August 21st, 2011 | 786 Entries

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786 Entries for “poison”

  1. As the poison spread through her body, she tried to relax. Panicking would not help her now. She quickly looked for a sharp object, anything to free herself, but could see nothing in the dim light. She strained against her bonds but it was no good. She would die here.

    By Keri Bumgarner on 08.21.2011

  2. Her existence is my poison, I feel it slowly filling my veins with almost certain death. Your cyanide laced love is going to be the death of me, it is going to be my I can feel it creeping. Your “lov” your poison. Even though I know it will lead to my demise, I somehow am glad to drink it every time….

    By R-jay on 08.21.2011

  3. poison ivy. Like the feel of your tongue. Sipping through my veins. Invading the lost emotions. The lost senses. The entity of this game. I am tainted by you.

    By Natasha Arnborg on 08.21.2011

  4. Poison hmm let me think. Well that’s a perfect way to die I guess. You probably don’t want to drink poison cause then you’ll most likely have to go to the hospital and get your stomach pumped and I don’t think you would want to do that.

    By Tameka on 08.21.2011

  5. Poison is the love of the man in the moon. He drinks it threw his craders. In to his should. Inside his heart.

    By Katie Mathews URL on 08.21.2011

  6. I could see it dripping from those animals mouths. I don’t think that it should have been happening at that time at that place. I ran as fast as I could as the poisoned filled animals chased after me. What if I died right there right then?

    By Tameka on 08.21.2011

  7. Those old feelings. Monsieur Suspicion. Madame Survival. They despise each other but settle for each other’s company when their backs are against the wall. Their bond is an unhappy marriage.

    Tonight they mingled in a hot-cold rumbling at the V of my ribs. Clenching their fingers together, Survival and Suspicion rose and spread like a mushroom cloud. They readied each other to fight my antidote. They fell.

    My poison’s dirty fingernails have grazed and scratched my every nerve. Tonight, the fingers of PTSD went limp. I have my own eyes back. I win.

    By ISOreality URL on 08.21.2011

  8. Love is a poison, it starts in a tiny drop then spreads through your entire body. Did you know alcohol is a poison? That being drunk is actually symptoms of poisoning? That explains why it kills your liver and kidneys. It’s like voluntarily poisoning yourself.

    By Rae URL on 08.21.2011

  9. Its a deadly thing and can come in many shapes and sizes. It doesnt always have to be in a bottle. It could be someone you thought of as a friend. Or the clock, rushing you into pain. Or could be everyday, when you see something you want but can never have; a person, a dream. It could be something different everyday or hundreds of things. But my poison is every one of these things. Like all poisons, it’s deadly. You cant see the damages it makes inside. And my poison , is killing me day by day inside.

    By meriselle URL on 08.21.2011

  10. Poison is a beautiful thing. It lives with in ourselves and comes out at our darkest hours. Weather we know if it exists or not. Ugly, yet beautiful.

    By Katie Mathews URL on 08.21.2011

  11. He was poison. Not the subtle, slow, snaking kind that pushed through your veins unaware- but no, true unyielding poison. The kind that was hard shots at a bar, the pounding of a fist, the grunting force that was unstoppable.
    All he had to do was give me that look.

    By Ali on 08.21.2011

  12. sick you will die or else
    snow white ate a poisonous apple and then she dies
    omg i dont want to die!!!! reahahwhrfnohnw
    romeo and juliet were willing to kill each other bc they were not able to stay together
    true love

    By Nicole Pape on 08.21.2011

  13. poison is a disturbance in the body. poison makes someone not themselves. poison is the opposite of being a vegan. When I think of chemicals that are supposed to be “clean” and “healthy”, I think they are poison. If ingested, they will kill you. They irritate your skin. They are bad to huff. Why do we use these products if they poison us? Because our society is poisoning themselves with obsessions about being healthy. Damn we’re dumb.

    By Colleen on 08.21.2011

  14. As I walked through the woods on that dark cold night, all I could think about was my ex. He ruined my life, poisoned my soul. I can never forgive him. I never want to see his face. And then there he was- standing among the trees. Bloodshot eyes pierced my mind. Something was wrong.

    By Abby Gruppuso on 08.21.2011

  15. The offer curled off of his lips, hanging in the air temptuously as he swirled a spoon through the foam of his cappuccino. Bring the box and let the girl open it. His words were a poison, but so sweet that I couldn’t resist their allure. Unleash the treasure of ages, the box of secrets.

    By javajenni URL on 08.21.2011

  16. As it slowly crept through her veins, she had no idea what do do, whether scream, cry for help or just cry. How she could ever escape was beyond her, and she felt totally hopeless. her world goes dark, her limbs fall away, and she slowly dies.

    By Dan on 08.21.2011

  17. He was poison. Not the subtle, slow, snaking kind that pushed through your veins unaware- but no, true unyielding poison. The kind that was hard shots at a bar, the pounding of a fist, the grunting force that was unstoppable.

    All he had to do was give me that look.

    By Ali Paowwl URL on 08.21.2011

  18. the poison dripped from his lips and fingertips as he slunk across the floor and out the window.

    By More Everything URL on 08.21.2011

  19. poison ivy i dont like it it is bad one time i got poison ivy because i was too drunk and i threw up into a poison ivy bush my mom was really mad and called me irresponsible i havent drank much since and i dont like it that much anymore because it was a scarring experience. poison is a womens weapon, quote from game of thrones. my nails are too long to type really fast and im at my boyfriends beach house ouse and

    By Jacob Indiglo on 08.21.2011

  20. Your words are poison.
    Oh, darling…
    You’re killing me, and changing me and making me something entirely new. Something…brilliant and screwed up all at once. Something made of songs and failure and someone else, breaking down into something, someone…
    Dear god, dear goddess.
    I’m dying and it’s like going insane all at once. It’s like breaking down and falling apart, and dear lord…

    By Lancir URL on 08.21.2011

  21. Poison can be holy and deathly. Poison embeds power, hate, and crime. Poison is the power for one being to kill another, evading the other to find out.

