October 6th, 2012 | 241 Entries

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241 Entries for “possible”

  1. todo lo que te propongas es possible si te empeñas. la perseverancia todo lo logra, convierte una pared en ventana. lo possible solo se convierte en imposible en la imaginacion y en el miedo.

    By sabrina on 10.06.2012

  2. possible situation that might happen after an impossible one is exactly the possible in inpossible one.

    By cici on 10.06.2012

  3. anything is possible if you just believe. a possibility is something so much more than a chance. It has a more hopeful outcome. Not just based on luck, but on logic. Where fate meets boday. If you put your mind to it anything can be possible. Don’t ask what the chanc eis, what’s the possibility. it’s more practical. More significant. Don’t ever lose sight of the possibiblities.

    By Katelyn on 10.06.2012

  4. Was it even possible? He had twisted my heart into a deformed shape, but won me over again. Not to mention this had been the case for the last year. But today he dropped down on one knee, asked for my heart. I said only what I could. “Of course.” I can only hope he won’t break it.

    By T.S. URL on 10.06.2012

  5. T’was once possible, to speak and accomplish what one’s mind wished but that was a simpler time with simpler people and those gifted by Gods had the tools to make things true, believable. By the pen we bypassed all suspicions…by the fates I wish for the power to reverse time.

    By Eric Harrell on 10.06.2012

  6. Anything is possible if you just believe! he announced. I scoffed to myself. Yeah, right. In a world like this, almost everything is IMpossible. No freedom. No love. Every man for himself, really. I don’t know what happened to Earth.

    By jooo on 10.06.2012

  7. Is it possible
    To hate you more
    More than sadness
    More than sleepless nights
    More than alone crying
    I do hate you
    And when you die
    I will piss on your grave
    And know that
    Every day will be better
    Because you are in hell

    By recogirl URL on 10.06.2012

  8. It was simply not possible, what they were asking me to do. How could I leave him behind. He meant everything to me, and now they were telling me to let go of him? Never. I threw myself across the body, holding on tight, as if that would keep him alive.

    By Iam Me URL on 10.06.2012

  9. I really dont know what to write about it but i am going to write anyway. Everything is possible as long as you want it. And its realization depends on how much you want it. There is nothing that’s impossible. There are things that are impossible like fucking with Ian Somerhalder.

    By mertd fadadsfd on 10.06.2012

  10. possiblility is the key to unlocking what you will acheive in life
    but the largest question is
    what defines possible
    what statement predetermines what oyu can and cannot do
    at what point in your life do you first think “that is not possible”
    because from an early age you are told you can do anything

    By Neil P Kennedy on 10.06.2012

  11. Is space travel possible? JFK spoke about travelling to the moon in 1962. Nobody really thought it was possible. The audience were in awe. JFK paused, grinned then began talking and mentioned that he was doing all the work. He was such a handsome, rich and privileged president. I read that when JFK entered a room the temperature changed.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.06.2012

  12. anything is possible if you put your mind to it. things are always going to work out if you let them. possiblities are endless. dont give up. things will be okay. give in to the possible

    By Cameron URL on 10.06.2012

  13. I already fucking did this
    Failed once before
    crawl drag my stomach across the gravel
    get the piercing stare out of my back
    shut the eyes in the back of my head
    final sleep
    I can’t fucking wait to be dead

    By Neil P Kennedy URL on 10.06.2012

  14. He stands at the edge of the cliff, and the straps of his parachute hug his shoulders tight.

    For just one moment–just one–he looks over his shoulder. At his brother, bald and weak with chemo, still smiling. At his mother, her hands folded over said brother’s shoulders, her smile muted but always encouraging.

    He grips the parachute and jumps.

    By Brill URL on 10.06.2012

  15. possible has a lot of meanings. i wish i could say that everything is possible but realistically thats not true. i could not run across the world in 5 seconds.. thats not possible. but a lot is, especially if you work at it.

    By isobel on 10.06.2012

  16. Anything is possible. With ingenuity and determination, all obstacles are surmountable. No longer shall we wince at the opportunity to achieve greatness. The knowledge that all is attainable guarantee our success as a population.

    By Alyssa on 10.06.2012

  17. Imagine if time travel was possible? What period would you escape to? The cave men would be waiting to greet you with a bowl of figs, nuts and berries or will you land in Rome? You see a dozen chariots belting down a cobbled street with laughing Roman soldiers and dive into a fruit store, scattering oranges, pears and exotic fruit. A temple girl rushes towards you just as you feel yourself slipping rapidly into Robin Hood’s forest. The air is cooler and your clothes are different. You are even wearing a big bow and arrow. You look around for the temple girl and encounter Robin Hood and his merry men. You gasp. Robin claps you on the back and says “Are you hungry”? You fumble for words. His merry men pass you a big red apple.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.06.2012

  18. My goodness! What a fabulous word. It opens the mind and gives us hope. Even when we are at our lowest…..if something is possible…..

