn’t help being excited.

    By Katrina on 09.24.2011

  25. busy
    to much to do
    no time
    no life
    not in the state of mind
    unconscious movements
    to much to do
    over thinking
    much to do
    to do list
    busy bee
    school work
    not enough time to sleep
    not paying attention
    spacing out

    By Kate on 09.24.2011

  26. Jenny was preoccupied by the fact that Justin was going to die. It felt like her whole life was escalating towards his finish line, as if her life would end when his did. She thought that she was a strong doctor, but it was times like these where she became attached to her patients and she couldn’t decide if she picked the right career or not.

    By Lauren URL on 09.24.2011

  27. I am often preoccupied… Work, home, pets, so much on my mind and I can’t concentrate on what is in front of me. There are so many things I need to think about and I can’t find the time because there is always something else and something else…

    By dawyn on 09.24.2011

  28. Whenever I try to write quickly about something, I become easilly distracted or preoccupied. I can’t ever seem to concentrate on what I’m doing and get too distracted by the other things happening arround me. Being preoccupied can be a terrible thing if you’re driving or watching someone elses children, for example. If you’re preoccupied, you might miss all of the lovely things around you that you never knew were there.

    By Brianna on 09.24.2011

  29. People not having enough time for their life. for their family and friends. They are too busy with work and other things to enjoy what they have. They don’t realize what they are blessed with. Being preoccupied can be a good thing if we can balance it. I hope I am never too preoccupied.

    By charley URL on 09.24.2011

  30. work write run dance move jump clean drive sing laugh rave trip smile cuddle draw smoke eat make create look see

    By Casey on 09.24.2011

  31. As i sat in that white room, I was preoccupied with the thoughts of suicide and ways to get away from the pain i live in each day.

    By Liz on 09.24.2011

  32. I am always preoccupied. The spanish word for worried is preocupado. I’m previously occupied by whatever’s in the past or future, but never with what’s in the present. That’s what this last trip showed me. Magnifying glass. Life in HD. It makes you see yourself more clearly, and it showed me how fluid self-perceptions really are.

    By chilimango URL on 09.24.2011

  33. I’m preoccupied with my homework… and the SAT next week… and preoccupied over how stressed i am over it. I’m preoccupied with the thought of it, yet I can’t bring myself to do it. I wish i was preoccupied with something else… school’s kicking my butt. Being preoccupied isn’t very fun all the time

    By Tina on 09.24.2011

  34. I was a bit preoccupied with writing a comment to my friend who refuses to finish her kick-ass verse novel to realize the clock was ticking on this webpage tab and now have to write only one sentence or I fear will be a little bitch about it.

    By Shannon on 09.24.2011

  35. Many people are preoccupied with materialistic things as they get older. For example my step mother, being over 30 years of age, continues to partake in activities a teen would. I do not want to be like her as I get older.

    By Tyler Ray on 09.24.2011

  36. I always seem to be preoccupied with SOMETHING. Which is probably the reason I am having trouble writing this.

    By Haley Blaisdale on 09.24.2011

  37. I’m preoccupied with these thoughts that you’re with someone else. And I am here, stuck, alone, and unhappy. I want to be new to someone, I want to fall in love with someone that I know nothing about. I want to be happy with someone that’s not you. Is that so hard to ask from the world?

    By Mayte on 09.24.2011

  38. with what’s happening. it’s as though my mind never lets go of the things i hate and worry about. your mind holds onto the things you wish it would forget but sometimes it seems like those are the only things that you remember.

    By sydney on 09.24.2011

  39. Preoccupied. A teacher stood at the front of the class, her powerful voice and passionate interest spreading through the class, for all except one. It was a beautiful day, complete with blue skies and birds, and the girl in the corner of the class was gazing out the window, preoccupied in her own thoughts, longing to feel the sun in her hair rather than the chill of her teachers angry voice behind her back.

    By sarahsarahsarah on 09.24.2011

  40. this weekend my mind has been everywhere and only one place at the same time. My grandmother, a pillar of strength and the most fabulous wonderful woman i know was in the hospital. while the doctors who treated her are undoubtedly very smart they could give her no real answers after the three days of poking and prodding as to why her left hand became very uncooperative. so the thoughts associated with all of those problems occupied most of my scattered thoughts and yet, guilty, i still longed for you…

    By brose URL on 09.24.2011