April 26th, 2012 | 174 Entries

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174 Entries for “poster”

  1. I have many posters on my wall of justin beiber thats my dart target.

    By Trystan URL on 04.27.2012

  2. Lots of people hang posters on their walls.

    By aiyana URL on 04.27.2012

  3. Poster is what you hang on a wall….

    By AhmadRishad URL on 04.27.2012

  4. i had a poster in my room. It had Dragons on it.
    It was really cool.

    By Daymon URL on 04.27.2012

  5. The poster i have in my room is purple, blue and yellow

    By umberto URL on 04.27.2012

  6. the poster that we made was really big! We had to design it with many colors.

    By Laurie URL on 04.27.2012

  7. We had to make a poster in a class called teen life,a week ago,about cyber bullying and the five main websites where the cyber bullying take place.

    By Earthly URL on 04.27.2012

  8. What is on tat poster?

    By Jeremy URL on 04.27.2012

  9. The nights at Mycroft’s were rough, for the most part. Sherlock, as always, had trouble sleeping, and often lay awake throughout the night, just barely catching snippets of conversations that his brother would be having in his office a floor above. Twice during the week it thunderstormed at ungodly hours in the morning, and the heavy raindrops echoed loudly as they struck the panes of the window and the small terrace outside.

    John slept through it all, though not smoothly. His nightmares were as bad as they’d ever been, though he didn’t remember the next morning that they’d been laced with fleeting sensations of betrayal and insurgencies. His frantic, unconscious thrashing, the side of him which was not pinned down in Sherlock’s grasp, left several dark bruises along his limbs where he’d struck himself against the solid wooden posters at the corners of the bed. Sherlock tried to wrap his friend a little tighter in a blanket, but that only seemed to heighten the panic, as his pulse skyrocketed and his breathing was labored between the whimpers and pleading and the occasional shout. It was a wonder the veteran didn’t wake himself, Sherlock mused as he dodged a kick to the knee.

    As the week neared its end and they got the all-clear sign from the fumigation team, Mrs. Hudson and the boys retrieved their laundry from the basement facilities and packed up to go back to their own, familiar abode. John had a final look at the bed as he zipped up his suitcase on its duvet, seemingly lost in a thought.
    “You know, Sherlock,” he piped up on the way to the black car where Mrs. Hudson was ready and waiting, “Maybe we should get a four-poster bed.”
    Sherlock frowned at him. “With the number of bruises it gave you? I didn’t realize you were such a masochist, John.”
    The doctor flushed and ducked his head, “No, actually, I… I was just thinking those posters would be awfully handy for attaching ropes to.” Sherlock’s squint of confusion only futhered his silly mood, and Mrs. Hudson had to wonder what the giggles were for as John climbed in next to her.

    By floppybelly URL on 04.27.2012

  10. I have to make a poster for history today-_____-

    By Hannah URL on 04.27.2012

  11. The cold brick wall holds up your beauty as I walk by. Each morning I cross your path and I stare into your blue eyes. You gaze back at me expressionless. Your lips, tender and wet. Your hair falls as playful gold.

    I lean in and gently touch my hand to your cheek. The cold touch of poster paper. I love you.

    By geekwar on 04.27.2012

  12. i will cover my walls with posters of girls i wish i could be,
    and maybe their looks
    and determined eyes
    will inspire me

    By sarah marie URL on 04.27.2012

  13. there is a poster of lady gaga hanging by tacks on my bedroom wall beside the mirror. She is in a purple space-age dress and has yellow-blonde hair, She stands on a red carpet. This one is accompanied by 4 others, plus one giant one of three Italian tenors, autographed

    By April URL on 04.27.2012

  14. I can back home on day, expecting the usual. I took my bag off, kicked off my shoes, walked up stairs opened the door to my room. Everything was normal at that point, until I opened the door to see that my Darkness poster had be scribbled on… by REVENGE!

    By Billy URL on 04.27.2012

  15. I make posters in my social studies and english class. For important projects in our class.

    By Ewa147 URL on 04.27.2012

  16. posters have words that paint a mental picture in your mind, although most of the time there’s already a picture. i tricked ya there!

    By sbindley URL on 04.27.2012

  17. I dont have many posters but the ones i do are about ferraris and hummers. My sister has a bunch of Twilight posters.

