February 26th, 2012 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “popcorn”

  1. pop pop popping all over the place when you take the lid off! Buttery rich wth corase sea salt, rustled up in a paper bag with grease stains blotching the bottom.

    By beth on 02.26.2012

  2. Dipped in chocolate
    Or coated in caramel
    a treat to crunch on
    While you watch the Oscars.

    By Alexandra Bell on 02.26.2012

  3. i’m going to binge on popcorn.
    because i’m alone and i fucking hate everything about my life right now.

    By sarah marie URL on 02.26.2012

  4. It’s one of those things that you wonder about. Who discovered popcorn? Was someone just roasting a corn cob over a fire one night and all of a sudden POP! And a tiny flash of white, before it’s consumed by the flames. And then it happens again. She knows that you can, in theory, pop corn on the cob, but not all corn pops. Who discovered that?

    By Katie on 02.26.2012

  5. The popcorn crunched under my feet as I made my way towards my seat in the movie theater. I sat down in the ever so slightly sticky seats and waited for the movie to begin.

    By Alice URL on 02.26.2012

  6. i eat popcorn when i;m at the movies. i like to eat it but i know it’s really unhealthy so i try and not eat so much to try and be good but then i look down by the middle of the movie and half the bags already gone and i feel like a fat ass. but it’s totally worth it. this happened when i saw the pirates of the carribean movie.

    By J9 on 02.26.2012

  7. Nervous spasams not unlike popcorn bursting over a flame twitched inside of her swollen stomach. She felt a nausiated when faced with the prospect of any kind of food other than valveeta and raw eggs. Both her hands and feet hurt every waking moment and she found she was loosing the ability to regulate her own moods, easily falling from utter mania into a rage.
    Still, despite these slightly abnormal symptoms, she could have passed this off as a normal pregnancy.
    …If it hadn’t been for the frequent, shadowy pulsations of blue light that illuminated her abdomen from within.

    By WearyWater URL on 02.26.2012

  8. Aunt Lydia and Adam strung some popcorn on a thread and draped the cord around the tree. A second strand was made, and Sarah queried its use. Smiling, Adam wrapped the string around Sarah, “To make you Madam Christmas!”

    By ritajuanita URL on 02.26.2012

  9. My favourite snack to eat while at the movies. The aroma of salt and butter saturates my nostrils when I enter the theatre. It’s enough to make anyone salivate. I wonder why it pops the way it does? Whether you get it at the theatre or make it at home in the microwave, it’s never possible to pop every single kernel of popcorn. How tragic. To be separated, packaged and stored, and yet, never to reach its potential…

    By Shaunak URL on 02.26.2012

  10. Popcorn

    A staple :) Cracker Jacks when I was little (I still have some prizes!), my lime green “lightbulb” kids popper at home, then air poppers ever since.

    Since I talked about the UK yesterday, I’ll continue a bit here. When I lived there, nobody made popcorn in their homes. It wasn’t done. They didn’t know it *could* be done! People bought popcorn at theatres, but they had no idea it started out as hard little kernels.

    It took me a while to find a bag of un-popped popcorn to make on the stove. I had to special order some through an International store (which happily got me a few bags, then asked what in the world I was going to do with them? They thought the wrong items had arrived.) Later, when I made popcorn in a student kitchen at my school, people gathered around like I was doing a magic trick.

    “Is it safe?” they’d ask, as they heard the kernels exploding in the pan. “What’s happening in there? Can we look?”

    “Sure” I’d say, “but the popcorn will fly out.”

    I’d lift the lid, a few kernels would pop out of the pan, and everyone would scream!

    The “Popcorn making show” was a big hit. I was often asked to give repeat performances.

    (FYI, “Bagels” were also unheard of there, back then. – And good luck trying to get hummus in Canada.)

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 02.26.2012

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    By Austin on 02.26.2012

  12. I love to eat it at the movies. With lots of butter that you can put it on and shake it up and then put more on. I love popcorn, but it doesn’t love me. I tend to have pretty rank gas afterward. My stepson, Tyler, banned me from having it when I am with him which is pretty funny.

