September 27th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “playground”

  1. My childhood playground was more dangerous than the cushy play pens they make for kids these days. We didn’t have multicolored hard plastic, we had faded metal. And we had a teeter-totter. They removed it when it was really new because some fool who was trying to multitask with some chocolate milk lost a few teeth.

    By Daniel Wyman URL on 09.27.2011

  2. there was a time when i believed the world was at my fingertips,
    a time when i could look you in the eyes and say
    “let’s run far, far away.”

    By invinculis URL on 09.27.2011

  3. The playground was filled with todays youth and I sat there pondering what it would be like to become one of them once more. I thought of the smell of fresh cut grass, running around, climbing on monkey bars, not having a single care in the world; it was brilliant.

    By ally c; URL on 09.27.2011

  4. how high can you go? I wonder sometimes if I pushed you too hard. Yes on the swing, but now? Then you had two blackeyes and you were only 3. Now you are a woman and love to swing higher and higher.

    By april on 09.27.2011

  5. my sister likes the playground i take her there alot she goes on the swings but not the slide shes afraid of that i have no idea why must be cause i told her a monster peed on it one day hahahahaha :D

    By tayla ashworth on 09.27.2011

  6. Playgrounds are fun when you’re older. When you’re a teen that’s the spot you meet up with your friends to just hang out when you have no where else to go. In elementery school, all you do there is play on the same toys for fifteen minutes at a time in the rain against your will almost. When you’re a little older its the perfect place to escape to.

    By Goober on 09.27.2011

  7. play
    jump rope
    jungle gym

    By samantha on 09.27.2011

  8. and for a fleeting moment, i felt alive again. where youth was an excuse to make mistakes, and still have time to figure out life and all of its mysteries.

    “higher, higher!”

    By megan breukelman URL on 09.27.2011

  9. There’s this playground at my elementary school…they redid everything. All plastic and new. I remember the way it used to be. Metal. Hard. Cold. Dangerous. What happened to that? I turned out just fine. Bumps and bruises are a good thing. But now they have a plastic rock wall. Okay, cool and everything…But can the youth of this generation not handle falling down?

    By Shannon URL on 09.27.2011

  10. When you’re 5 and you’ve not a care in the world but to go to the playground and play with all your friends. You’ve nothing to worry about except if there’s a swing open or whose turn it is on the slide. Bliss and love and happiness.

    By Brionna on 09.27.2011

  11. i have a playground in my mind. it’s always there. it’s where i go to get away from the thoughts of the day. it’s a beautiful playground. like the kind you would find at a “visitor’s choice” park and playground review (do they have those? they should). it has at least two of everything and more of the things we love. i love the swing, the slide and the trampoline.

    By BrownSugarBritches URL on 09.27.2011

  12. As the wind blew my hair into my face and slapped little shards of sand and gravel against my cheeks and legs, I could think only of the other times I had been here… other times, happy times, with you.

    It started here, us, so I guess ‘us’ must end here too.

    By Bea URL on 09.27.2011

  13. The two children ran to the playground. The youngest girl immediately ran to the swings and held her arms up for her mom to lift her. Then she squealed in delight as her mom pushed her gently on the swings. She wanted to go higher and higher until she felt she was flying in the bright blue sky.

    By Candace S. URL on 09.27.2011

  14. Oh how I miss it. There was a time when it was all so care free. Each and every day. Recess and the playground. Can’t I just go back there? Live on the playground where I don’t have to worry about studying, keeping up with social networking sites, friend drama, etc.? Who wants to come with?

    By Teeps on 09.27.2011

  15. playground is where i spend my childhood life. the wooden play sets and the tires and swings. i grew up innocently on that playground. i miss it dearly. i remember playing house bc i wanted my crush at the time to kiss me.

