June 20th, 2011 | 511 Entries

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511 Entries for “predict”

  1. dictaphone, le lacon ne fuiera flaceiusement je vous gage la violation de nos maisons,quant est il de madouce varicesur le rouage de nos palges ? je suis la sur nos larmes enfin dévinés de tanten cor… je mets dans mon calipso !ma ta^che de xéno

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.20.2011

  2. Predicting the future was a tricky business. It would always change, no matter what possibilities would come up. Sometimes, it would change in predictable ways, other times not. It was a strange thing. And it was even stranger to be able to see some, if not all, of the twists and turns it took.

    By alice on 06.20.2011

  3. I would like to predict that my future will be difficult. I predict that it will be filled with love and hardships, raising my kids with a loving husband. I predict that my fiance and I will have a wonderful wedding.

    By Ashlee URL on 06.20.2011

  4. i should have predicyed this was gonna happen …seriously…i even saud he was too much like me…which confuses me at the same time cause i like someone but i will push them awaya…ugh frustration…on some serious shit!!!!!!! i wish we could just talk

    By Liz on 06.20.2011

  5. You think. you ponder. you draw a hypothesis. you hope its right. you might even pray to your god. it could be life changing . it could be simple. it could be he is predictable. it could be she is predictable. but in the end all comes to a conclusion.

    By AmyMae URL on 06.20.2011

  6. i predict that today is going to be a terrible day, i really hate funerals. i predict that tomrrow is going to be a better day at least i hope it will be

    By Taylor URL on 06.20.2011

  7. Oh to know; to be the one that has answers about future events. Is it really important? I think as long as you know what you are doing for the duration of a day you are ok…

    By Ken Kapptie URL on 06.20.2011

  8. I can predict the future…no I can’t. I wish I could. That would be a sick super power. When people predict things it tens to end in disappointment…cause alot of the time they are wrong. Its a shame, how people get so sad when the predict things and are wrong. Maybe they stake alot on it. Meh. Your beautiful

    By Megan on 06.20.2011

  9. I think I’ve always had a deep, though small (or maybe, more accurately, contained) desire to predict the future; to know what’s coming in specific situations at my discretion. However, a major reason I want that ability is so I can change the future to suit me, which raises an interesting question: is it really predicting the future if you change it into something else? Additionally, since the future is always changeable, what more is gained by predicting one outcome that will only come to fruition if nothing is changed, something that is moot simply by knowing the result before it arises.

    By Rob URL on 06.20.2011

  10. Some people can predict the future. For some of us it’s not that easy you have to live through the dirt and grime to find out what life is really about. Why hear the end of the story when you’ve already missed the adventure

    By Chelsea Ortiz URL on 06.20.2011

  11. One could always make a prediction in life. He or she could say that any event could happen in his or her recent or distant future. Is that a prediction though? Could it be a expectation instead?

    By Nathan Burnham URL on 06.20.2011

  12. Of all the things that passed through the oval doorway the dipper warned of things so ominous that the audience paled – so slow in his speech and so ragged of cloth the amorphous shape seethed with pent latency of a power that astonished the unwary and warned the averted – how little they saw the real threat when small children entered laughing and callous

    By scotchwhiskers URL on 06.20.2011

  13. she slept with the TV on that night, and the radio, and the bedside lamp–windows wide open and the front door unlocked, the handle on the faucet tilted upwards, to make for a constant dripping–she only wanted to hear, from any noise, a prediction that everything might, somehow, be okay.

    By robyn URL on 06.20.2011

  14. pre-empt

    By Rakshita URL on 06.20.2011

  15. i can’t predict what will happen when the world ends. Sometimes I wonder why we are all here. I can’t predict the future. But I’ll tell you what I can predict. Well, if i can’t predict the future i guess i can’t predict anything. the future is so far away to so many people, but to me it seems to be right here at my fingertips. it seems to bring into light everything that will happen tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. It’s what keeps us going. If i only had the key to the future, so many people would be happy, i could make this world smile, and we could all live longer on this earth without having to worry about green technolgy. I can’t wait until this is all better, if it ever will be. Someday we will all rise, and enjoy the bottom of our hearts, and know that together, this world can be a better place.

    By frances on 06.20.2011

  16. I can predict what the moon will do next. I can predict the exactness with which it will shine upon the still murky waters that weave around this house. I predict the moon’s knowing glance crawling up my fishbelly-pale arms, and so, I close the curtains and say good night.

    By RK on 06.20.2011

  17. its when you take into consideration what might happen if you do something. you think about all the of the possibilities and choose the one that makes the most sense. that is a prediction. sometimes predictions may be used to prepare for something.

    By Conor on 06.20.2011

  18. Sometimes I close my eyes and imagine it all in my head. I play each part, play each role and try out different endings. Some people don’t always do what you expect them to do. I don’t like surprises. I need to be prepared in all aspects and all possible outcomes. Over and over I replay each event. Which one it will be? That will end up the surprise. I have already chosen the way I would like it to go. All I can do now is close my eyes and pray to a God that may or may not exist.

    By Kari Norene on 06.20.2011

  19. it is always easy to predict the way ones life is going to end.

    By rndm URL on 06.20.2011

  20. I predict that tomorrow is going to be a wonderful day. I also predict that my boyfriend will have any awesome time in Costa Rica. I wonder how fortune-tellers predict the future or predict life events through reading palms. Predicting reminds me of science, in that it is like a hypothesis. So, really, are the fortune-tellers making an educated guess about your future? Who really knows? THE END.