    By minecraftplayer101 URL on 04.27.2012

  18. an awesome decoraton that you can hang on your wall and most of them have celebs faces on them some have sayings or animals(;<3

    By llamachick URL on 04.27.2012

  19. Jake makes lovely posters for his mommy and daddy so the will be happy for him that he can do something.

    By jdogg URL on 04.27.2012

  20. a poster is a large picture that kids like to put on their wall. Some pictures are of air planes or bands

    By snowboard addict URL on 04.27.2012

  21. apple makes posters every day of jacob mills. Its hard for her to resist because shes just so infatuated with him. shes wishes he would do the same thing for her. shes just wants to have fun thats all. but on the other end mills is also infatuated with her. maybe even more than apple is of him. He makes sculptures of her out of waffles and she doesnt even know the love

    By ddawg7 URL on 04.27.2012

  22. Poster that you do for a project that you work on in a class for your grade to be better! Or stuff like that!(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:

    By vb4life URL on 04.27.2012

  23. a poster is something in your room that you hang on yourwall

    By colby on 04.27.2012

  24. poster i use a poster for projects

    By Esmy URL on 04.27.2012

  25. i always use posters in my social studies.

    By diamondsss URL on 04.27.2012

  26. there is alot of posters in the tech lab.

    By embell URL on 04.27.2012

  27. He walks down the deserted hallway and stops to look at a frantically cluttered bulletin board. They were all ads and help-wanted signs placed years ago.
    It was when he decided he would shoot his documentary there.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 04.27.2012

  28. The poster was for nothing out of the ordinary. Just for some band that I had never heard of, but for some reason I stopped and stared at it. As I looked closer, I could see the tell tale sign in the background. The symbol that started it all and spoke of the end. It was there and it struck fear into my heart.

    By Jackie Lily Murple on 04.27.2012

  29. posters are giant pieces of paper

    By just582 URL on 04.27.2012

  30. i’m laying upside down in my bed looking at the ceiling with the poster that you gave me last summer. the one with all the weird little shapes, and vibrant colors, and secret hidden stories. I could lay like this for forever i swear. it kind of feels like i’m blisssdout

    By Abra URL on 04.27.2012

  31. Elisa had a roll of laminated posters under one arm, advertising for the literary society, their book of the month, discussion meeting, free Chinese food. It was all a streamlined process: Katie churned out the photoshopped title covers with the quote from the book chosen by Bryan, sent to the printers 10am Monday morning so Elisa could pick it up at 10:30am. Yet the board spaces were unusually crowded with early posters. She smoothly unrolled one of them and prepared her stapler but some boy was making for the same board spot too, and with a fwop all of his papers fountained to the floor, “first math club meeting,” in black and white, on free printer paper. He knelt and waddled duck-legged trying to gather up the papers. She put the stapler back into her pocket and helped him. He put his paper on the remaining space, one hand pushing against it while the other quested for an unused thumbtack, before turning back to her and stumbling out words, “Do you happen to have a – oh, I’m so sorry, did you want this spot too – oh thanks, by the way,” and during all this she stamped her stapler in the space between his thumb and forefinger.

    There were plenty more boards.

    By Holden URL on 04.27.2012

  32. poster |ˈpōstər|
    1 a large printed picture used for decoration.
    • a large printed picture, notice, or advertisement displayed in a public place : [as adj. ] a poster campaign.
    2 Computing someone who sends a message to a newsgroup.

    By Cody URL on 04.27.2012

  33. PoStErS! i LiKe PoStErS! i HaVe A cAr PoStEr. It SaYs ChAlLeNgEr.

    By Cody on 04.27.2012

  34. Posters show pictures. My favorite poster is a motivational poster a I made. It was about courage and there was a penguin with symbols standing over a sleeping polar bear.

    By Tree URL on 04.27.2012

  35. It is kinda hard to make a big poster when you want have a small poster.

    By kittens URL on 04.27.2012

  36. Poster is a hot shot asset to the community. Never afraid to get your attention, in fact he wants it more then a vampire wants plasma. The Glame he portrays is all he has to look forward to in life. And if he doesn’t do his job right he while get kicked around, wall-less and regaurded as trash.

    By Joshua best on 04.27.2012

  37. I have posters on my wall.

    By kelley URL on 04.27.2012

  38. She runs all over town for this job and it certainly doesn’t pay well.Putting up these stupid fliers on every door, wall, telephone pole and window she can, without getting arrested of course., The job call in craigslist read, “Poster. look as good as we do.” She thought it said “poser” and was for something else entirely.

    By laurapacker URL on 04.27.2012

  39. its something that sometimes advertiszes somethin or just tryin to persuade someone to come to thier place like suky mcdonalds

    By DARKHAWK URL on 04.27.2012

  40. a poster is a thick sheet of paper that is about 3 times bigger than a normal sheet of paper

    By twiz URL on 04.27.2012