February 26th, 2012 | 216 Entries

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216 Entries for “popcorn”

  1. what? Popcom? O no now i see popcorn. Need stronger glasses. Nice popcorn i like mine salted

    By Kim URL on 02.26.2012

  2. Favorite sax tip from Miss. B —
    “Your fingers need to be like popcorn.”
    Best director.

    By Lor-n URL on 02.26.2012

  3. Eating popcorn brings back some of the best memories ever. As children we used to throw popcorn in the air and catch it in our mouths. If there was a movie on or any type of TV show we liked, we ate popcorn. If we needed a snack, we ate popcorn. Its cheap! Its good!

    By Team Hall URL on 02.26.2012

  4. “Want some popcorn, Tobes?” Astor asked, rattling the bowl that he had conscientiously placed in between them on the couch.

    “No, thank you.”

    “You suuuuuuuuuuure?” the trickster spirit pressed, contorting himself so that he was twisted around the bowl in such a way that his head rested on the tall firebird’s shoulder.

    “I’m sure, Astor.”

    “Mkay, good,” Astor said, and with that he moved the popcorn bowl to his other side so that he could dramatically lay across Tobias’s lap.

    By Julia A. URL on 02.26.2012

  5. popcorn is sweet and crunchy. yummy with butter. salt is – or should be – a treat on it. i used to eat it with brewer’s yeast but i haven’t done that in quite a while. maybe tonight…. sitting in front of a movie. caramel corn. yum. white. yellow. older or younger.

    By cathy on 02.26.2012

  6. A waste of space in our diet, bad for you and although cheap is not worth it. Still cheap though. There are people who are classified as popcorn. They lack substance.

    By JMB007 URL on 02.26.2012

  7. salty, crunchy, butter. sticks in my teeth,
    share with a friend,
    memories of my mom
    one smell and you want

    By Beth on 02.26.2012

  8. Pop, pop, pop. So easily done, so autonomously, without thought or question or reason or rhyme. I wish life was like a bowl of popcorn, something we could do without thought or worry or wonder.

    I suppose then all of the parts of being alive would be gone from life, and we would simply exist.

    But wouldn’t it be easier?

    By Julia M URL on 02.26.2012

  9. The kernels get so hot…they just keep getting hotter and hotter…then at a certain temperature they can no longer keep what’s left inside of them in because of the conditions they are in..and then burst.

    By Alec Vigil URL on 02.26.2012

  10. i had spent hours scraping the popcorn from the ceiling and walls of the home we purchased. it was to be a “flip.” buy the dump, spend a few weeks and a handful of cash renovating then sell it for a tidy profit. it all sounded so cut and dry.

    By mirabile dictu on 02.26.2012

  11. Firecracker babe
    Lighting up the theatre with her
    Bright eyes, sparkler hips

    By M. Darkweaver URL on 02.26.2012

  12. butter

    By Shelley on 02.26.2012

  13. pops in the microwave with a lovely noise, we used to make caramel flavoured with golden syrup in Africa when we used to watch The Little Rascals on Mum and Dad’s bed, sometimes we make in on the hob which is nicer but slower. sweet popcorn that is not caramel is rank but salty is delish, and popcorn at the cinema is very very very overpriced but very tasty

    By Alice Cudmore on 02.26.2012

  14. I’ve had a lot of bad popcorn lately. Maybe I’m just bad at cooking it though. I hate popcorn. A lot. Except for movie popcorn!

    By Bryce on 02.26.2012

  15. I like popcorn it,s fun to make. I like the sound as it gets hot and explodes. The smell is wonderful too. The best part is when you get to share a bowl with someone you love.

    By Mbs on 02.26.2012

  16. it is sad that i immediately thought of the game you play when you’re reading, not the actual corn you eat with movies? lol. such is life of a future educator! though for my students, i’m not sure that game would work…

    By victoria URL on 02.26.2012

  17. Popcorn is a type of snack. It comes from corn that is heated and eventually pops open. You can eat popcorn with butter, salt, cheese, caramel, or many other types of flavorings. Popcorn is most often enjoyed at the movies or at home while entertaining.

    By Julie on 02.26.2012

  18. pop pop pop. fluffy filler. best with hot sauce and or M&m’s lots of butter popped on the stove. do it. do it now.

    By Mr584903 on 02.26.2012

  19. just trying it out not too heavy with a little bit of butter to sweeten its case and a pinch of salt to ensure laughter there’s nothing like a well popped bag of popcorn it keeps you happy and fresh and never let’s you fall

    By C. Ritchie URL on 02.26.2012

  20. One dark, stormy night Harold came along. He was wearing nothing but a sweater. He went into the woods and there he found a Wolf! It was big bad. In fright he ran into a nearby village called Ferry Port Landing screaming, “Help!!” The footsteps of the Wolf behind him became louder and louder. The villagers screamed, “It’s a big bad Wolf!” Taking no prisoners the Wolf demolished the entire village leaving only the trace of someone’s family photo. Then it went back into the woods and waited for its next victim to emerge.

    By Arlo Kitchen on 02.26.2012

  21. I love popcorn. I can eat it everyday. My favorite is cheese popcorn. I want to plant and grow my own. This spring I will.