    By Tierra on 09.27.2011

  16. Eh, this is a dare so be prepared. The word: Loneliness

    Lonelyness. The emptiness in yourself. In your existence. It gets to you. Someway or another. Yet, loneliness is only a figment of your imagination. You think your lonely because you feel no one there. Around you. But in truth, we always have someone. No matter whom that person may be. Even if it’s the person you hate most. They’re still there for you. Except, true loneliness. True loneliness is when no one really is there for you. When everyone’s gone. And left you on your own. Just like how your soul made end up. Here it is, loneliness has came for you. And it will not stop, Unless you find someone to be there with you. Loneliness, is another form of the ignorance in people. Just like how Misery, suffering, pain, and depression is. Loneliness Is ignorance.

    By Victoria URL on 09.27.2011

  17. on the playground, there is dust, and dumptrucks, and joy. The see saw bounces free from fun-killing springs and threatens to launch a whole new generation of toddlers skyward. There is an old, outlawed mary-go-round that many today would call “insane” and “deadly”, but that my own little, innocent daughter calls “super duper amazing fun can we go again daddy?”

    By Creepy_Snowman URL on 09.27.2011

  18. I like playgrounds. swing swing swing to the beat of my heart. i think of rainboots, lollipops and kidnergarden. i miss being 5 its so hard now.

    By Louise on 09.27.2011

  19. round fight leaf
    so verlish& jloo
    paga straifht

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 09.27.2011

  20. The playground was crowded with children, and instinctively he took my hand. I felt scared, apprehensive even…but I had to be strong for him. We walked together towards the swings, meeting the glares of everyone around us, and continued on. He sat next to me and whispered, “Thank you,” even though I felt like I really didn’t do anything.

    By Hayley on 09.27.2011

  21. Sitting again trying my best to evade the company. To pretend I don’t want to be visited. I’m leaning on concrete, work up to my ears and eyes averted to reduce the long goodbyes. What a playground I rest in, jest in, high-fives, hugs and invest in. Preposition is the transition and wordplay is open all day.

    By Kiera URL on 09.27.2011

  22. We went to the playground nearly every day then. Swung for hours on end, telling one another the stories of our lives.

    By macfeely URL on 09.27.2011

  23. The foreground
    Sand mound
    Round and round

    By visage URL on 09.27.2011

  24. A playground is a place where kids play. There are usually swings, and monkey bars, and teeter totters. There are usually playgrounds at schools, elementary schools, usually. It’s a great place for recess and gives kids a place to play!

    By Toni on 09.27.2011

  25. Kaiden giggled as he swung higher and higher. Akuma was watching him from the swing next to him, swaying back and forth slowly.
    “Remind me again why we’re here?”
    “Because it’s fun!”
    “We’re in our twenties. This place is built for five year olds, Kaiden.”
    “So we can’t act like five year olds sometimes?”
    “Sometimes? You do all the time.”
    “Hurtful, Kuma. Hurtful.”

    By Raegan on 09.27.2011

  26. h

    By Joshua URL on 09.27.2011

  27. th

    By Joshua URL on 09.27.2011

  28. Playground

    – This used to be my….

    There was a playground near me when I was growing up. We called it “The Park.” I can still remember all the rides there. There was a big concrete duck and black horse, each mounted on a giant spring that was dug well into the ground. We’d rock back and forth on those. One day a friend just rocked “forth” and the whole thing came out of the ground. I had not yet fully developed empathy at that point and wondered why the parents were so freaked out.

    There was a jungle gym shaped like a train. Just the outline of one. The only solid part was the bench part to sit on.

    There was one of those flat spinny things. We called it the merry go round. Kids would hold onto its bars and run around it, trying to get it spinning really fast, then jump on at the last minute for the ultra fast dizzying ride, while trying to fight the centrifugal force that threatened to shoot them all off the edges

    A new slide was put in at one point, with red and white striped climbing poles and a tunnel at the top of the slide. A short tunnel, but back then that made it way cool.

    Then there were the swings. Horse swings. Plastic horses, in different colors, attached at the front and back to the swing set. You’d sit on the horse’s back, grab the handle bars, put your feet on the foot bars, and swing. I rode the blue one a lot and used to imagine we were flying together. It made its way into some of my dreams.

