October 6th, 2012 | 241 Entries

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241 Entries for “possible”

  1. it can be done. how are you gonna do it? second thoughts. just do it! what about… what about. damnit. it can be done.

    By john on 10.06.2012

  2. If it were possible to get him into my bed tonight I would die a happy man. My friends would raise a toast to me and my accomplishments. They’d masturbate to the sex tape.

    By Ruben URL on 10.06.2012

  3. It’s possible they say. But truth is: It’s impossible. At least for him. Maybe she could work it out. He should aske her. She would make it possible for him.

    By soil on 10.06.2012

  4. is it possible or is it possible? i don’t know we will never ever know..some things are possible some things are impossible but this i tell you…is life, love and lonelyness and all 3 are possible, it is possible (most deffinatly) to have life and make life, and it is possible to find and make love and it is possible to find lonelyness and make it. also when you think something is possible it might not be. it’s time to make the possible things impossible and the impossible things possible. thank you and GOOD NIGHT!

    By Gobnoxious on 10.06.2012

  5. everything is possible. I want to be an actress and its POSSIBLE! I know it! Dont ever hesitate cause its POSSIBLE! people should belive more, because people dont belive things are possible. Dont ever stop thinking if it`s impossible cause its not. if you think it, it is possible! I know!

    By Sofie on 10.06.2012

  6. Is it possible? I didn’t think it was going to happen this fast and yet there I was…bumbling like a fool and being all giggly. It’s not that I wanted it to happen this fast, and it’s actually not like something is happening at all, I just don’t know what to do about it, I’m out of my head tonight….

    By Jessica G on 10.06.2012

  7. my daughter was possible because of god…she was not supposed to be born or even conceived.

    By therese URL on 10.06.2012

  8. The road had emptied. Why had they stopped looking. Surely there was still a chance. But the road had emptied. The raincoat clad walkers with their maps and good will. The police and their dogs. All gone.

    By Louise URL on 10.06.2012

  9. I’m not okay with knowing that this isn’t exactly the way I would have liked things to turn out. It’s just that there are too many options. Too many…possibilities. And this isn’t sitting well with me. I want to know the lay of the land before I determine the shape of my thoughts to suit them. I want to know what I’m up against before I charge into the fray, and the possibilities are endless in this picture. I want to see things I’ve never seen before, and right now the hold out is catching up to me.

    By Lancir URL on 10.06.2012

  10. What is possible is limited by my fears, my doubts, my timidity. If I conquer these, the sky universe all is possible to accomplish . . . courage is the name of the game.

    By Sheila on 10.06.2012

  11. Anything is possible. The world is possible. But it’s not possible if you don’t let it be. Your job is to believe in yourself. Then your dreams will come true.

    By Sofia López on 10.06.2012

  12. Anything is possible. Go ahead and try it. Close your eyes and dream the possibilities. What is life without dreams? And what are dreams without the possibilities?

    By Michael Davanzo URL on 10.06.2012

  13. It’s possible. Like the Godmother from Cinderella said. I auditioned for that show a month ago, didn’t get the part. Maybe it was because I wasn’t fit for anything? Or the director sucks so much ass from the auditionees that he was more familiar with, that he just decided to give it to his “friends.” What an asswipe..

    By Amarie URL on 10.06.2012

  14. What is possible. Possible is the things I see with my eyes. Possible are the things I feel with my heart. Possible is the love that I can’t deny and see unraveling in my mind.

    By Karissa Clark on 10.06.2012

  15. Some people don’t think it’s possible to do what i do. They doubt my abilities. I laugh when they ask how i do it. I’ve done this long enough that i can’t imagine it not being possible. But then again, it’s not the normal life of a teenager. Not everyone can do what i do. And i know you’re wondering exactly what it is i do. It’s hard to explain. That’s the impossible part. Really, what i am and what i do is a mystery to myself. It just kind of happens. It’s not my fault that i can make a common church candle become a full blown forest fire. Or turn a puddle in a roaring flood. Or make a breeze a tornado. I can also do the opposite. But it only happens when i am emotional. Trying to do it just because i want to, that doesn’t work. But sure, it doesn’t sound at all possible. yeah, i’m agreeing with you! I don’t understand it either! And yet, it’s been a part of my life for so long, that I can’t imagine not having it. That’s going to change soon.

    By E F on 10.06.2012

  16. Anything is possible when you put your mind to it. You may think you weren’t cut out for something, but no one is perfect. If you spend time trying something new something good can come of it. Things are only impossible when you don’t try.

    By idance5678 URL on 10.06.2012

  17. Is it possible?
    There can be change iff you want it. You can change. I can change. There could be still a we. It is still possible.

    By halbkind URL on 10.06.2012

  18. It was never really possible before. Only when she thought about it logically. She never would have guessed it would ever be possible. But life changes – that’s for sure. Her life had taken so many twists and turns through the years. And now – possibilities abounded for her.

    By Debbie URL on 10.06.2012

  19. “You’re insane.”

    She sat there, pressed up against the wall, a hopeless look in her eye. An inch from her face he held her gaze, hand leaned on the metal frame by her head. Nothing could escape him, and no one ever tried. But…

    “You’re mistaken, darling. I’m merely…” He narrowed those lavender eyes of his, a dangerous tone creeping into his words. “Ruling out all the impossibilities. I am the hammer of justice, the ultimate judge of this world. The Emperor of Utopia; By mine own hand I will cleanse this sickening nation. It is possible…

    “For I am God.”

    By Aster Vox URL on 10.06.2012

  20. It was possible for me to get on the bus, but I didn’t want to. I wanted to walk, I wanted to breathe fresh air and hear the sounds the city. The bus was a capsule and I wasn’t medicine in pill to be swallowed.

