September 27th, 2011 | 393 Entries

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393 Entries for “playground”

  1. The evidence of his guilt was mounting, yet he refused to break down and confess to the horrible murder of Elizabeth Byron and her daughter, Lucy. They had been found by their maid, ripped apart and placed neatly in a bathtub, surrounded by a pool of blood. Her screams had been heard all the way down the street, so awful was the scene.

    By G Brain on 09.27.2011

  2. i think of playground is somthing you play on

    By Darren on 09.27.2011

  3. I remember when I was a kid I would always take my brother to the playground near our home. Fighting for who would get the swing first. Playing grounders.This word brings back great memories.

    By Esme URL on 09.27.2011

  4. it is a place for kids to play on and for kids to have fun and run around

    By audriana on 09.27.2011

  5. I rarely use a playground any more. My kids are older now, and they used to be an excuse for me to swing, slide and spin like a kid without anyone pointing and commenting under their breath. I miss those days.

    By johken URL on 09.27.2011

  6. a playground is a thing of land with a play set on it.

    By chapman on 09.27.2011

  7. as sofia whent to pick up her daughter she noticed a skab and little angie sayed it was from the playground.

    By emily on 09.27.2011

  8. “Do you even remember where we first met?” Natalie asked. She tried to look focused on her chemicals.
    “Sean’s house? I was his friend first.” Cassidy sighed. Natalie got so annoying with her inquisitions.
    She glared at him briefly. “No. We met at the playground. I was with Sean.”
    The redhead shrugged noncommittally.

    By Briana Bloom URL on 09.27.2011

  9. I play on the playground.

    By josh on 09.27.2011

  10. d

    By Kerrin URL on 09.27.2011

  11. it is where

    By Kerrin URL on 09.27.2011

  12. Childhood, friends, lots of sand in a box, smiles and shouts all around. Feeling happy to the core and no worries. Wholeness.

    By Andrea Palfi on 09.27.2011

  13. My mind, the same one that’s bothered me for decades, has suddenly become my very own limitless playground.

    By Jeanie URL on 09.27.2011

  14. the kids ran around screaming in their care free way. Noise energy, and movement filled the air. the crunch of gravel under their feet made for a kind of music to the motion. I enjoyed being here. It made me feel young.

    By Seth S. on 09.27.2011

  15. The playground was made of my mind and my soul.
    It took me places where it waw sidfiifuclt to go.
    It believed in me and I in it.
    So be whwat I saw the end of sit.
    Love the playground, sayd the man behind the plan.
    Love the ground and play amongst the rounded pleasurable times.
    Believe in one of the most important things that you know ………..

    By carl URL on 09.27.2011

  16. When did playgrounds become so big, so populated and so many? Our playground was street and trees and clouds rolled into a mixmaster and spit out on days when the rain stopped and left us out where we could find and play in the trappings of the earth that only held us for a minute in its spell. Metal has grown up like a weed around it and hold us prisoner now in a beautiful angle that deflects light and heat and makes us hang like pirates from a spar with no release in sight.

    By nannan URL on 09.27.2011

  17. life used to be a playground. this relationship was fun. the ups and downs. the ladders and slides. reaching new mark point but hardly swinging and swaying in our feelings. I want all of the fun to come back to the way it was.

    By Britty URL on 09.27.2011

  18. the children are skipping and laughing. I wish I could join them. childhood is a place we can’t get back to no matter how hard we try. it’s so genuine and beautiful. the would as they understand it is purer.

    By DancingShoes URL on 09.27.2011

  19. I walk by the playground everyday. Today, there were little girls playing under the large pine tree. “Let’s play catch in the forest!” one of them said, holding up a large red ball. “In the forest!”

    By lyden URL on 09.27.2011

  20. something you play on when you are a child. well mainly children play on them. adults do too (: something with swings, a slide and monkey bars. generally.

    By jade on 09.27.2011

  21. playground. outsie fun happy nice play i am joe i perfer pie over ice cream i do not like mason rufo i gave him jolly rancher to be in his group and he once it was time said no to me i am very angry!!!

