March 21st, 2011 | 246 Entries

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246 Entries for “policy”

  1. Their policy was clearly displayed on the sign when entering the establishment, however Derek had drank way too much that day and staggered through the door wearing only a pair of boxer briefs and aviator sunglasses, perched upon his shaved head.

    By Ellie URL on 03.21.2011

  2. Lately I’ve been breaking too many of my own policies, just because I’m weak and won’t have to deal with the consequences for a little while. I MUST get in control again.

    By PygmyBlue URL on 03.21.2011

  3. Reporter: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the news team from Channel 5 for a very important news brief. We are here today with Ken Thorness, who broke a world record just hours ago. Kenny?

    Kenny: Thank you. Earlier today I became the first person ever to read, from beginning to end, the entire user agreement and privacy policy before clicking “I Agree”. I learned many things, most prominently that I am a total loser, and also that I didn’t need to read it anyways.

    By Alex Ander URL on 03.21.2011

  4. The boy kept his eyes on the ground. He followed his master quietly, like a silent shadow. It was not his place to question where his master took them. The church ahead loomed like a monstrous dragon ready to reach out and devour his soul.
    The boy stifled his cry of fright as his master’s cane tapped against the concrete. They boy stepped inside the steeple, head still so very low. His master did not walk in, but stood two feet from the door. After all, it was policy to be allowed admittance.
    The boy turned and looked up into wine red eyes. The vampire grinned as the boy gave him entrance. He always knew there was a reason to keep the boy alive. No church or sanctuary would be safe as long as the supernatural being had a child to let him in. After all, policy states one should ask to enter, but it never said who could let him in.

    By Megan Hickman URL on 03.21.2011

  5. Foreign policy and national policy sounds like a bunch of crap to me. Policy should be what keeps us from killing another human being in a dark ally at night. Or how to ride a bike on the right side of the road. Policy is how to grow a watermelon in your garden.

    By Citrus Aurantifolia URL on 03.21.2011

  6. that was the policy i had been given. like never eating or sleeping, i was now to be deprived of sex for the remainder of my years. they didn’t understand how much i needed it. to be fucked hard by his massive dick. i wantdd

    By empireofthesun on 03.21.2011

  7. It’s my policy. You knew that from the start. Sure we’re DATING, but there is no kissing, groping, touching, feeling, laughing, music, romantic dinners, smiling or talking to your other friends, male or female. You belong to me now, and you will love me whether you like it or not.

    By Emily URL on 03.21.2011

  8. Bull shit.

    By Nikhil URL on 03.21.2011

  9. i never was good at dealing with policy. i’m really not that great at dealing with rules, although i do believe in order and justice- i trust my instinct and my conscience, and quite frankly, feel offended when somebody feels the need to tell me to do the right thing, instead of just allowing me to do it myself.

    By BRRC URL on 03.21.2011

  10. the policy was clear as day. i could not have him, as much as i wanted him. we would be so perfect together and yet the time wasn’t right. i don’t think he knew how much i wanted him, and if he did he would think i was a total creep. what was this policy of the world to stop us having the things we truly wanted?..the things we truly NEEDED. all i knew was that i needed him, why else would his face fill my mind every day, every minute like a hot claustrophobia. his perfectly tanned body, his deep brown eyes.. to me he was perfect, everything i’d ever secretly thought of, he was perfection and the most beautiful creature i’d ever set eyes on. i was in love, and falling deeper and faster into this oblivion which threatened to ensnare me totally, like a fire which burns brighter and more deadly than anyone could expect. there was a fine line between sane and crazy, and i was standing right on the middle of it. and so the policy of the world stared me straight in the face. the horrible yet inescapable clutches of destiny and fate keeping me waiting impatiently for that moment i needed more than anything, ever, in this life or any.

    By empireofthesun on 03.21.2011

  11. “Step aside, Soldier, I have orders to take Dr.Munroe into our custody.”
    “I’m sorry, sir, but I’ll need documents before I can release him. Government policy, I’m sure you understand.”
    “Oh sure, I understand,” a wicked grin spread across his face as he removed a small switch from his jacket.
    “Here’s your fucking documents.”