    By Charlotte4950 URL on 10.06.2012

  19. Possible like possibility means something could happen even out of an impossible situation there is a chance that a painful episode could change in a flash. I have faith but even that is not always enough to stop melancholy. I look at the stars. They wink at me then a shooting star burns a silver path across the inky sky.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.06.2012

  20. What is possile. According to some people everything is possible. walking on water may some day be possible who is possible i have no idea god maybe? my neighbour? what am i supposed to do right now. eating as much as you want is not possible possible possible i’m really bad at this.

    By Marisa on 10.06.2012

  21. It is possible that every thing we see is a lie. It is possible that this is all a dream inside a dream. It is possible that I’ll never understand the meaning of life. It is possible there isn’t one.

    By Jared Hammer on 10.06.2012

  22. People always tell you that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. It’s a simple, motivational truth, so they say. But you can’t do anything. All humans have limits. And there’s nothing to be done about it. Thus, the word impossible. But we can always try to do whatever we can.

    By Dan Carlston on 10.06.2012

  23. i cant believe that you even do that to me you are a horrible person i trusted you like no other and know you are the one whos suffering and having a bad time, you deserve it for real

    By cris on 10.06.2012

  24. In a sense anything is possible like promotion, moving house, meeting a fab person, losing weight, travelling First Class, meeting the Queen, visiting Disney Land, Kew Gardens, living to 100, learning a foreign language. My possible list is endless. It’s possible that I could go on strict diet tomorrow. Maybe or possibly. If food was not such a temptation.

    By Jeanette Ju-Pierre on 10.06.2012

  25. Is it possible these children will never stop chatting and filling my brain to the brim? Creative mothers… they deserve a gold star. Making their brains think creative thoughts in the midst of all this noise. It’s possible all right.

    By Maryanne URL on 10.06.2012

  26. The possibilities are endless if you just believe. Nothing is out of your reach.

    By nailsrock! on 10.06.2012

  27. That is not possible. This is. Just eat the possibilities, and breathe in failure or success. That is what living is. You decide what is your reality.
    That is magical thinking.
    I think.

    By Melanie Allen on 10.06.2012

  28. Anything is possible if you just try. It may be difficult, and you may have to think outside of the box, but if you think hard enough and have enough will power, YOU CAN DO IT.

    By Liana on 10.06.2012

  29. Anything you can imagine, you can make possible, if your intent is truly clear. The Universe can’t second guess what you want so be crystal clear in your vision…then put in the work.

    By paulie aragon on 10.06.2012

  30. Many things are possible. You can do many things if you put your mind to it. There are many beautiful things in this world. Things that are possible are you can travel the world, go to school. So many things are possible so don’t waste your life.

    By Matty URL on 10.06.2012

  31. It was possible I kept whispering to myself. Anything was possible right, but this, this was not real it couldn’t be. I mean it just wasn’t possible.

    By Rose Silver URL on 10.06.2012

  32. it’s possible.
    i just have to keep myself focused on the end goal. what i want and what i need are conflicting. focus focus focus.

    By sarah marie URL on 10.06.2012

  33. is it possible
    am i capable

    i know i surely must be
    but the chances of it happening
    are slim
    and fleeting
    as quickly as the sun set
    this evening
    as i walked my old beagle
    around this deadend

    the rays slowly
    fading through the

    By annaise URL on 10.06.2012

  34. I like to think of what lies in the realm of possibility, because everything that doesn’t…

    Well, it doesn’t exist.

    I like thinking that anything is possible, or at least the younger version of myself who was told so would like to keep thinking that.

    Because that’s it, isn’t it? As we grow, we learn more and more about what is and isn’t possible. But as we grow, a part of ourselves, the young part of ourselves, will always hold onto the belief that anything and everything is possible.

    Within the realm of possibility.

    By Joshua URL on 10.06.2012

  35. This is quite possibly the most idiotic thing I’ve ever written. Dumber than the time I forged my mother’s signature on a field trip form… in crayon. Dumber than the love letter I wrote John Cuspis last year…on the Smart Board.

    By Ms. B URL on 10.06.2012

  36. “Anything’s possible,” he whispered in the baby’s ear. “You could be anything. Even a Gryffindor.”

    By Victoria on 10.06.2012

  37. anything is possible. cliche. but i want to believe it. does that make me ignorant? i dont think so. i believe it makes me open minded. id rather have a open mind than any other characteristic. dont let the ideas of others get in the way of forming your own. but more importantly dont let your own ideas get in the way of others. this way anything is possible

    By devin on 10.06.2012

  38. time for the possibilities my friend. in a hotel room with a bottle of irish whiskey and a stereo they are almost endless.

    By Mark Irving URL on 10.06.2012

  39. the possibilities are endless when you’re with the doctor. anything is possible with KIM possible. not ron stoppable. even though ron stoppable is awesome. not as awesome as Ron Weasley, however. because ron weasley is a ginger. but ron stoppable has a naked mole rat. UGH complications.

    By julia antinozzi on 10.06.2012

  40. possible

    By Daniel on 10.06.2012