    Wow… floods of memories from this place… not sure how much more to write. My 60 seconds is up anyway ;)

    I remember a lot from there. Times with my dog. A friend who lived at the edge of the park and considered it her back yard. Birthday parties, a basketball hoop at the far end. Older friends telling me they set the park on fire while smoking and the police came…

    I still dream about the park at times. I often have to go through it or by it to get somewhere. In a dream, it’s usually connected with a very large hill that was near it in real life.

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 09.27.2011

  29. The best playgrounds are playgrounds that have swings….not just little baby swings, but really big, giant swings. Playgrounds should also have a merry-go-round and a tetter totter. A sandbox and a slide too!

    By Toni URL on 09.27.2011

  30. The playground was quiet, but the laughter of children long past crept around the empty swingsets and slides. One day kids would be back again. Then the laughter would return.

    By Faith URL on 09.27.2011

  31. i remember sitting on the hill, the one looking out on the unused soccer field, away from the other kids, talking about the dragons that we really saw. how magnificent they were. how everyone thought we were silly or imaginative or crazy or weird and how they were closed-minded and grown into a dull and tasteless world while we accessed such treasures. i remember the magical unicorn that lived in the basement. how sometimes when it opened it revealed boring junk. others, it opened us up to their world where they gave us an understanding we knew not in this world and where they showed to us a wonderful and dangerous paradise. the unicorns that only let us in. the ones who entrusted us with the secret of their coveted land. ~ where have they gone? you call me a gypsy-fairy and some mornings in the shower i dream, but i know that i no longer travel very far and that i lost most of my magic with my innocence. but if i were to fly far enough could i return? could i be that being again? could i be an entity of something other than this? of this world?

    By unbornsymphony URL on 09.27.2011

  32. On the playground of men, battle is our teeter totter, conquest is our merry-go-round, and drunken revelry is our jungle gym.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.27.2011

  33. Swings, carousel, moms, children, childhood, I wish I was still a child. grwoing up sicks, I need money, I need a job. I need music, I need someone. I just want to be young again.

    By Chasitity Mattox on 09.27.2011

  34. when i was a little girl going to the playground was the best thing on earth. i wish i could be little again so that i would never be thought strangley of when i visit a playground again. when i’m a parent my kids are going to love to visit play grounds. more than i did :)

    By shannon on 09.27.2011

  35. this is world is a playground they say
    i never liked recess.
    i have no sand to play in
    the jungle gym is rusted all the children have left
    i am alone. Alone in this playground

    By pedge on 09.27.2011

  36. the dragon roared as Knight Jack slayed it and King Harry and Queen Jasmine were thankful and offered Knight Jack their beautiful daughter Iris. A loud trill rang through the yard. As Harry and Jack, Jasmine and Iris heard the bell they couldn’t help but think the playground was the happiest place in the whole school.

    By Jillian on 09.27.2011

  37. at the playground i have suffered many tragedies. i can remember being punched in the stomach by anthony guzman. I can remember being pushed to the ground and farting when I hit the ground. Clearly this was amusing to my friends.

    By girtisholland URL on 09.27.2011

  38. I remember one night in the begining of summer when my lover took me to a playground at night. We ran to the swinsets and watched our feet soar into the stars then he held me in his arms as we listened to grasshoppers and we spilled our hearts out to each other. That is what i remember about my lover.

    By maddie on 09.27.2011

  39. At the begining of the summer I was 16 my lover took me to a playground. We ran to the swingsets and held hands as we soared into the stars. After we layed on the slides and listened to the grasshoppers.

    By maddieanonymous URL on 09.27.2011

  40. I was on a play ground the first time i met Johnnathan Pendergrass he ended up being my best friend in kindergarten. I remeber going on my first field trip with John-John, and I fell asleep on his shoulder. I guess you could say he was the first boy I was ever close to. although I don’t miss him much now, I see that he was a big part of maturing childhood process.

    By Racheal on 09.27.2011