    By joe lewis on 09.27.2011

  22. Playgrounds are boss! Unless you’re the kid who gets beat up… Then they’re not all that fun. Just sayin’.

    By Haley Bear URL on 09.27.2011

  23. I love playgrounds. They are the epitome of childhood fun. Everyone knows that the every kid’s favorite part of the day is recess! The slides and swings and monkey bars… It makes childhood 10 times more enjoyable :)

    By Hannah URL on 09.27.2011

  24. a child doesn’t need a playground
    to enjoy the life around it
    the earth, the sun, the air
    are all the ingredients
    for a perfect life
    and fun
    for a

    By Britty URL on 09.27.2011

  25. Before this year, during warm weather I take my son to the local playground. There he gets to meet up with other children and I get to meet with other mothers. Now that my son goes to preschool on that day, I still go just to talk with other adults…an important “me” time activity.

    By Melia/Aj URL on 09.27.2011

  26. The Playground is somewhere many people look back and think about their memories. Many are good, some are bad but it is often where people made their first friends and their friendships grew around there.

    By Caitlin on 09.27.2011

  27. snot dripped out his nose and we all shrieked, running away. he would throw his hands up and growl as we ran under the wooden structures. i think we were really sort of scared. i really do.

    By roberta URL on 09.27.2011

  28. kids with laughter and full of funfilled memories..time to make to learn, to fall and stand back, place to be not afraid of fears and overcome to touch skies.spend time with parents. place to get hurt and those scars leave life long memories

    By surabhi arora on 09.27.2011

  29. The Devil’s Playground is massive and enthralling. Once you enter it, you can’t leave. At least not easily. It takes an immense amount of will and strength to tear yourself away. I should know; I’m still there.

    By Les URL on 09.27.2011

  30. I once was a child on the playground. Small and inquisitive, always asking why. I was a clever little girl. Learned early on that hiding my pain was the easiest way to get by, but now that I’m on a child on the playground anymore…… what do I do?

    By Michelle Bunyard URL on 09.27.2011

  31. Me and Cheuss wish they made adult-sized playgrounds and playplaces. Like in McDonald’s? But people would probably try to have sex in there and then it’d be ruined for everyone. So much for that.

    By Buttxheeks URL on 09.27.2011

  32. LIfe is like a play ground..wonderful unique. it is so vast and spacious that some times you donno how to lead your life nicely. anyways life is like a play get it ..i am sayingit write. whats gonna happen oh my god..some times we are scared to play our game of life.because there are a lot of tensions..thinking about the chances of winning of failing.what ever giving it a try or a shot is better than sitting idle with out any chances

    By sai on 09.27.2011

  33. A walk in the woods. A biology lab.
    A good book on a rainy day. An unfinished poem.
    A leadership conference. A competition.
    These are my playgrounds.

    By Joanna D. URL on 09.27.2011

  34. Playground safety check!
    Don’t forget the antiseptic
    There’s rocks in my knee.

    By Sarah on 09.27.2011

  35. Memories!
    As child I explored them everywhere! A playground could make ones day!

    By Malin on 09.27.2011

  36. How to define a play ground:

    By Sarahkathryn URL on 09.27.2011

  37. The play ground was empty, quiet. No laughing children chasing each other. No birds chirping, no traffic passing by. Night brought on a different world. Why had I been summoned here?

    By jasmith URL on 09.27.2011

  38. There’s a playground next to where I run on Saturdays. It has the most lovely slide I have ever seen, and I think that this next week, as I am almost finished with my marathon training and the miles are starting to decrease, will be the week that I will finally go over and go down that slide. It will be marvelous, and maybe others will join me. Weeee!!

    By Linley URL on 09.27.2011

  39. Ground especially made for fun, what a run I break for the bark is in my shoes and it hurts to play, around run, I’m having so much fun.

    By DRB URL on 09.27.2011

  40. I wish I still had a playground at my school. I loved swings but we never had them. I would play tag and climb on the monkey bars. I would also play the boy catch girls game (or the girls-catch-boys game, depending on what day it was) when the boys would chase the girls all over the playground.

    By Christiana on 09.27.2011