    By Julie Green on 02.26.2012

  13. I didn’t care that I hated them all. I didn’t care that we skipped the movie and decided to roam the streets with downtown lights shimmering into the sky. We were young, if only for a fraction of a second. We were invincible and fantastic creatures that could do everything and more. I smiled while raising my arms to the night. I heard someone scream happily as we ran down the pavement. It was a shout to the impulses of adolescence and a pleading cry that this life would never end.

    By Marissa URL on 02.26.2012

  14. And I sat with my popcorn and my drinks and my life
    And I watched the screen without looking away
    And there were moments when I forgot who I was
    And there were times when it didn’t matter that you didn’t care

    By leah URL on 02.26.2012

  15. my favorite food. I could eat it daily whenever…. and often at least once a week for a meal. I have warm memories of Sunday nights, watching TV with my parents eating my Dad’s homemade, popped on the stove, with fresh butter.

    By Karen on 02.26.2012

  16. Crunching between my teeth as the movie reels on, lines and lines of words pressed to Junior Mint ogles as she sweeps across the screen. Perfection and everything I yearn to be in each inch of popcorn crusted gazing as I sit in awe.

    By A on 02.26.2012

  17. the oil was thick, and a weird, translucent orange colour. it certainly didn’t look appetizing. I poured it into the grimy pot with some kernels. A mechanical arm spun, making it even out to be cooked. I added the powder. It always amazed me, the smell of that. The actual popcorn tasted mediocre, but that weird artificial powder made it smell like the most mouthwatering thing you have ever been near. Mind control.

    By an octopus URL on 02.26.2012

  18. I loved her popcorn dreams and soapy bubble memories.
    She was simple and it made her so damn beautiful to me.

    By UnderWater URL on 02.26.2012

  19. I went in to the movies and the horror, someon ehad stolen my seat. I walked up to him and said politely this is my spot so get out of it. He said No Never and walked away out of the cinema and I said in my mind what a weirdo and then i had popcorn because someone said someone cam it to me. It was a weird dream.

    By Crystalhorse URL on 02.26.2012

  20. He bought me a popcorn and went into the cinema. Instead of concentrating on the movie, I was watching his every reaction while eating. I find it more entertaining than anything else.

    By eijem URL on 02.26.2012

  21. popcorn hurts my lips when there’s too much salt on it. it’s good though. i think. i don’t know how i feel about it. do i like it? sometimes. with lots of butter. like at the movies. that’s when it’s good. i like that. and when you get cherry coke with your friends. fun stuff. popcorn.

    By julia URL on 02.26.2012

  22. He wanted to buy this itty-bitty stuff resembling popcorn but in miniature.
    “What’s the point of that?” I asked, “People like the big poofy handfuls of corn, this thing is crazy.”
    He left it at the register and walked away dejected.

    By Alison URL on 02.26.2012

  23. Uh, no thank you I don’t eat popcorn. No, I like it but it gets stuck between my brackets. From where I had braces.

    By melodyroop URL on 02.26.2012

  24. His friends joked that he was addicted to popcorn. Sometimes he sat through absurd plot lines at the cinema just for that sweet smell and the feel of the large box on his lap. It was when he started making popcorn sandwiches to take to work, and sticking them to his face, that his friends really saw the obsession.

    By Laura URL on 02.26.2012

  25. the delicous food dropped from the sweaty fingers into her mouth. she began to munch vigourously and before you know it, another piece was popped into her mouth

    By Maddiee on 02.26.2012

  26. as I stand in the theater I see a bunch of scum
    the scum of a small room the shouldn’t be left spotless
    I roam the closet and seek materials to clean the area
    all i see a small

    By alasicka URL on 02.26.2012

  27. Living in the city meant watching my back. This was a thriller. A popcorn filler. An edge of your seat car chase. In the middle of the dark. At 2 am. Because my art degree only prepared me to be a diner chef. But who’s complaining? I have ketchup stains on my shirt and a beautiful girlfriend to come home to.