    By Juliana Woodruff on 10.06.2012

  21. Possible. The opposite of impossible. A lot of things are possible for a human being. Many people believe in possiblities and impossibilites. But the way i believe, everything is possible if you

    By Makena on 10.06.2012

  22. Could it be possible? Could she really be his? As he held her small body in his lanky one, he felt for the first time…a spark. A possible.

    By Anna on 10.06.2012

  23. Is it possible I just don’t want to be happy? I refuse to put myself out there. I won’t make the first move. I don’t show guys that I am interested. I give up too easily. If I change possibly I can have everything I dreamed of.

    By Marina URL on 10.06.2012

  24. People say anything’s possible. Is anything really possible? Can you really do anything you can imagine? No. But regardless of who you are, there’s always something for anyone.

    By Olivia on 10.06.2012

  25. don’t tell me whats possible, don’t tell me whats impossible. the never been done before is bound to be done, just like electricity made it’s way into the homes of America around the 1900s… don’t tell me what’s possible and what’s not, you and i can’t possibly tell the future…

    By Abra URL on 10.06.2012

  26. what is possible? whatever you dream you can do. feel like running a marathon? do it. you don’t have to be an athlete. perseverance and determination, that’s all it takes. anything is possible. learn to read. speak a new language. code websites. draw. whatever your heart desires.

    By alex on 10.06.2012

  27. Everything is possible if you just put effort into it. You can build skyscrapers and bridges. Everything you do is all possible because you dreamt it and made it real. You are your own possiblities.

    By Holland on 10.06.2012

  28. “You know, Kim, sometimes you’ve just got to ignore what’s possible, and just think about what’s got to be done. Impossible or not.”

    I don’t answer him, and he continues walking along the bank. He tosses a rock out, and it skips across the lake’s smooth water. Four skips.

    “It’s not that easy,” I finally say, and the words feel like air escaping a deflated balloon.

    He turns around and gives me a lopsided smile. “I know. But I have faith in you.”

    By Fiddo URL on 10.06.2012

  29. “Alles ist möglich, wenn du nur fest genug daran glaubst”, hat er damals immer gesagt. Und ich Schwachkopf habe geglaubt, ich wäre nur zu willensschwach. Ich habe Tage und Nächte damit verbracht, mir ein erfülltes Leben herzuwünschen, mir alles möglichst genau vorzustellen, es mit positiven Gefühlen anzureichern. Ich habe geglaubt, er hat recht, und dann hat ihn einfach ein Laster überrollt.

    By Eli URL on 10.06.2012

  30. Everything is possible. At all ages, we find new possibilities and overcome things in which we thought were impossible to do. We gather thoughts and opinions about who we were, who we are, and how we are going to become. As a person, anything is possible. Today, tomorrow, infinity.

    By Makena on 10.06.2012

  31. Anything is possible. Impossible is not possible. But if impossible is impossible, then that means that indeed there is something that is impossible, meaning that the phrase “anything is possible” is impossible, and therefore incorrect. So that means that anything is impossible. But that’s not true either, because by saying that anything is impossible, you are therefore inferring that that statement is possible, or else you never would have said it in the first place.
    So there’s your answer. It is impossible for everything to be possible, but possible for everything to be impossible. So possible things can come out of the impossible.
    If we look only at what is impossible, then we would never know that anything was possible, so we would therefore make things possible just to prove that they were possible and not impossible.
    So to conclude: everything is both possible and impossible, depending on how you look at it.

    By Annie on 10.06.2012

  32. I wish everything was possible.


    but some shooting stars nosedive.

    By Mara on 10.06.2012

  33. they say anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. i made this remark to a friend that is an inspirational speaker as well as authority figure in his community. a self-made man with well defined principles and morals. his replay was “where there’s a will, a well devised plan and a drive, then yes, there is a way”. well stated, Mr. Bryant.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 10.06.2012

  34. Jesse and Max held hands as they ran. The forest left far behind them, they slid down the muddy slope, waded quickly across the icy stream, and jogged up the opposite ravine wall to stand at the edge of the meadow.
    “Is he gone?” Jesse gasped, her free hand clutching her throat.
    “I don’t see him anywhere behind us,” Max nodded, “I think it’s possible that we actually gave him the slip.
    “Max!” Jesse suddenly screamed and Max was at once aware of the large shadow that rose over them.

    By Cim URL on 10.06.2012

  35. It is possible that a parallel universe exists? I would contend that nothing is more likely. It seems far more reasonable to assume that we are not the only ones in existence, than to think that we are alone. Certainty, it is a brighter outlook.

    By Lee on 10.06.2012

  36. i think everything is possible . you just have to dream about it then work for it really har d . if you fail try again and again . this is life . this is how life goes on . you have to keep tring . if you’re negative you will not secceed . and this is sad , you should not do that to yourself

    By zina URL on 10.06.2012

  37. could he? he wasn’t sure. but he had to try. no he didn’t what was he thinking, he could never do it. why try. but maby she did. one way to find out. but still.

    By bobzilla URL on 10.06.2012

  38. possible. they say anything is possible right? how do they know? have they tried everything???? i dont think so. i’m pretty sure its impossible to turn your self into a flying unicorn. chew on that. or maybe you can. i dont know. i havnt tried everything yet. i wonder if someone has tried everything. thatd be weird. its not possible for me to lick my elbow. so not everything is possible. bam.

    By mel URL on 10.06.2012

  39. How is this possible? This place, that thing, it feels like a dream.
    A dream, huh? More like a nightmare now.
    Hey Italy, do you think we will make it?
    I sure hope so.

    By Tanya URL on 10.06.2012

  40. I hate the color white.
    The walls of this house, the floors even the furniture is white.
    I think I would prefer it to the color red. The red blood of these people who come in, splattered over the walls.

    By Tanya URL on 10.06.2012