September 27th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “playground”

  1. I was there as a kid, playing beneath the metal structures and clouded sky. I knew then, even at the age of five, that things were gonna get a bit rocky. Might as well get used to the rain, cause the storm was coming. Coming sooner than I even knew at the time.

    By Bo on 09.27.2011

  2. When I was three I was approached by a man adorned in dark vestments who was clearly hiding something. His face was dark and sullen, worn and frail. He was visually dead behind the eyes, perspiring and nervous. He approached slower, and the closer he got, the slower he moved. One more second passed, and..

    By The Red Jakalope URL on 09.27.2011

  3. The playground.
    It’s really just metal bars, plastic slides, ladders…
    But it’s so much more than that.
    Of course when we were little, we played on it. Then we reached the age when we were big kids. Big kids didn’t play around. They talked and gossiped.
    But now? At 18? There’s nothing I want more than to take a swing, a slide, a laugh, a climb and a scream on playgrounds.
    It was simpler back then.

    By elinmacrae on 09.27.2011

  4. So colorful and full of laughter and joy. How great was it to run around tagging others and avoiding being tagged.Up and down the slide and around the swing-set, trying desperately not to get tagged or hit by the people on the swings. Maybe I’ll play again later, you’re never too old to have fun.

    By Yuki URL on 09.27.2011

  5. I don’t have a lot of fond memories of being young. I was outcastes and made fun of. I ate lunch alone and had very few friends. I hated recess an break time. I hated school in general…at least the social aspects anyway. Kids are cruel and judgemental. The playground is where dreams were made and crushed. Guess the “real” adult world is just a bigger version of that.

    By Steph URL on 09.27.2011

  6. i love the playground. my favorite is the slider. i love climbing up and looking out at all the world around me, then the rush of wind against your face as you slide down. once you hit the ground you look around in amazement and say, i gotta do that again!

    By Amanda on 09.27.2011

  7. Moving around and round, I went. The playground was like it was, when I was young.

    By Jesus Jimenez URL on 09.27.2011

  8. when she was a little child, she loved the playground more than anything. she loved sitting in the sandbox and constructing castles out of dirt; flying high and low on the swingset; racing through the grassy fields and disrupting the older kids because, well, it was fun. she wasn’t one to bully or get bullied, and at that time life was wonderful and happy and everything was nice and lovely, and she missed the playground days.

    By Leanne URL on 09.27.2011

  9. the girl on the payground looked around. Ominously the swings swung. faster. faster now. and then the boy appeared staring into her very soul. eating any happiness that mightve inhabited her beating heart. It was dark and she couldnt see. it felt like the end. and then, something popped

    By Claire Tipler URL on 09.27.2011

  10. I love to play on playgrounds. As a child, I used to love the swings. Flying high up in the air was thrilling and tons of fun! I should do this more as an adult!

    By Kel on 09.27.2011

  11. I was sitting in the tiny playground that was once the world of my dreams. The swingset held for me the highest heights that could ever be reached by a child, and the slide held the passage from this world into the next.

    By Lynlee on 09.27.2011

  12. playgrounds kids play at playgrounds and have fun! playgrounds remind me of tegan we used to go to a playground in the neighbor hood when i watched her. wow this is real hard.

    By fred URL on 09.27.2011

  13. I was at the playground late one night. The beer flowing through my veins and the vodka close behind. I had left the party, she was gone, she has left me for good this time especially after the scene we made. I felt this sinking feeling as i sat atop the monkey bars just waiting for my sanity to return. It never did. I reached for my phone to call my ride and dropped it in the sand, somewhere. Looks like I’m walking.

    By gabe URL on 09.27.2011

  14. happiness, kids, fun, ajani, love, spinning, love, sand, dirt, dirty, clean, games, grass, trip, swings, 5

    By Aliya on 09.27.2011

  15. i once saw a girl at the playground spinning round and round in the tire swing until she threw up. i just sat there doing nothing.

    By fred URL on 09.27.2011

  16. Playgrounds make me think of laughing children and the innocence of the youth. I picture children and I wish that the innocence could stay with them a little bit longer than it does these day…I know, I’m a teacher.

    By Renee URL on 09.27.2011

  17. All joy and delight and throw your head back, spin in circles laughter! Freedom. There is no freedom found like the freedom of a playground.

    By lily URL on 09.27.2011

  18. The world is my playground

    By Rachel URL on 09.27.2011

  19. and every afternoon he would sit on the last swing on the right
    the one above the puddle and next to the blades of grass
    fighting against the smothering asphalt
    and he would pick at his peanut butter and jelly
    watch his classmates run
    and the little girl with the red glasses and the shy smile
    and he would wait until he could fit in too.

    By Annie URL on 09.27.2011

  20. All I want to do is be able to go play at the playgorund every day. I want to jump off the swings to see how far I can get and slide down the slides on my belly and roll down the hilluntil I can’t stand up from dizzyness.

    By Katie on 09.27.2011

  21. The man was stalking the playground. He had a need he couldn’t control. His van was ready, stocked with everything he needed. He wanted to find a little boy alone. The boy would be perfect for his plans. Soon, he thought and he knew his urges would be satiated.