    By teeda URL on 02.26.2012

  22. Popcorn flew in every direction along the industrial skyline of theater seats, red and plush as they always were, while the black and white face of a brand new celebrity beamed down upon the rowdy audience. The music behind the walls of the scene was blooming in a marvelous crescendo, just as a man hollered for the sexy lead actress to take off her blouse. And the shining knight of a performer arming the screen gave a token grin to the lone watcher as a cup of soda struck him in the nose.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.26.2012

  23. popcorn really isn’t my thing. snack food. munchies. munching. movies.
    mixed with chocolate – more specifically m&m’s
    remember that one time we went to the movies? right. the one time we hung out with each other for real – you let me down

    By Kareena Pamani URL on 02.26.2012

  24. My residence building smells like buttery popcorn. I love coming home at night.

    By Nishat Tasnim on 02.26.2012

  25. All at once, too many thoughts. Too many decisions, too many solutions! I thought it would be buttery and smooth, but the results were rather salty.

    By A.J. Cread on 02.26.2012

  26. butter me all over.
    give me ample hands.
    give it up to gluttony.
    give it up to your gut.
    let go, let smiles, let the imagination of another take you for a ride.
    let warmth in, let kernels begin.
    pop goes you…

    By lyra URL on 02.26.2012

  27. Life has brought to me everything I have asked for. The vehicle, the computer, the family, the love. It’s like watching a happy Hallmark movie. I am going to sit down, eat some popcorn and enjoy it. Peace out.

    By Seansj URL on 02.26.2012

  28. Salty popcorn caused him to cough. Shhhhh… she whispered angrily. He knew what she thought of him – always inappropriate, always embarrassing her. He looked down at the popcorn and glumly realised it was finished. What would she think if he quietly excused himself and ducked in front of all five people sitting between him and the exit? He was sure she would rather he melt into the floor and disappear.

    By Suzie on 02.26.2012

  29. yellow buttery salt hot smell movies fun laugh crackle corn hard brown school red/white box cans boxes popper noisy warm good yummy sleepovers grandchildren hot chocolate

    By patsy on 02.26.2012

  30. I felt the urge. No the Purge to get me some. some pop, some snap, some crack. some popcorn. and so I did. so I truly did.

    but what of this white fluffy shit? get me some hard core stuff! and there it is, aaaaaaaahmmmh.

    By Jolla on 02.26.2012

  31. I love to eat popcorn at the movies, with friends. And even though it’s not very good for your heart when you soak it in butter I still soak it in butter. Dark chocolate is also a nice addition; because dark chocolate is good for you. So I guess it balances out. If not, oh well, at least it tastes good. I think I may be going past a minute on this. I don’t have that much to say about popcorn except that it tastes good with anything and is a good snack for poor college students.

    By Jessie Neuendorff on 02.26.2012

  32. It is yummy. We got a new air popper, and I like the popcorn with a little bit of butter. I like to hear the popcorn pop! POP!

    By Angel on 02.26.2012

  33. What does one write about when one thinks of popcorn? The movies blast cold air on your person, so it may be more pleasurable in the long run to rent the film later.

    By jupiter URL on 02.26.2012

  34. i used to love the smell of popcorn it reminded me of the movies
    but now it reminds me of you when me and you used to sit and cuddle and eat all the popcorn we could eat i miss u

    By taylorp URL on 02.26.2012

  35. Pop. Yellow. Fluffy. Buttery.
    Makes my breath stink so it’s gross to make out.
    Poppidy Pop Pop Pop.
    Yummy to my taste buds.
    Appealing to my senses.

    By Bob on 02.26.2012

  36. The sun was high in the sky, yellow like a piece of buttered popcorn. Leo had to shade his eyes from the glare as he looked around, searching for Serena. She had said they were going to have a picnic, but hadn’t specified the location. Leo was excited, and he could tell Zelphym was, too. Zelphym very much approved of Serena in a way he had not approved of Drake and Malyssa or Drake and Sophie, which gave Leo boundless confidence. If a clairvoyant bird bound to Destiny herself approved of his girlfriend, so much the better for them.

    By Erin URL on 02.26.2012

  37. Although I love the taste of buttered popcorn, I don’t often eat it at the movie theater because it makes me choke! The taste doesn’t overcome the fear that I will begin choking after the pleasure of buttery goodness.

    By Dorothy on 02.26.2012

  38. I reach my hand out numbly for the popcorn and grabbed a handful subconciously stuffing my face, my eyes trained on the screen. I leaned closer in anticipation my eyes widening. Out of nowhere the killer appears and I jump and scream. Same reaction as always, no matter how many times I’ve watched this film I always scream. The only difference is that I can’t jump into your arms because you aren’t here…

    By Solanaceae URL on 02.26.2012

  39. Mark slid in a bag of popcorn and returned to Sam on the couch. Wow, he thought, their relationship was kind of like popcorn itself. It was a tiny seed, but when warmed with love and joy, blossomed into something warmer than antyhing he had ever felt. Warmer, gentler, everything. He just wished that she knew it.

    By Elsie Shu URL on 02.26.2012

  40. We made popcorn. As usual. Sometimes I think our whole relationship is like popcorn. Predictable. But I never say anything. Everyone enjoys popcorn. I sit next to him on the couch and dig in as usual.

    By Jay URL on 02.26.2012