    By Ruben URL on 02.27.2012

  28. Fluffy butter salt carmel movies snack microwave stove top

    By roxanne on 02.27.2012

  29. Yummy, delicious, caramalised, morish, crowd pleasing food, a good filler at a good price and is loved by young and old.

    By ST on 02.27.2012

  30. Popkörner werden in den südamerikanischen Ländern “Täubchen” genannt. Palomitas. Meine Oma hat immer mal Täubchen gegessen. Sie war krank und irgendwer hat gesagt, dass es sie heilen könnte, wenn sie Täubchen ist. Ich wusste nicht, wie schwer ihre Krankheit ist, bis zum Schluss nicht. Niemand bereitete mich auf ihren Tod vor. Die Täubchen bekam sie von Verwandten geschenkt, die einen großen Hof und eine Mühle, viele Felder und Tiere hatten. Manchmal ließ mich Oma vom Täubchen probieren. Sie kochte das Fleisch. Es war sehr zart.

    By Eli URL on 02.27.2012

  31. Popcorn is the smell of the cinema. Could be an epic blockbuster, or some sad pathetic chick flick, either way people pay to see this kind of crap. All different kinds of people, all different but all with one similarity. Popcorn. Popcorn is the smell of the united.

    By Amy on 02.27.2012

  32. Popcorn mmm

    By Jimmy URL on 02.27.2012

  33. I was working 10 hours a day, then going to school then coming home for a two hour workout before going to sleep. 4 hours of slumber would suffice. I heard you burn more calories when awake anyway. A corpse was prettier than this gliving giant I inhabitted.

    By Ruben URL on 02.27.2012

  34. The butter slithered down her blouse and he did everything in his power not to stare. Did she really, not notice? Ultimately he was left with only one option, saying sheepishly, “Could you pass the popcorn?”

    By L. A. Smith URL on 02.27.2012

  35. popcorn fights. what a memory. they threw bucketfuls of popcorn at each other, during a movie. they were having a great time, but i couldn’t help thinking about people who had to clean the mess. i didn’t understand him, after all.

    By kaorita on 02.27.2012

  36. I think of my sweetheart. New Year’s Eve. A movie. Trying to find a seat in the cinema, kissing, fumbling in the dark. :) laughter, putting popcorn into her mouth. I kept offering her more but she wouldn’t take it, and then at the end I finished it and she got annoyed! :) She is such a cutie. She kept scolding me for eating the stuff with my left hand. Normally I don’t like popcorn that much. The dry husks get between my teeth, the salt dries my throat, the unpopped corn kernels annoy me. That night, you could have fed me gravel for all I cared. Chewing gum between mouthfuls of popcorn and coke to keep my mouth fresh and clean for her. And vice versa.

    By sserdonop34 on 02.27.2012

  37. popcorn was one of the few things in life that any one person could appreciate. it was cheap and easy to make. delicious in every way, but wasn’t fattening. Which was why no-one was surprised that it was ‘patient zero’ for the Arfinite virus. Millions, if not billions, of people ate it everyday: whether sitting comfortably in cinemas watching some box-office movie (or some other film with a terrible plotline), or relaxing at home curled up with a good book (or even a reasonably good book), and with it’s ability to spread through saliva, it was of course predicted and proved that 86% of the human race would be infected with 23% chance of survival.

    By Charlotte Watts on 02.27.2012

  38. Yummy, buttery, movie kinds the best but oh so fattening. Hot air, my brother’s favorite treat. Mike, I always think of you when I think of popcorn.

    By Anne on 02.27.2012

  39. it can be sweet. its crunchy. its small. it can be heated up. it comes with seeds. i love popcorn. its a snack. my brother hates it. My mother hates it.

    By Willie Rowe on 02.27.2012

  40. it can be sweet. the movie theatre’s popcorn cost too much. they are small. they come with seeds. i love popcorn. i brother hates it. my mom hates it. they can be heated up.

    By Willie Rowe on 02.27.2012