    By Hugh Crosmun on 09.27.2011

  22. Its a cold dark night and the swing swags soundlessly in the abandoned playground. Footprints and marks on the soil is the only sign that this place was once occupied. A doll with a lopsided smile lays, smeared with mud, abandoned in the playground.

    By Serena on 09.27.2011

  23. I haven’t played in a playground in years. How things have changed. You lose yourself in a world full of drugs. They become your playground :/

    By Marlee Sinclair on 09.27.2011

  24. its a thing. that kids play on and have on.

    By dylan on 09.27.2011

  25. The kids twirled and ran around the playground. Adults would sit under trees and on benches, to watch the kids as they played. Minor squabbles would break out occasionally and the involved adults would race over to break it apart and relative peace would return.

    By Crossover URL on 09.27.2011

  26. Place where children can divert themselves by playing several games. It can be found in neibourhoods, arround houses.

    By Omar on 09.27.2011

  27. Paul looked at it resting silently in his hands. He’d expected it to be far heavier but it felt similar to a can of coke, chunky but light. He rolled it from palm to palm then, in a fit of absurdity, he threw it into the air and caught it again as it fell. He repeated the action. Once. Twice.
    ‘Paul!’ the sergeant screamed suddenly from the doorway, making he jump to attention.
    ‘This is not a playground soldier, put the grenade down.’
    ‘yes sir’ he replied. ‘yes sir.’

    By fionars URL on 09.27.2011

  28. The play ground has a swing that is blissfully unaware of the approaching storm. It is winging back and forth without a care in the world, or a burden to bear. It also has no inkling of what is set in store for it in the coming night. It will just enjoy its tranquil time in the playground before the hell comes.

    By Loren Walker on 09.27.2011

  29. they ran and jumped and dove off of the towers. there was war: sharp swords that sliced the steaming air so swiftly you couldn’t even see, strategy on the fortress while the lava monster roamed below, seeing if you could free the prisoners of war without getting tagged by the enemy. there were dreams made there, that disappeared, puff by puff, into the summery breeze.

    By Jessica Jiang URL on 09.27.2011

  30. A kindergarten class is outside in the early fall. Boys are playing football, running crazy around the yard. Girls are giggling while watching the boys play. A few of the kids are swinging and some are on the monkey bars. All kids look like they are having a great time.

    By Amelia on 09.27.2011

  31. I still think back
    to that playground
    where we used to hold
    our two hands together
    (and whisper the day away)–
    like silent petals
    in an autumn breeze.

    By Nero. URL on 09.27.2011

  32. The playground is where I met my four best friends. We were three years old and racing towards the monkey bars. That’s where Hannah broke her arm. And that’s where I smashed my chin open. We spend all our time together – even got chicken pocks together. We are, twenty years later, still called The Chicken Pox Gang. They are the ones I can turn to no matter what. And it all started on the playground when we were 3.

    By Rocky URL on 09.27.2011

  33. “We can’t stay in this playground.”

    “Shut up, dude.”

    “I’m serious, we’re gonna get caught.”

    “Just hurry up and pass the piece.”



    “Man. This is some good shit.”

    “Ha ha.”

    By Nero. URL on 09.27.2011

  34. it is darkness
    in that slidetower
    the screams are never heard
    she’s only seven
    forgotten by most
    she’s seen by only a bird.
    The playground is a scary
    place to be, at night.

    By Andy URL on 09.27.2011

  35. The playground buzzed with activity. Literally. The children had been turned into hornets, wasps, and bees that all buzzed around the jungle gyms like excited…well, insects. It was amusing to watch until you remember that only moments before they had been small, fat, happy children who were most likely squabbling among themselves. It was the oddness of the situation, the surrealistic quality that really put a damper on my day.

    By Mairead URL on 09.27.2011

  36. i wnat to write about my biyfriend nolan. he is the best prson i have ever meet. i like who he laughs and how he is. even if i havent meet him perdsonaly i really love him. I thonk it is distant love. I love nolan the best guy i have ever meet in my life. If i could be with someone els i wouls chose to be whith nolan agin and i would never leave him. His the best thing that has ever happend to my lfe. I love him so much.

    By vanessa on 09.27.2011

  37. So I remember this time in the playground, with my best friend Jen. And the playground was always the best place to be, it came right after lunch and anything could happen. It was the place of games, fun, luaghter, breathlessness, tears, falls, bells and finally lining back up. It was only fifteen minutes break but it always felt longer.

    By Aoife M on 09.27.2011

  38. Oh man I miss the old merry-go-round. It was so dangerous and fun. I also love the amazing 50’s playground in Piedmont park, because it looks cool and not impounded by safety restrictions or ordered from a catalouge.

    By Jazz on 09.27.2011

  39. playgrounds
    i remember sitting there
    on the swings
    whispering secrets to my best friend
    watching as the other kids play
    talking about life
    seeing who can swing the highest

    By Sydney URL on 09.27.2011

  40. Our life together has been ridiculously fun
    We are just grown up kids and the world is our playground

    By B. Green URL on 09.27.2011