April 3rd, 2011 | 724 Entries

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724 Entries for “plans”

  1. Plans

    You make them…
    You break them…

    Take them for granted…

    Even present…

    The moments you’ll seek,
    In your time of demise…

    Flashbacks of plans,
    Covered in lies…

    Too afraid of the world,
    You’d rather hide..

    Behind walls you’ve erected,
    To shelter your pride…

    All of your plans…
    You carefully set aside…

    By lildevi URL on 04.03.2011

  2. They had a plan. All they would need was time. Just some more time. But that time they didn’t have. The bomb went off two seconds later, destroying the building. Destroying the workers. Destroying. Everything.

    and they were all dead.

    By Samantha Polinsky on 04.03.2011

  3. some people are planning maniacs. they cannot stand doing anything without plans, and naturally they cannot be spontaneous. is that a bad thing? no, that’s their nature.

    By Kaorita on 04.03.2011

  4. People make plans for the future. The things is, how does anyone plan out their future? No one knows what is going to happen in a year, a month, let alone in a day. Trying to plan the fact that you’ll marry a certain person and have a certain number of kids and live in a certain locations just seems like such a bizarre thing to me.

    I mean sure, I could picture my life with certain people. I could picture us having kids and living in a nice house in a nice neighborhood with friends living on both sides of us, of course they started out as strangers.
    But it’s just strange because I don’t understand how people can depend on these plans and believe 100% that they will go through when nothing in this world of 100%.

    By Jenny on 04.03.2011

  5. Making plans is difficult, following them through is harder. plans never can encompass the entire situation of when the execution is intended for.

    By ellenthepurpleturtle on 04.03.2011

  6. to find peace and love in my life and to help those who I care deeply about do the same. I plan for happiness always.

    By CS on 04.03.2011

  7. i have a lot of them. but i don’t always fulfill them. i wish i were better at making them. sometimes i feel like i’ll fail in them. i try to leave them up to god but it’s hard. i wish that they could change but sometimes i just think it’s what is supposed to happen so i leave them alone. i hate it when they aren’t clear and i hate it when i don’t understand them.

    By Cassie on 04.03.2011

  8. I already wrote on this. How sad. I could go check my facebook instead now. But I could continue here I guess. As I was finishing this writing last time, it crossed my mind that, “What if they mean house plans?”

    By Kaitlin on 04.03.2011

  9. i plan to go places. to see people. to fall in love. to go to college. I could write an entire list of plans for myself. Live my life checking things off the list. But that’s not how I want to live. life is not about the plans and goals you set for yourself it’s about the things you don’t plan. The accomplishments you make without realizing you could. The new things you discover about yourself. I could sit around and plan things for myself, or I could go out and make what my dreams are a reality.

    By Becky URL on 04.03.2011

  10. i have a lot of plans! people have plans that get in the way of other peoples plans. always something has to be planned for people to be able to function or something dumb like that! we don’t meed plans we are all independent, well most of us at least.

    By Lucy Patch on 04.03.2011

  11. Are overrated!

    By Adrian McGreal on 04.03.2011

  12. plans? fuck plans. why plan when you never know whats just around the corner, live each day thats my plan.

    By Laura on 04.03.2011

  13. The house plans a party. There will be mudslides and Elpenor and Kitty. Time will stop and we will drum on the floor in soft summer midnight.

    By Jeff Goodman URL on 04.03.2011

  14. i have plans to travel around the world. as far as the eye can see. visit evey ocean and every sea. there is nothing my world can diseave. i am me. you are me. we are us. there is nothing we cant do. so get to it you shrew. damn you.

    By destiny on 04.03.2011

  15. i have planes to be great. i cant let anyone get in my way i have to accomplish my plans. i will be great.

    By Lauren on 04.03.2011

  16. I always have plans. I write them down everywhere. The problem is that I never follow them. Sure, everyone says it is great to be spontaneous; live life to the fullest! But there comes a point when you know that if you don’t start following your plans, your future is going to be in trouble.

    By Sheila on 04.03.2011

  17. I like to make plans. It’s the way I think. Plan it. And do it. I think in time. I think by clock. I think in seconds, and minutes, and hours, and so I have to plan. To use up all time, and not waste. I cannot waste time. That is what cannot happen. Time goes by. It goes on and on. Never stopping. Time, and plans, make plans.

    By Selenni URL on 04.03.2011

  18. It is sometimes said that the best way to live your life is not to make plans; to create your life as you go along and just ride the flow. I know that this is true. I have lived with plans and seen how they can ruin a spontaneous lifestyle.

    By Hudd on 04.03.2011

  19. go somewhere
    i go
    what am I going
    I do not know
    there is a place where I see fit to roam
    in it
    there is a paradise of plans
    a cacophany of things to do
    places to go
    talents to get
    goals to achive

    By Skippy on 04.03.2011

  20. Plans always seem to go awry when carefully thought out -however if you dare
    Yourself to follow whatever path is laid out for you because of those plans gone awry
    Beautiful stuff may come your way.