    By Terry URL on 03.21.2011

  12. It is the policy of this department to tell you that you are not within your bounds to be light of humor or to smile while working. One must always act with perfect gravity in any situation. Therefore, any one who is found breaking this policy will be severely punished.

    By kitdickson URL on 03.21.2011

  13. We’ve made life one big policy made out of other smaller ones. Insurance policies, company policies- we base our whole life around them. It may be an obsessive thing, it may be a good thing. It seems the only reason policies are made any longer is to make people happy. It may be a negative thing, however, because if they are not fulfilled, it could cause a bigger fuss.

    By laughalot on 03.21.2011

  14. “The policy clearly states that anyone who tries to escape the ward will be hunted down and killed”! “BUT IM NOT CRAZY! I SHOUDN’T BE HERE! They kidnapped me and took me here against my will!” “So what do you suggest? “We need to make a plan. Theirs something seriously wrong with this place…”

    By MBFAW URL on 03.21.2011

  15. sdfghjkl;

    By Sarah on 03.21.2011

  16. Sorry, Jerry. I hate this as much as you do, but the law says we have to execute. Come on, let’s go see that priest I was telling you about.

    By wristwatch URL on 03.21.2011

  17. Policy 71. RIGHT. Who ever gave a damn about it? It was funny how the students always found ways around the system, funnier when they THOUGHT they had found a way around the system, but got caught in the end.

    By A Bananie URL on 03.21.2011

  18. I watched as his motionless body fell limp, and a sick smile rose on her face. I was perfectly still. One single, hot tear ran down my left cheek. And I lost it. It was policy not to act this way. But I couldn’t help it. All of my reasonable mind was gone, and I was completely hysterical. I started screaming at her, not even speaking English. Her eyes widened as she realized I had witnessed the whole thing. I felt someone grab my arms, and they yelled at me, though it was just a dull noise in this state.

    All I could see was that image in my mind, over and over again. She shot him, in the lower stomach. Then she grabbed him around the neck.

    “I will make her pay, through you, dog.”

    Her words played over and over in my head. And I saw her slam his head into the ground, a cracking noise that made me sick.

    I couldn’t feel anything, hear anything, see anything, other than him being shot, beaten, and her horrified eyes.

    And at that moment, I subconsciously realized three things.

    First, I was in love with him.
    Second, I had broken his heart so many times by telling him I didn’t love him.
    And third, my chance was gone. He was gone.

    Sam was dead.

    By rina URL on 03.21.2011

  19. What’s the policy when finding dead neighbors hanging from a tree, Jensen thought. I mean, are you obligated to cut them down? Report them to the (non-existent) police? Or is it okay to just walk away and shrug? In this strange new world he found himself inhabiting, he set the new policy, with no remorse whatsoever, at “walk away” and keep to your own business.

    By chole URL on 03.21.2011

  20. Stan tried not to fall asleep as the Chairman gabble on about Company Policy. He stifled a yawn and wondered how long he would have to stay in this boring job. If only I could make my wish come true he thought. Just then a sparkle of dust floated in front of him and two bright shiny eyes stared out—”your wish is my command,” said a tiny voice.

    By Helen URL on 03.21.2011

  21. The policy said one thing. One was to conform to the rules. Of course weren’t rules meant to be broken. I stare at the offending piece of paper with disgust. It was a white prison formed from the poor life of an unsuspecting tree.

    “Me, conform?”


    and it goes into the trash.

    By Charida URL on 03.21.2011

  22. i have a personal policy. that’s what i tell my friends; i only hang out with awesome people. this is a policy that i stick, every day, all day, no questions asked. and some of them seem to doubt this.
    do not doubt my policy, friends.
    if you’re my friend, i think you’re amazing, beautiful, rugged, fierce, savage, brutal, fantastic.
    don’t doubt the policy. just don’t.

    By wearetherabbits URL on 03.21.2011

  23. Policy makes me think of politics which makes me think of my ex-boyfriend who wanted to be the president of the us and was constantly talking to me about different policies he wanted to implement as president which was so boring.