    By Jenna on 08.21.2011

  22. poison makes poeple die. i heard of people poisioning people who they love. i dont think i would poison anyone because i love life and i dont want anyone not to be there with me. reminds me of the mom from the sixth sense who poisons her daughter. what a fucking bitch. and casey anthony. those people should be poisoned. Rat poison is in my cigarettes and i do like those.

    By angela meow on 08.21.2011

  23. Love is the poison that fools my heart. Tricks me into thinking its a cure. But why did you inject that poison of yours deep into the caverns of my soul? You’re the one to blame. You are the poison that caught my eye and hypnotized me into thinking that your love was true. I feel weak. Brittle to the touch. My heart beats slowly. You have poisoned me and I am slowly drifting away as I was fooled by the facade of your love.

    By abby URL on 08.21.2011

  24. The jungles of Navarro in South America are harsh these times. I have lost many of my excavators to the poisonous snakes there, as they are with warning the most poisonous snakes in the world.

    By Jordan on 08.21.2011

  25. thank you for the venom, snow white and the seven dwarves kill me with it your kisses and love lust and curiosity turn into poison for my sould I can’t think about anything else

    By fksldf on 08.21.2011

  26. Poison is in every drop of our blood. It pumps through us with purpose, like it belongs, and why shouldn’t it- we welcome the toxins. From our food to our water to the things our brains consume, like little white lies, we invite the poison in. The poison is in every breath that we breathe. Come on in, give me the poison, I want the smokes, give me a lighter. The poison sticks to our skin, hangs on our clothes, covers our hair like sooty rain. We can’t see it, we’re all too used to the poison.

    By Adia D. URL on 08.21.2011

  27. deadly painfully slow death you kill me slowly by the use of poison
    end the aftermath done finshed

    By sara URL on 08.21.2011

  28. is really bad for you, in fact it will kill you, that’s the point. you will actually die. i have seen rat poison, you are not meant to eat it. you are meant to kill rats with it. they eat it then they die and people are happy. because people don’t like rats. rats are supposed to carry diseases, which is not good for humans.

    By Amy URL on 08.21.2011

  29. Your words are my poison.
    They go through my ears and straight to the stomach
    I can feel them burn there.
    I want to throw up, want to wretch them away
    But they clutch at my insides, scratching the skin away.
    It hurts, it burns.
    Stop talking, stop saying those things.
    I might die

    By Mary URL on 08.21.2011

  30. There he sat, staring into the cold dead eyes of his mistress. He didn’t know exactly why he needed her dead, he only knew what must be done. Across the hall sat Thomas, the african american house boy to the Applebottoms.

    By Sam Braun on 08.21.2011

  31. I saw you. We were both sitting amongst a glowing, effurvescent candle light and you sat down on that red satin chair drinking the third glass of Merlot I bought you. You told me it was poison, but a good poison. Yo

    By Lucas URL on 08.21.2011

  32. poison

    By shambhal URL on 08.21.2011

  33. poison reminds me of death. it also reminds me of envy, because envy is toxic to the soul. it reminds me of the movie “the princess bride” because of the scene where they swap cups repeatedly and they’re trying to figure out which of the cups has the poison in it. poison reminds me of my brother, because he is the poison to my self esteem. poison reminds me of the little gel packets that come in boxes of shoes and stuff that my mom always said were toxic. poison makes me think of this really weird, bad taste, even though i obviously don’t know what poison tastes like. i feel like i’m poisoned when i have to take medicine, sometimes. the end.

    By jess URL on 08.21.2011

  34. Don’t drink the deadly juice. It will end your life. Poison is a silent enemy that awaits amid the delicious. People often confuse venom and poison, but they are different. The idea is the same, the difference is in the delivery. Venom is injected, poison is ingested. It is subtle but significant. Don’t drink the poison

    By Jeremiah on 08.21.2011

  35. So the poison was slowly spreading throughout my body, I didn’t want to die but I knew I didn’t have time. I had to tell John what I thought about him. He deserved to know, and I know it will change his life. I just need to crawl through the door. Maybe he will save me if I have time. I hope I do. I just want to end this pain, but I know I have to tell John.

    By Katie Lane URL on 08.21.2011

  36. the hurt you caused has caused a great sickness in me. will i be able to go on with this bane inside me. your nothing to me but a curse.

    By Paul Adams on 08.21.2011

  37. some thing it is bad, make people died or get hurt, people should avoid about it.when you got poison, you had better be careful.

    By w on 08.21.2011

  38. It’ll get in your BONES! Monday, Shuffle! Tuesday, SHuffle, Wednesday, SHUFFLE!!! Come on man!!!

    Sorry guys. that’s all I got today.
    Added I’m listening to music, not my thing. . .

    By Melody on 08.21.2011

  39. i saw the bottle sitting there, mocking me, daring me. i didn’t know what i was doing when i reached out for it, put it to my lips and drank. and drank. and drank. who knew that life would come to this point. all the hard work and all the struggling just to give in to a sip that would end me. i put the bottle down, empty. it stared back at me, proud of itself, i’m sure.

    By Meghan URL on 08.21.2011

  40. you are poison. all was well and good until i met you. things were perfect, but somehow you make it seem not so. i hate you. but i can’t help myself.

    By z on 08.21.2011