    By Jamie L. Myer URL on 04.03.2011

  21. I think in ‘plans.’ Make them, and do them. Those who are impossible to make plans with frustrate me. By making plans and sticking to them, I use up my time to the maximum, and no time is wasted. That is the goal: do not waste time, do not waste life.

    By Selenni URL on 04.03.2011

  22. I always have plans. I write them down everywhere. The only problem is that I never fulfill them. Sure, everyone always says be spontaneous; live life to the fullest! But there comes a time when you know that if you don’t start following your plans, your future is going to be in trouble.

    By Sheila URL on 04.03.2011

  23. Plans are these things you make when you have free time and you’re considering the future. Sometimes they work, but that’s not certain. Mice and men make them.

    By Cracked Eyeglass URL on 04.03.2011

  24. I have lots of plans for the future, but I’m not totally sure what they are. I just know I have plans. Big plans. Hazy plans, but plans that will make me into something. I will be someone. My plans are unclear, as is my future. All I know is I have them, and damn it they will be fabulous.

    By Jamie on 04.03.2011

  25. i have plans, my plans do not always go the way i want. my favorite album is called plans, its by Death Cab For Cutie. sometimes when my plans don’t go as planned i listen to that album. right now i plan to go to school. that might change. you never know.

    By tara URL on 04.03.2011

  26. work…not a choice, but still a plan…usually think of plans as things you wish to do, but that’s not how plans are defined…wish i had other plans

    By Maria VanCleave URL on 04.03.2011

  27. plans to get something done. Plans with a friend. Plans for a project that makes it easier to be successful doing that specific project. You make plans with people that you like. You make plans with family members you make plans with dinosaurs.

    By sean on 04.03.2011

  28. I have plans to be somewhere with you tonight,
    after we’re done, we’ll let our dreams take flight.
    I have plans to see you tomorrow and every day after,
    I can’t wait until the next day I can hear your joyous laughter.

    I plan to kiss you till you cant breath anymore,
    I will do whatever it takes so I can hold you once more.
    I plan to whisper sweet nothings to you all night in your ear,
    right now in this very moment baby, I wish you could be here.

    By Gabby URL on 04.03.2011

  29. Preparations in place
    Last minute details covered
    Avoiding potential pitfalls
    No more interruptions
    SH*T! The phone rings again….

    By Amy URL on 04.03.2011

  30. Plans. Is a Death Cab for Cutie CD that’s kinda good. All the songs start to sound the same. I told Christine I would burn it for her. Whoops. Maybe I eventually will. I’ve run out of blank CDs. I have a lot of plans, but my cousin always thinks she has more. I can’t have plans for two weeks because I got in trouble when I wasn’t even my fault.

    By Sam URL on 04.03.2011

  31. hah, plans. i have too many plans. i used to think i had to carry everyone else’s with me, too. and then i realized, fuck it. if i’m ever going to feel good about my life and love what i’m doing, i have to do my own thing and get it done. i’m probably going to step on a few toes. but isn’t that the fun part?

    By stephanie on 04.03.2011

  32. All your dreams and wishes put into organized means to make the experience more enjoyable balancing both chaos and order, to follow the order of nature.

    By J-mz on 04.03.2011

  33. I have plans to be something one day. To change the world and fix everything that’s ever been wrong. I have plans to solve world-hunger, the AIDs epidemic, and to cure cancer. The only kicker is that I need to make plans to fix myself first. To finish college. Get a stable job. Plans are nothing though, really. What we need is action.

    By Jessica URL on 04.03.2011

  34. Plans. What are they good for? I am a planner who likes to plan, but often is unable because of the nature of the plans that change. Change is a constant factor in life. So what happens to those people who are constantly obsessed with plans? Plans help keep like moving, seemingly short and yet so long at the same time. Why not goal, instead of plan?

    By dhalbleib URL on 04.03.2011

  35. I have plans, plans for my day, plans for my week, plans for my life….when will my plans actually happen, when will i actually put them into action.

    By kayb on 04.03.2011

  36. Are the only things that make God laugh.
    Am I supposed to be planning this, well I am.
    I’m carefully composing this.
    I’m thinking about how each line should look on the page.
    The page.
    It’s what matters.

    By R. on 04.03.2011

  37. I make my plans
    like mice and men they die in traps and snap and bleed
    bruised fingers, bruised egos
    I suck them whole again
    then pick myself back together
    for the next day.

    i didn’t plan you.
    Maybe this way you’ll stay

    By Mieko Gavia URL on 04.03.2011

  38. Plan of today.
    Get up. Get something done. Go to uni. Get home. Chillax for a bit. Try and get some more shit done. Relax a little more. Smoke some buds. Watch a movie. Go to sleep. Repeat… until im free.

    By Levi on 04.03.2011

  39. i have plans about anything…college , other various crap. anyone and evyone can have a plan
    but few ever seem to follow through
    sad really
    its like everyone has lost their integrity about themselves and what they want
    plans need to be flexible too
    although seldom are

    By Heather on 04.03.2011

  40. I have too many. I can’t execute all of them, so I don’t do any.

    By Wasef on 04.03.2011