February 15th, 2014 | 78 Entries

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78 Entries for “playground”

  1. a boy was playing in the sandbox, screaming “Gold sand! I found gold sand!”

    to which ten other kids hurried towards him, eyes widened in awe, and they said: “Wow, you’re so cool! Are you growing up to be a gold digger one day?”, to which the boy replied:

    “No, because my grandfather died in the mines. Gold and fortune kills people, he told me, and this golden sand isn’t real–it’s an ilusjon… or however they say it.”

    By Stèphanie on 02.15.2014

  2. Life is a playground.
    With swings taking you up and down,
    With stairs to climb to the top,
    and slides making your effort seem wasted.
    You can enjoy the ride,
    or get dizzy on the merry go rounds.
    You can use the monkey bars to hold yourself up
    and cross over to places you’ve never been.
    Life is a playground and just like when you were a kid,
    remember to pick yourself up every time you fall.

    By IsaPinaud URL on 02.15.2014

  3. He stared at the playground, wondering what it would be like to have a child of his own pumping the air on a swing. He wondered if he actually did have a child of his own out there somewhere … perhaps even in this park. It made him a bit sad to realize he’d likely never know.

    By Mexichick URL on 02.15.2014

  4. He looked out across the playground, focusing in on the slide as he reminisced on childhood memories of Michael. He remembered when he was too scared to go down the big slide, which was only about a foot higher than his current height, Michael had told him the he didn’t have to worry, he would slide with him.

    By Jodi on 02.15.2014

  5. when sorrow was my playground,
    it did not bite or rust within the tunnels of
    my soul… but now that I’ve betrayed,
    and now that I’ve grown too old for swings
    and slides in the stomach-pits of lakes,
    it stabs sharper than any mocking drop of rain.

    By Pandatry URL on 02.15.2014

  6. I felt the dirt beneath me end my fall. George towered above me laughing with his gang. The bullies continued to call me names. Playgrounds suck. GGWP.

    By Shosho URL on 02.15.2014

  7. A playground. Why do we limit playgrounds to children? I want to play, in a ground.

    By Hannah Smith on 02.15.2014

  8. Lets everyone be nice and play on the playground.

    By Janete URL on 02.15.2014

  9. Swings were always my favourite, and they still are. the feeling of flying and floating, and the blue sky above is so freeing. Fluffy clouds, like a bird, float away from my humdrum and often painful existence. My legs pump and I lean back to embrace the world.

    By Ghoti on 02.15.2014

  10. The playground, usually bright and filled with laughter, was quiet and still in the briskness of the November air. Steps echoing loudly in her ears and, as she crunched through the thin layer of snow to the dried leaves and branches beneath, sharp eyes scanned the deserted equipment for a sign of her contact.
    “Tyrell?” a voice rang out, high and feminine in the silence of the night.
    “Stark,” she said, turning to face her. “Didn’t think you’d show,”
    “I didn’t think I would either,”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 02.15.2014

  11. silent lonely children, swallowing the ground, overcoming, the area with a noise so deafeningly quiet, it is overwhelming, usually there is laughter, joy, playing and smiles. but not today. the only noise is the rain, covering the asphalt in a wet film and slickening the walkways.

    By Mada URL on 02.15.2014

  12. laughter sprinkled through my ears
    a memory, never hazy in my mind
    it was a crisp, fall day, the sky was bright and blue
    you stood there
    looking at me
    eyes wide and bright
    two years later I watched those eyes close.

    By mbabington URL on 02.15.2014

  13. your bones were weary when you feel down the sledgy sludgy sleigh-eyed bows. and my mama kissed your bruisy brown hair to calm you down of your airy-high woes and streams of tears. oh darlings, darlingly approaching me on the playgroundy kiss.

    By juliar on 02.15.2014

  14. The sand sunk into her shoes as she ran to the swings, racing her friend. They jumped on and with a quick gust, took off into the sky. Every time they went up, for a brief second it would feel as if they were flying. Her clammy hands clinged onto the cold chain links on the sides as she went down. She closed her eyes and felt the air brush up against her cheeks and run through her hair.

    By Neha on 02.15.2014

  15. The playground darkened around me, silhouettes cheering each other in a sick and twisted way. My hand clutched my chest, my breathing becoming erratic as my eyes began to dilate. No. Not this again.

    I could feel my body begging for some kind of release, these clothes binding to my skin with absolutely no mercy.

    By Josh on 02.15.2014

  16. Magical things go to die in the playground. I remember getting the concept of ‘pumping’ on the swings. Independence. Grown up. I also remember the two outstretched legs of Michael Smith driving into my stomach as I obliviously walked in front of them, slamming me to the ground. I remember the first time having the wind knocked out of me. I thought I was going to die.

    By Ghostwriter on 02.15.2014

  17. The three of us went to the metal playground once a week, which is was dark enough for the children to have gone home already, but light enough for us to see past the horde of pine trees rising from the incline of dry grass and gray earth. It also meant it was cool enough for us to go down the massive slides, the alloy curling into deep, embracing springs as my brother tried climbing up the slope while I screamed for him to stop so I could shimmy down and hit the sand with my open palms outward.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 02.15.2014

  18. the playground got torn down
    which i guess is okay
    since it was mostly concrete
    and carter greene broke his leg on the monkey bars

    By Emma URL on 02.15.2014

  19. Jinx sat on the rooftop, eyes listlessly scanning the horizon.
    They drifted downwards, towards the playground with the screaming children hopping around.