    By Tonya on 06.20.2011

  21. i predict that my son will be a great man. he is smart, intuitive, hilarious and determined. what could be a better combination to take him wherever he may want to go? not much else. he’s an awesome person and i am in awe of him everyday. today we saw the little hummingbird sitting upon her nest and he said “she keep her eggs warm”.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 06.20.2011

  22. I wish I could predict the weather. Not only that, but change it. With just a thought, the scorching sun would take a trip around to the other side of the world, taking with it its malicious heat. I really hate the hotness, Catrina, I really do. There isn’t even a second where ‘this is nice’ goes through my head.

    By Karla URL on 06.20.2011

  23. when i think of the word predict i think of people trying to see their future, trying to wonder what might be and if they will make it in this huge place we call the world, you have to predict at one point or another what might happen, and when you go the best way to predict something is to let it happen all on its own.

    By Ciara URL on 06.20.2011

  24. the fututre and see what it holds the fututre can be hapiness and cheese and highschool and all sorts pf stuff no matter what you can never predict the future and what it holds and seee in the future is you future.

    By Elizabeth on 06.20.2011

  25. Shit. I never could predict the future. What I would want from the future. What I would need from the future. Nothing. It was all empty space ahead of me. I liked to chart my way as I went. Some say that’s bad. I’m not sure.

    By Khir on 06.20.2011

  26. You can’t predict anything. When one thing happens it changes the course of everything else. You are working with entirely new circumstances. You no longer know what the situations is because one action has changed it. There is no way to tell what may happen.

    By Megan on 06.20.2011

  27. Nothing in life is predictable, I think that predictions in case of daily things we do rarely come true because God has different things in store for us, that we do not know will happen and change the normal course of life for us. to predict and live is a life without no excitement.

    By Apurva URL on 06.20.2011

  28. If you had asked me to predict my future, I never would have thought it would look like this. Just a year ago I was a completely different person. Different name, different address, different job.
    And then he died and nothing has been the same since.

    By KatieP URL on 06.20.2011

  29. those who try to predict, never succeed in the end. ah it is hard to type my cat is rubbing his lil head on the keys and my hands. i wouldnt of saw that coming when i woke this morning.

    By SketchTheMessenger URL on 06.20.2011

  30. I hated her. She was pathetic and terrible; manipulative and worthless. She had used him. She had used the one before him; and, the one after. I thought of all the things I would say to her if I ever were to come face-to-face to her. I rehearsed the lines over and over again, sometimes in my head; other times, out loud, in front of a mirror, or while driving. And, here I stood, face-to-face, toe-to-toe, and all I could do was smile, and tell her how wonderful it was to finally meet her. A few weeks later, it happened, as if we couldn’t predict it—he left her—her husband, that is. He said he couldn’t handle the stress. I figured I didn’t blame him. I couldn’t handle the stress of an unfaithful wife. If she’d ever put those open legs to good use, she may actually be able to support her family, I mean, since she was doing it anyway.

    By cherrieygrl18 URL on 06.20.2011

  31. Wonder. Wonder. Wonder. It’s all up in the air, like trying to predict how a coin is going to fall. But not like a coin at all, more like trying to predict where thousands of pieces of confetti will fall. All those pieces, drifting, falling.

    By Ashley on 06.20.2011

  32. this is what I always try to do everyday. To predict the next events…not only does the word stay with me it consumes me sometimes. I will try to predict things I can’t control. I want to know the things I don’t.

    By nakita on 06.20.2011

  33. I had predicted that all I would ever dream and think about was you. You were going to be my life, my future, my everything. Most would think I was moving too soon. I only knew that from the moment you kissed me, and held me and touched me, you’d be there by my side until we grayed into non existance together. I knew then that I loved you.

    By ammi on 06.21.2011

  34. no one can predict the future

    By Navneet on 06.21.2011

  35. I wish that I could predict the future. Well I guess not really because then life would have no surprises and I would know my fate with nothing I could do to change it. All the same it would have been nice to know that he never really loved me and in seeing that in the future I could have stopped myself from loving him. Also I could have been prepared

    By Michelle on 06.21.2011

  36. The future is. I dream of it and sometimes I see its face, like a stranger passing by that looks just like a friend, or maybe someone familiar. Like deja vu.

    By Adam Milner URL on 06.21.2011

  37. it was nothing like they said it would be… thunderstorms throughout the nights and showers in the afternoons… oh, what a month, oh, what a year…

    By orangymiff URL on 06.21.2011

  38. There is no possible way to predict whether my Mother In Law will be showing up at the doorstep for Dave’s birthday.” Kendra stirred a spoonful sugar into her tea and looked to Amy. The unearthly screech emanated from the front porch. She placed her spoon down and sipped. “But she has a way of making her presence known.”

    By richpee URL on 06.21.2011

  39. i often spend hours in bed, thinking about life and all the little things that have happened to me recently. it’s not unusual for me to imagine myself in moments in time, where i’m making plans about what to say, how to act, what to wear, etc. very rarely do these predictions come true. most often, i’ll come up with the perfect scenarios,

    By Sara on 06.21.2011

  40. She predicted the reaction he would give. The exact emotions that would cross his face after she confessed. She predicted anger, hatred, maybe even violence but never had she even considered the possibility of tears. She wished that she could take it all back…

    By Harriet on 06.21.2011