    By Katie on 03.21.2011

  24. rules are meant to be broken, aren’t they?
    policies are for followers.
    i was never a follower.
    one makes their own rules but one rarely follows them.
    policies are the same, i’m not going to do this just because it’s considered more acceptable by society.
    nobody likes society anyway, so why listen to it?
    policies and rules can go suck it.
    but we all follow rules, still.

    By Lita URL on 03.21.2011

  25. This key board really sucks. You aren’t even looking at the word are you? No you are not, because you hate this key board. Focus Rose focus. Oh wait never mind your time is up.

    By Rose URL on 03.21.2011

  26. If honesty is the best policy why do so many people prefer a lie over the truth? I rather tell the truth than a lie it saves me the grief of having to remember all my past lies to counter any new lies i need to tell to keep my story straight.

    By Reeses_pieces URL on 03.21.2011

  27. A policy. Something people have to follow. It’s given the word policy, to give off a nice, calmer feeling than “law”. It’s the same thing though, just masking under a different name. Personally, I think it’s worse. Because I think of the Police when people say policy.

    By Joanna on 03.21.2011

  28. You can’t do this, you can’t do that. Does it matter when we’re going to die in the end? Why not break dress code. You’re going to die in the end – why not loosen that tie? But no, because that is against the policy.

    By Calla URL on 03.21.2011

  29. Our policy is that there are no returns after 30 days.

    If you don’t have a receipt – there are no returns.

    If it’s been after 30 days, we may choose to return the item but only for store credit. Money back will not be given.

    There are no exceptions to this policy.

    By Meganz URL on 03.21.2011

  30. Don’t stay too late. Don’t come too early.
    Don’t be rude.
    Don’t tease too much.
    Look into her eyes often.
    Say her name.
    Laugh at her jokes.
    Get her to laugh at your jokes.
    Be kind.
    Be myself.
    Ask her about her day.

    By Jason URL on 03.21.2011

  31. He’s like a policy: you better read the fine print before you commit.

    She’s like a company: has a strict no-touch policy even if she is top heavy with a fat bottom line.

    By HelenGrant URL on 03.21.2011

  32. I told you at the beginning that honesty was my policy. What did you do? You broke protocol. You went against the only thing I told you, the only thing I asked you to follow throughout our relationship. I told you and you couldn’t even manage to listen.

    By MelissaWrites324 URL on 03.21.2011

  33. my policy? i don’t have one. i think that we should all be free. but hey, i’m a teenager. what do i know? <3

    By Drew URL on 03.21.2011

  34. Foreign policy is an interesting field. Oh how the eyes of the qorld rest on the upturned palms of the diplomats.

    By Elizabeth Cady Stanton on 03.21.2011

  35. I

    By Mr. Fulton URL on 03.21.2011

  36. Do this, do that; rules to be followed and upheld. All of them are like policies for a credit card; follow the rules or suffer the consequences

    By Evelin URL on 03.21.2011

  37. The policy of containment is the first thing that comes to mind – the Cold War evolved from it eventually. To me, it stands for shutting down the things you find inappropriate. I don’t think it’s always fair. Maybe it’s just my national heritage speaking.

    By Margarita URL on 03.21.2011

  38. What’s your policy? Mine? My policy is dancing on kitchen counters; my policy is embracing life. It’s all about the love; can you think of a better policy than love? Screw the mandated lifestyle that society gets trapped in. Make your policy to love one another, and all will be well!

    By savanahfaith :) URL on 03.21.2011

  39. There is an amazing thunderstorm going on right now and I love it. Its pouring rain and the thunder is rolling. The lightening is flashing and the wind is howling. Thunderstorms are so sexy. I just hope my insurance policy will cover any hail damage if that happens to turn up next.

    By PunkyG URL on 03.21.2011

  40. Friendship, love, and loyalty –
    Remind me, what is our policy?
    I know I’m forgetful, but indulge me –
    Even if you have to search your soul.
    Never doubt that come whatever end –
    Don’t dare think these rules will bend.

    By Gingerly URL on 03.21.2011