    She watched them for some time, and… she didn’t get bored. Even after they all left and she had moved around to other rooftops, her eyes kept straying back to that playground.

    “Those were fun days,” she muttered to herself.

    By J.L. URL on 02.15.2014

  20. Where children’s laughter fills the air, where happiness is spread in the day light, where your life begins as a child.

    By Ashley on 02.15.2014

  21. how many kids grew up playing outside
    playing on a playground
    hot lava
    I played that with my little 6 year old on a monday
    a sunny day
    those memories of playing outside
    bring back happiness
    happiness that cannot be explained
    it just happened

    By Talia on 02.15.2014

  22. every school I went to
    up until high school
    had a playground
    playgrounds define my childhood
    the monkey bars where Justin fell and broke his arm in elementary school
    the slides we climbed up
    and the hot lava games where the playground was our safety

    By Talia URL on 02.15.2014

  23. My thoughts are a play ground.
    my emotions a slide.
    I think of you and It takes me higher.
    I laugh and play and scream and shriek.
    You are my everything.

    By Brooke Tuinei on 02.15.2014

  24. Once in a while, I would go outside and look at the swing set in my backyard. I didn’t know why it was ever there in the first place; I never played with it, anyway. It stayed there. Alone. Unwanted. Neglected. What was I to do with it? I’m not a little girl anymore. I really should get rid of it, but I can’t. Too many memories on that thing. Too many.

    By Susan Rother URL on 02.15.2014

  25. Playgrounds are sad when they are empty – when swings creak too slowly, not from fiercely pumping legs but from an empty wind. It makes me sad, it seems desolate. There should be children screaming and chasing each other around; there should be frustrated parents trying to get their children to settle down for a snack, or to stop them from climbing too high up on the jungle gym. Empty playgrounds are sad.

    By Alex on 02.15.2014

  26. this is where I remember the way my white shoes streaked into lightning as I ran. my little 10 year old brain made the whole world a fantasy land of super powers and no future and the wind in your hair and waiting for recess.

    I feel like we lose something when we forget what it is to really play.

    By Misha on 02.15.2014

  27. He scanned the room, and say lots of possibilities. He had only one objective that day, he had to pick his target well. But with so many to choose from, he was like a child in a playground. He would take his time, try out all the toys,before making his decision.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 02.15.2014

  28. The playground of my heart keeps spinning out of control. No one plUs herd but it feels like there are footsteps everywhere imbedded for life there. How to make this feeling go away is the question of the century to feel stable again and not on a merry go round.

    By Ashley URL on 02.15.2014

  29. The place where two people meet. The place where two people can fall in love. Even from children, their love can grow. And it grew in that place. A place where you can find love. A place where you can find a friend. A place where a new relationship can starts. It doesn’t even have to be children. It can be two teenagers on a date. Two people. Together. One of the most amazing things in this world.

    By Daisy Briones URL on 02.15.2014

  30. The playground was Callie’s favorite place. She had been going there ever since she was a little kid, there were so many memories there. She even met her best friend Holly there. Holly and Callie were inseparable.

    By carmen on 02.15.2014

  31. I smack you, and then run. You chase me around. Young and free, recklessly innocent love. It is recess, and I get to see my love.

    By Cam URL on 02.15.2014

  32. A small silence passed between us, and I fiddled with the locket that hung around my neck. Finally, he glanced up at me. “Wanna hit the playground?”

    I followed his gaze to where about a dozen kids were running around screaming playfully while their parents more or less watched.

    I blinked, expecting him to crack a smile. When he didn’t, I slapped his head lightly. “We’re twenty, not two.” I stood and brushed off my jeans. “Let’s go get some lunch.”

    By AJ Kenobi URL on 02.15.2014

  33. The page become a playground. The only place where one world could be lost, and another world created; where another reality could take form.

    By esky1118 URL on 02.15.2014

  34. She looked around. The old slide stood rusted and creaking, the swings swinging sadly in the wind. She sighed. She knew this place well. Everyday after school, she used to go here with her sister. But her sister was gone now. Everything was gone.

    By No One6 on 02.15.2014

  35. He hadn’t been to the playground in years. The last time he tried to kiss a girl. This time he was looking for something else. The codes to the secret cave were buried here. He just wasn’t sure how may people he was going to have to kill.

    By Rover URL on 02.15.2014

  36. He watched as the children ran around the playground. He sighed in quiet contentment until he noticed something strange, the children had no faces…

    By Gosia URL on 02.15.2014

  37. I remember being a little kid and swinging so high I punched holes in the clouds with my converse-covered toe. What joy came with being a five year old. No one could touch me when I floated amongst the heavens. It was better than living down on Earth.

    By Naava URL on 02.15.2014

  38. Life is a playground with unwritten rules…

    By Paulie on 02.15.2014

  39. Life was beautiful when you were three.

    By :) URL on 02.15.2014

  40. He didn’t like that they were near a playground. Across from it really. She had pulled over to take offer her hoody and he could feel his nerves tighten as he looked around the neighborhood. School would be in session for wherever the students were. There were no kids in sight. A big relief. He felt the stinging eyes of watchful parents up and down the street looking in at them. Her shirt slipped up and stuck above her bra and he thought of the world looking back at him, specifically him, in disgust at his perversions.

    By DMM URL on 02.15.2014